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Modest Women's Dresses

Designer Collections of Women's Dresses in Australia

For modest and trendy fashion, shop at Modelle’s modest collections of women’s clothing in Australia. 

Find all the latest designs and styles from our designer collection of modest women's dresses, tops, skirts, and pants that offer exquisite modest fashion clothing to suit any occasion. 

Browse our staple clothing of Australian and International brands. Catch our discount gift vouchers and our flash sales up to 58% discount with new deals everyday!

Buy Wide Range of Modest Ladies Dresses Online

Whatever your style may be, our collection of women's modest dresses and abayas has something for everyone. From cocktail dresses, modest maxi dresses, formal dresses, and summer dresses, we all have it at Modelle. 

Opt for vibrant prints and lively patterns for the summer at an exceptionally low price you’ll surely love. Buy modest dresses online and in-store now!

Check out our Aviva Stripe Maxi with matching accessories: Belts, Shoulder Bags, Hat accessories, and more. This staple product is a practical addition to your wardrobe and can help you look stand out from the crowd with its timeless style, dynamic color, stripe patterns, and especially its exceptional versatility. Get your free 10% Discount Gift Vouchers when you Download the Modelle App on your first order.

Why Choose Modelle for Modest Dresses for Women in Australia

With a great range of modest and on-trend fashion, Modelle is for sure the best online shopping boutique store for women’s dresses in Australia. Shop the perfect dress from Modelle's diverse collections for dresses for every personality and occasion. Shop from the countless categories of modest and stylish designs. 

All products created forever new for the season’s colors, nude, black, sage, white, dusty pink, and blue. With styles, brands, and sizes with low prices to match anyone's fashion. 

Select the right fabric for the season from our various selection of fabric materials such as cotton, polyester, poly-cotton, rayon, wool, jersey, and more.

Order now and take advantage of our Free Shipping Australian-wide on all orders over $100AUD! See more of our products online and in stores that guarantee forever new, sophisticated and trendy for the season! Shop your favorite products now & ✓ Find the Lowest Price ✓ Current Trends ✓ Fast & Secure Checkout ✓ Exceptional Customer Service ✓ Express Shipping


How do you dress cute and modestly?

Every girl and woman has her standards for modesty. If you have already decided what your standards of modesty are, find the trendy and fashionable pieces that fit with those standards. Add layers or outerwear to make it more modest and add Accessories to look cute and creative.

Why is modest dress important?

Modest dress is important in today’s world as it can help protect you as it will attract the right kind of guy. We should dress modestly because we recognize the fact that we are worthy to love, and because we love ourselves.

Is dressing modestly attractive?

Dressing modestly is one of the many personal styles that greatly influences a woman's attractiveness. 

Being modest goes so much deeper than just the dress you wear, it is a norm that helps develop a strong personality.

Modestly dressing emphasizes the person's inner values which make women distinguish and more attractive.

How can I dress more modestly?

In general, the modest and conservative dress should cover your shoulders, while the pants, skirts & dresses should fall right around the ankle. Modesty differs from one’s religion and social norms. 

For some, it may demand that the entire body remains covered when in public, and for others it may simply mean avoiding cleavage and minding hemlines. You may consider adopting a few basic guidelines as you build your wardrobe if you are still in the process of developing your standards.

1.Keep your shoulders covered

2.Layer your fitted clothing with a long cardigan

3.Consider using trendy scarves in varieties of color and prints

What is a modest dress code?

It is a way of wearing modest clothing that is interpreted as being under the teachings of one's religion. Modest fashion is declared as empowering for many women. 

Although it has various interpretations across religions, it does not have a limiting factor in fashion. 

As one of the many who believes in the modest way of living, Modelle is a modest clothing brand that offers a wide array of modest dress styles that cover most parts of the body while allowing empowered women to have their expression in modest fashion and be up to date with the latest modest trends.


Modest Clothing for Women: Show It Off

It can be difficult to find modest clothing for women, especially boutique clothing online. You never know if hems are long enough, or if it will even fit. But we know just where you should start: Piper and Scoot! Visit us in Draper to load your closet with dresses, pants, and tops so stylish, that modest fashion will be effortlessly trendy. Stop by today or join us online anytime and see our hottest, modest, summer styles, and you’ll stand out without sticking out. Enjoy modest fashion worth showing off without showing it all!

Not sold yet? Check out some reasons why you should shop our boutique clothing online.

Get Unique Boutique Clothing Online

Modest fashion doesn’t need to be cliche, old-fashioned, or remind you of Grandma (Even if she’s complimenting you more than the outfit does). Our stock is always updating with modern trends, while maintaining comfortable coverage. Our modest clothing for women is tailored to fit various needs, such as tall girls, busty girls, or petites. Find your perfect fit at Piper and Scoot.

Have something special in mind? We want to hear from you! Tell us what you want to see at Piper and Scoot. If there’s a picture on Pinterest of modest summer dresses you just gotta have, send it in! We’d love to hunt it down with you. When it comes to supply and demand, we’ll supply what you demand.

Utah may seem to be the modest mothership, but even if you’re not a local lady, shop like the locals with Piper and Scoot’s online modest apparel store. Cute fall modesty is in reach from coast to coast, anytime! Unique boutique clothing online can be delivered right to your door.

No Need for Dress Stress

If you’re on the hunt for the three Cs (cute, comfortable, conservative), then we’ve got you covered like a good Sunday dress. Our modest fall dresses are ready for you to dress up or dress down. From Sunday walks to weekday lunch breaks, our modest summer dresses will keep you as cool as you look. It’s a dress as flattering as the compliments you’ll get! We offer Piper and Scoot originals, as well as other favorites such as Free People. Picking Piper and Scoot is easy. But picking pockets or no pockets, maxis or knee length, or floral or striped, is the hardest decision we know you can’t wait to make. If you’re dress-stressed, here’s a few of our favorites available at our online store.

Floral mustard dress

Styles to Fall for this Autumn

Incoming: oversized sweaters and comfy pants! Our inventory is changing like the leaves! Stay on the lookout for fall favorites.

We know our ladies who value modesty. We value modesty as much as fashion. Any style you select will deck you from head to toe without leaving you feeling like you’re covered from head to toe. With light, breathable fabrics and flattering cuts, our modest clothing for women will be your next purchase over and over again.

From babydoll dresses to oversized sweaters, you’ll dress Instagram-worthy in every season. Mix and match your favorite staples for a different take on the same clothes you love, nailing a fashionably modest look every time.

Like your homework, don’t procrastinate. Shop Piper and Scoot today!

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I feel beautiful and confident in every piece I own! These gals are so real and relatable, very committed to help you look and feel your best no matter your size and season of life. So much LOVE!!! - Annie, UT

The clothes all fit perfectly and they are t-totally cute! Customer service is amazing. I ordered on a Saturday morning and my dresses shipped out an hour later! - Erica

Placed two orders so far. Came within just a couple days and they were exactly what was described online. Love everything and can see this boutique being my go to for my whole wardrobe. - Paige

I just got my first order in from Modest Molly and I am in LOVE!!! The shirts I got are perfect, comfortable, soft material and made well.i am so excited to start wearing them! I'll be a forever shopper with these gals! - Emily

I have loved my purchases!! The shipping is so fast, return for wrong size was speedy and easy, and best of all, the dresses I ordered are so pretty and so comfortable! Thank you so much!!! - Laura

I’ve ordered twice from the Boutique and have been so happy with everything! They have great/accurate information about sizing and it’s a tremendous help when ordering!! You also can’t beat the prices and shipping speed. - Kayla

How To Dress Modestly \u0026 Classy in Summer !

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Dresses modest

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How To Dress Modestly \u0026 Classy in Summer !

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