Night elf heritage armor

Night elf heritage armor DEFAULT

To receive the special Heritage Armor transmog set, you must level your Allied Race character to 50 and complete the Heritage quest: Lightforged Draenei, Highmountain Tauren, Nightborne, Void Elf, Mag'har Orc, Dark Iron Dwarf, Zandalari Troll, Kul Tiran Human, Vulpera, Mechagnome.

The following will prevent you from receiving your Heritage Armor:

  • Using the Character Boost service
  • Purchasing a Faction Change or Race Change for that character

Having been granted Recruit-A-Friend levels from the old Recruit-A-Friend program while it was active will also prevent your character from receiving your Heritage Armor.

You can use Heirlooms and experience potions while leveling your Allied Race character and still receive your Heritage Armor.

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Thread: when will night elves get heritage armor?

QuoteOriginally Posted by ShakanaView Post

I can say i'm still a bit disappointed with the blood elves heritage armor. Void elves have it amazing, the Nightborne only one thing that annoys me is that males should have a shirtless with big shoulders, instead of a dress, and women having that thing on the chin, i once have put it and my friends died laughing at my female nightborne with heritage, feels like it's a beard, no offense, but it's quite indeed funny and laughable.
But the Blood Elf one, i was hoping for something more similar to Kael'thas. Something a bit more Red/Gold/Green and black cloak, something extravagant, with extravagant shoulders and end up looking like a paladin angel. I wish it was something similar to this.

- - - Updated - - -

Na, i was looking at those and thinking, nope none of that is as iconic as the one up there. The wardens are not instant "Night elf" when i think about heritage. They are their own thing. When i think about night elf i think about a race, that barely needs to dress up, due to their shapeshifting and that lives in the forest and it's used to be with nature. That's my definition of night elf. They are quite savage to me. And the other ones, are like way too dressed up, and the armor you showed me doesn't really add up to my definition whatsoever, and i never saw many of them even dressed that way.
When i think of Night Elves, i think about sentinels and all this nature and magic, and dresses just like Tyrande and Azshara.

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Night Elf heritage armor?

So I don’t know if there’ll be a night elf heritage armor, but I wanted to share my suggestions for the heritage questline.

The Night Elves have suffered greatly in BfA and Shadowlands, and I think it would be time for them to show that the Night Elves are still doing okay and that they have a place in the world.

Firstly, I’d show that Darkshore and Ashenvale are once again in the hands of the Night Elves. Perhaps even give us a few quests to kill a few Horde forces in there because they kinda commited genocide against the Night Elves and we have never gotten our zones back. We’ve also never gotten justice against the Horde or Sylvanas, so maybe that could be some minor justice there in Ashenvale.

Furthermore, I’d show that the Night Elves are making Hyjal their new home and building a city there. Show that many Night Elves are still alive and show that there’s a future for them as a race, because currently it’s looking very grim.

Also, perhaps let Elune revive all the dead Night Elf souls from Ardenweald?

What do you think about it?

All Heritage armors For SHADOWLANDS!

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Armor night elf heritage

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Jessiehealz - Blood Elf Heritage Armor: 40 Matching Weapons \u0026 Skimp Mog Varient

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