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I'm embarrassed to admit I own a few one-trick kitchen gadgets that do hardly more than take up space in my kitchen. (I'm looking at you, corn kerneler.) But for every time I've told my husband I really, really need to keep that infrequently used tool or pan so I can make that one recipe two times a year, I have, in fact, found additional uses for a few of those traditionally seldom-touched items.

Case in point, my Wilton mini fluted tube pan, AKA my kids' favorite muffin pan. I bought this mini Bundt pan, as I call it, years ago for one of their birthday cakes? I can't even remember. But you best believe I had a good reason it was a must-have.

That pan went untouched for months, never seeing the light of day except for when being repositioned so another pan could fit into the cabinet. Then one morning, while demonstrating one of my best Mom trickery performances to date, I pulled out my mini Bundt pan to make breakfast.

I was out of ingredients to make chocolate chip muffins, which my kids were anticipating (don't @ me for feeding them chocolate in the morning — the years are short, but sometimes the days are loooooong!). So, in an attempt to distract them from a lack of chocolate in their morning meal, I decided to modify the shape of their muffins and (with any luck) up the fun factor.

It. Totally. Worked. The kids now prefer their morning muffins, no matter the flavor, in mini-Bundt form, and I am getting my money's worth out of an otherwise superfluous purchase. Talk about a win-win!

Sours: https://www.foodnetwork.com/fn-dish/shopping/muffin-mix-mini-bundt-pan

Wilton Non-Stick Mini Fluted Tube Pan, Cavity, Steel, Multi-Cavity Mini Cake Pan, Black

Wilton Non-Stick Mini Fluted Tube Pan, Cavity, Steel, Multi-Cavity Mini Cake Pan, Black


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Product Details

  • READY, SET, BAKE: Not sure what to serve for dessert at your next get-together? Mini fluted tube cakes made with this Wilton non-stick mini cake pan are a simple, yet impressive treat for any get-together
  • MULTI-USE: The Wilton multi-cavity mini fluted tube pan lets you make several individual desserts at once. This pan can also be used to make ice cubes for punch bowls, as a gelatin or ice cream mold and is great for mini pound cakes, too
  • NON- STICK: No matter what you're making, the durable non-stick and scratch-resistant coating on our cake pans allows your food to slide or pop out easily, making cleanup almost effortless. Non-stick bakeware sets are a must-have for busy cooks
  • QUICK CLEANUP: The Wilton cake pans are dishwasher safe; however for best results, wash in warm, soapy water before first and after each use. If you're a frequent baker, these should be a staple in your kitchen
Product Dimensions x x inches ( x x cm)
Item Weight pounds ( kg)
Country of OriginChina
Item model number
MaterialAlloy Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH x x inches ( x x cm)


Not sure what to serve for dessert at your next get-together? Mini fluted tube cakes made with this Wilton non-stick mini cake pan are a simple, yet impressive treat for any get-together. Plus, with 12 cavities, there'll be enough for seconds. This pan can also be used to make ice cubes for punch bowls, as a gelatin or ice cream mold and is great for mini pound cakes, too.

Customer Questions & Answers

  • Question: Que tamaño es la cavidad?

    Answer: The approximate size is " wide, " deep.
  • Question: Abut how much thick batter does a cavity hold?

    Answer: Approx 3 tablespoons. You would fill it to a half way or a little over half of batter. THANKS
  • Question: can you make cookies in this pan also?

    Answer: I’m not sure what kind of cookies you would want to make in this pan. They are pretty deep, not flatdefinitely meant for a batter recipe.
  • Question: There are two different sizes on the product page. What's the exact size of the fan and cavity?

    Answer: Here are the correct dimensions: Pan dimensions: 17 x in ( x cm); Cavity dimensions: in. dia. x in. ( cm dia. x cm)
  • Question: what is the pan size?

    Answer: Its a rather large pan Dimensions: x x inch
  • Question: Is the Wilton Mini Fluted tube pan a cake pan or muffins?

    Answer: Mini tube/bundt pans: As shown in the picture, they have the center thing that makes them tube (bundt) shaped, but they are about the same size as muffins/cupcakes. What you put in them will determine whether they are cupcakes, muffins or mini-bundt cakes. A tip - if you spray them with baking spray, which often comes out a bit clumpy, you can spray a blob in each one and they spread it around with a piece of paper towel. Mine have come out beautifully each time I have used them.
  • Question: Medidas del bunt?

    Answer: The cavities are in. dia. x in.
  • Question: does the hole in the center go all the way thru or only part way?

    Answer: Depends on the amount of batter you use to fill the cavity. If you use little batter it will be a hole all the way thru, but it is designed to not be a hole. THANKS
  • Question: Apologies if someone has already asked, but how many of these little cakes will one cake mix from a box make?

    Answer: You can get about mini bundt cakes from one box of cake mix. It only takes about 2 heaping teaspoons for each, before cooking. Overfilling results in the cakes getting stuck in the forms and the rounded bases doesn't allow the cakes to stand up right. I hope this information was helpful.
  • Question: Hi! Can you make brownies in this Pan!!??

    Answer: Hello! You can make brownies in this pan if you'd like!

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X�•• ••ar

October 25,

I personally love!!

I shopped around for silicon Bundt molds and they were a bit difficult to remove cake from I constantly had breaks but these. I use the Bundt cake spray and these slide right off and I wash right after using which makes things a lot easier.

St•• ••ms

October 22,

Great baking pan!

I love the size of the pan and the ease of getting my mini bunt cakes out of this pan.

Mi•• ••om

October 20,

Mini pan

Perfect just what i wanted something different than cupcakes for the grandkids

Mo•• ••ni

October 20,

Not sturdy

The pan bends easily.

Mi•• ••el

October 15,

Pan arrived bent

The pan arrived bent!

Ki•• ••ss

October 15,

Great Product!

Perfect size. Did not stick. Great product.

Fr•• ••ka

October 11,


Tienen un tamaño ideal para ese postre individual. Lo utilizaré para hacer unas decoraciones para la fiesta de Halloween. Espero me salgan bien 😬

DL•• ••

October 9,

Great pans

Great design, easy to use

Ve•• ••ns

October 5,

Baby bunts

Easy to clean. Non-stick.

Je•• ••C.

October 3,

Works great

Smaller than expected but made very nice sweet rolls

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