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BosleyMD Expands Distribution with SalonCentric

BosleyMD is partnering with SalonCentric to expand, allowing more salon professionals direct access to BosleyMD's regrowth treatments, scalp therapy and volumizing styling products, and everyday haircare essentials.
"We are excited to work with and be distributing through SalonCentric," declared BosleyMD president, Ian Murphy. "These days, women and men suffering from hair loss spend endless, and, sometimes confusing hours researching and guessing which products would be the best for their needs. They trust their stylists and now, their stylists can recommend BosleyMD and our superior complete and clean solutions for a total holistic hair health program beyond just a shampoo."

Designed to help prevent hair loss and thinning with a 360-degree approach to healthy hair, BosleyMD's products are formulated in collaboration with the Bosley Hair Restoration team. The brand offers a curated collection of products, including BosleyMD 30-Day Kits, BosRevive Shampoos & Conditioners, and Thickening Treatments, Healthy Hair Follicle Energizer, Women's & Men's Hair Growth Supplements and Rejuvenating Scalp Scrub.
BosleyMD products are created without Sulfates, Parabens, Gluten or artificial colors, and all fragrance levels are at less than 1%. 
"At SalonCentric we partner with the best brands, and work diligently to curate an assortment that meets the needs of our professional guests and their clients," commented LeAnn Bobitt, SVP of partner brands for SalonCentric. "We know the thinning and scalp categories are very important so we are excited to work with the thinning authority in the market place, BosleyMD. Their clinically proven results, education and brand awareness make this a perfect fit to round out our thinning category."


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I remember this store. I was visiting my cousin some time last year from another state when I needed to buy my salon grade shampoo & conditioner that I usually buy online. I went in and without any help from the store associates, found the shampoo & conditioner and went up to the cashier. And I was shocked to find that the lady at the checkout is so rude towards me! She talked to me in a condescending manner maybe because I was Asian. I was just appalled by what she was asking me---do you have a license, etc etc. Like, I have never in my life been talked to the way she did to me. All of these was happening in front of the other customers as well. I just left the items at the counter and left--still in shock that there are people who think it was okay to make fun of other people. Looking back, I'm glad I just walked away. After reading other reviews here, I guess I'm not the only one who didn't have a positive experience from the store.

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March 2017 Product Reviews

Okay ya'll I have been trying out some new products and wanted to share my everyday favorite products. 

I have a TON of products so i'll do a monthly blog going over monthly faves. I would love to know if you purchase any of the items I list and if you like them or dislike them. Every hair type is different and I have several scalp issues so I have to be careful with what I'm using. Some of my favorite products do contain alcohol in them and it can really irritate my scalp so I have to be careful. I'm thinking my scalp starting have issues after I bleached the crap out of it a few years back. I'm sure I severely burnt it. HA, but if you know me, that didn't stop me from doing it. SO here's my list. 

Starting from Left to Right 

No 1. Seya Beauty Makeup Case (Using for hair) - If you are an onsite hairstylists or makeup artists I have nothing but great things to say so far about my new case. Now, this could change, if I continue using it and don't like it, I'll let you all know. Believe me. HA! So far its very professional, sturdy, and has a TON of space! Love it! 

No. 2. Paul Mitchell Worked Up - I am a Kenra girl usually.... if you open my case it usually contains 90% Kenra products but..... This working spray is AMAZING!!! If you want a great light weight spray for curling THIS IS IT! I would shout it from the roof tops. It keeps the hair manageable while protecting it and leaves your curls in place. 

No. 3 Olivia Garden DV-2 Brush - I just received this brush from giveaway contest with Modern Salon (EEEEEK!) I was super excited when I received the package, and boy, they didn't disappoint. I probably wouldn't have ever picked this brush up, but now that I've used it, I will be buying more in the future.  I use my Wet brush when my hairs wet, but this brush is great for styling. I.e. Curl my hair and brush out, this brush maintains the style while softening up the look and the best part ITS ANTI-STATIC!!!! WOOOHOO. Can, I get an amen! 

No. 4 and No. 5 Puff Me and Powder Dry Me

So No. 4 Puff Me - This is a spray powder, it comes out in a mist, super lightweight, giving hair the texture and volume every girl craves. I use this for all styles to give the hair more volume. Its comparable to Big Sexy Hair Powder Clay but I love that it sprays out. 

No. 5 Powder Dry Me - This is by the same company Design Me Hair and I just used it for the first time today, but It definitely sped up the blow drying experience. With bleaching my hair, its been a tad bit dry, so it takes longer to blow dry. The smell was really great and you use it on towel dried hair. I wouldn't say it speeds it up a ton, but it was a little faster. 

No. 6 Fanola No Yellow Shampoo - LAST but not LEAST - FAVORITE no yellow shampoo, I've tried thus far. Fanola, had sent me this shampoo to test out and I had no clue how expensive it was, but I am in LOVE!!!!!! I use this once a week for about 1-2 minutes on wet hair. It clears up so much brass and makes it look more ashy. I love more ash and less brass so its perfect for me. I would highly suggest this product to anyone trying to get rid of brass. You can find a tutorial on my instagram account @Sweetlypinnedhair 

/Caralee Fox

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Beauty Products

I get asked frequently about what I products I love, what products smell great, and are they worth the money. Because, lets be real, beauty products are EXPENSIVE. I want to help guide you, with some of the best products and give you tips and tricks for using them. 

Left to Right

1.Kenra 25 Finishing Spray

Super Strong Volume Spray Hairspray - This is my go-to for on-location or daily styling. I LOVE the smell, its a super strong hold, leaving the style intact all day long. Every bridesmaid/bride always says "Wow, that smells so good".   (Tips and Tricks) after achieving the desired hairstyle, use Kenra 25 Finishing Spray all over it about 6-8" away from the hair. 

2. AG Hair Care

OMG(OSH) I have recently discovered this amazing keratin filled serum and its the best thing since sliced bread. I am seriously in love. not only does it make my hair feel amazing and soft. Its repairing my hair and reduces breakage! PRAISE THE LORD! If you are struggling with breakage or damaged hair, try this serum, its definitely a game changer.  (Use on clean damp hair, spread on the ends or where any damage is occurring, then proceed to style)

3. Kenra Oil Absorbing Dry Shampoo

Okay you guys...... Know how some dry shampoos build up on your hair and some leave it feeling gross/filled with powder or perhaps more greasy? I have tried what feels like a hundred dry shampoos and I want something that leaves my hair feeling oil free and smells great. Drum roll please. THIS IS IT! I Love this dry shampoo and it removes all of the oil! WOO HOO! No more washing my hair everyday. (My hair gets super oily) so this is a must have if you have similar issues. (Use on dirty hair preferably once or twice a day and continue for however long you want). I can go up to 3 days without washing my hair.

Anyway, let me know if this information was useful, I love helping people out. There is so many products out there, and no one has time for testing all of them. I find the best and most talked about products and try them, so you don't have to. 

Also FYI, I was not given nor paid for to use these products. I bought them with my hard earned, independent, bo$$ babe, monies. ;)

/Caralee Fox

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Beauty Products

How To Shampoo Your Client- Step-By-Step

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