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You may find that you have your hands full - in more ways than one. OpticsPlanet offers dump pouches to keep your gear AT hand, instead of IN hand. Carrying pouches and utility pouches, especially when used with a duty belt or configurable vest, allow you to tailor your gear to your specific mission or requirement. We can supply pouches to hold a specifically shaped or sized item, a group of multiple items, or a dump pouch for items you'll tuck away where they belong after things calm down. Over 20 manufacturers provide a variety of materials, colors, patterns and finishes, including solid colors, ACU and Multicam. We have Blackhawk, Galco, Maxpedition and more! And if you're looking for more pouch styles be sure to check out our Ammo Pouches, Flashlight Pouches and Magazine Pouches. Head out with the confidence that when you reach for your gear, it will be there in your dump pouch.

Sours: https://www.opticsplanet.com/dump-pouches.html

Belt Mounted Dump Pouch

The Belt Mounted Dump Belt Pouch brings the redefining Ten-Speed® Ultralight Dump Pouch to your belt.  While not in use, the pouch’s bag portion stays folded under Ten-Speed® elastic, making it extremely compact. When needed, a simple pull on the bottom tab deploys a bag big enough to hold 10 M4 magazines. The stowed pouch is small enough to be mounted to belts, and eliminates the potential snag hazard created by bulky bags which have the tendency to flop around.

A cinch cord at the top of the bag can be closed with one hand to secure the contents of the dump pouch.  The Dump Belt Pouch sufficiently functions as a traditional magazine dump pouch, or as a temporary supplemental pouch for items like breaching charges, provisions, SSE items, trash, spent casings, or extra water bottles during infiltration.  The rip stop nylon bag can be used for foraging for food, kindling, or even work as an emergency water filtration component.

The Belt Mounted Dump Pouch attaches to regular pants belt or duty belts up to 2” wide. 

As with all Blue Force Gear, it is made with excellence in the USA and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

Sours: https://www.blueforcegear.com/dump-belt-pouch
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Dump pouch Yay or Nay?

We are mandated to have them on our belt line by our Unit SOP, (USMC Infantry Rifle Company) Our policy states that they are only to be used for magazine retention and SSE, yet many violate this and tend to try to use it as their big catch all pouch, This can lead to issues, as the Company GySgt, I don't have a issue with guys using it to hold their gloves, inner belts, Eye/ ear pro, Slings to make sure they keep all their shit together, but one they are jocked up then the pouch has to be empty so it can receive empty mags. Part of the reason for this for me is that since we spend much more time running downrange, getting into the prone and then bounding forward and such that I will see a trail of empty mags and personal bits from guys with a dumper filled with bullshit, ain't no one got time for policing up all that stuff, but the guys who start out with a empty pouch tend not to lose their mags to the range monster. As much as I want to think big Marine Corps will get replacement mags to us again in combat, my experience has been that it will take some time for them to show up so you have what you have brought ashore with you. With our renewed emphasis on distributed operations and amphibious landings we are becoming very conscious of weight and logistics shortfalls… ( well some of us anyways) SWAT and DA guys have a different perspective I would think, as a lost empty will just be replaced before the next mission or hit in the rear. On my personal rigs I use for classes and training I have them installed and use them to bring extra stuff to the line and find them highly useful as a catch all pouch, but I'm not nearly running around as much in those classes as I am for light Infantry shit. My "greenside/ tree line" rig is more a Belt kit style rig ( as close to brit style PLCE as I can get it using Coyote kit) these days anyway and I am using a old school modified SAW drum pouch with a slit and flap cut in the top cover as a dumper behind the two triple mag pouches on my weak side. It is located over my right rear pocket, same location as a dump pouch is normally located.


Sours: https://primaryandsecondary.com/forum/index.php?threads/dump-pouch-yay-or-nay/
Snake Eater Tactical: War Belt \u0026 Pouches

Dump Pouches

Dump Pouch, Tactical MOLLE Pouches, Ammo mag dump pouches.

First Responders, Police Officers and CHP Officers often refer to our tactical gear dump pouches as ‘Scavengers’. That’s because these tactical geardump pouches will accommodate empty shotgun shells and more. Easy to open and quick to close, they will carry tools, nails, screws, pliers, screwdrivers, extra ammo, spent shells, cartridges, and up to 7 rifle magazines. Made of high quality Nylon or D PVC backedPolyester material they are durable, waterproof, and can be attached to your MOLLE Platform, tactical vest, tactical backpack, plate carrier, backpack, ruck sack, chest rig, battle belt, web belt, war belt, weapons case, duty belt, or pack hip belt via Blackhawk Speed Clips, Malice Clips or Maxpedition TacTies giving you quick access to your rifle magazines or shotgun shells. If you’re not using this scavenger bag, just roll it up securing it with the Velcro closure or a Fastex Flap.

Choose from sober or brighter colors; Black, Green, Ranger Green, Wolf Gray, Coyote Brown, DesertTan, MC, ACU, Woodland Camo. We have an extensive range; the LA Police Gear Roll Up Pouch, the Maxpedition Rollypolly Folding Dump Pouch , Condor Roll-Up UtilityPouch, Blackhawk Roll-Up MOLLE Dump Pouch, Condor 3-Fold Mag Recovery Pouch, Tactical TailorRoll-Up Dump Bag, Condor Drop Leg Dump Pouch, 5ive Star Gear DP-Blackhawk Omega Elite DumpPouch, Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Folding Dump Pouch, Condor MultiCam 3 Fold Mag Recovery Pouch, 5iveStar Gear RDP-5S Rollable Dump Pouch; free shipping across USA is available. The back panel of our tactical gear dump pouch has a MOLLE/PALS Webbing Platform with reinforced composite thread webbing and metal snap closures. The attached elastic cord will secure more load.

As ‘Sensitive Site Exploitation Bags’, an evidence bag or a gussied up dump pouch, our tactical gear dump pouches are either expandable or non-expanding hollow pouches. Either way they will stowaway your empty magazines to facilitate reloads. We call that a neat setup first brought into circulation by soldiers who needed a quick reload. Today, our tactical gear dump pouches will hold everything; well almost; magazines, brass, pods, gloves, expended Thunder-B cores, pins, random items; ah! Yes; even your loyal (albeit stubborn) Moar puppy. We even have tactical gear dump pouches with dividers, pistol/rifle magazinescombination dump pouches or standalone dump pouches. It’s a win-win for youeven if you decide to do a tactical reload replacing a partially empty magazine with a full one anticipating a larger fight scenario. Dirty Contaminated magazines can cause inner barrel damage and magazinejams; knowing that why wouldn’t you decide in favor of one of our tactical gear dump pouches? Easypayment options are available as well as a team of friendly customer services executives to guide you through the buying process.

Whether the GBB Platform or the firing range, a camping trip where you’ll be collecting wild edibles, orchard or garden trips with opportunities to gather apples, oranges, pears, cherries, tomatoes, and other fruits, a metal detecting recce where junk items will be stowed away, our tactical gear dump pouches have easy access open tops for quick dumping of items. They are your roomy multi-purposeutility bags.

Other advantages you’ll love; Mil Spec materials like D Cordura or ballistic nylon, a robustconstruction, a mesh bottom or a drain hole or grommet at the bottom for easy drainage of water, sand, or other debris. Our tactical gear dump pouches are huge capacity bags that will pack, fold, or roll into a minimum space bag when not used. Moreover, the cinch cords, flaps, shrouds, of our tactical gear dumppouches will prevent contents from bouncing out when on the move or run. Longer dump pouches have leg straps that can secure the pouch to the upper thigh. Some pouches have a Velcro hook and loop flapon the top that will double up as a lid to secure items in the pouch.

Our small, medium and large, and collapsibledump pouches use Military Grade Nylon Webbing for their straps, handles, and modular attachment points while Duraflex buckles and hardware is used for addedstrength and functionality. Modular Webbing ensures they will attach to Modular Panels via Tuck Tabs. The interior has a hook panel to secure the outside flap while the exterior hook panel is for identification and Moto patches. There is a separate hook and loop Velcro patch area for ID purposes.

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A hunt for the predator, defeating the enemy on the frontline or that tough tacticalexpedition; it won’t hurt to dump and scavenge a little.

Sours: https://lapolicegear.com/bags-packs/pouches/dump-pouches.html

Pouch war belt dump

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One Serious DUMP... Pouch - CSM Tactical Gear Drop Pouch - Minidrop \u0026 Regular Review

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