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From its clean-edged graphics to its modern asymmetrical construction, the K2Marksman adds a dash of class to any park party. Forged under the eye of K2 Factory Team leader Pep Fujas, this all-terrain slashing ski reflects its maker by integrating innovative style and maneuverability. Asymmetrical tip and tail maintain longer effective inside edge for enhanced stability and float, while the Marksman's oversized taper on the outside predictably handles deep snow.


  • Dimensions: 132/106/126
  • Radius: 20m @ 184
  • Double Barrel Fir-Aspen Core
  • Asymm Tip and Tail
  • Twintech Sidewalls
  • Triaxial Braided
  • All-Terrain Rocker

Double Barrel
Denser core over the edge for durability combined with a less dense center core for reduced swing weight.

Asymm Tip and Tail
Asymmetric left/right tip and tail shape and taper by maintaining inside effective edge length and sidecut while reducing outside edge length for improved soft predictability, ease of release and butters off the tip and tail.

Twin Tech Sidewalls
This new Twin Tip specific construction process increases the durability of sidewall skis. A traditional sidewall construction produces a 90 degree angle where the top material and sidewall meet. The Twin Tech construction actually rolls the top material into the sidewall reducing the angle that is prone to abuse.

Triaxial Braiding
Triaxial braiding consists of braiding fiberglass around a wood core to provide torsional rigidity for added control. Developed in 1988 by K2 engineers, the patented triaxial braiding machine interlocks strands of fiberglass around a milled wood core. This unique method produces skis with great torsional strength, that maintains the lively flex patterns of the wood core.

Sours: https://www.bobwards.com/k2-marksman-skis-156194
Cy Whitling reviews the K2 Marksman for Blister GCy Whitling reviews the K2 Marksman for Blister Gear Review.ear Review.

2019-2020 K2 Marksman, 184 cm

Available Lengths (cm): 163, 170, 177, 184 cm

Blister’s Measured Length (straight tape pull): 185.0 cm

Blister’s Measured Weight per Ski: 2144 & 2153 grams

Stated Dimensions (mm): 130-106-125

Blister’s Measured Dimensions (mm): 130-105-125 mm

Stated Sidecut Radius: 20 meters

Tip & Tail Splay (ski decambered): 73 mm / 73 mm

Traditional Camber Underfoot: 3 mm

Recommended Mount Point: +2 cm from “Trad” Line; 87.0 cm from tail

Test Location: Mt Bachelor, OR; Jackson Hole, WY; Porters Ski Area, NZ

Days Skied: 8

[Note: Our review was conducted on the 16/17 Marksman, which was not changed for 17/18, 18/19, or 19/20, apart from graphics.]


When K2 first announced the Marksman, all the buzz was about its asymmetrical sidecut and that’s not a surprise — the Marksman is a visually arresting ski.

We’ll say more about that asymmetrical sidecut below, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that the Marksman’s sidecut is the whole story here. Far from it.

While the Marksman does have one of the most pronounced asymmetrical sidecut on the market, it replaces not one, but two very good, very popular all-mountain jib skis. This season, both the Shreditor 102 and 112 were discontinued, leaving only the 106mm-wide Marksman between the 96mm-underfoot K2 Poacher, and the 120mm-wide Pettitor.

You can read our glowing review of the Shreditor 102, and my 189 cm Shreditor 112’s are still one of my favorite skis I’ve ever owned, as demonstrated by the fact that I’ve officially retired them three times, and yet they’re still sitting in my room mounted with G3 ION bindings.

All that to say, the Marksman had two big pairs of shoes to fill, regardless of any sidecut wizardry.


On a scale of 1-10, Jonathan Ellsworth summed up the Marksman’s flex pattern like this:

Tips: 6

Underfoot: 9

Tails: 6/7

JE’s notes to me were, “The ski isn’t really all that soft — it’s certainly no noodle. Rather, it has a nice flex pattern, and it actually reminds me a good bit of the ON3P Kartel 108 — it’s just stiff enough / strong enough to feel like a legit all-mountain ski. It’s not super stiff, but you can’t blow through its flex pattern. It doesn’t feel dumbed down.”

Cy Whitling reviews the K2 Marksman for Blister Gear Review.

I’d agree with that assessment — the Marksman isn’t a burly ski, but it’s no noodle. I found that they felt a little stiffer than the Shreditor 112, but not as stout as the Shreditor 102. It also feels like it has a faster rebound, to a hand flex at least, than the Shreditor 112.

Rocker Profile

The Marksman has a pretty long and gradual rocker profile (that actually looks very similar to the ON3P Kartel 108). And given the ski’s mellow amount of traditional camber underfoot and significant amount of tip and tail splay, the Marksman was clearly designed to plane in deeper snow and make it easy to slash and throw sideways.


While several companies have made asymmetrical skis in the past, no one has done it on a ski like the Marksman that they’re marketing this aggressively to the masses, and sung its praises so loudly as K2 has.

The inside edge of each ski looks very similar to the Shreditor 112. The inside 20 meter sidecut and tapered tips look very familiar. The inside edges have much less taper, and it’s much more gradual than the outside edges.

The outside edges take cues from K2’s Pinnacle line — they’ve got a lot of taper. K2 says this makes the ski lighter, easier to turn, easier to slice through powder, and easier to spin.

In theory, the asymmetrical shape should mean that the Marksman gets stability from its more traditional inside sidecut, while its heavily tapered outside edge facilitates ease of turning, lack of hookiness in inconsistent snow, and a light weight in the air.

It all sounds pretty great in theory, but how does it all add up on snow?


I was a bit nervous on my first lift ride up with the Marksman. Its tips looked weird, and I had to double check to make sure that I put them on the right feet. As soon as I made my first groomer turns, though, I was shocked by how intuitive they felt. I’ve spent more time on the 189 cm K2 Shreditor 112 than any other ski, and the Marksman has felt like an easier version of it in just about every condition I’ve used it in.


I noticed the Marksman’s asymmetry the most on groomers. I have a bad habit of almost completely weighting my outside foot during turns, so almost all of my weight is on my downhill edge. When I skied like that, the Marksman just felt easy. Turn initiation was easier than on the Shreditor 112, and I was comfortable making a wide variety of turn shapes.

However, when I weighted both feet equally through turns on firm snow, I found that my uphill, inside ski had a tendency to get a bit squirrely. It didn’t want to track in the same arc as my downhill ski when I was really hauling. Again, that only happened when I was consciously pushing that inside ski at higher speeds. It wasn’t a regular occurrence at all, and I wouldn’t consider it to be the kind of issue that actually impacted how I felt on the ski. Rather, it’s the only totally negative performance characteristic I have experienced with the asymmetrical sidecut.

Otherwise, the Marksman just felt intuitive on groomers. This isn’t supposed to be a high-performance carving ski, and it doesn’t ski like one — if that’s what you’re looking for, look elsewhere.

But in its category, the Marksman is a fun groomer ski. I felt like the ON3P Kartel 108 had a slightly higher speed limit, and that the Marksman was relatively comparable to the Armada ARV 106 on smooth snow.
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Sours: https://blisterreview.com/gear-reviews/2016-2017-k2-marksman-2
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Rules of Thumb:


This guide is for Alpine Skis. For help with Nordic Ski sizing, please call us at: (877) 812-6710.

Ski Sizing can be tricky, thanks to a combination of the ever changing ski technology. It used to be that if you extended your arm upwards, you should be able to reach the tips of your skis. Then parabolic shapes came along. Then skis got wider. Then rocker technology came along, and, long story short, there’s way more room for preference and interpretation than ever before. The good news is that the all around quality of skis is increasing, making it more possible than ever to find a ski that fits your specific style and preferences. The bad news, is that it can be a bit more difficult to do- but that’s why we’re here. Take a look at the chart below, and if you have any trouble figuring out your size range, scroll past the cart to where we provide more information regarding these categories.

Sometimes you just need to speak to a expert, so if you're still having trouble picking a size, please give us a call at (877) 812-6710.

Ski Size Guide

Adults: Between Chin and Eyebrows

Kids: Between Chest and Chin

3'65-75 CM65-75 CM65-75 CM65-75 CM
3'2"75-85 CM75-85 CM75-85 CM75-85 CM
3'4"80-90 CM80-90 CM80-90 CM80-90 CM
3'6"85-95 CM85-95 CM85-95 CM85-95 CM
3'8"90-100 CM90-100 CM90-100 CM90-100 CM
3'10"95-105 CM95-105 CM95-105 CM95-105 CM
4'100-110 CM100-110 CM100-110 CM100-110 CM
4'2"105-115 CM105-115 CM105-115 CM105-115 CM
4'4"110-120 CM110-120 CM110-120 CM120-125 CM
4'6"115-118 CM118-121 CM122-125 CM125-132 CM
4'8"121-124 CM124-127 CM127-130 CM130-138 CM
4'10"124-129 CM129-134 CM134-139 CM139-148 CM
5'134-139 CM139-144 CM144-149 CM149-160 CM
5'2"139-144 CM144-149 CM149-154 CM154-165 CM
5'4"144-149 CM149-154 CM154-159 CM159-170 CM
5'6"149-154 CM154-159 CM159-164 CM164-175 CM
5'8"154-159 CM159-164 CM164-169 CM169-180 CM
5'10"159-164 CM164-169 CM169-174 CM174-185 CM
6'164-169 CM169-174 CM174-179 CM179-190 CM
6'2"169-174 CM174-179 CM179-184 CM184-195 CM
6'4"174-179 CM179-184 CM184-189 CM189-200 CM
6'6"179-184 CM184-189 CM189-194 CM194-205 CM
6'8"184-189 CM189-194 CM194-199 CM199-210+ CM

Beginner: Chances are you’ll know if this is you. Beginner skiers are classified as people who have never ever skied, right up to those just starting to dabble in Intermediate trails. Chances are if you’re the type of skier who typically skis with a “ski-mentor” or a friend who’s job it is to get you down the mountain. Skill wise, you’ll be able to control your speed with snowplowing, wedging, or forming a “pizza”. Turns will be slow and steady, and at the end of your time as a beginner, you’ll be starting to tip your skis to turn rather than pushing yourself to turn with your heels.

Intermediate: Congratulations! You’ve made it to the next level in skiing. Rather than snowplow your way down blue squares, you’re able to use the shape of your skis to make parabolic or carving turns. You’re likely still pretty cautious in regards to your speed, but are able to stop on demand and have a bit more confidence that you’ll make it to the bottom in one piece. Most intermediate skiers will be tempted to wander off trail, but may not be brave enough quite yet. Some certainly will, but if off-trail skiing becomes your preference, chances are you’ve graduated to the next level.

Advanced: This might be one of the hardest groups to identify. If you know you’re not an Intermediate skier still, but aren’t quite confident enough to call yourself an expert, then chances are this is you. Ski lengths on our chart above will fall somewhere between your nose and eyebrows. This is what used to be referred to as “Expert” until rocker skis came along and let experts go back to over head ski lengths. Characteristics of an advanced skier would be: the ability to ski most, if not all trails, an ability to ski fast, regular ability to ski off trail, and more traditionally, the ability to link full carving turns at full speed.

Expert: Hands down, you’re the best skier on the mountain. Ok, so maybe not the best, but you certainly could be a contendah, kid. Black diamond, double black diamond, centuple black diamond, it doesn’t even matter. You’re that good at skiing. Heck, you could probably even ski blindfolded and with your hands tied behind your back. Well, maybe not, but you get my point. If you’re truly an expert skier, you probably know it.


Sours: https://www.skiessentials.com/2020-ski-test/skis/2020-k2-marksman/
2018 K2 Marksman Ski Review

K2 Marksman Skis Mens

K2 Marksman Skis - Men's:

A modern conception of what a twin tip should be. TheMarksman was conceived by Pep, and the result is a playful, yet solid ski for skiing creatively in all conditions.



  • Asymm Tip/Tail - K2’s Asymmetric tip and tail design implements an elongated taper on the outside edge only, giving the uphill ski a much shorter effective running length, making it easier to control and maneuver whether slashing, buttering or just ripping soft snow. The longer inside edge provides added stability and floatation.
  • Double Barrel Core - The backbone of our Factory Team collection, Double Barrel cores combine a dense, Fir core over the edges for power and impact resistance, with a lighter Aspen center core for a lively energetic feel.
  • Carbon Boost Braid - Longitudinal carbon stringers woven into the K2’s patented Triaxial Braid for added pop and rebound, found on freeride and factory team skis.
  • Twintech Sidewalls - A durable full sidewall construction providing great edge feel and performance with added top sheet resistant to ski vs. ski impact damage.
Sours: https://www.christysports.com/product/k2-marksman-skis-mens/499998210148.html

Marksman k2

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