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Nose Plastic Surgery Miami

Are you considering nose plastic surgery?

Plastic surgery on the nose (rhinoplasty) is the third most common cosmetic surgery procedure in the USA with over , performed annually.

What Is Nose Plastic Surgery?

Rhinoplasty is quite simply the medical term for what most people know as a ‘nose job’ or plastic surgery for the nose. It is a procedure whereby the nose is corrected and reconstructed either for aesthetic or functional reasons. The surgery can be done using local or general anesthesia and is often done at a day clinic, although sometimes an overnight stay in hospital is preferred.

During this surgery, the surgeon makes incisions to access the bones and cartilage which support the nose. Surgeons usually make these incisions on the inside of the nose to ensure that they are not visible afterward. Some bone and cartilage may be removed, and tissue (from elsewhere on the body or synthetic ‘filler’) may even be added. After rearranging and reshaping the bone and cartilage, the skin and tissue are replaced over the nose.

Preparing for Nose Plastic Surgery

Before your surgery, you will have a consultation with your surgeon. A good surgeon will be honest with you when discussing your expectations. Many surgeons today use digital imaging to give you an idea of what your new nose will look like. You will then schedule your surgery for a time that suits you and when you can afford to take at least a week off work, etc.

On the day of the surgery, you should arrive early and bring loose fitting clothing, preferably with a front buttoning shirt so as not to bump or even touch the nose when getting dressed to return home. Arrange for someone to drive you home as you should not drive after rhinoplasty. Firstly, your vision may be somewhat obstructed, and secondly, you may feel too groggy.

It is very important to take it easy for a few weeks post-op &#; make sure you read as much as possible so you are well prepared.

About Dr. Wolf and Why Dr. Wolf for Nose Plastic Surgery in Miami

In Miami, Dr. Carlos Wolf is the surgeon to see for superb rhinoplasty work. His skill and talent are remarkable. Schedule a consultation and you could be loving your new look in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions on Nose Plastic Surgery

Sours: https://www.drwolfrhinoplasty.com/rhinoplasty-nose-surgery/nose-plastic-surgery-miami/

How affordable is rhinoplasty surgery?

At Miami Plastic Surgery, Dr. Carlos Wolf understands that being able to afford rhinoplasty is a very important consideration when considering a possible rhinoplasty surgery. Every patient and every case is different; therefore, a personal consultation and exam with Dr. Carlos Wolf is necessary to determine the full cost of rhinoplasty surgery. Dr. Wolf strives to understand the patient’s goals of undergoing surgery, as well as determine the patient’s aesthetic goals.

While rhinoplasty surgery is frequently a purely cosmetic, elective plastic surgery procedure and, therefore, frequently not covered by most insurance policies, it may in some cases be partially or even fully covered by your insurance provider. While Dr. Wolf does not accept insurance his staff can be very helpful in reviewing financing options for your Rhinoplasty surgery.

The cost of Rhinoplasty surgery at Miami Plastic Surgery includes your surgical and post-operative care and surgical supplies. During your personal consultation, Dr. Wolf and his experienced staff will evaluate your particular case and discuss any possible associated costs that may be involved with your particular rhinoplasty surgery.

Learn More about Dr. Carlos Wolf

When it comes to matters of the face Dr. Carlos Wolf is a true artist. Dr. Wolf has been in practice for over 32 years, and is double board certified in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery as well as in Otolaryngology. He received his Doctorate of Medicine from the University of Miami School of Medicine and completed residency in head/neck surgery at Tulane University in New Orleans. Dr. Wolf is a fellow of the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He is a member of the Sigma XI Honorary Scientific Society, Florida Medical Society, and Dade County Medical Society. Dr. Wolf began practicing in and in merged with Dr. Michael Kelly to create Miami Plastic Surgery.

If you are considering a rhinoplasty surgery in Miami, schedule a consultation with Dr. Carlos Wolf today

Sours: https://www.drwolfrhinoplasty.com/affordable-rhinoplasty-surgery/
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Pain from Eyelid Surgery

Because the eyes are sensitive, many patients understandably fear pain associated with eyelid surgery. The postoperative pain associated is generally quite mild. But no two patients handle pain the same way. Just compare childbirth experiences with some of your friends.

We prescribe all patients a mild oral narcotic analgesic, but approximately 50% take only Extra Strength Tylenol. Typically, in the recovery room, while patients are still groggy, we ask how they are doing. They almost always respond &#;just fine!&#; When we ask about pain, they usually calmly report a small amount of discomfort in the incisions.

Cool compresses and numbing eyedrops are applied, and Tylenol is administered. At that point we remind them that, unlike some other surgeries where post-operative pain tends to increase, eyelid pain usually peaks in the recovery room and is substantially less by the afternoon or evening.

This invariably produces a smile. Pre-conditioning the patient and family for the procedure for good expectations has more than just a placebo benefit. Eyelid surgery can indeed be performed under local anesthesia with oral sedation.

But in my opinion, a gentle IV sedation takes all the stress off of the patient and surgeon.

Will blepharoplasty change my eye shape?

It is possible for blepharoplasty to change the eye shape. You do have some pre-existing lid retraction and it would be very important to not worsen that with any procedure.

Given your young age and the very small lower eyelid bag that you have, I would typically recommend starting with a very conservative filler treatment

Cosmetic Surgery Under Eyes With Dr. Carlos Wolf

Cosmetic Surgery Under Eyes With Dr. Carlos Wolf

The more pronounced eyelid bag in your second photo is normal. Looking upward always makes lower eyelid fat pockets more obvious and pronounced.
Upper lid bleph

Your eyes are lovely. This is your facial anatomy. You do not need a blepharoplasty. See a good makeup artist for techniques on how to apply makeup to best advantage.

Sure! But hopefully not too bad.

If you are awake during a procedure, you will experience sensation. The injection of the local anesthesia is accompanied by a mild or moderate stinging and burning. This can be lessened by choice of anesthesia mixture and injection technique.

After that, the area should be completely numb, but sometimes more anesthesia injection is needed. For a true drooping eyelid &#;eyelift&#; (ptosis repair) there is a pinching or pressure sensation as the eyelid lifting muscle is tightened.

For upper eyelid skin removal, this is usually not an issue. These sensations are all very well tolerated by the vast majority of patients and should not be cause for significant concern.

Doctor Carlos Wolf Before And After

Doctor Carlos Wolf Before And After

Fat repositioning is usually best.

Fat removal gets rid of the bags, but can leave you looking hollow. After all, we naturally lose fat in the upper face as we age. I usually use fat repositioning with arcus marginalis release or fat injections

The trouble is that fat repositioning is a trickier operation, so you need to go to someone who does a lot of them.

You are definitely not a good candidate for an upper blepharoplasty.

Your eyebrow is so heavy that almost any upper eyelid surgery will be offset as the eyebrow falls. The heavy upper eyelid fold causes the brain to stimulate the frontalis muscle which in turns elevates the eyebrow

When the surgeon snips the eyelid fold below, the brain reduces the signal to the forehead and the brow falls. To compensate for this, surgeons often aggressive remove upper eyelid skin until there is essentially no spare skin in the upper eyelid

Doctor Carlos Wolf Eyelid Sagging Surgery

Doctor Carlos Wolf Eyelid Sagging Surgery

This is not a natural look&#;think Kenny Rogers. Guys should look better with a little bit of fold left up there. It looks more masculine. One option is to do less. Another option is to have the eyebrow supported with an endoscopic forehead lift so when a conservative blepharoplasty is performed the brow does not fall

For the lower eyelid, it is possible that you need lower eyelid surgery or it may be that you could have a lot of improvement with a chemical peel. These types of choices are best resolved with a personal consultation

Please remember that often less is more.

Treatment for lower eyelid puffiness

The prominent lower eyelid bulges are from bulging fat pads. The definitive treatment is a lower eyelid blepharoplasty, whereby an incision is created and the fat removed from the inner lower eyelid. See a specialist to learn more and best wishes

Doctor Carlos Wolf Eyelid Surgery Patients

Doctor Carlos Wolf Eyelid Surgery Patients

Recommendation for eyelid surgery

There are different types of plastic surgeons, many of which perform eyelid surgery. Oculoplastic surgeons are ophthalmologists with additional training in plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgeons are ear, nose and throat doctors with plastic surgery training and general plastic surgeons often have significant training in general surgery prior to plastic surgery.

I would recommend asking friends who have had similar surgery and reading reviews on this website to find a surgeon in your area who performs a lot of cosmetic eyelid surgery. In my mind, returning to work five days after surgery may be a very aggressive timeline, but you should discuss this with your doctor.

To become a fellow of a real ABMS specialty academy, you must be board certified in that specialty. Finding an experienced and board certified facial plastic, occuloplastic or general plastic would be a good start.

Dr Carlos Wolf Miami Florida

Dr Carlos Wolf Miami Florida

Consult at least a couple different ones and then make a decision based on your experience with them and their staff as well as their prior results.

Try an injection of Restylane or Perlane first

I would try an injection of Restylane or Perlane first. Juvederm is also a good option. The results are very predictable and the downtime is minimal.

Tear Troughs

you could benefit from fillers or fat transfer. This would be a conservative approach to your concerns.

Too much fat removal and scleral show after multiple blepharoplasties.

Too much fat removal and scleral show after multiple blepharoplasties. You will do better by seeing a good eye surgeon for only Restalyne at this point&#;no more surgery.

What are my options with upper eyelid rejuvenation?

Dr Carlos Wolf Upper Blepharoplasty

Dr Carlos Wolf Upper Blepharoplasty

You would need to be examined regarding excess skin and droopiness of your brows in a face-to-face exam. Generally speaking for patients with complaints similar to yours options would include simple use of botulinum injection to subtly raise the brows, blepharoplasty to remove small amounts of upper lid skin and fat if present, or a browlift to elevate your brow position

The latter is very effective at creating a more rested and feminine look for those who are appropriate candidates. I would suggest that you arrange to consult with one or more board-certified plastic surgeons in your area to discuss your options

You need a lower lid bleph. It isn&#;t uncommon for one eye have more prominent pseudoherniation of the fat pad than the lower. I personally recommend having the eyelid surgery first, letting it heal and then assessing whether a peel would be beneficial

Dr. Carlos Wolf Eye Lid Operation Picture Result

Dr. Carlos Wolf Eye Lid Operation Picture Result

In terms of the upper lids, I think it would be helpful but the first step is always to examine the patient and determine whether the cause is sagging in the lids or is based on brow ptosis

The upper lid issue is definitely contributing to the &#;tired&#; look of your face and adding this to the lower lid bleph will involve a slightly longer operation but would definitely be cost effective.

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