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"Where purpose comes alive and purpose begins with knowing Jesus."

Church on Purpose

We believe that God has uniquely positioned Grace City Church and Church on Purpose for such a time as this! Circumstances three years ago led both churches to worship under the same roof for five months. It was an amazing time seeing two churches gather in the same building, on the same day to worship and build up one another! During this time, we developed a love for each that has continued to this day. For those who might not know, Church on Purpose is a predominately black church, and we of course are a predominately white church. I personally believe that God has raised up Pastor Eric Love to be a leader in this community, crossing many church, and denominational and ethnic boundaries. We both desire to see more racial unity and cooperation between churches and more ethnic diversity in our own churches.

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Sunday School

Sunday School provides a structure for members to learn and share in the study of God's Word.  All Ages are presented in an accepted organization planned with special emphasis on a systemic study of the Bible in order to understand its contents and how the teachings may be applied to life.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministry

Their mission to witness and win souls for Christ.  They also meet with new converts to share the plan of salvation, pray with them, and provide encouragement.

Laymen/Brotherhood Ministry

Their mission is to enrich the lives of men, support the mission of the church and vision of the Pastor.  The strength is in the men who have personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and desire to provide a haven for the people of God to worship and praise.

General Mission Ministry

Their mission is to study the Bible and apply its principles in witnessing, leading others to Christ and inspiring by example (providing spiritual, emotional, and financial assistance to those who are ill, bereaved or needy.

Pastor's AIde Ministry

Provides on-going moral, spiritual, and financial support to the Pastor and his family.

Children's Church

Children's Church provides alternative church services for children between 4 and 8 years of age.  Our mission is to serve as one of the many ways in which the church assists parents in their awesome responsibility of nurturing children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. 

Generation XYZ​


A ministry dedicated to providing opportunities for young adult and adult leaders to reach out to others through Christian service and to live out a passion for God in the context of "putting our faith into action."

Youth Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to develop, train, and provide a wholesome climate for youth so that they may live, grow, mature and exemplify progress toward a Christ-centered life.  The ministry includes Bible Study, Choir, Praise Dance, Mime and other activities.

Homebound Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to carry God's Word to the sick and shut-ins in their homes, convalescent homes and hospitals.  They also feed the hungry, give love offerings, and make sizable donations for other occasions.  The ministry not only serves the church family but the community-at-large as well.

Usher Ministry

The Usher Ministry helps to win souls for Christ by making people feel comfortable and welcome in our worship services.  They are doorkeepers for Christ during Sunday morning worship services and other programs/services.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry is responsible for singing praises to magnify the Lord and lift up the name of Jesus.  They are instrumental in setting the tone for worship.  They diligently support all church activities and functions, including accompanying the pastor on visits to other churches.

Healthcare Ministry

This ministry provides health awareness for the church and the community as well.

Educational Scholarship Ministry

Coordinates the church's efforts to provide financial assistance to graduating seniors who are interested in pursuing post-secondary education.

Condolence Ministry

Prayerfully assists families with their needs during the time of heartbreak and healing.

Prayer Meeting  Ministry

Plans activities and strategies for the weekly prayer meeting.

Publication Ministry

Publishes monthly newsletter to provide a lifeline to the congregation; to encourage and uplift the sick and shut-in; to use as a vehicle for supporting ROMBC's ministries and communicating events to the community.

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Church On Purpose

Was founded in November 2018 by Pastor Eric Love. Pastor Love’s vision is to see people set free from the bondages of sin and to ultimately see them operating in their purpose. His exegetical but humorous approach to teaching the gospel is not only captivating but causes the hearer to remember the message for years to come. 

The church has since grown to several hundred in attendance each weekend. Our philosophy at CHURCH ON PURPOSE is to be a ministry that’s ‘ON’. We reach individuals who have been indoctrinated by the world. Our methods will include, but not limited to,  youth ministry, outreach ministry, special events, and teaching the word of God in a contemporary format. We will continue to enhance our methods in order to meet the needs of an ever-changing culture. We also will not compromise the Word of God by any means. We will put God Front and Center and Exemplify the Love of Christ and it is His Love that Will Win Nations to Him.

Sunday Worship - October 10, 2021

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One. Two. Three!.

5th Church Anniversary Worship Service

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