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What is the rough opening for a 36 pocket door?

Pocket Door Framing. Determining what size to make rough openings for single pocket door framing is a simple process. Almost all hardware manufacturers state in their instructions, width of the rough opening is two times that of the door plus one inch and the height is seven feet one inch.

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Just so, what is the rough opening for a 36 inch pocket door?

The rough opening will be more than twice as wide as a usual one. The width is almost always two times the actual finished door with plus one inch. For example, a 2-foot 8-inch door (32 inches) the rough opening needs to be 65 inches. The height of the rough opening off the rough floor surface is usually 84.5 inches.

One may also ask, can you put a pocket door in a 2x4 wall? The 1500HD Series Pocket Door Frame for 32 in. x 80 in. is an easily assembled, premium quality commercial/residential kit for installing a pocket door into a 2x4 stud wall. Pocket doors do not need "swing" room, saving valuable floor space while still assuring the full privacy of a standard door.

Subsequently, one may also ask, what are standard pocket door sizes?

Standard door widths range from 24 inches to 32 inches. Double the width of the desired door, or pair of doors, to determine the wall space that's needed to install the pocket door frame. For example, 48 inches is needed to install the frame for a 24-inch door.

Does Home Depot sell pocket doors?

Pocket Door Frame - The Home Depot.

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This is the essential sliding pocket door hardware that brought sliding doors into the 21st century, the only complete pocket door system on the market and is widely used throughout the industry for both new build and refurbishments. The Eclisse frame kit is quick and easy to install and supplied as a kit to create the pocket, which can be fully fitted in under 60 minutes by a skilled installer. Our track and hardware can hold a door up to 220 lbs and you're not limited to using a specific door design. If you have a design in mind, use any door design you like including 1-3/8 in., 1-3/4 in. wood, 1 in. aluminum, or 3/8 in. frameless glass. The Eclisse frame kit comes with a 12 year warranty, a galvanized steel frame and a patented removable track system (you never have to break dry wall again). All of this along with add-on accessories such as a self closing system and soft closers (both sold separately) put Eclisse Pocket Door Systems above everything else on the market.

  • Frames: the most quality pocket door system on the market; frames are all galvanized steel and no longer use wood components
  • Patented technology: installation and removal is a breeze; eclisse features a patented removable track so you never have to break drywall again to remove the track
  • Warranty: eclisse has the best warranty in the business; featuring a 12-year residential warranty (Frames cannot be altered and doing so will void the warranty)
  • Use any door: you're not limited to a specific door design; if you have a design in mind, use any door you would like; 1-3/8 in., 1-3/4 in. wood, 1 in. aluminum or 3/8 in. frameless glass
  • Frame kit includes: galvanized steel frame (assembly required), patented removable track, floor guide, maintenance free track and runners (holds a door up to 220 lbs), two adjustable door stops, door mounting kit, all required assembly screws, drywall screws
  • Available accessories each sold separately include: BIAS (soft closer in one direction), BIAS DS (soft closer in both directions), self closing system (note: for wood doors only, please see product page for weight restrictions and add-on accessories you can use in conjunction with this), jamb kit with either white or brown gaskets - poplar wood
  • Frame kit includes: galvanized steel frame (assembly required), patented removable track, floor guide, maintenance free track and runners (holds a door up to 220 lbs), two adjustable door stops, door mounting kit, all required assembly screws, drywall screws



Assembled Depth (in.)     4.5
Assembled Height (in.)     83
Assembled Width (in.)     75
Door Height (in.)     80
Door Width (in.)     36



Color Family     Steel
Color/Finish     Galvanized
Door Frame Type     Pocket Door Frame
Finish     Galvanized
Hardware Finish Family     Metal
Material     Steel
Pre-Assembled     No
Product Weight (lb.)     39lb



Warranty / Certifications

Manufacturer Warranty     12 Years


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Installation video

Sours: https://milanodoors.com/catalog/hardware/pocketdoor/eclisse-36-80-steel-single-pocket-door-frame-system/
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2450 Series Double Pocket Door Kits w/ Converging Door Kit

2450 Series Double Pocket Door Kits with Converging Door Kit

**Set includes -   2-   Pocket Door Frame Kits 

                             1-  Converging Door Kit

The 2450 Series Pocket Door Frame is designed to carry heavy solid core doors (up to 250 lbs each) in standard 2 x 4 timber or steel framed stud walls. 

 **  Our Frame Kits are the lowest price Frame Kit with all Steel Studs in the U.S.  

Max Door Weight-  250 lbs.

Door Thickness-  For 1 3/8"  and 1 3/4".  No Adapter Required

Min. Wall Thickness-  3 1/2"  - 2 x 4 Walls

Unlimited Lifetime Warranty

Installation Instructions


  • Rectangular Steel Tubing
  • Solid Hardwood Headers
  • Galvanized Steel Floor Brackets
  • 250 lb.  4- Wheel Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Self Tapping Drywall Screws
  • Hardwood nailing strips for jambs
  • More standard sizes than anyone else

These kits are also available in custom sizes up to 4/0 (48") wide x 10/0 (120") high. They are made to order and take one week average lead time for manufacturing.  Call us at 800-772-0314 for more info.

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Sours: https://www.hartfordbuildingproducts.com/products/2450-series-double-pocket-door-kits
How To Install Soft Close Pocket Door Johnson 1060

Johnson 1500HD Series Pocket Door Frame Kit 36"- 153070HD

The Johnson 1500HD Series Heavy-Duty Pocket Door Frame is a commercial grade pocket frame kit designed to carry heavy solid core doors weighing up to 200lbs. The Ball bearing hanger wheels provide feather-touch door operation making the 1500HD series an exceptionally smooth-rolling Pocket Door Frame Kit. The 1500HD frame kit is easy to install in 2 x 4 timber timber frame stud walls; however, the kit can also be adapted for usage in various wall thicknesses and with various wall materials and structures. The Pocket Door Frame Kits are packaged for easy transport, prepared for easy installalation, and can be cut down to accept any smaller door size.

  • Pocket Door Frame kits contain all necessary hardware for a single pocket door installation.
  • Maximum Door Width: 36" (3'0")
  • Maximum Door Height: 84" (7'0")
  • Pocket Door Track can be cut down to accomodate smaller size doors.
  • 1500HD Series is compatible with 1" to 1-3/4" Thick Doors

Johnson 1500HD Series Pocket Door Frame Kit contents:

Header (Factory Assembled):

  • 1- 100 Track Length
  • 1- 512080 Passage End Jamb Bracket
  • 1- 511592 Pocket End Jamb Bracket
  • 4- All Steel Split Stud Lengths
  • 2- 1125 Ball Bearing Door Hangers
  • 2- 512085 Split Stud Floor Brackets
  • 1- 1550 Pocket Door Guide
  • 1- 1513 Door Bumper
  • 1- 1712 Adjustment Wrench
  • Hardware Mounting Screws
Sours: https://www.parkavenuelocks.com/johnson-1500hd-series-pocket-door-frame-kit-36-153070hd.html

Pocket kit 36 door

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Install a Pocket Door and Locking Hardware - How to

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