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General Information


Average Lifespan

Endermen are a species originally created by Herobrine in c. BC.


Endermen are are 3 meters tall (with 2 notable exceptions), making them taller than most species, including Minecraftians.

Endermen can teleport.

Endermen are weak to water and will actively avoid it. They will teleport away without hesitation if they come into contact with it.

Endermen have an average lifespan of about years.

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Herobrine travelled to the End Rocks in the Void in c. BC. He created the Endermen as a species to live in the void, ruled by the Ender Dragon.

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Diary of a Minecraft Enderman Book 1 - by Pixel Kid & Zack Zombie (Paperback)

About the Book

From the Makers of Diary of a Minecraft Zombie Get a never before sneak peek into the Life of a Real Life Enderman! Did you ever want to know why Enderman sneak around and move our stuff when we're not looking? Or, did you ever want to know where Enderman truly came from?

Book Synopsis

From the Makers of Diary of a Minecraft Zombie
Get a never before sneak peek into the Life of a Real Life Enderman!

Did you ever want to know why Enderman sneak around and move our stuff when we're not looking?

Or, did you ever want to know where Enderman truly came from?

Or, did you ever wonder why Enderman can teleport so fast you can't catch one?

But most importantly, are Endermen really a hostile mob or are they totally misunderstood?

Well now you can find the truth about Endermen, by taking a sneak peek into the Diary of a real live Enderman!

But you are going to have to jump into this zany Minecraft Adventure to find out more!

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For the miniboss in Minecraft Dungeons, see MCD:Enderman.

Enderman.pngEnderman Screaming.gif
Enderman BE.pngEnderman Screaming BE.png

An enderman is a neutral mob found in all three dimensions. Endermen can teleport and pick up blocks.


Enderman can spawn on any solid surface that has at least three empty spaces above at light level 7 or less. They are the only mob that spawns in all 3 dimensions.


Endermen spawn uncommonly in the Overworld in hauntings (groups) of two. They can rarely spawn in hauntings of three.


Endermen spawn rarely in soul sand valleys, uncommonly in Nether wastes and most commonly in warped forests.


Endermen spawn commonly in hauntings of up to four, anywhere in the End dimension.


Endermen drop:


Enderman can step up one full block without having to jump. The enderman's eyes are still visible when an enderman is under the Invisibility effect.

Endermen are hostile to endermites within 64 blocks but are passive with the others unless provoked.

An enderman can be provoked by a player or other mob attacking them. They can also be provoked by a player looking them in the eyes from up to 64 blocks then looking away. Endermen open their mouths and begin to shake&#;[Java Edition only] angrily if provoked; they also make loud and lengthy sounds while being stared at. If the player continues to maintain eye contact, the enderman does not move, although it may teleport away. Once the player stops looking at the enderman, it runs toward the back of the player to attack, although it ceases if hit by another player or mob.[2] An aggravated enderman runs fast and often teleports to the location of a player or mob up to 32 blocks away (orthogonally). Endermen are not provoked by a player viewing it through a transparent block or while wearing a carved pumpkin.

Endermen can be harmed by melee attacks, water, lava, fire, splash water bottles, or rain. They are not damaged when standing in a filled cauldron. Endermen teleport away when they take damage from any of natural sources (1♥), continuing to do so until they find a dry location. They also teleport while taking damage from other sources, such as suffocation, poison, or wither.

Ranged attacks are ineffective against endermen; projectiles are hard-coded to not hit them. Endermen teleport when a projectile should have hit them; arrows&#;[Java Edition only] and tridents appear to bounce off an enderman who is unable to teleport. In Bedrock Edition, arrows go straight through endermen that are unable to teleport.

An aggravated enderman pursues the player until it is either killed or distracted by exterior elements, such as rain or fire. They do not take damage from sunlight like undead mobs, but teleport randomly around until finding a shady spot if not already pursuing a player. During rain or daybreak, they teleport away to underground locations, such as caves. An enderman in a player's vicinity prevents the player from sleeping in a bed at night as if any hostile mob were nearby. If the player is already asleep in a bed, it is possible for an enderman to teleport on it and wake players.

The endermen's aggression range for being viewed is reduced when the player is invisible. This reduction depends on the number of armor pieces currently worn and whether the player is sneaking or not.

Number of Armor Pieces Sneaking Normal
0 3 4
1 8 11
2 17 22
3 26 33
4 35 44


Endermen do not teleport in the daytime if on soul sand unless they are damaged.

They play a sound exclusively at the teleportation destination.[3]

Each teleportation attempt chooses a random destination 32 blocks along each axis (i.e. a 64×64×64 cube centered on the current position). It then seeks downward from the chosen destination, regardless of distance, until the block below is made of a movement-blocking material. The teleportation attempt succeeds if no liquid or solid blocks prevent them from standing at the destination. Thus, endermen need at least three non-solid blocks above the destination to successfully teleport, with a few exceptions such as a carpet that is not above a block made of a movement-blocking material, lily pads and snow layers stacked 10 blocks deep or more, as their materials are not flagged as blocking movement even though the blocks themselves do so. Endermen do not teleport to waterlogged blocks, unless there's a ceiling with a liquid above it.[4]

Endermen always attempt to teleport upon taking damage. Most melee attacks are successful, but the enderman usually teleports a few blocks behind the player when hit, if there is space behind the player. Endermen can be attacked with projectiles if they are in a boat or minecart.&#;[Java Edition only] If all available blocks within teleport distance are removed or unavailable as a destination, it is possible to hit endermen in Java Edition with a projectile, although arrows may simply bounce off, dealing no damage. This is meant to happen.[5] When teleporting due to damage, it makes 64 attempts to teleport.

An enderman cannot teleport while it is in a minecart or boat, although in rain and water it attempts to do so, always teleporting back repeatedly until death. This does not occur in Bedrock Edition.[6]

Moving blocks[]

Unlike any other mobs, which cannot hold blocks except as items, endermen have a unique ability to pick up, carry and set down certain blocks. They silently[7] pick up blocks in a 4×3×4 (xyz) region horizontally centered on the enderman and vertically encompassing it. An enderman cannot pick up blocks in a completely flat area. Endermen drop the block they are holding upon death as an item, although they do not visually let go of the block when dying.[8][9] It does not despawn while holding a block. Endermen cannot place blocks onto bedrock or entities.

Endermen pick up the following blocks:

Data packs from Java Edition can change this list by modifying the block tag.

While carrying a block, the enderman sometimes silently[10] place it in a 2×2×2 region horizontally centered on the enderman and vertically at the same level as the enderman itself if the target location is air with a non-air block beneath and the block is allowed to be placed at the target location.

Endermen can randomly breach walls, bridge fences, break redstone circuitry, set off explosions and kill themselves if they place a block of TNT on a power source and even construct golems by removing or placing blocks.

In Java Edition, users can summon an enderman holding any block (including the ones not listed above) using the NBT data. For example, to summon an enderman holding a grass block with no AI where the player is standing:

/summon minecraft:enderman ~ ~ ~ {NoAI:1,carriedBlockState:{Name:"grass_block"}}


Data values[]


Java Edition:

Bedrock Edition:

NameResource locationNumeric ID Translation key

Entity data[]

Endermen have entity data associated with them that contains various properties.

Java Edition:

Main article: Entity format

  • Entity data
    • &#;carriedBlockState: Optional. The block carried by the enderman.
      • &#;Name: The resource location of the block.
      • &#;Properties: Optional. The block states of the block.
        • &#;Name: The block state name and its value.

Bedrock Edition:

See Bedrock Edition level format/Entity format.



Icon Advancement In-game description Parent Actual requirements (if different)Resource location
Adventure, exploration, and combat Kill any entity, or be killed by any entity.
Advancement-plain-raw.pngMonster Hunter
Kill any hostile monster AdventureKill one of these 34 mobs: Other mobs, if any, may be killed, but are ignored for this advancement.
Advancement-fancy-raw.pngMonsters Hunted
Kill one of every hostile monster Monster HunterKill each of these 34 mobs: Other mobs, if any, may be killed, but are ignored for this advancement.



Java Edition Beta
?At first, when Notch was still designing the endermen, he thought they were not "creepy" enough, coming with the idea that having a situation that the player would want to avoid could make the enderman significantly more scary. This gave Notch the idea to implement the staring feature, where aiming the crosshair at the enderman's face would cause a suspenseful moment in which breaking eye contact would trigger an attack, as well as the enderman having the ability to teleport so that when the player has stared at the enderman, they would have to face a consequence for that action.[11]
July 28, Notch described that enderman would be peaceful, unless you looked straight at them, then they would rush in to attack whenever you broke the gaze.[12][13]
Monster School : Baby Enderman and Family Life - Minecraft Animation

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The Life Of An Enderman...

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