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How to Skin a Credit Card

How to Skin a Credit Card. A credit card skin is a thin sticker type cover you can put on your credit card to personalize it. Using a skin you can make the card look however you choose, instead of keeping the original bland look. The thin skin does not affect how your card works and you can still use it in an ATM machine. Order premade skins online or create your own design.

Step 1

Purchase a skin. Visit various websites that sell credit card skins and select your favorite.

Step 2

Design your credit card skin in Adobe Photoshop. Use clip art or photos. Print a test sheet on plain paper to see if you like the finished product. Then print the final design on T-shirt transfer paper.

Step 3

Cut out the picture carefully. Take your time, patience is the key to an awesome finished product.

Step 4

Peel the front sheet off the transfer paper and glue it to the front of your credit card with a spray-on mounting glue. Use a knitting needle to push the paper into the holes within the numbers and letters.

Step 5

Place a sheet of ironing paper over your card and iron it on a low setting for 30 seconds. Any longer will warp the card.

Step 6

Using the flat edge of an exacto knife, trim any remaining paper from the edge of your credit card.

Step 7

Repeat these steps on your other credit cards. Let your imagination run wild and use a different design for each card.

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • T shirt transfer paper

  • Spray on mounting glue

  • Knitting needle

  • Iron and ironing paper

  • Exacto knife


Personalized Debit Card FAQs

Image Requirements

The Bank reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, whether a submitted image will be accepted or rejected. All images submitted must have the consent of the owner including those images downloaded from the internet. The Bank will reject images that contain any of the following:

  • Trademarks, copyrighted materials, company names, logos, slogans, brands of any third party or any material that could infringe on copyright or trademark rights
  • Celebrities, actors, musicians, professional athletes, politicians or public figures of any kind (the only exception to this is permission-based photos of you, your family members or friends photographed with a famous person)
  • Cartoon characters or artwork that you have not created and/or do not have permission from the copyright owner to use
  • People conducting or involving themselves in criminal or illegal activities or otherwise inappropriate behavior
  • Racial, political or socially sensitive material
  • Provocative, lewd or sexual content – including nude or semi-nude
  • Obscene, indecent or offensive material, including profanity or any other obscenities
  • Phone numbers, addresses, account numbers, personalized identification numbers or URL addresses
  • Any image we deem unacceptable to be associated with the Bank brand

Please note

Images that do not meet the above guidelines will be rejected, and you will be notified by email. You may then submit another image. The Bank reserves the right to exclude anyone from future use of the personalized card design service who submits or repeatedly submits images that do not follow these guidelines.

Tips for selecting an image

  • Image files need to be in either jpeg, gif or png formats, and cannot exceed 4 megabytes
  • Images must be at least 480 x 480 in size
  • Images should be a minimum of 1024x786 pixels for best picture quality
  • Small images will reproduce poorly; for best results and greater image clarity, use larger images with higher resolutions
  • The time your image takes to upload depends on your Internet connection speed; the larger the image, the longer it will take to upload
  • Keep in mind, you’ll have the opportunity to make some adjustments to the appearance of your image in the card design page
  • If you increase the scale of your image too much, it may print poorly if you have a smaller file size

Design Your Personalized Debit Card Now

What is a Personalized Debit Card?

A Personalized Debit Card is just like a normal debit card, except that you get to choose the photo or image that you want on the card. There are image guidelines of course, but as long as your image complies with those basic rules, you can create a debit card that's unique to you.

How do I get a Personalized Debit Card?

If you already have a Florence Bank debit card, go to our website's design page to customize your new Personalized Debit Card.

What if I don't have a Florence Bank debit card?

If you have a checking account, but not a debit card, please contact us or stop by a branch to order one. If you do not have a checking account with us, you can open one in minutes on our website.

How much does a Personalized Debit Card cost?

We are offer Personalized Debit Cards for free to our customers.

Can I change the image on my card?

Yes. You can change your custom image as often as you like. 

Can my joint account holders design their own cards, too?

Absolutely! Every card associated with your account can be customized by the individual cardholder. 

Will my card number or my PIN number change?

Yes. The account number, expiration date and security code on your new personalized debit card will change. Once received, please activate and select your PIN for your new Personalized Debit Card by calling the number on your card. Please remember to contact any merchants with whom you have automatic payments to update your debit card information.

Does a Personalized Debit Card work just like a regular debit card?

Yes. They work exactly the same.

Can I customize my Florence Bank Business Debit Card?

At this time the Personalized Debit Card is available only for personal accounts.

How do I know if my image was approved?

Every submitted image is reviewed for compliance with the Image Guidelines. Each image must also follow the Visa Guidelines. Once your image is approved, you will receive an approval email and your card will be ordered.

What if the image that I submit isn't accepted?

Florence Bank will reject an image if it does not meet our Image Guidelines or if it is in breach of a third party's copyright.

We will notify you by email if there is a problem with your image and you will have the opportunity to submit another photo. In most cases, it may be as simple as selecting an image that is not trademarked or under copyright. If we send you an email advising that your image has been rejected, simply follow the instructions provided in the email to redesign your card using a new image of your own or one from our image gallery. You will not be charged a fee for a rejected image.

When I receive my renewal card, will it still have my personalized image?

Yes. Upon expiration of your card, the reissued card will have the same image as your most recent design.

How can I turn my picture into a digital photo?

To upload your picture, it must be saved as a digital image on your computer's hard drive. Most photo processing services can scan your photo onto a disk. You can then transfer the photo from your disk to your hard drive for uploading.

Remember, the image needs to be saved in either JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), PNG, GIF, Bitmap (.bmp), or TIFF formats.

What size and format does my digital photo need to be?

Picture files can be in JPEG (.jpg, .jpeg), PNG, GIF, Bitmap (.bmp), or TIFF formats. The file size should be at least 50KB in size and at least 480x 480 pixels. You cannot upload an image that is less than 480 pixels along its smallest side. Image files cannot exceed 4 megabytes (MB).

Note: Please refer to our Image Guidelines for full details.

Do I need special software to design my personalized debit card?

In order to process your image, you will need Flash player 6.0 (or higher). If you do not already have Flash player installed, you can download it free of charge at

Can I edit my original image?

No, you cannot edit the original image, but you will be able to adjust how it appears on your card. You'll be able to:

  • Adjust the size of your image on your card.
  • Rotate your image in increments of 90 degrees.
  • Flip it for a mirror image.
  • Place the image where you want it to be.

Can I improve the quality of my image?

Unfortunately we cannot improve the quality of the image, so make sure you choose a high resolution photo.

Does Florence Bank adjust the picture to make it look nicer on the card?

Florence Bank does not adjust the picture in any way. Please make sure to place the picture exactly where you want it to be and make any adjustments in the card designer. What you see when you design your card is what you get!

What should I do when I receive my Personalized Debit Card?

When you receive your new Personalized Debit Card in 7-10 business days, please activate and select your PIN for your new Personalized Debit Card by calling the number on the card to activate.

It is important to destroy your old card as soon as you activate your Personalized Debit Card. Please note that until you destroy your old card, you are liable for the use of both cards, in accordance with the relevant terms and conditions of the contract regulating their use.

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Card Design Studio® Service

Design your card to reflect what's important to you

You can display one of your own photos or other images on your debit or prepaid card. Or, choose an image from our extensive online library for your card. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A favorite photo of family or friends
  • A picture of your pet
  • Your child’s artwork
  • An image of your favorite hobby, sport, or other interest

If you choose to upload your own image, please adhere to the image guidelines. Expect your new card to arrive in 5 to 7 calendar days after your image has been approved.

  See how it works  

The Card Design Studio service is easy and fast. View the demo

Need a card? 

Call 1-800-932-6736 to request a card or open a Wells Fargochecking account.

Wells Fargo reserves the right to accept or reject any artwork, images, or logos. For example, any third-party trademarks; copyrighted materials; or name, image, and likeness of any public figures will not be approved.

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Member FDIC.

The chip was transplanted to the black card

Introduction: Skin Your Credit Card With SWEET Designs

Transfer any design you want onto your credit card, from your own photo to porn. Your card will still work normally, and do you REALLY think that clerk at the supermarket is going to care what your card looks like? They never even check your signature, for Pete's sake.

(For the full uncensored versions, see our Pimp My Card feature.)

Step 1: Design Your Credit Card Skin

Design your credit card in Adobe Photocrap. You can use this free student credit card template (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Step 2: Print Your Design

Print onto the T-shirt transfer paper on a color inkjet printer. Do a test run first on regular paper to make sure it prints correctly. Allow for a little bleed over the edges.

Step 3: Cut It Out

No, really, I mean it. Cut it out.

Step 4: Spray With Spray Mount

Spray the card with the spray mount.

Step 5: Place Skin on Card

Peel the backing from the transfer paper and place onto the card.

Step 6: Iron Skin Onto Card

Place the ironing paper (comes with the T-shirt transfer paper) on top of the card. Iron on LOW heat for 30 seconds. (Too hot and it will warp the credit card!)

Step 7: Slice Away Excess Skin

With the X-Acto knife, turn over the card and carefully slice away the excess transfer paper.

Step 8: Voila!

Repeat for the back side of the card, but use masking tape to cover the magnetic strip before you spray mount.



Step 9: Gallery

For a gallery of some of our favorites, check out ZUG's Pimp My Card feature.

A few additional tips:

- Patience is key! Take your time at every step of the process, or you will tear the paper, leaving ragged edges around the card.

- You can use the knitting needle to push the transfer paper into the crevices around the raised number, etc. You can also get reasonably good results by just smoothing it down with your finger, getting the air bubbles out that way.

- Use the flat edge of the X-Acto knife, rather than the tip. Be patient, making several cuts until the paper tears away easily.

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Skins debit card

Credit Card Stickers

A fantastic selection of fun and unique credit card stickers, perfect for making your little pieces of plastic stand out!

These days it would be difficult - nay, impossible, to live without a credit or debit card. How would we pay for anything without them? We all use them at least once or twice a day, if not more. As such, it is hugely important to us at Tenstickers to give you the option of having something gorgeous and unique to look at when you pull out your purse or wallet to pay - That is why we created this fantastic collection of unique and original bank card decals!

 Superb stickers for your credit or debit card!

Whatever you may be looking for from your credit card sticker, we hope that our ever-expanding collection of over 20 designs will give you something to get your teeth into. From gorgeous galactic scenes to humorous jokey designs, to everything in between! And here´s the real plus - If you can´t find the design you are looking for then that´s no problem - We have a totally complete and comprehensive customisation service; meaning that we would be happy to make anything you like! Simply send a picture or design to %email% and we will get to work on creating the perfect sticker for you! Wedding photos, football teams, family images - Just a trio of the personalised designs we have created for happy customers in the past!

If you need more persuasion, how about this: All of our stickers are extremely easy to apply and magnificently long-lasting, yet they also leave absolutely no damage or residue upon removal, so if you try and decide that one credit card sticker is not for you - no problem! There will be no long term damage done.

Another common worry amongst customers is that they do not have an appropriate credit or debit card for our card stickers and that the decals will not fit on their card. Let us appease that worry! If you do have a card without a number, or of an abnormal size, then just drop us an email and we will be only too happy to help and adapt for you! We will always do everything we can to make it work!

Make your credit card your very own,  make it stand out against the crowd! Browse this amazing collection of designs right now to find your perfect one!

Customise Credit / Debit Card With Card Skins From Wrapcart

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