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Sports Banners

Durable and Easy-to-Customize Sports Banners

Affordable sports banners from Printmoz let you display your team, sponsors, or instructors brightly and beautifully.

You can use sports photo banners for a variety of purposes, from advertising the team to showing its success. Especially helpful for fundraising, showcasing your sponsors inspires others to join. Through Printmoz, you can customize the banner with your graphics text or photos.

We offer high-quality signage you need. Our vinyl sports banners are waterproof and fade-resistant so that they last the whole season. They will hold up both during winter football games and the sweltering heat of baseball season. With this in mind, we understand the need for low-cost, high school sports banners, and high school senior sports banners.

Make Your Custom Sports Banners in Minutes

We balance the excellent build quality with cost-effective materials so you can afford as many banners as you need. This is one of many reasons to choose custom sports banners from Printmoz.

From tryouts, games, and practice schedules to celebrating with a senior sports banner, you decide how the banner looks and what it says. We give you free rein to put whatever you want on them, and the customization is all done online.

We offer an online process that saves you time and energy. Once you decide on the size of your sports photo banners, you then purchase it. You can then upload your graphics and artwork to our web platform. From custom designs to pictures of your players, you have no restrictions on what you can use.

Finally, you get to see how your designs look and change them if necessary. To make sure your designs fit on the banner properly, you adjust the images with the crop and zoom tool. All in all, our platform is easy to use and reduces the time you spend putting together your vinyl sports banners.

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Team Sports Banner Process

With our quick turnaround time, you won’t have to wait long to receive your sports photo banners. You can order last minute and expedite shipping to still be on time for tryouts or a tournament. Whether you use them inside our out, you can trust the banner will last.

We install grommets on your high school senior sports banners, so they’re easy to put up on a wall. Similarly, all vinyl sports banners work great on baseball or field fences. They’re lightweight and easy to transport, eliminating the difficulty of placing them where you want.

Senior Sports Banners to Celebrate Your Players

High school senior sports banners are a great way to show off your top or graduating players. You can set them up on the field or in the gym, helping you showcase their stats, position, and action shots. Young players appreciate high school sports banners because they give them a public affirmation of all their hard work.

When you have seniors going to college for sports, a senior sports banner is one of the best ways to showcase how proud the school is. To this end, a senior sports banner becomes a great marketing tool for the school.

High School Sports Banners For Any Sport

  • Baseball
  • Football
  • Cheerleading
  • Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Water Polo
  • Soccer

A senior sports banner are for the whole team to ensure each teammate feels acknowledged and supported. Besides on the field or in the gym, you can use these banners at fundraisers and school functions to drum up support. These high school sports banners are also great for showing off the school's record of championship wins. With a long history of victories, you can show that the school is worth attending.

Buy Sports Banners for Any Sport and Age Group

At Printmoz, we offer vinyl sports banners that suit your goals. We deliver fully custom high school sports banner and sports photo banners at affordable prices. We print at 1000 DPI, which ensures your action shots and graphics look sharp and vibrant. Furthermore, the vinyl we use is waterproof, UV-resistant, and long-lasting. Even if you use the high school senior sports banners for one season, you won’t pay too much and receive a low-end product.

As with all our signage, you can rely on Printmoz for customer service. Call us at any point for help in personalizing your custom sports banners, or for answers to your questions. We look forward to delivering custom sports banners for you!


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Framed sports banners hang in a charming boy's bedroom over a gray sofa placed on gray carpeting beside a gray woven basket.

Jenn Feldman Designs

Framed sports jerseys hang above a gray microfiber sectional placed on a white and black Moroccan wool rug beneath a window covered in a white and black chevron roman shade.

Lauren Evans Interiors

Sports themed boys bedroom features a typography art piece hung over a dark brown slatted wood headboard fixed behind white pillows layered in back of a blue gingham lumbar pillow.

Bailey Austin Design

Shared boy's bedroom features L shaped built-in beds with storage drawers dressed in gray and blue striped duvets and gray and blue fish shams flanking a shared corner built-in nightstands alongside a ladder leading to a loft play space lined with sports banners.

Molly Frey Design

Fun sport themed boy's bedroom features a taupe accent wall lined with a white wingback bed dressed in orange and blue bedding and brown geometric pillows flanked by floor to ceiling built in taupe bookcases filled with trophies and sports memorabilia next to a wall lined with sport's banners.

Soucie Horner Limited

Basement man cave features a ping pong table placed in the center of a room clad in exposed brick and fitted with a long floating shelf showcasing stacked bear cans and fixed above framed photographs.

Morgante Wilson Architects

Sports themed kid's bedroom boasts a black and white baseball mural accent wall positioned adjacent to a window framed by gray wall paint.

raili ca design

A kid's bed accented with a blue gingham lumbar pillow is positioned beside a black campaign nightstand lit by an oil rubbed bronze sconce fixed above a basketball art print.

Bailey Austin Design

Well appointed game room features a round game table surrounded by wood and brass industrial chairs placed on a beige striped rug under a blue painted ceiling lined with blue crown molding and fitted with star flush mounts.

Matt Morris Development

Vintage banners on a boys room wall adds a personalized touch next to a window fitted with a plaid Roman shade.

Rosa Beltran Design

Blue paneled den trims a handsome man cave furnished with a blue velvet tufted chesterfield sofa along with caramel leather accent chair.

Hudson Interior Designs

Fantastic boy's bedroom with charcoal gray walls and a white vaulted ceiling.

Suzanne Lovell

Two rows of black leather recliners topped with grey and yellow pillows and throws face gold geometric stools positioned on a beige striped rug under a blue ceiling lit with Star Flush Mounts and lined with blue crown molding in this stylish game room and movie room combo.

Matt Morris Development

Attic playroom with two navy drum pendants, Robert Abbey Penelope Pendants, hung above a craft area with play and art tables alongside teepee, flokati beanbag and air hockey table defined by blue and white chevron Flor Tiles.

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

This nursery has a cottage-like feel with white sections of walls accented by wall art and a height chart.

Marie Flanigan Interiors

Wonderfully designed boy's bedroom boasts stacked wood floating shelves mounted against a white and blue color blocked wall over a white desk paired with a green task chair.

Laura U Interior Design

Gray and white mudroom is equipped with a wall of charcoal gray mudroom lockers boasting two closed lockers located under gray cabinets with nickel hardware and four open lockers positioned beneath overhead shelves and above drawers designed to hold sports equipment.

Hogue Interior Design

Basement playroom features black chalkboard accent wall alongside white perimeter wall painted with navy blue and black stripes atop blue and white floor with clear lacquer finish.

Hendel Homes

Panton Junior Chairs sit on a Moroccan rug around a round chalkboard top play table in a stunning playroom boasting a white rope hanging chair.

Chango & Co.

Colorful family room features a black accent wall lined with a collection of baseball, football and basketball art placed over a low denim sectional as well as pair of wood trunks doubling as a coffee table placed atop a multi-color striped rug.

J Kurtz Design

Contemporary family room features a black accent wall lined with a collection of baseball, football and basketball art placed over a low denim sofa as well as pair of wood trunks doubling as a coffee table placed atop a multi-color striped rug.

J Kurtz Design
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Sports Banners

Need a Vinyl Sports Banner Printed? Order Now . . .

1) Design Your Sports Banner Online. Add Text, Clip-art or Upload Your Images/Logos!

– Single-sided Online Banners
– Double-sided Online Banners (Same Design on Both Sides)

2) Upload Your Complete Ready-to-Print Custom Sports Banner Design!

– Single-sided Custom Banners
– Double-sided Custom Banners

3) Provide Your Wording and Image and We’ll Design a Simple Sports Banner For You!

– Single-sided Text Banners
– Double-sided Text Banners (Same Design on Both Sides)

Sports Banners – Ideas and Uses . . .

A banner displays a sign, logo, symbol, or any other message. It is often associated with a flag. In the earlier days, the displayed banners showed their coat of arms. Today, many types of banners are used. Sports banners are one of those types.

They can be used to cheer a favorite team or be used in pep rallies. For instance, when you watch a sports event on television the first thing noticeable are the fans. These people carry banners to cheer for their favorite player or team. Some of them even go out of their way to design their own.

Another use of a banner is for pep rallies. The gym is decorated with them and schools often look forward to big sports events. These banners usually have messages of support for their home team. They are also used to provide encouragement to their players. For example, in a competition if the home team appears to be on the losing end, these banners are displayed as a message of motivation, encouraging their sports team to work even harder for the sake of the fans.

In every young man’s life, there comes a point when they have admired someone. It can be either a sports team that they have been following closely or a sports hero. To remind them of these teams, they put banners in their bedrooms to show their admiration for that team. Sometimes, they even put a picture of their favorite player in it. That is why sports banners can be seen almost everywhere!

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- Team sport banners provide highly visible, full color soccer banner (ayso banners) and soccer pennants that create pride for your favorite soccer team.

- Our soccer team banners are produced using high quality material and vivid color. - With full color digital printing, it will help you show your team spirit or dress up your school halls and stadium for big game. We have large collection of soccer banners ideas and soccer team names. You just need to go online, choose the soccer banner design you like, use our online banner builder tool to edit it, add text, or you can even upload your own images.

- After you done with modification just add to cart, and pay for it. It sound easy, doesn’t it?

- We’re your one stop shop for all sport banners, team banners: soccer banners, softball banners, baseball banners because our banners are not only affordable but also durable, together with our high quality customer service there are no reasons why you should not choose Team Sport Banners.

- We ship your banner from South California so it will take:

* 3 day shipping for soccer banners San Diego, Los Angeles, Hungtington Beach, soccer banners orange county, Temecula CA.

* 2 days shipping for Soccer banners San Jose, Sacramento, Bakersfield CA. 


Ideas sports banners

Don’t just have a gathering, have a happening! A custom banner or flag in Covina from G2 can proudly display your company store or sports tream name or a custom message at any party, event, or business meeting. A custom banner is also great for displaying discounts or events outside of your business or storefront. 

G2’s Covina area full color banner printing and flags comes in customization sizes to meet your needs. Advertising your business, planning an event, attending a trade-show and getting your message across has never been easier.

Our full color banners will be sure to distinguish your business or event, creating a definite interest in what is happening below the banner. At your next business or social gathering, don’t just say your message  scream it at full volume with a beautiful custom banner or flag in Covina.

Banners are available in standards sizes ranging from 3 feet x 5 feet  Custom sizes are available to meet the needs of any business or event. All our banners are made with high quality vinyl scrim material and ink. You can provide your own logo or artwork or we can create original or edit and clean up your existing artwork for a great impact on your banner. Our professional graphic designers will work with you to determine your needs and create a custom banner or flag design in Covina for your next store or sports event.

Banner Ideas Click Image

How to Create Professional Sport Poster Design - #Photoshop Tutorials

A great way to support you child’s sports team is to fly a banner. This is a means to recognize your team or players at any type of sporting event or end of season celebration.  You can purchase professionally made banners on line at a variety of different sites but the best banners are home made. 

How to make a hand held pennant....

Sports banner are really easy to make. For hand held banners you can buy felt in appropriate team colors, and cut out large pennant size triangles.  Glue a wooden dowel to the edge of the triangle as a handle.  Decorate the triangle with the team’s name, player’s name, sports paraphernalia etc… Be sure to keep the team colors in mind when decorating.  It is really easy if you purchase pre-pasted vinyl letters, soccer balls, footballs etc… and adhere them to the felt.

How to make a large banner....

You can make a large banner by using a white 5' x 8' tarp. The advantage of using a tarp rather than fabric is that it is waterproof, inexpensive and heavy weight. 

  • Cut the tarp to your desired size.  

  • To hang your banner you need to fold and sew/glue a 3” pocket (hem) across the top of the banner or add grommets across the top.  Slide a wooden dowel into the pocket or through the grommet holes. Either attach a 2 -3 ft piece of nylon line to each side of the dowel or if you use grommets then use twist-ties through the holes to fasten the banner to the ballpark fence.  If you plan on securing it into the ground then instead of making the pockets across the top you need to make one on each side of the banner.  Then slide the wooden dowels into each pocket.

  • Decorate the banner with wide-edged Sharpie markers, colored electrical tape, stick on letters and/or appropriate sports/mascot symbols etc.  Remember you need the lettering to be waterproof. 

  • Be sure to leave a spot for the players to add a personal touch either an autograph or hand print.  For an end of season banner you may want to consider adding a team picture or photos of each player.


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