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Home Depot Mall com Review

Buy products at lowest cost from Home Depot Mall com Review >> read what the customers are saying about this shop, they are happy?

E-commerce is one of the convenience by which people can buy the product online without any hassle; you can select among many and get home delivery. Most of the online store also giving free home delivery. This article will talk about such an online store name and will take Home Depot Mall com Review.

The store is available in the United States but delivers its services outside the border also. Many websites offer low-cost household products where people used to order them online, but most of the time, they forget checking its legitimacy and falling into the trap of scam ones.

What is Home Depot Mall com?

Home Depot Mall comis an online store that sells different varieties of products like Xbox games, stylish chair, designer table, drawer side table, and powerful vacuum cleaner at low cost compared to the market price. They also sell electronic items like LED TV, laptops, CCTV camera, Google security cameras, recliners, and many more.

Before proceeding towards Home Depot Mall com Review, we would like to know you that the website is also offering services like a daily newsletter, track your order. They also have social media icons for linking and sharing. Instant photo printer and thermostats are few products which is the best seller.

Although there also other products like a ring doorbell, amazon fire stick portable freezer, which is the best seller in the United States as per the website.


  • Store address – 298 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA 92020, United States
  • Customer care – 619-401-6611 
  • Category of the website: The website is an e-commerce shop that sells electronic items, furniture, and Xbox and PlayStation games.
  • Email – [email protected]
  • Payment method: Support all primary online payment systems like Paypal, MasterCard, Stripe, and Cash on Delivery.
  • Delivery time: It will take 2-3 days to process the product after taking the order placement. It will reach between 3-5 business days to the delivery address.
  • Return of the product: You have 30 days of return time if it is unopened and has in its original condition.
  • Method of Transport: All the ordered products will be delivered via standard USPS parcel service.

Pros of Home Depot Mall com

  • The website allows you to place your order in COD (Cash on Delivery)
  • You can return the product and ask for the full refund, which will be initiated immediately after the receiving of the return parcel
  • You will get furniture, electronic item, and smart devices and one-stop that too at a low-cost price
  • Free shipping is available on purchase of any product
  • Apart from online shopping, the website is offering COD

Cons of Home Depot Mall com

  • The website has a social media logo on their webpage, which indicates that they have social media pages on FB, Insta, and Twitter. But in reality, the icon is redirecting to the website page only. It seems that they are misleading with that icon.
  • The website mentioned that they have a YouTube channel, which is not.
  • The unrealistic cost price of the product seems fishy, like scam websites.
  • There are no customer reviews available, although we found some Home Depot Mall com Review where few visitors depict it as a scam (Although they were not a customer)


Is the website Home Depot Mall com legit?

As we notice several punch points like dummy social media accounts, unrealistic price tags, it is not easy to believe it. We also see at the bottom of the page where cash on delivery option is also placed along with another online payment system, i.e., MasterCard, PayPal. But when we approach COD, there is no option showing regarding that.

From our perspective, it is a suspicious website, and its truthfulness does not convince us.

What is the customer saying about it?

We found a few opinions over the internet, but the Home Depot Mall com Review was random and not the customer reviews. But they mentioned that it seems more like a scam. In this case, due to a lack of customer reviews and a low trust score, we can say anything right now. 


Coming across all the analyses and reviews, we can say it seems suspicious to us. We cant say that you should prefer this website but if you want to buy any product from this website then be careful, and it is upto you. 

Please let us know if you face any issue with Home Depot Mall com.


Home Depot Mall Scam (Jan) Reviews for Safe Purchase

Home Depot Mall Scam (Jan) Reviews for Safe Purchase >> In this article, you will explore some points of an online store that and also will discover some facts related to its legitimacy.

Do you want to buy attractive home décor items? The United States-based online store deals with many home décor items. These displayed items are available at cheap prices.

Many viewers would like to know if the home décor items are of the best quality or not, while others want to know whether the Home Décor Mall is legit or a scam website.

Many scammers are launching fake websites to trap customers. After users make a payment on these websites, their money is wasted because they never get the order.

Before buying, you should check if the items displayed are legit or not. You should check if the website selling the items is valid or fake.

Through this article, we will give you information about Home Depot Mall Scam.

What is Home Depot Mall?

Home Depot Mall is an online shopping store and is also referred to as the Best Price Home because of selling products at cheap prices. It is located in the United States.

It has many negative points and drawbacks. We want to make our viewers aware of it before buying any items through this online home depot store.

Home Depot Mall sells many items, including blenders, headphones, ice cream makers, instant photo printers, instant film cameras, oral care, printers, retro gaming, scooters, thermostat, Bluetooth and wireless printers, and other products.

The item displayed on the website are claimed to be durable and the best in design and quality. However, you should go through the Home Depot Mall Scam before buying any product through this website.

Specifications of Home Depot Mall Scam:

  • Website URL:
  • Website Type: Home appliances and other items selling store 
  • E-mail ID: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: 619 401 6611
  • Address of Mall: 298 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA, U.S.
  • Shipping Policy: 2 – 3 weeks
  • Exchange and Return Policy: Within thirty days of buying a product
  • Delivery of the products: 2-3 business days
  • Payment Gateways: MasterCard, PayPal, Stripe, Visa, and Cash on Delivery

Pros of Home Depot Mall:

  • Many attractive appliances and items available on this website
  • Items available are offered at cheap prices
  • Products are durable and best in quality

Cons of Home Depot Mall Scam:

  • The website and its products are fake
  • They do not deliver any products
  • There is no response to the customers’ complaints

Is Home Depot Mall Legit?

Home Depot Mall sells a massive range of products and appliances for your home and office. The online store claims that it delivers the best quality and durable products to its customers.

We did in-depth research to know the facts about this Home Depot Mall. After checking about it, we could not gather much information. The information available did not prove to be authentic.

It seems like a fake website and made us conclude that this online store is not legit. We request our viewers that they should not believe in this online platform.

We can confirm that it is a Home Depot Mall Scam.

Home Depot Mall Reviews:

The online store claims that it sells quality products at cheap prices. This website offers a discount if you take a subscription.

After checking about this online store, we found many reviews. Most of them were negative. Many customers who bought products through this website complaint that they never received the products they ordered.

They also had issues with the refunds, which they never received after non-delivery of the products.

Hence, it is best to be careful instead of getting trapped in such scams and money issues. The website uses an established brand name that made many users get trapped.

Be careful while you order any products through such websites because many customers got trapped in Home Depot Mall Scam.

Final Verdict:

Home Depot Mall sells many appliances and products for your daily use. We could not get any authentic information about this online store.

There is no information available about its owner, and the address is also not valid. The website is newly launched and sells products at unrealistic prices.

Hence, be careful if you buy any items through this website. After checking its drawbacks and the facts, we concluded that it is a Home Depot Mall Scam.

Check the address and other details of this mall before dealing with it.

Please leave your views at the end of this article!

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Home Depot Mall com Review {Jan 2021} Is It Scam Or Not?

Home Depot Mall com Review {Jan 2021} Is It Scam Or Not? >> Don’t fall for this scam website! To know more and be alert, read this article now and be safe!

Home Depot Mall com Review; Want to go shopping at the mall? But can’t due to pandemic? 

If you are trying out online websites for shopping and are confused and scared to trust the websites, then read out the article, as here we will be discussing a website that looks too good to be true.

If you’re a citizen of the United States, then it is your lucky day as this website is based there.

So without any further delay, let’s get into the website’s details; read carefully till the end as we will disclose the legitimacy points of the website for you to decide whether it is safe to use or not!

What is Home Depot Mall com Review?

The website is an online retail web-store that makes the consumers feel like they are shopping in the mall—having all sorts of products, mainly electronics, including all the latest Tvs and other kitchen appliances.

The website has simple and straightforward aesthetics and is not that attractive; the web-store has displayed all their top sellers and other products with all the details. The website also lets the viewer’s looking at the product, a live count of consumers currently looking at the outcome.

The website is secured with HTTPS; hence it is safe for visitors to visit the website, but the products are too right to be true.

Specifications of Home Depot Mall com Review

  • The website has all the products from essential tools to electronics and many more.
  • The website can be accessed via
  • Free shipping too few states of the United States, item arrival can accept within 2 – 3 days.
  • No details were given regarding international shipping.
  • The website is offering free delivery to all the orders placed.
  • The exchange policy of the website has no transparency disclosing no much information.
  • The website has not disclosed any information about cancellations.
  • The return policy is available for 30 days.
  • If an order is returned, Home Depot Mall com Reviewreveals that a refund is placed within 5 to 10 business days.
  • The website has provided an email for customer inquiries, i.e., [email protected]
  • The company has also displayed its phone number, which is 619-401-6611.
  • The company’s physical address is as follows; El Cajon, 298 fletcher Pkwy, United States.
  • The website accepts payment modes like PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • The website was created on 1st December 2020.


  • The website has all the products for a very cheap price.
  • Free delivery on all the items purchased.


  • No pertinent information is displayed about the website and how it functions.
  • Home Depot Mall com Reviewhas space for reviews, but no thoughts are yet updated.
  • Many loopholes are there in the website and the social media links don’t work.
  • The website has mentioned their YouTube channel, but no links or information is provided.

Is the website legit or not?

The website offers a price tag of such a low cost that it is hard to believe for many consumers. And offering products for such cheap costs is not a good sign; also, there is no proper transparency to the website’s policies.

These social media links are dummy links none of them work and are only displayed to make the website look neat. Home Depot Mall com Reviewreveals that the website is too young, and as there are many loopholes in it, the website sounds suspicious.

What are people saying about the website?

As the website is too young and sounds skeptical, the only reviews we found are negative. There are many websites like this on the internet having similar names. Hence this website is a total scam; there are only negative reviews about this website.

There is no social media presence as well for consumers to comment or place their opinion. The website has mentioned that they provide free shipping, but on another section of their website, they claim not to deduct any shipping charges on returns.


Home Depot Mall com Reviewconcludes that the website is a scam and not recommended to anyone. Many loopholes make the website suspicious; this website is not safe to make any transactions.

So, requesting all the readers not to fall for the price tags, the lower the price tags, the higher the scam rate.

Please mention your views in the comment section below!

Bridal Fabs Online Shopping - Bridal Fabs Myshopify Website Real or Fake - Reviews - Scam or Legit Review: Home Depot Mall Com is a scam store selling discounted refigerator, blenders, e.t.c This review reveals reasons why is not a legit store to buy gadgets and home accessories. Don’t shop from before reading this review!

Online shopping has made it easier for a lot of us who don’t fancy trudging the streets, especially during this post Coronavirus period. However, with the rise in online shopping, online store scams have risen. It is advised that you should search for reviews online before shopping from any store.

If you are looking for Reviews, search no more. This is the right place to find out if is scam or legit. is an online store that sells variety of accessories like , refigerator, mixer, blender, wireless bluetooth speaker, tennis ball launcher fetch, wireless dog fence, e.t.c. This store claims the reason why items are sold for cheap prices is because they are offering slash sales. They also offer free shipping on all items

Homedepotmall Website Information

  • DELIVERY- within 13-15 business days after receiving funds in their account.
  • PAYMENTS-  Accepts payments from Visa and Mastercard
  • REFUND POLICY- Accepts returns within 30 days from the purchase date
  • ADDRESS- 298 Fletcher Pkwy, El Cajon, CA 92020, United States
  • PHONE NUMBER- (408) 657-9082
  • EMAIL[email protected] Prices

Items are sold for discounted rates, almost 70% off. However these prices are not normal. The store is using a sales trick to make people think they are getting the items for far cheaper prices. Known Online stores like Amazon, Aliexpress don’t sell the items for such prices.

Pros of

  • Gives 70% discounts and further reductions depending on quantity of items bought.
  • Provides email and phone number ( This might be fake)
  • Products are mainly for women and men.
  • Products are categorized into different types.
  • Has a user friendly interface which is easy to navigate.

Redflags of

Fake Address- Another reason why this store is not a safe place to shop from, is that it has provided a fake return address. The address is that of a Home Depot store, however Home Depot has released a disclaimer saying they are not responsible for the online store. Also, the area code of the address and the phone number do not match.

Super Cheap uses the sales trick of promo sales to entice people to the store. Unknown to customers, they wouldn’t receive the items. This is because the official stores of Sony does not sell these items for such cheap prices.

No Customer Reviews- Though products on this website carries four star customer ratings, there are no costumer reviews. known online stores like Amazon, Aliexpress, e.t.c carry both negative and positive reviews. Genuine online stores go an extra mile to ensure transparency by allowing customer reviews. This is quite suspicious!

Social Media Links- does not provide link to their social media pages. Further search online showed no social media page related to this store.

Misleading Information– Another reason why this store has been flagged down as scam is that it claims to be operating for years, when it is not was registered barely weeks ago.

Customer Reviews:

The website does not accept reviews from customers. Further searches online show negative customer reviews on Scamdoc and Youtube. Costumers complained bitterly of receiving wrong tracking code, and never received their item. While some complained they never even received a confirmation email showing that their purchase was successful.

Is Legit?

From the crucial points noted above, is not a legit online store. Just like Playsporegame, It has a lot of red-flags. It entices people with discounts but at the end of the day, the products are never received. has provided a fake return address so there is no way customers can return their products if they are not satisfied with it. Also, the email and phone number is suspicious and totally fake, customers mails are never replied.

VERDICT is a fraudulent online store. Just like Lysoshop, Laptoptienda, Dearverde, Customers never receive their order. Thus, we do not recommend this store!

Shopping from this store exposes customers to the risk of hacked credit card and overcharged fees. Also, customers would either receive an inferior item, a different cheaper item, or nothing at all.


Legit is



Scam Alert! HOMEDEPOTMALL.COM - HOMEDEPOTMALL.COM Review - HomeDepotMall Review

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