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Fast & Furious Brian`s Mitsubishi Eclipse green 1/24 scale model.

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a first generation model of the now discontinued Eclipse from Mitsubishi Motors and was built and sold in the USA between and

The model gained greater fame through its appearance in the film "The Fast and the Furious", the first part of the Fast & Furious film series. In the film, the car was driven by Brian O'Conner, who was embodied by the now deceased actor Paul Walker and starred in several parts of the film series.

  • Manufacturer Jada Toys
  • Fast & Furious decor
  • true to original interior
  • detailed engine compartment
  • opening doors
  • 1/24 scale

The model was produced in the usual high Jada Toys quality and reflects the original in the best possible way. 

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Fast & Furious Brian`s Mitsubishi Eclipse green 1/24
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Here&#;s Where The Eclipse From Fast And Furious Is Today

Considering you’re reading this article, you’ve probably watched The Fast and Furious starring Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto and Paul Walker as Brian O’Connor. The  Mitsubishi Eclipse took the role of Brian O’Connor’s first race car in the movie. Today, it is deeply admired by fans of The Fast and Furious and motor enthusiasts alike.

It was this exhilarating action movie that brought the sports car to popularity. Although it wasn’t only the movie that made it famous, its fame is also credited to its incredible speed and amazing performance.

The Eclipse flaunts a top speed of an astounding mph, only taking seconds to accelerate. And in The Fast and Furious, they style it with a Blitz body kit.

The lime green color was the inspiration behind fans referring to Brain O’Connor’s first race car, simply as “the green car”. Although many can confidently say the Eclipse has impressive features, and it is truly an iconic car that many people won’t forget, the real question is: What is it about the Mitsubishi Eclipse that had everyone so excited?

Let's discuss what made the Mistsibushi Eclipse so famous, the history behind this powerful sports car, and where it is today.

The History Of The Mitsibushi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse was manufactured as a second-generation version after the first generation of Mitsubishi Eclipse in Both models reconditely followed the style of the small sports coupes that buyers favored.

Because of how easy it was to add modifications to the Mitsubishi Eclipse, it also made the car more desirable on the market.

Mitsubishi and Chrysler’s Diamond Star Motors (DSM) formed a joint-venture called Diamond Star Motors. Under this partnership, they produced the second-generation Mitsubishi Eclipse at their factory in Normal, Illinois.

They kept the commercially adored all-wheel drive and turbo features for the Eclipse. This and restyling the Eclipses’ interior had buyers fawning over this round-shaped model, similar to the Toyota

It is no wonder why the Eclipse was made the focal point of The Fast and Furious movie. On that note, let’s discuss the Eclipse’s role in The Fast and Furious.

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The Eclipse’s Feature In Fast And Furious

The Eclipse was owned by John Lupid before they brought it into the scenes of The Fast and Furious. The now-famous sports car was originally dark green and then silver. When Lapid rented the Eclipse to Universal, they painted it shocking green and made it O’Connor’s first race car.

To win the trust of Toretto, O’Connor enter’s his very first street race. He buffs up his inexperienced street racing skills to beat Los Angeles’ top street racer and takes the Eclipse for a test drive. But O’Connor fails to keep control of the car, yet still takes it to the race, hoping to claim Toretto’s crown.

Despite O’Connor’s optimism and faith that the Eclipse would take him past the finish line first, Toretto ultimately wins the race driving a Mazda RX O’Connor lost because, during the race, the Eclipse fell apart as he just used way too much NOS.

But ultimately, based on the super-performance of the Mazda RX-7 and how upgraded it was, the question begs: Would O’Connor have won the race, anyway?

His loss doesn’t prevent a smile from spreading across O’Connor’s face as he feels he almost had Torreto. Demonstrating another one of The Fast and Furious’s warm moments.

Finally, Torreto takes the Eclipses’ pink slip, but that is not the last of the Mitsubishi Eclipses’ feature.

Later in the movie, O’Connor uses the Eclipse to save Toretto’s life, regardless of how hard Toretto schooled him earlier. Unfortunately, distracted, O’Connor drives the sports car into another gang’s territory. After an unexpected shootout, the Mitsubishi Eclipse is famously blown to bits.

Compared to many more expensive, faster, or attractive cars in The Fast and Furious, the Eclipse truly stood out. But why is that?

Why Is The Mitsubishi Eclipse Unique?

Aside from the Eclipses’ shocking green paint job and bold features, much more made the Mitsubishi Eclipse special in The Fast and Furious.

One of these reasons is because this was O'Connor's very first race car. This fact was sentimental to the millions (if not billions) of diehard The Fast and Furious fans. O’Connor racing with the Eclipse marked the beginning of his journey as a street racer.

When O’Connor lost to Toretto in the Eclipse, this was a memorable moment up to The Fast and Furious Five when Toretto lets O’Connor win in honor of the birth of O’Connor’s child. It was the first time O’Connor won a race to Toretto, and this forced fans to think back on how badly O’Connor performed in their first face.

Also, the relationship between Toretto and O’Connor grows tremendously those moments like when O’Connor saved Toretto using the Eclipse stand out so much. That moment was another building block to the street-racer family that O’Connor and Toretto later build.

Overall, the Mitsubishi Eclipse may not be as historic as the Lincoln Continental convertible from Entourage is. But it played an unforgettable role in how the story of The Fast and Furious developed.

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Where Is The Mitsubishi Eclipse From Fast And Furious Now?

After 20 years of featuring in The Fast and Furious movie, what happened to the iconic Mitsubishi Eclipse?

Once Paul Walker died in , most of his sports cars, motorbikes, and SUV were sold, but the Mitsubishi Eclipse was not among that collection.

Instead, the Eclipse was sold to the Hollywood Star Cars Museum and is now idled between other incredibly famous cars.

The Mitsibushi Eclipse wowed buyers back in and progressed to win viewers' hearts in the film. Among all the sports cars in The Fast and Furious and their brilliance, the Mitsibushi Eclipse will always remain one of the most memorable.

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The Fast and Furious Green Eclipse Was Even Faker Than You Thought

Image for article titled The Fast and Furious Green Eclipse Was Even Faker Than You Thought

The Hollywood wackiness of Paul Walker’s snot green Mitsubishi Eclipse from the first Fast And Furious movie goes much deeper than that goofy “Danger To Manifold” display. Did you know the car’s exhaust note in the movie was actually a mix of a supercharged CRX and a turbo Integra?

The Fast And The Furious Technical Director Craig Lieberman recently caught up with John Lapid, the man who built and owned that Eclipse when the film was shot, and came back with a great interview full of unheard backstory on how this car came to be on screen.

Lieberman’s been on a roll uploading behind-the-scenes footage and retrospectives like this lately, which I’m happy to share with you, because they’re all pretty neat even if you only have passing interest in the movie series.

Watch (or just listen to) the interview for the full download, but I did think that fact about where the car’s exhaust note was synthesized from was pretty interesting.

As for why the Lapid built his tuner show car out of a basic Eclipse RS instead of a GST or all-wheel drive GSX, the turbo 4Gpowered versions that actual tuners were all about, the answer’s a little more obvious: the non-turbo was all he could afford.

Some classic movie car show-and-tell happening

Lapid explains that the car was Mercedes silver when he loaned it to Universal Studios for film production. He gave the studio permission to paint it,“anything but green,” he recalls.


That note obviously didn’t get passed along, but the color the car ended up being I think totally worked for the movie. What didn’t work, what car enthusiasts have been laughing at for almost 20 years now, were lines like the “MoTeC Systems exhaust” and of course, the inexplicable jettisoning of a floorboard that happens while Paul Walker is drag racing. (Just why?)

Lieberman recounts watching those scenes and laughing, and telling the movie’s director Rob Cohen there was “some stuff that needs to be done” to avoid ridicule from people who actually knew cars. Apparently the reply was “I hope not because we’re done,” and well, the rest is history.

At this point I think we can enjoy the movie without sweating details like that, and the main stuff, like which cars are featured in a movie about the early-aughts tuner scene, were spot-on.

But it’s cool to see the original owners of these movie cars resurfacing and talking honestly about their experience in tuner culture and in the making of these movies. They might not be technically flawless, but they do capture a big chunk of what people liked about these wild-looking modified machines.

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FAST and FURIOUS - Street Race (RX7 vs Civic vs Integra vs Eclipse) #1080HD +car-info

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Furious fast mitsubishi green eclipse

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The Fast \u0026 The Furious Green Mitsubishi Eclipse With NOS

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