Tatting patterns and designs

Tatting patterns and designs DEFAULT



Rings n Curves Bookmark tail
Cluny Braid  pdf link

Sunshine Snowflake braids  

Mac-Tatted Braid Pictorial & Table ; written pattern.
Jasmine Braid/'gajra' pdf link  OTC Apr 2017
Freeform tatting adornments - prototypes
>>>>>> 2018
Buttercup Trellis braid/bracelet

Picoted S-Chain braid as seen from front and back
Interlaced Cumulus

Coasters, Doilies, Laces, Mats

Concentric Squares Coaster (derivationshared with  OTC Nov 2015 ) pattern to be written

Points n Curves Coaster (derivation shared with  OTC Nov 2015 ) pattern to be written

Tiny Heart Coaster 

Octagonal Coaster 

Coaster from Magic Square - pattern ideas
Sunburst Coaster  (to be shared)
Aspiration Doily  (ongoing trials)

Clover Wreath Coaster and Mat(pdf soon) - doily with edging.

>>>>>>> 2018
Magic Pathways for Fortuna Square Mat
Butterfly Squares
Scrappy Doilyadaptation

DESIGN ROUND ROBIN 2018 (Craftree)
1. Hexaflower doily pdf link
2. Dancing Peacocks doily pdf link
3. Septagon doily pdf link
4. Sunny Day doily pdf link
>>>>>>> 2019
Valley of Flowers Mandalacoaster/doily (adaptation)
Repetition Doilypdf link .

Clover Wreath Doilywith edging
Pinwheel Coaster(or Tatted Quilt Block) - colour adaptation of magic square, with edging.(pdf soon)
Peony - Rounds 1-2; Rounds 3-5; Rounds 6-8; Round 9(final).
Butterfly Bandhan Square Coaster- idea


4 Vintage Edging Patterns 

Edgings from Magic Square  

Eleonore's Angel Lace  OTC Nov 2016  pdf link , derivations pdf 

Split Colour Edging , pdf link (includes JR cluster pictorial)

Sunshine Snowflake Lace 

Hearts All Along 

Unnamed Edging prototype – to be shared
Coats n Clark Tatted Edging 295 (vintage to modern with many adaptations),  OTC Mar 2017, bellaonline Mar 9 2017 , OTC Apr, 2017. complete Reoriented (May 2017) one pass pattern with text pdf link; diagram-only pdf link    
Needleart 1921 (Vol 8 issue 3) Edgings (vintage to modern) - bellaonline Newsletter July 14 2017  :
Edging #7 with pattern pdf ; Edging #3 with pattern pdf; Edging #2 with pattern pdf & bracelet variation ;
Edging #4 with pattern pdf;
>>>>>>> 2018
Butterfly Edging
Tiny Heart Circular edging- diagram-only pdf 
>>>>>>> 2019
From This to Tat- edging, bookmark, insertion, ...

Butterfly Bandhan straight border & circular edgingideas


Happy Hands edging - modern version of Endrucks' pattern #1


All patterns in Google Docs

NeoVintage Heart  prototype

Magic Heart  pdf link  ; see new pdf under 2020

Hold My Hand Heart 

In Sync Heart 

The Heart Within 

Heart Block Doodle prototype 

Trailing Hearts (see under Jewelry – Ears)
Have a Heart - prototype using 1 shuttle
>>>>>>>> 2019
Buddy Hearts jointly with Anita Barry (2018 post) main pdf link ; diagram-only pdf . OTC Feb 11 2019 ; published in IOLI Bulletin Summer 2020; Budding Heart variation by Krystyna Mura 

Blossoms Heart adaptation by Krystyna Mura
Sharon's Heart adaptations
>>>>>>>>> 2020
Sway My Heart - (decorating fun) prototype round1 ; prototype round2 ; final pattern and variations.
NeoVintage Heart DAL - pdf link ; variation (Anita) .
Elizabeth Heart #1 and #2 - prototypes

Hidden Rose Heart (adaptation) by Anita Barry
Magic Heart (new diagram) pdf link

>>>>>>>>> 2021

Happy Hands Heart ; needle-tatting notes by Pam H ; Shamrock adaptation by Diana Howe

Holidays, Festivals

All patterns in Google Docs

Tatting for Holi  (shared with OTC Oct 2016 as Halloween candy!)  

Inchies   pdf of Inchie One.  

Wreath Ornament 

Thorny Wreath Ornament  pdf link

Diya for Diwali prototype for Diwali.
2 Rakhi bracelet patterns - Bonds of Love & Blossoming Bonds (adaptation)
Rakhi bracelet 2017 

Eleonore's Li'l Angel  pdf link


Eleonore’s Angel  shared with OTC Nov 2015pdf link

Jewelry - Ears

Trailing Hearts Earrings , pdflink (shared with OTC Jun 2015)

Jewelry Medallion , pdf  link ,

Jewelry MedallionEarrings pdf  Tut to add findings , pdf link (shared with OTC Oct 2015 as Curled Ring Earrings)  

Star Anise  Studs , pdf link (shared with OTC Oct 2015)
Floating Teardrops for Diane (prototype) pdf link
Noorjahan's Rubies - Earrings (diagram only pdffor PTG 2017)
>>>>>>> 2018
Dancing Peacock earrings - working sequence diagram-only ; also in pdf. updated pdf with stitchcount.
Mulberry earrings/pendant
Hidden Rose Earrings - adaptation by Krystyna Mura

Charmed Cross earrings pattern and pdf link

Jewelry - Hands

"Blossoming Bonds" Rakhi/Bracelet

"Bonds of Love" Rakhi/Bracelet , pdf link

Bonds of Love Bracelet with beads shared at PTG 2016 Single page (diagram only pdf) ; Pattern pdf with stepwise pictorial 

Bangle Enchained 

GeomeTATic Bracelet a prototype
Kadaa or bangle bracelet a prototype with shared process and stitchcount - to be worked further

Bracelet pattern ideas derived from magic square and from joining small heart motifs.

Trailing Hearts(see Bookmarks) 
Block Heart Bracelet pictorial pdf link   OTC Feb 2017 ; published in De Frivolité(k)ring 2018 #1 (35)

Mustard fieldsbracelet OTC Apr 2017 
Rakhi 2017
Vintage Braceletfrom Needleart 1921 Edging #2 pdf link
Noorjahan's Rubies - Bracelet or Choker, pdf link
Noorjahan's Rubies - Ring or Brooch, diagram-only pdffor PTG 2017
Ice Drop Enchained- prototype
Royal Wave bangle
Buttercup Trellis braid/bracelet
Sunrise Sunset bracelet
2-Tone Cluny bracelet
>>>>>>>>> 2019
CRC SOUP bracelet- first peek
CRC Sequin bracelet- first peek
From This to Tat bracelet
Tatted Rope jewellery- generic pattern
Lock-Laced bracelet / choker
Free Together Bracelet
Square Diamond motif bracelet- adaptation of Endrucks' patt #37

Blossoms Project 2018-2019 (final posts in 2021) : Motif #1 ; Motifs 2 & 3 ; Motif 3 (rev) & 4 ; Motifs 5 & 6 ; Motifs 7 & 8 ; Corner & Motif 9 ; Motifs 10 - 15 ; Motifs 16-20 ; Motifs 21-30 ; 

Motifs 31-35 ; Motifs 36-41 .
Cornucopia of Blossoms (using motifs 1-20) - motifs arranged for bouquets , butterflies , squares , heart , bracelets/pendants , wreaths/garlands , edging.

More combo ideas (using motifs 21-30 and 31-41) - heart, butterflies, garland/wreath, bookmarks, edgings, square frame, birds, yin-yang bracelets/pendants, spinning wheels.

Tatted Moth (adapted from angel)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 2019
Dahlia motif adaptation of Ninetta's motif
MatheMagical Tree - pdf link (with overlapping)

>>>>>>>>>> 2020

Butterfly Bandhan - design process; pdf link

Butterfly Bandhan derivative ideas - Maple Leaf , Peacock, Tree

Wonky Spunk Tree with pdf link
DYJ Rose - plain and beaded


Shamrock adaptation of Happy Hands Heart (Endrucks' #1) by Diana Howe

Happy Hands Sunflower - adaptation of Endrucks' pattern #1

>>>>>>>>>>> 2018
3D Carnation
Blossoms Butterfly - prototype ; model 2 ;
Coloured Cluny Butterfly  pdf link.
>>>>>>>> 2019
3D Curled Rose & Rose bud prototypes
Leaves for rose prototype
Peony Wreath

2 Simple Motifs / Snowflakes . Reworked snowflake. 

Neemiss Snowflake ; pdf link 

Jessica Snowflake 

Snowflake Sparkle , pdf link (shared with OTC Feb 2016 )

Spiral Snowflake/Medallion , pdf link 

Snowflake (6-Pointed Motif) (Snowflake Hauck), pdf with diagram. forOTC/Bellaonline(not shared/published yet)

Dotted Snowflakes . pdf link  

In the Dark of Night  

The Heart Within.

Mardi Gras Snowflake (an adaptation)
>>>>>>>>>> 2019
Sharon's snowflake adaptation


1. Paisley snowflakepdf link
2. Aspiration snowflakepdf link
3. Spin Away snowflake 4 patterns in one pdf link
4. Minarets in the Sky snowflake 2 versions in one pdf link ; adaptation by Grace Atkinson.
5. MatheMagical Star - several versions in one pdf link ; around a bauble by Daniela Bogacka 6. Budding Dahlia snowflakes - trials ; 4-in-1 pdf link
7. A. Starlets - pdf link ; B. MatheMagical Tree - pdf link
8. Peacock in the Snow flake - prototype ; 4th round ; pattern post  pdf link
9. Summer Rose snowflake -
10. Rosette Enchained snowflake and Ice drop - final post, pdf linkshared withMeeting with Tatting and participant entries.

miniature frame adaptation by Anita Barry

11. Snowflake Sparkle revisited -
12. MatheMagical Bells - 2D ; 3D design process; pdf link (2D & 3D)
13. Mutant snowflake - trials ;
14. Hidden Rose snowflake - pdf link  Pattern worked in Clockwise directionwith pdf link  ; pattern worked in 2 rounds continuously by Natalia Shakhnova ; Melanie's pathway Without paper clip ;

earring adaptation by Krystyna Mura ; 

heart adaptation by Anita Barry pdf link (taught at PTD 2020)

ice drop adaptation by Margaret Davies ; Krystyna Mura.
15. Wreath snowflake (& ice drop) - prototype pattern
16. Frost Flower - design process ; pictorial pattern ; 12-point variation
17. Icy Rivulet Star and Snowflake - with pattern
18. Silver Linings snowflakes - 4 versions - pdf link
19. Swirl Wave snowflakes (small & large) - with pattern
20. Heartland snowflakes 2 versions -  design process ; Basic pattern ; Rainbow versionpattern
Balloon and Peacock adaptations by Anita Barry

21. ConcentriCITY snowflake - small & medium patterns
22. ConcentriCITY Towers - with pattern
23. Folded Fun Star and Snowflake - and more shapes ;
24. Double Dotted Snowflake -
25. Wonky Spunk Tree - pattern post and pdf link
I won the challenge!!!

I Love You More heart necklace & earrings pattern by Anita Barry my post
Laura Angel and Itsy-Bitsy Angels by Anita Barry my post
Picoted Zigzag Chain Bookmark by Sheetal Kakodkar

Ideas, Paths, Processes
& Diagramming

QUICK DESIGNING &/or DIAGRAMMING : A  Cheater's Perspective ;-P 


A fun journey into how to view large patterns & derive patterns from them. I used Magic Square from which umpteen patterns can be derived !

Motifs from Magic Square - square, octagonal, hearts, even a cross ! Both regular & irregular shapes.

Triangles from the Magic Square - triangular motifs & patterns. 

Edging patterns from the Magic Square - possible edgings, insertions, bookmarks, crosses, broad laces, and bracelets! 


Sharing some of my paths towards designing my own patterns ...

Design Process for Spiral Snowflake using Sketch Guru app 

Bonds of Love Bracelet/Rakhi : adding beads and adapting into a bracelet 

The Heart Within : giving new life to a wrongly tatted snowflake

Split Colour Edging : the design & tatting trial paths 

Neemiss Snowflake - from needle tatting design to shuttle tatting, a necklace turns into a snowflake !

Inchies - perfect 1 inch tatted squares from grid sketches. 

Reflected Nights snowflake - a different version emerges from wrongly attached rings !

happy tatting with a muskaan always :-)  

(muskaan means smile)

Sours: https://tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.com/p/patterns-designs.html

For the last ten years, I’ve been creating a new tatting pattern once a month for the Be-stitchedstore newsletter,  During that time, I have posted many of them here for anybody to enjoy.  I hope you do!

I would be delighted if you were to tell your friends about my designs, and if you send them to my site.  Please feel free to post pictures of your finished work on your site or blog.  If you were to add a link back to the pattern, I would be grateful, but you don’t have to. You can also send the photo to me, and I’ll post it here.  If you want to tat any of these designs and sell your finished tatting, please feel free to do so.  Please contact me if you want to use my designs as part of a tatting class you are teaching.

Designing and writing out a pattern takes a lot of my time and energy.  Please respect my efforts by not calling my designs your own or by posting the pattern on your site or any other site.  Please post a link to my pattern instead. These designs are copyrighted, so if you do repost or claim them, you are not only hurting me, you are breaking the law.  This includes large corporations  (JoAnn).

If you have any questions at all about how you can use these patterns, please email me at nancy @ tracyandprice.com


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Tatted Cherries

The trees are in full blossom here, and they’re gorgeous! I saw one particularly beautiful tree as I left a parking lot last week, and it occurred to me that it would be fun to tat some cherries. So here’s this month’s pattern! This is a beginner pattern and requires one shuttle. I used DMC […]


Tatted Beaded Dragonfly

I credit my husband for this pattern. I was having trouble coming up with an idea, and he just pulled this one out of his hat. I just had to figure out how to execute it. I’ll have to pick his brain more often. There are very few bugs I like, but I do like […]


Tatted Earrings

This month I wanted a design that was quick and fun. I always love earrings, so that’s what I decided on. It was fun rummaging through my beads to find just the right one for this pattern. This design is really quick, too! Once I had it figured out, I was able to put it […]


Tatted Celtic Cross

This month’s pattern is not one of my own, but is a pattern by Don Swearingen who very kindly said I could use it in my newsletter. I saved it for when I knew I’d really need it, and this month I did. On Monday, I raised my arm over my head and felt a […]


Tatted Butterfly Heart

I decided to make some frilly aprons for my granddaughters recently. The first one is for my 2-year-old granddaughter, and is the one pictured here. I absolutely loved it when I was done, but I decided it needed something special. So I tatted this butterfly within a heart with a heart bead dangling from it. […]


Tatted Bee

It was a fun challenge to design this little guy’s stripes and wings. After tossing a number of attempts, this was the final design. I liked him so much I put him on the apron I made for my granddaughter. He was so cute with the rainbow colors and the green pockets! I wish I’d […]


Tatted “Not-so-Ugly” Medallion

My mother has a quilt she calls the “Ugly Quilt”. Her quilt group made a bunch of blocks of one particular pattern, and somehow she ended up with them all. I’m not sure of the story, actually. But she laid them all together and decided it looked awful. She didn’t like the colors, or the […]


Tatted Bluebird

My son bought a small bird feeder for our cats’ entertainment this past month. We put it on the back porch where it’s easy for us to see, and we’ve had a few house finches come visit. It’s been fun, and the cats have really enjoyed it. They’re indoor-only cats, so the birds are safe. […]


Tatted Goodie Bowl

Here is another project where I set out to make something and ended up with something else. I had originally meant to make this little bowl to fit a little, plastic shot glass I found at the party store. When I finished it, I saw that it would be really hard to stretch it over […]


Tatted Holly Edging

I had a request for a Christmas pattern a little earlier this year, so here it is! I intended to tat a longer demo of this, but I made a mistake again. I have such a hard time with edgings for some reason. This edging actually has a bit of curve to it, so if […]


Tatted Rose and Vine Edging

I needed an edging for a hand towel, and wanted something a bit different. This is what I came up with. It took me a bit to work out the details, but I really like it. This will be a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law, so I need to get busy to get it done […]


Tatted Musical Notes

My daughter is a musician. Recently, when we were talking about my newsletter, I told her how I struggle sometimes with ideas. Between her and my sister-in-law, they immediately threw out about a dozen ideas without hardly thinking about it. Yahoo! One of my daughter’s ideas was to tat musical notes, and that’s where this […]


Tatted Balloon

I had fun creating this little design. Wouldn’t a bouquet of these be fun on a card or a baby’s shirt? This is a beginner pattern and requires one shuttle. The balloon is about 1 inch (2.5mm) in diameter when done with size 20 thread. I used Lizbeth size 20 thread in in Lizbeth Caribbean […]


Tatted Medallion

I plan to add a tatted medallion to the dress I’m wearing to my son’s wedding in April. I decided it should have some depth to it and some extra laciness, too. This medallion is the result. My dress is a charcoal gray, so I will tat it again using black, charcoal gray, and silver […]


Tatted Neckline Inset

I wanted to use tatting as one of the finishing touches on the dress I made for my son’s wedding this month. I chose a round neckline and tatted this little design to go on center front. It fit perfectly, but unfortunately, it just didn’t work with the dress. So I cut it off at […]


Tatted Hairband

I would think most little girls would love to have this headband. Plus, it’s a fast, easy, inexpensive, and fun project. The only challenge I had was to keep from burning my fingers on the hot glue. If you’re like me, you have odd pieces of tatting in little bags, mostly mistakes I’ve made but […]


Tatted Square Motif

I thought I’d challenge myself by designing a circle within a square. It was a real design challenge, but it’s reasonably easy to stitch up. The heart-shaped rings are easy to do, but they can be hard to close. I suggest you use a larger-sized thread, and that you tat a little more loosely than […]


Tatted Key

I lose everything. I lose my scissors, my pens, my keys, and I lose email. I designed this key as a request from someone, and now I’ve lost her email! It was fun researching skeleton keys. They come in such amazing variety. Some are very plain, and others are incredibly ornate, so it left me […]


Tatted Oval Doily Final

Here’s the final row of the doily I’ve been working on since July! I had a real “designer’s block” when it came to this row, so it took me a long time to get my head around it. This pattern uses two tatting shuttles, although the second and last rows require only one. You can […]


Tatted Oval Doily Row 3

Here’s row 3 of the doily I’ve been working on since July! This pattern uses two tatting shuttles, although the second row requires only one. You can also use the shoelace trick, but I think in this instance, the work will look better if it’s not used. You can find row 1 hereYou can find […]



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Look for more free tatting patterns on page 2.
Look for more free tatting patterns on page 3.
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  5. Fight for relationship quotes
Click on the name below each picture to access the pattern. Some links will take you to a relevant blog post with pattern details while others go to a PDF file stored on Google Drive. For best quality of Google Drive documents, save the file to your computer. Some report being taken to a page where the preview is blank. If this is the case, look for a download button or press Ctrl+S to save the file to your computer.

Feel free to sell or give away the items you make from my patterns. If you decide to post photos of things you've made using my designs, please reference my blog so that others can find the patterns too. Enjoy!

                                        Sample Patterns - Four Dozen Tatted Snowflakes
Sours: http://tattingbythebay.blogspot.com/p/free-patterns.html
Shuttle tatting pattern #10

Her legs squeezed my neck. After a minute she relaxed. she looked at me with gratitude, and said: - it was something, you have no idea. - Let's continue. - Come on.

Designs and tatting patterns

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tatting or shuttle design

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