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Luke Smith
Vital statistics
NameLuke Smith
AliasLukey Boy

The Architype David Beckham My Young Padawan Geek My Young David Beckam

Home PlanetEarth
SpeciesHumanalien (Created by The Bane)
AppearancesList of Appearances
ActorTommy Knight

Luke Smith was the adopted son of Sarah Jane Smith. He becomes best friends with Clyde and Maria. Then with Rani. He soon becomes the adoptive brother of Sky.


Creation and Adoption

Luke was created by The Bane, who wanted to get as much of the Earth's population under their control, using Bubble Shock. Luke was called "the Archetype" and was created using different samples from visitors to the Bubble Shock Factory, these included Maria Jackson and Kelsey Hooper. The Archetype was woken up, after Kelsey used her mobile phone which sent off an alarm. This caused him to escape and run into Maria, who he took a instant befriending to. They hid from the Bane in the female toilets, as they presumed that they would not be checked. Sarah Jane Smith had a similar idea about hiding in the toilets and discovered the two. Soon though, Mrs Wormwood demanded the guards search it, and the three made a quick escape through the window. Outside they escaped with Sarah Jane Smith in Sarah Jane's car.

Back at Sarah Jane's house Maria was sent back home, while the Archetype followed Sarah Jane inside. Sarah Jane questioned him about his origins. She noticed that he has no navel and common sense of knowledge. She used her Scanner Watch and is surprised to find that he is barely hours old. He stated "I am Everyone" and when a mysterious voice called out, he questioned who it was. Sarah Jane says that it is nobody and he must not go upstairs. When Maria arrived at the front door saying that one of the Bane was on the street, they, along with Sarah Jane and Kelsey, quickly rushed upstairs as the Bane quickly crashed through the door and followed them upstairs. After defeating Davey, the Archetype and Maria followed Kelsey into the room to find that its was an attic full of alien artefacts. They are introduced to Mr Smith and K9. After Mr Smith patched into the Bubble Shock communication systems, Mrs Wormwood refused to take Sarah Jane's ultimatum of leaving Earth or be destroyed. The group returned to the factory where the Bane Mother was going to kill them by eating them. Maria quickly used her phone to try and stop the Bane Mother, but it only made her angry. The Archetype then used the memory of the humans the Bane gave him to call the Bane Mother, which ended in its death and the destruction of the Bubble Shock factory.

Back home, Sarah Jane decided to adopt The Archetype and give him a name. She suggested Harry and Alistair, but he liked the name Maria. Maria suggested 'Luke' and Sarah Jane commented that she liked it, and so did The Archetype. He muttered Luke as he looked up at the night sky. (Invasion of the Bane)

Hello Clyde

Luke and Maria met Clyde at their new school.

Then when the Slitheen plan goes into action Clyde helps Maria and Luke but Sarah - Jane did not seem impressed about Clyde having the secret ("Another life in my hands, just what I need" < Sarah Jane Revenge of the Slitheen)

Maria's Departure

Luke is devastated when Maria Jackson moves to America with her father, Alan Jackson as he gets a new job, because she is the only thing he knows.

A New Friend

Clyde bumps into the new girl, Rani Chandra and takes a fancy to her. Rani is very nosy and when she starts seeing a clown, she starts to get worried. She wants Sarah Jane to help her. Luke keeps saying 'It won't be the same.' because she is not Maria. After they defeat Odd Bob the Clown AKA The Pied Piper, he accepts her and they make good friends.

Adventures with Rani

Rani, Luke, Clyde and Sarah Jane have many adventures together in which they defeat many aliens that try to take over the earth.


Luke departed with K9 by going to uni at Oxford but before he could do that he had to take down The Nightmare Man.

Nightmare Man and Luke.jpg


Luke is the cleverest of the gang, but sometimes gets confused by his parentage. He is very brave and very attached to his sister, Sky. This is when he is extremely over- protective of her. He would be willing to sacfrifice his life to save her and his mum. Luke is Clyde's best friend and they have a good friendship but at times Clyde enjoys making fun of Luke which annoys Sarah Jane.

Other Information

Abilities Powers

  • Immunological Resistence
  • Telepathy
  • Empathy
  • Weapons Master
  • Gadgets
  • Telekinesis
  • Agility
  • Attractive Male
  • Stamina
  • Enhanced Intelligence


Love Interests

  • Sanjay (Mentioned - Boyfriend)

Planned character developments

Had the series not ended by Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane)'s death, Russel T. Davies (director) &#;had planned in the next series for Luke to come out as gay. This was because CBBC has requested to have a gay character on CBBC "Just a normal, nice, gay character" Davies said.

Luke was selected because Davies thought his "socially awkward scenes" could be a reference to it.

This line was cut from&#;The Nightmare Man

SJ: Sarah Jane LU: Luke

SJ: Have a lovely time at university. You'll grow up, you'll find a girlfriend

LU: (off-handedly) Oh, could be a boyfriend!

SJ: Well, I don't care, as long as it's not Slitheen!



"Is that good or bad?" "Go find some normal people then." (to Clyde Langer, after he said that Maria Jackson and Luke Smith were beyond weird, in Revenge of the Slitheen.

External Links and References

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The Sarah Jane Adventures Team

The Sarah Jane Adventures Team

Main Characters

The Sarah Jane Adventures has introduced a range of new characters into the Doctor Who universe. Below are the profiles for the main characters including Sarah Jane&#;s adopted son Luke and his friends.

Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith

  • First Appearance: Invasion of the Bane
  • Played by: Elisabeth Sladen

Sarah Jane Smith is a journalist. In the &#;s she managed to infiltrate a top secret research facility to investigate why a number of top scientists had gone missing. The Doctor and U.N.I.T were there investigating the same thing. Sarah Jane managed to sneak into the TARDIS and travel back in time to discover that it was the Sontarans that were taking the scientists. She helped the Doctor defeat the Sontarans for the first time.

Travelling with the Doctor, Sarah Jane got to meet Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and U.N.I.T on a number of occasions. The Brigadier last appeared in &#;Enemy of the Bane&#;.

Sarah Jane learnt a lot travelling with the Doctor. She saw the birth of the Daleks, Davros their creator, the Cybermen, Sontarans. She also witnessed the 3rd to 4th Doctors regeneration.

When the Time Lords summand The Doctor back to his home planet Gallifrey he was forced to leave Sarah Jane behind on Earth as humans were forbidden to visit the planet.

The Doctor never forgot Sarah Jane, he even sent her a version of his dog K9 (Mark III) which she still has. She later met up with the 10th Doctor where she and K9 helped him, Mickey and Rose defeat the Krillitane. The Doctor left Sarah Jane some gadgets inside K9, like her sonic lipstick.

These days Sarah Jane Smith drives a Nissan Figaro and has a supercomputer called Mr Smith who is a Xylok, a crystalline race which crashed to Earth as a meteorite over 60 million years. She now lives in Bannerman Road with her adopted son Luke. Their friends Maria, Clyde and Rani are always close by to help them defend the Earth.

I have learned that life on Earth can be an adventure, too. You never know what you might find! In all the universe, I never expected to find a family.Sarah Jane
Luke Smith

Luke Smith

  • First Appearance: Invasion of the Bane
  • Played by: Thomas Knight

Luke hasn&#;t had an easy life. He was originally created by the alien Bane as part of their plan to take over Earth. Even though he was created by aliens he is fully human. After he helped defeat the Bane Sarah Jane adopted him.

Luke is highly intelligent but apart from that he&#;s just like any other normal teenage boy.

Luke found his first day adapting to school difficult as it was only a week after the Bane invasion. Luckily he had Maria to help him. As Maria had only just moved to the area they were both new to the school.

Luke and Maria met and befriended Clyde Langer on their first day at school. Together with Sarah Jane Smith, they discovered some of the teachers were Slitheen!

The Slitheen later returned and tried to kidnap Luke by posing as his real parents.

Luke is the only character apart from K9 and Sarah Jane to appear in an episode of Doctor Who. He has appeared in every episode of the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Maria Jackson

Maria Jackson

  • First Appearance: Invasion of the Bane
  • Played by: Yasmin Paige

Maria moved into Bannerman Road with her Dad, the house opposite Sarah Jane Smith. The first night she was there she saw a bright light outside her window. She went outside and saw Sarah Jane talking to a Star Poet, a friendly alien that was lost.

Marias Mum and Dad are now divorced. Marias Mum, Chrissie used to visit her and Alan often.

On Marias first day at school she discovered some of the teachers were Slitheen. Together with Sarah Jane&#;s help they defeated them.

Marias Dad, Alan got offered a new job that was based in America. She knew it was what he wanted so told him to take it. They now live in Washington DC but keep in touch with Luke, Clyde, Sarah Jane via phone or webcam.

Clyde Langer

Clyde Langer

  • First Appearance: Revenge of the Slitheen
  • Played by: Daniel Anthony

Clyde met Maria and Luke on his first day at Park Vale School. Clyde appeared cool but was also a bit of a troublemaker. He soon befriended Maria and Luke, together they discovered several Slitheen hiding in the school technology block.

Clyde parents are no longer living together. His father ran off with his aunt to Germany when he was young.

Rani Chandra

Rani Chandra

  • First Appearance: Day of the Clown
  • Played by: Anjli Mohindra

Rani moved into Marias old house with her Mum and Dad. Like Sarah Jane, Rani wants to become a journalist. Living opposite Sarah Jane and wanting to know more about her career it wasn&#;t long before she found out about the aliens and the attic.

She helped Sarah Jane, Luke and Clyde stop the Pier Piper, the alien Berserker, the Trickster and Mrs Wormwood.

Rani&#;s Dad is the headmaster at Park Vale School, the school she, Clyde and Luke go to.



  • First Appearance: Invasion of the Bane
  • Voiced by: John Leeson

K9 was originally from the 51st century, the Doctor got given K9 as a present for helping defeat an alien threat. The Doctor left the original K9 behind to protect Leela on Gallifrey. Since then the Doctor has built other versions of K9, he sent K9 mark III to help Sarah Jane Smith.

In School Reunion K9 sacrificed himself to stop the Krillitant Invasion. The Doctor knew how much K9 meant to Sarah Jane so he built her a new version.



  • First Appearance: Sky
  • Played by: Sinead Michael

Sky was a living weapon created by the Fleshkind. The Fleshkind were at war with the Metalkind so they created Sky hoping that a bio-weapon would destroy all the Metalkind and end the war.

After Skys offensive powers were neutralised, Sarah Jane Smith adopted Sky as her daughter.

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Luke Smith (The Sarah Jane Adventures)

Fictional character

Luke Smith is a fictional regular character played by Tommy Knight in the British children'sscience fiction television series The Sarah Jane Adventures, a spin-off of the long-running series Doctor Who. Luke is a regular character in The Sarah Jane Adventures both in television and audio adventures. He has also appeared in three episodes of Doctor Who: the two-parter "The Stolen Earth"/"Journey's End" (),[1][2][3] and the Tenth Doctor's finale episode "The End of Time, Part Two" ().[4]

Within the narrative of the series, Luke is a human archetype, created by alien species the Bane from thousands of DNA samples, who comes to be adopted by the series' heroine, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen).[5] Luke is something of a child prodigy, showcasing a remarkable degree of genius but also a level of social ineptitude owing to being born in adolescence.

Character history[edit]


Luke Smith is introduced as "the Archetype" in the first episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures, the New Year's Day special "Invasion of the Bane" ().[5] The Bane known as Mrs Wormwood (Samantha Bond) creates the Archetype from thousands of samples of DNA taken from visitors touring their Bubble Shock! drink factory.[5] This enables the Bane to run tests on an archetypal human.[5] Luke appears to be an ordinary adolescent boy, except for his lack of a navel having been grown rather than gestated and born naturally. He possesses a superhuman intelligence and an exceptional eidetic memory.[5]

During one tour of the factory, an alarm is set off when visitor Kelsey Hooper's (Porsha Lawrence Mavour) mobile phone disturbs the Bane Mother.[5] The Archetype awakes and proceeds to escape with visitor Maria Jackson (Yasmin Paige) and her investigative journalist neighbour, Sarah Jane Smith (Elisabeth Sladen). After the Bane Mother sends assassins to kill the group, they return to confront the Bane.[5] The Archetype saves the day by recalling an exceptionally long sequence of numbers necessary to trigger an explosion in the Bubble Shock! factory.[5] In the episode's dénouement, Sarah Jane adopts the boy, naming him "Luke Smith", having also considered the names "Harry" and "Alistair" after her friends Harry Sullivan (Ian Marter) and Brigadier Sir Alistair Lethbridge-Stewart (Nicholas Courtney). Her sentient supercomputerMr Smith (voiced by Alexander Armstrong) forges and distributes all the necessary paperwork to formalise the adoption.[5] Sarah Jane reveals to Luke and Maria that she is a former time traveller, having been a companion of the Doctor (Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker) and lives a dangerous life investigating alien invasions and schemes on Earth.[5]


Revenge of the Slitheen sets up Series 1 of The Sarah Jane Adventures (), depicting Luke's first day at school and his difficulties and early bonding anxieties with Sarah Jane.[6] Luke struggles to adapt to life at school owing to his inability to lie or master humour and his apparent genius-level intellect which sets him apart from his fellow pupils.[7] He and Maria (who is also new to the school having moved recently to the area) meet and befriend Clyde Langer (Daniel Anthony), whilst Luke makes an enemy of Carl (Anton Thompson McCormick), an intelligent boy who envies his effortless intellectual superiority.[7] The friends discover that Carl and three members of staff at the school have been replaced by members of the alien Slitheen family from Raxacoricofallapatorius, and that Luke has assisted unknowingly their plan to switch off the Sun by providing them with the equation they needed to run the machine that will absorb its energy.[8] Luke tricks the Slitheen into resetting their machinery and most of the Slitheen are trapped in their secret room in the school and explode.[8]

Luke, Clyde and Maria assist Sarah Jane against alien Gorgons in their second adventure,[9] and the war-faring alien Uvodni in their third.[10] A plot by extra-dimensional villain the Trickster erases both Luke and his mother from history in the story Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?, although Maria successfully restores it in the second part.[11]

Sarah Jane is forced to give Luke up in series finale The Lost Boy when a couple allege that Luke is their biological son, casting doubts on his original origin.[12] This later transpires to be a plot by the original Slitheen that Luke believed he had killed, who attempt to harness Luke's latent psychic abilities to telekinetically bring the Moon crashing into the Earth. Luke and Sarah Jane are reunited after their plot is foiled.[12]

Luke is mentioned, but does not appear, in the Doctor WhoSeries 4 () episode "Turn Left",[13] wherein a plot by the Trickster created an alternate reality where the Doctor is dead.[14] Consequently, Luke, Sarah Jane, Clyde and Maria die in an alternate version of the Doctor Who episode "Smith and Jones".[15] Subsequently, the Doctor Who Series 4 finale features Luke, Sarah Jane, Mr Smith and robot dog K9 witness a Dalek invasion of Earth. With Earth having been transported across space for use in the Daleks' "Reality Bomb", Luke assists the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and his associates, through web conferencing, in using the TARDIS in conjunction with Mr Smith and the Cardiff Rift to tow Earth back to its rightful place.[1][2]

Following this, Series 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures () sees Luke part ways with Maria when she moves to America in The Last Sontaran,[16] and befriend investigative new girl Rani Chandra (Anjli Mohindra) who comes to discover the extraterrestrial activities that he, Clyde and his mother are involved with in The Day of the Clown.[17] In the Series 2 serial, The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith, Luke meets his grandparents in a time travel plot set up by the Trickster.[18] In Series 3's The Mad Woman in the Attic (), an alien shows Luke a vision of the future in which he appears to be graduating from university at a young age.[19] He meets the Doctor in person for the first time in The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith and assists him in defeating the Trickster for a third time.[20] Luke is entirely absent from the two-parter The Eternity Trap due to Tommy Knight's real-life school exams.[21] In the series finale The Gift, Luke and Sarah's relationship becomes at times strained by the difficulties of parenting a teenager.[22] Due to infectious alien spores, Luke becomes sick for the first time and nearly dies, spurring Sarah Jane to take up arms against their enemy.[22]

In the final part of the Doctor Who special "The End of Time" (), Luke is nearly hit by a car while crossing the road and talking on his mobile phone; he is saved by the Doctor prior to his pending regeneration.[23] The Doctor then waves to Sarah Jane and Luke before stepping into his TARDIS and disappearing.[23] At the beginning of The Sarah Jane Adventures Series 4 (), Luke is written out during the episode The Nightmare Man as the character departs to attend the University of Oxford after having taken his A Levels ahead of schedule,[24] although makes regular cameo appearances episode-to-episode in communicating with his friends and mother via webcam.[25] In the series finale, Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith, Luke makes a full appearance in part two.[26] He drives down from Oxford to assist Rani and Clyde against nefarious alien Ruby White (Julie Graham), who has his mother held captive.[26] He puts his intelligence to good use, and with some long-distance assistance from K-9 (who is based in Oxford), he defeats Ruby and saves his mother.[26] He also appears in the Series 5 opener, Sky (), on a web cam, his clothes subsequently being leant to Sky Smith (Sinead Michael), another genetically-engineered child who becomes Luke's adopted sister at the episode's conclusion.[27] He makes a final appearance in the series finale, The Man Who Never Was.[28] When Luke visits from Oxford, he and Sky finally meet one another in person and bond for the first time.[28]

"Farewell, Sarah Jane"[edit]

Luke makes a further appearance in "Farewell, Sarah Jane" (), an epilogue for the series where years after the events of the main series, he has now come out as gay and is happily married and is now working with UNIT. He finds out whilst being in Geneva, that Sarah Jane has passed away and along with Clyde and Rani, he organises her funeral where everyone is celebrating her life.[29][30]

Planned character developments[edit]

Had the series not been ended by Sladen's death, Davies had intended for Luke to be gay. References had been made to Luke's friend Sanjay, whom Davies intended would be introduced properly as Luke's boyfriend. Although this was a development suggested by the network (CBBC), Davies still ultimately chose to cut a line which hinted at this development in the Luke-centric two-parter The Nightmare Man. The line which is cut is from the scene in which Luke saying goodbye to Sarah Jane as he departs for university.[32][33]

Sarah Jane: Have a lovely time at university. You’ll grow up, you’ll find a girlfriend.
Luke: (off-handedly) Oh, could be a boyfriend!
Sarah Jane: Well, as long as it’s not a Slitheen, I don’t care!

—&#;Cut lines from "The Nightmare Man," as remembered by writer Russell T Davies.

Luke was selected by Davies because producers "wanted us to have a gay character on children's BBC. Just a normal gay character," and Luke fit this description. Dave Golder of SFX was critical of this reasoning, and felt that a character of non-alien origins or without special abilities, such as Clyde, would have emphasised normality better.[33] By contrast, editors at Hypable felt that "in hindsight," a number of Luke's "socially awkward scenes" from earlier in the series "could be seen to have forecast Luke's sexual orientation, and they even inspired some fan fiction of that sort."[32]

The mini episode Farewell, Sarah Jane, published on the official Doctor Who YouTube channel confirmed Luke's sexuality as he says that he and Sanjay have been married for five years.[34]


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