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After waiting for several weeks, your peloton bike is at your doorstep. You can wear the peloton shoes and turn their screen on for joining the first sessions. You will have hundreds of instructors to choose from. It is tough to choose one instructor among those amazing options. Therefore, you come up searching for the best peloton instructors.

Hence, to make your decision easier, we have shortlisted the best peloton instructions in this guide. Moreover, you will be able to find a trainer as per your ride type.

So do you need bike-based hardcore boot camp, pedal-friendly workout, or any other strength training? We’ve summed up the instructors that will fit perfectly as per your requirement and personality.

List of The Best Peloton Instructors For Beginners Workout

  • Alex Toussaint
  • Ally Love
  • Ben Alldis
  • Cody Rigsby
  • Denis Morton
  • Emma Lovewell
  • Hannah Marie Corbin
  • Jenn Sherman
  • Jess King
  • Jess Sims
  • Kendall Toole
  • Leanne Hainsby
  • Matt Wilpers
  • Olivia Amato
  • Robin Arzon
  • Sam Yo

1. Alex Toussaint

Alex Toussaint

Alex is one of the best peloton instructors that have a military background. Moreover, he has the aim of feel-good, looks good, and do better. The instructor will keep you engaged in the whole live session. You will see the hype of this instructor among several peloton users.

2. Ally Love

Ally love is another popular peloton instructor who was a member of basketball. The instructor has remained a model and dancer.

She is a professional dancer and preaches to others to maintain body fitness. Also, you will be feeling great while attending her live sessions. Best of all, the peloton session of an ally will be enjoyable, and there is no hardcore workout of an ally.

3. Ben Alldis

Ben Alldis

Ben Alldis is one of the most popular UK instructor who has an athletic background and has been working as a fitness trainer for a side hustle. After leaving the job that he was doing at a finance firm. He became an inspirational self-development speaker.

Also, he was passionate about his fitness and started learning the fitness skills and best workouts. He is now a great peloton instructor, and he has been teaching several peloton users.

4. Cody Rigsby

Cody Rigsby

The Cody instructor is one of the funniest trainers. Cody will not let your feel uncomfortable while attending the live classes. Plus, you will feel like the instructor has the best dance moves. He will be teaching you the best moves from the groove classes. The beats of his music tracks are super engaging. In fact, Cody also teachers bike boot camps since 2020.

5. Denis Morton


Denis Morton lives in the united states of America. He is having experience of several years of a peloton bike ride. Also, he will be teaching peloton in the simplest manner. Moreover, you will have the best yoga teacher for the peloton. There are very rare peloton bike teachers that teach yoga. So denis is surely worth going with.

6. Emma Lovewell

The Emma Lovewell peloton instructor was a DJ and had a great taste in music. Also, you will see her classes are filled with love, energy, and great music. Moreover, she has a background in dance as well. Emma will be teaching you the best groove rides, and you will love her workout sessions.

7. Hannah Marie Corbin

Hannah Marie Corbin is also having a background in dance. She spends most of her time teaching the groove rides, and you will have the best foam rolling class. The exercise will be great for toning the legs and other muscles in your body.

8. Jenn Sherman

Jenn Sherman

Jenn Sherman is another popular peloton instructor who has several years’ experience in peloton bike riding.

The instructor will be helpful for the new and old peloton users. Also, you can choose this instructor if you have to have the best background music while working out. Jenn is a great signer. You will surely love the personality of this instructor and how she will be teaching you in the live peloton sessions.

9. Jess King

The jess is one of the most passionate peloton instructors that will be making the sessions most interactive. This instructor came up in the reality of show of so you think you can dance. The electronic music dance will be pleasurable to see, and you can follow it easily.

Best of all, you will be able to build up the endurance, and she will be kicking up your butt. Moreover, you will appreciate every more of this instructor. She will help you to build up endurance while working out.

In addition, you will be enjoying the workout, and she will let you have mental relaxation while working out.

10. Jess Sims

Suppose you want to go without your favorite peloton trainer, then you can go with jess. She will be teaching you the bike boot camps in the best way.

You will be having knowledge on how to alternate between the intervals. You will have the best strength workout on the floor. As well, you will have the most natural bike riding without wasting any time.

11. Kendall Toole

The kindle has experience of several years as a cheerleader, dance, gymnastics, and boxing. However, she left the other careers after becoming a famous peloton instructor. She is not a solid trainer, but you will have to find the best coaching styles with amazing energy.

12. Leanne Hainsby

Leanne Hainsby

Leaner is one of the most popular UK instructors, and you will love her music choice. She will be teaching you the lowest impact rides in the most saddle manner. Plus, you will have easy resistance pushes an incredible cadence level.

And the best thing? You will not get bored with the resistance pushes and low-impact classes. However, the session will be challenging at first. In fact, the session will not have low intensity at all.

13. Matt Wilpers

Matt is a distance runner, and he is much passionate to follow the right techniques while working out. Plus, the trainer will be riding and teaching the peloton in the simplest ways to the newbies. Also, the rides will be completely dependent on high focus.

You will have several tread instructors, and there won’t be any discouragement after taking the live classes of matt. Mostly, the sessions of matt will be lasting for 30 to 40 minutes that will be enough for a day. Plus, matt recommends warming up for at least 15 minutes before starting the workout.

14. Olivia Amato

Olive lives in NYC, and she is an absolute powerhouse to do the intense workout on the Peloton bike. Plus, she is one of the toughest peloton riders to beat. The coaching classes of this trainer will be passionate, and you will surely feel accomplished after taking her live classes.

Plus, you need to build up some confidence and stamina before trying the hardcore workout on the peloton. So do not eat a lot before trying the classes with this trainer because you might throw up later.

15. Robin Arzon

The peloton instructor robin arzon is one of the best fitness programming VP and has a degree in law. She is a super talented person and motivating for all the peloton users.

Also, this trainer is found most amazing towards helping those people who were worried about their body shape. So if you want a dedicated instructor, then go with the robin arzon. The hustle of this girl will surely bring out the results in a few weeks for his all clients.

16. Sam Yo

Last but not least, Sam Yo is an instructor of the UK who is quite passionate about staying fit, and he spends most of his time claiming energy. Though we are not a huge fan of this instructor, he has gained popularity due to his dedication to the fitness community.

To Sum Up

You saw a wide variety of trainers that will be teaching the peloton users in the best format. You will have the ideal class format, music, and comfortable teaching method. Best of all, there are more than 1000 classes to choose from.

These 16 amazing instructors are popular among the peloton community. You will have to enjoy your live classes with any of our instructors. However, you should choose the class format before choosing the instructor. Some of the instructors have really good music taste to make the live session highly engaging.

In fact, you can choose the music that you liked to most. Surely, you will be enjoying the music styles because they make the workout even more engaging and reliable. The results of using peloton bike will be visible in a few days. You should continue the peloton classes to tone up your whole body in the best way.

The peloton instructors have the age group of 30 to 40, and some of them are the outliers. Comment below which instructor you are going to choose for your live sessions. We’d love to know. Also, recommend to us which instructor you think is the best of all.

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Best Peloton instructors for bike workouts: My thoughts after 300 rides

It’s no secret I love Peloton and have a pretty good handle on the best Peloton instructors. Their fitness technology has changed the home workout game and I can’t get enough. Over the past two or so years, I’ve been turned on to the treadmill, bootcamp, and strength workouts in addition to the OG cycling classes. I just hit my 300th ride recently on the bike and have a solid feel for the cycling instructors’ personalities and teaching styles. I’ve ridden exclusively with the Peloton app and couldn’t be happier with it. I guess you could call me a Peloton cheerleader… so let’s get into my list of the best Peloton instructors for cycling classes and why. Here are my thoughts after 300 rides.

Best Peloton instructors

favorite peloton instructors emma

So… welcome! Maybe you’ve just signed up for the Peloton app or have gotten the bike and are looking for some suggestions on who the best Peloton instructors are. Or maybe you are on the fence about buying the bike and are curious about all the different instructor options and if they’re worth the splurge.

You’ve come to the right place. I’ve done at least one class with all of the instructors and a handful of left me with really strong opinions — both good and bad. Then there are several that left me feeling neutral where I didn’t really care for them one way or another, so I’d need to take a few more classes to get a solid feel for their personality and coaching style. 

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A couple of things to note before I get into my best Peloton instructors list:

–Regardless of instructor, all of the classes are well planned, rehearsed, and professional. The instructors have mentioned in interviews that they have a producer who works with them to plan out each class in terms of music, coaching, and overall flow. There are rarely mistakes, every class starts on time, the instructors know their music and cues, there are no pockets of dead air, no rambling stories, or anything less than a professionally coached class. Some are explicit both in music and language from the instructor (expect f-bombs) and all instructors bring their own style to the class.

–The Peloton instructors are there to coach you, so classes won’t have long stretches of just the music. This is something some people love but also a major complaint on social media. Some people just want to ride without all the talk and others love the constant coaching. Some instructors are chattier than others, but don’t expect even one minute to go by where there’s no talking for you to get into the groove. Even with the less chatty instructors like Emma, I don’t think I’ve ever had more than 10 seconds go by without talking of some sort. It doesn’t bother me, but I understand how it could be a downside.

–There is SO much variety in terms of instructors, class format, and music so you’ll find what’s best for you — maybe with a little trial and error. The on-demand library has thousands of classes, so if you take a class with an instructor and felt like the music was a miss, do a search with that instructor in a different genre or format. I’ve found that most instructors teach a variety of different class formats, lengths, and music styles.

–Most instructors are in their 30s and 40s although there are a few outliers.

Here’s a rundown of all the Peloton instructors:

This is a quick overview of all the instructors and then I go into more detail about who I enjoy riding with the most.

Alex Toussaint

Alex is crazy positive with MAJOR energy and comes from a military background. His mantra is, “Feel good, look good, do better.” For a party on the bike, take his Club Bangers rides. He’ll get you hyped up and sweating before the first song is over.

Ally Love

In addition to being a Peloton instructor, Ally is the host of the Brooklyn Nets basketball team and is also a dancer and model. She’s upbeat and really seems to practice what she preaches. She does Feel Good rides as well as rides focused on a different virtue each class called Sundays With Love.

Ben Alldis

Ben’s a UK instructor who was an athlete growing up and then got into fitness as a side hustle. He made it his full-time gig after leaving his job at a finance firm. His instruction is pretty straightforward and calm without much in the way of inspirational or self-development talk. He’s great at letting you know how much time you have left in each interval so you can give it your all. His climb rides are tough and some of my favorite on the app.

NOTE: I didn’t start riding with Ben regularly until after 200 rides and he’s really grown on me. His House and EDM rides are some of my faves because I love riding to a high-energy beat. But be warned, most of his rides rank 8 or 9 out of 10 and you will push yourself to your max if you follow his cues.

Bradley Rose

Bradley joined the roster of Peloton bike instructors in late March 2021 and rides from the London studio after having spent a decade in NYC. I took his 30-minute Premiere ride and found him to be energetic and engaging. I look forward to taking more of his classes after he’s had time to let his nerves wear off and settle in a bit.

Christine D’Ercole

Christine is a pro track cyclist who is all about changing your inner monologue and empowering you to love yourself. Her catch phrase is, “I am. I can. I will. I do.” Christine’s climbs are killer and many of her rides are predominantly in the saddle. She regularly talks about body positivity and self-love.

Cody Rigsby

Cody is hilarious and has fun classes that just “aren’t that serious, boo!” He’ll make you forget you’re on a bike and you’ll be done with the workout before you know it. Like some of the other instructors, Cody too has a dance background and also does groove classes where the beat of the music guides the class. As of September 2020, he also teaches Bike Bootcamps.

Denis Morton

Denis has lived all around the US and brings a ton of experience to his rides. He is one of my favorites and also teaches yoga for Peloton.

Emma Lovewell

A former DJ from Martha’s Vineyard, Emma has great music, classes, and energy and is not over the top. She’s my overall favorite instructor and also has a dance background. She, too, does groove rides and is one instructor who consistently rides to the beat of the music in her classes.

Hannah Marie Corbin

Hannah has a dance background as well and I liked the classes I’ve taken with her. They seem to be on the easier side and I keep her in mind on days I want to go a little easier. I’ve only take a couple of her rides and she was good, but I don’t ride with her often. If you want a great foam rolling class, look up Hannah’s series. It’s excellent and left my legs feeling great.

Hannah Frankson

A UK instructor who was a competitive triple jumper and has well-structured classes that will push you. I’ve taken a handful of Hannah’s classes and am looking forward to taking more. I love her personality and straightforward coaching style. Once she said, “Don’t be a silly sausage” and I loved the expression. Still no clue if that’s a common British thing to say or just a Hannah-ism. 😉

Irene Scholz

German instructor who has a diverse fitness background and has only a handful of classes in English at the moment. She’s upbeat and fun and I look forward to seeing more from her.

Jenn Sherman

Jenn is from NJ like me, so she scores some points right out of the gate. She’s an accomplished group fitness instructor who commands the room in a confident, straightforward way, and wow, will you work hard. Jenn is also Peloton’s first instructor — having joined the company in 2012 — and isn’t afraid of using the f-bomb in her classes. Solid instruction without fluff, be warned that Jenn loves to sing along and while some people aren’t into her singing, I don’t mind it at all. It’s in tune and shows how much she vibes with her music. Another thing about Jenn is that community is huge to her and you’ll hear her personalized shoutouts to riders she’s gotten to know personally over the years. Love that!

Jess King

Jess is a passionate instructor with an off-the-wall personality you can’t help but love. She also appeared on the dance reality show So You Think You Can Dance. Jess loves EDM (electronic dance music), which I appreciate because her music choices help you make it to the end, and her endurance-based Sweat Steady rides will kick your butt. You’ll be pushing the whole time without much in the way of recovery. Don’t let her glittery exterior fool you — these rides will push you to your limits mentally making you question if you can hold on until the end.

Jess Sims

Jess is my favorite strength instructor and as of September 2020, she now teaches the newly launched Bike Bootcamps. You’ll alternate between intervals on the bike and strength work on the floor. She’s a natural on the bike and I look forward to the new bootcamp content. She wastes no time and is great about cueing what’s next.

Kendall Toole

Kendall has experience in professional cheerleading, gymnastics, dance and boxing and left her job at a tech startup to pursue a career in fitness. Kendall is a solid coach, not over the top in terms of personality or coaching style, and has super positive energy.

Leanne Hainsby

Leanne is a UK instructor and I enjoy her coaching style and music choices. I’ve ridden primarily low-impact rides with her and she’s great at keeping the class moving and fun even when it’s all in the saddle. She switches up cadence and resistance pushes so you never get bored. I’ve found her low-impact classes to be quite challenging — definitely not low-intensity by any means.

Matt Wilpers

Matt’s a former Division I distance runner and focuses on technique as much as fun. He loves rock playlists (hey Nickelback) and is someone I ride with every now and then when I want solid coaching and to focus on the ride. Matt’s also one of my favorite tread instructors. No fluff and gets right down to business. His 30-minute Tiesto ride from January 2021 is one of my favorites — Matt cues 50-60 resistance in the warmup!

Olivia Amato

Olivia is from New York, and while she’s super petite, she’s a powerhouse. Her rides are tough, and I don’t say that lightly, but her coaching gets you through it leaving you feeling accomplished at the end. If you ride with Olivia, be ready for a major challenge. Proceed to her tabata classes with caution and know if you push it to your max, you will be feeling it and on the verge of vomiting. Be warned. 😉

Robin Arzon

Robin is the VP of Fitness Programming and a former lawyer. She is super outgoing with a lot of energy and is great at motivating you right until the end. Robin’s classes are no-nonsense and challenging, so consider yourself warned. If you like to hustle on the bike, Robin is your girl.

Sam Yo

Sam’s a UK instructor who is passionate about fitness and the arts and has a calming energy. I’m not a fan of Sam’s coaching style and found his classes a little bland for my personal style.

Tunde Oyeneyin

Tunde used to be a celebrity makeup artist and has great energy and a style of coaching that will get you hyped up and ready to give your best. I find myself riding with her more and more. Watch out, her arms sections are HARD!

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Best Peloton instructors overall?

It’s impossible to say who the best Peloton instructors are for you because we all have different personalities, goals and are looking to get different things from a workout. My best piece of advice would be to try a short class from each of the instructors so you can get a sense of their teaching styles and personalities. There are All For One rides where each instructor coaches a different song, but I don’t feel like each person gets the spotlight long enough for you to get a sense of what a longer class with them would be like.

And picking favorites is majorly subjective. For every person who doesn’t care for Cody’s style, for example, there will be another person who only rides with Cody and loves him. Also, some instructors might be your favorite for when you’re in a certain type of mood or looking for a certain ride.

Here’s some background on my cycling style which influences my favorite Peloton instructors list below. I’ve been indoor cycling since age 18 and it’s my favorite cardio activity. I don’t require much motivation to get on the bike consistently and push hard. I like to keep a calm, cool head when cycling and don’t care for over-the-top theatrics, huge personalities, too many distracting motivational phrases, or where I feel like I’m watching a performance. In terms of music, I tend to lean toward EDM and music that has a strong beat.

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My favorite Peloton instructors and why:

***Overall favorite instructor: Emma Lovewell***


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Emma wins and deserves the top spot on my best Peloton instructors list! Emma’s classes are the ones I keep going back to and I ride with her over half the time. First, her music is top notch. That’s super important because a bad playlist can ruin an otherwise good ride. She’s the best fit for my musical tastes and tends to play a lot of electronic, pop, and indie. She even hosts listening parties that feature new, up-and-coming artists on Friday nights. Emma is also one of the few instructors who does groove rides where you ride to the beat of the music and incorporate a little bit of choreography like tap backs and hinges.

In terms of instruction, she’s calm but brings great energy to every class and is probably one of the instructors who talks the least. She has this understated confidence that you can’t help but be drawn to. She’ll push and encourage you without the annoying catchphrases or antics you may find elsewhere — just supportive coaching and motivation to playlists that will keep you pushing until the end.

I also regularly ride with:



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Olivia is another instructor with a coaching style I vibe with — great energy but a cool head and nothing over the top. Her rides can be super challenging and I take her HIIT & Hills, but what I gravitate toward are her low-impact rides. In these rides, you don’t come out of the saddle and while you won’t PR or have any max efforts, they’re still great workouts on recovery days, for beginners, or when you just want to take it easy. I wrote an entire post on why Peloton low-impact rides are NOT a waste of time here.


Ally is one of my favorites and has great energy and variety. I like her coaching style, and while she has a strong on-bike personality, she’s not over the top. Out of the ladies on my favorites list, she probably has the most flair in terms of coaching style but is super encouraging and real. She also has a series of classes called Sundays with Love that focus on a particular virtue in each class. They often have Christian music and can get emotional. Try them when you need extra encouragement and support. She also has Feel Good Rides that I love.



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Tunde is new to Peloton as of the end of 2019 and I find her to be on the calmer side with no theatrics. Her workouts are tough and get the job done without any BS. Also, her arms are RIPPPPED so take some of her strength workouts too.



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Alex always brings heaps of energy and it’s contagious. I ride with him when I need a boost and want to work hard. He’s not for when I want a light day and am looking to take it easy. Alex’s Club Bangers rides are a ton of fun and feature high-energy club hits that’ll make you feel like you’re out dancing for the night — on a bike. I feel like a majority of his classes have hip hop playlists and that’s when he’s at his best.



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My first-ever Peloton ride was with Denis and he secured a spot on my list from Day 1. Sometimes Denis comes across as self-assured but it’s more of a confidence thing and not arrogance. His classes are solid although some people might think his singing and jokes are a little cheesy. It’s all part of his charm. Denis teaches with a cool head and inspires you to give your best for that day. His playlists are usually on point too and he teaches to a variety of musical tastes.

Best Peloton instructors for beginners?

The great thing about indoor cycling is that all rides can be adapted to beginners. That said, Peloton has numerous on-demand classes as well as live rides that are geared toward beginners and you can search for them specifically on the bike and app. All the instructors have coached beginner rides of various lengths, so if you’re new to Peloton, take a bunch of beginner rides until you feel confident enough to move on. Part of the fun is trying different instructors.

Beginner rides tend to be a bit easier than traditional rides with plenty of recovery built in, often shorter as well, and will focus on form. The instructors will coach you to get the most out of your workout in the safest way possible while giving you the confidence you need to move on from beginner rides.

In terms of instructors, I feel like they’re all well-rounded and have the ability to coach a variety of different rides. But it’s true that some excel and really vibe with certain types of rides. Instructors who do great beginner rides are Hannah Marie Corbin (her rides tend to be on the easier side overall making her a great choice for those of us new to the bike), Matt Wilpers (great form cues), Denis Morton, and Christine D’Ercole. Those are my preferences, but really you can’t go wrong.

Best Peloton instructors for shoutouts

As Peloton’s popularity increases, especially during the time of lockdown and social distancing, instructor shoutouts are harder and harder to get. There are just too many people with milestones and birthdays on live rides for the instructors to get through all of them. Several have said as much on the rides and even shared on Instagram stories what their screens look like during rides — hundreds and hundreds of milestones.

If you want to maximize the likelihood of getting a shoutout, you have to take a live ride (duh!) not on-demand and show up early because sometimes instructors will shout you out during the preshow instead of the actual live class. Try to take a ride at a less popular time and definitely not an artist showcase or special theme ride that Peloton promotes in advance. Riding with a less popular instructor will also help your chances. Still, there are no guarantees.

One thing that will lower your chances of getting a shoutout is having a suggestive username. According to a Peloton employee who posted on a Reddit, instructors are discouraged from shouting out riders with suggestive or explicit usernames. So keep that in mind!

Best Peloton instructors for cyclists

If your first love was riding a road bike outdoors with indoor cycling coming later, you’ve got options. A common complaint among road cyclists is that Peloton instructors focus too much on the class ambiance (dancing, motivational stories, etc.) and not enough on solid training sessions that will make you a better athlete.

Many of us come to Peloton for fitness but also fun and it’s all about getting a good sweat on, but if you want to seriously train, Power Zone classes are my top pick for that. They’re currently taught by Matt Wilpers, Christine D’Ercole, Denis Morton and Olivia Amato.

Power Zone classes are accessible to cyclists of all levels and you’re only competing against yourself, with a focus on output. Don’t be intimidatd by them! After you take the FTP test, you’ll have your seven specific zones mapped out and then can train accordingly.

As Peloton explains, “During a Power Zone Ride, your instructor will cue a specific zone, which will direct you to hit the corresponding output range on your Bike. By using these customized output zones as a guide, you will be able to see and feel yourself improve as each zone becomes easier to achieve over time.”

In addition to Power Zone classes, I’d recommend rides from Matt Wilpers and Ben Alldis for cyclists looking for less fluff on the bike and solidly programmed rides. Christine D’Ercole is a pro cyclist and she’s also a great pick, with many of her rides predominantly in the saddle.

Is Peloton worth it?

Absolutely, 100% YES! Only you know if an official Peloton brand bike or tread is in your budget, but speaking about the Peloton class offerings themselves, my answer is a HUGE yes! Peloton classes are top notch and totally worth it. Why is Peloton worth it? Well, it comes down to these reasons for me: class variety, quality and the convenience.

All Peloton classes are professionally taught and filmed, there are thousands upon thousands to choose from across all disciplines (and new live classes daily), and it’s so easy to get your workout in when you know you don’t have to head out to the gym. Back in the day, I’d have to walk to my gym, wait for my 55-minute class to start, do the long class, and then walk home after class. On days when you are tight on time or can’t leave your house, it’s so much more do-able to grab a quick class on Peloton.

Anyway, if you’re wondering, “Is Peloton worth it?” the answer is a resounding yes.

Peloton instructors reviews: Who I ride with when I’m in a specific mood

I don’t usually ride with Robin, but when I want to be pushed to my limits, I take her tabata classes. Her style of coaching is super effective for max efforts and well planned out. Robin’s larger-than-life personality will drive you to give everything you’ve got. My favorites are her climb tabatas where the efforts are pushes through heavy resistance and not quick legs.

When you’re in a bad mood, take a class with Cody because it’ll make you forget about what’s getting you down. He’s an instant mood boster. Cody is funny and doesn’t take himself too seriously. 

I mentioned why I love Alex above. He’s incredibly positive, will push you to your max, and brings crazy energy to each class.

I still can’t believe I didn’t start taking Ben’s classes regularly for well over a year. He is fabulous when you want to get down to business and just do the workout without much in the way of personal stories and extra chit chat. His climb rides will leave you totally spent and as I mentioned above, his EDM song choices get me so fired up. 

best peloton instructors Olivia

Credit: OnePeloton

I mentioned Olivia above and I feel like her low-impact classes are some of the best around. These lower intensity classes are a must and are far from a snooze. I put them off for over a year thinking they’d be super easy and therefore not worth my time. WRONG! Olivia does a great job at explaining the effort level and holding you back while still letting you sweat it out. Keep in mind Olivia’s non-low impact classes are TOUGH and you will be pushed to your max if you do one of her HIIT & Hills, Climb or Tabata rides.

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Emma for the win! Her classes are a 10 out of 10 for me and I just vibe with her coaching style, personality, and musical choices.

Worst Peloton instructors

Instructors I don’t ride with often: Sam Yo, Hannah Marie Corbin

I can’t say they are the worst Peloton instructors because that wouldn’t be fair and no Peloton instructors are bad — I can’t stress that enough. Everyone is professional and coaches a solid class. But what is true is that you’ll be drawn to some instructors more than others and that’s OK. Some of you out there will love instructors I don’t care for and vice versa and it doesn’t mean they’re the worst Peloton instructors; it just means they’re not the best fit for you.

For me, Sam and Hannah are the worst Peloton instructors for me personally in the current moment. They just don’t jive with my style and don’t push and motivate me the way I need. I found Sam Yo’s classes to be a little subdued or even boring and Hannah didn’t push me the way I had hoped (but her low impacts are great). I’m open to trying them again and on different types of rides. Even though they’re not instructors I ride with often, Sam and Hannah are professional and coached well put-together classes. It just wasn’t a fit for me.

jenn sherman best peloton instructor

Jenn Sherman at the end of a low-impact ride from January 2021.

Another note on the worst Peloton instructors is that your opinion may change over time as you get stronger, have different fitness needs, and just go through life. I took Ben once when he first came to Peloton and didn’t care for him at all. I didn’t ride with him at all until about 150 rides later and now I take one of his climb rides weekly. Same with Jenn Sherman. For whatever reason, I didn’t vibe with her and now I think she’s fab and I find myself riding with some of my early favorite Peloton instructors less often.

Anyway, that’s all to say give instructors a second chance in 3 or 6 months and see if they’ve changed or if you have. You might surprise yourself in the best way.

How much do Peloton instructors make? What’s a Peloton instructor salary like?

Lastly, something people really want to know is how much do Peloton instructors make. According to a Bloomberg Businessweek article, Peloton hires its instructors as full-time employees, not contractors. There’s a lengthy hiring and training process and many of the best Peloton instructors were scouted for the job. The article confirmed that “more-senior instructors make upwards of $500,000 in total compensation—not counting the money they can make from external sponsorships” and “regulatory filings show current and former employees as of Sept. 30, 2020, held stock options with several billion dollars of unrealized gains.” So there you go, some insight into the Peloton instructor salary.


So what about you? Who are the best Peloton instructors in your opinion and why?

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The Best Peloton Instructor for Your Workout Style

After months of not working out during the pandemic, I recently decided it was time to break out of my fitness funk. So I bought an exercise bike—and naturally, I subscribed to the Peloton app as soon as my bike was delivered. 

While I had been to their NYC studio a handful of times pre-pandemic, I still considered myself a Peloton newbie. But over the last couple of months, I’ve tried out a bunch of different instructors—through workouts on and off the bike—and now I know exactly who to turn to when I need an extra dose of motivation, when I want to dissect the latest pop culture news, or when I’m looking to just chill out and ride. 

Of course, everybody has different likes and dislikes when it comes to fitness instructors. To help you find your go-tos, I crowdsourced Peloton members for the most popular instructors for various workout styles and moods. 

Use the following list to find the right class for your needs—you never know, you might just hit a new PR in your next class! 

If you want to have your ass kicked: Alex Touissant

You’re going to break a sweat no matter which instructor you take, but if you really want to go HAM during a workout, many Peloton members recommend Touissant.

He offers a “no excuses” workout, says one Peloton member. He’ll help you to push past your limits during his well-structured rides. 

According to one Reddit poster, Touissant uses lines and catch phrases to motivate you through your workout, delivering them “with so much enthusiasm and sincerity that you can’t help but bring your A game every time.” 

Another Reddit poster adds: “I love how he explains his style [as] ‘I’m hard on you because I care’ and his enthusiasm is contagious!” 

If you want to leave class dripping in sweat: Tunde Oyeneyi

Oyeneyi is another Peloton coach that many members say truly delivers when it comes to kicking your ass (and inspiring you while she’s at it). 

“I took my first Peloton class with Tunde, so she is my go-to for comfort, inspiration, and getting my ass kicked on the bike,” says one Peloton member. 

As one Reddit poster so eloquently puts it: “Tunde has challenged me more than anyone on the instructor roster. I love her. I love her energy and everything she challenges me with. Plus, the amount of sweat she pours out of her body. You know she’s there with you all the time busting her ass with you.” 

If you want to laugh: Cody Rigsby

When I want to workout without feeling like I’m working out, I take one of Rigsby’s classes. I can always count on him to make me laugh through the sweat with his pop culture hot takes. (Why yes, I am in total agreement with him that JC Chasez was the real lead singer of *NSYNC.) 

Cody offers “sass and fun,” says one Peloton member, while another adds that “Cody will put you in a good mood on a Monday morning and make you laugh no matter what day it is.” 

Other Peloton users agree: “Cody is the friend I want to ride with nine out of 10 days because it’s a workout, but it’s fun and really that’s what keeps me coming back,” says one Reddit poster.

If you want to rock out: Jenn Sherman

Sherman was Peloton’s very first cycling instructor, and there’s a reason why she’s remained so popular over the years. 

For starters, her rock-ride playlists are top-notch, say many Peloton members. Think: playlists full of Grateful Dead, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Pearl Jam, and Aerosmith. 

“I always leave her classes in a great mood,” says one Peloton member. “She’s also got a great sense of humor so her classes fly by because, in addition to the great music she chooses, her commentary is both motivating and clever.” 

Adds one Reddit poster about Sherman: “She’s like a cool girlfriend that you can have a beer/wine + burger to b*tch about life with, and she will do a 60 minutes pre-game ride with you to burn off the calories the next day.” 

If you want a feel-good ride: Hannah Corbin

Many Peloton members (myself included!) gush about Hannah Corbin’s ability to make rides fun. As one member says, Corbin’s rides are great “for when you just want to ride and don’t want to worry too much about the numbers.” 

Daily Distance Hannah Corbin

Corbin’s music is on-point, which adds to the feel-good nature of her classes. “She seems to have [a] really diverse music taste because her playlists are all over the place in a good way,” says one Reddit poster. “She teaches everything from Motown to 90s country to Broadway.” 

(Check out our #WeGotGoals episode with Hannah Corbin here)

If you want a challenging bootcamp or strength workout: Jess Sims

Jess Sims teaches running, bike bootcamp, and strength classes at Peloton—and she’s guaranteed to give you a tough workout no matter which class of hers you take. 

jess sims we got goals

“Jess Sims is motivational while simultaneously kicking your butt, especially the bike bootcamps, says one Peloton member, while another says that Sims’ classes are great for “feeling strong AF but also being OK with where you are to get stronger.” 

Adds one Reddit poster: “I feel like she’s very thoughtful and intentional in her programming, and I just love her energy!” 

(Check out our #WeGotGoals podcast episode with Jess Sims here)

If you want to feel empowered: Robin Arzón

Peloton members say they choose Arzón’s classes for empowerment or when they need motivation or inspiration. As the VP of Fitness Programming for Peloton, she’s passionate about helping you feel your best and puts together challenging yet fun rides.

“Her Lizzo, Hamilton, and Greatest Showman Rides are super-inspiring,” says one Reddit poster. “She will remind you that you are wearing a crown while you ride and make you feel epic.”

If you want to dance on the bike: Jess King

King is known for her big personality—she’s quirky, creative, and will make you want to dance on the bike, say Peloton members. In fact, King regularly offers EDM rides that’ll have you moving along to the beat. 

best peloton instructor

“She is always her authentic self and ALWAYS knows the points in a ride where you will be questioning your endurance and strength, providing the right guidance and support without being too over the top,” says one Reddit poster. “She makes every ride fun and is the most genuine instructor in my opinion. If I’m ever in a bad mood or in a negative headspace, she will always be the one to pull me out.” 

(Check out our #WeGotGoals podcast episode with Jess King here)

If you want to feel grounded: Sam Yo 

Yo, who’s located in the U.K. and teaches out of Peloton’s London studio, is quieter and calmer than some other instructors—and that’s appealing to many riders. 

“When I want a more focused, calming class, my go-to is Sam Yo,” says one Peloton member. “Also, I know I can always count on a killer playlist from him! I typically spend most of the ride with a smile on my face.” Another Peloton member says Yo “knows how to get the most out of you without overwhelming you.” 

If you want to master the basics: Christine D’Ercole

New to Peloton? D’Ercole is one of the best instructors to take as a beginner since she’s a competitive cyclist whose teaching is rooted in science. Her mantra: “I am, I can, I will, I do.” 

“She speaks slowly, has a calm vibe and is a great coach for beginners,” says one Reddit poster. “She encourages riders to pay attention to match her level effort, not a specific cadence/resistance.” 

Adds a Peloton member: “I really adore Christine as she is so grounded and a professional cyclist. I feel she brings a certain expertise and experience that is a cut above the rest.” 

If you want to start your day off on the right foot: Ally Love 

Peloton members say they turn to Love when they’re looking for “feel-good” and “positive” vibes. She’s a particularly good option for morning workouts. 

“I’ve been loving Ally’s quick Whitney Houston arms and barre class in the mornings before work for a 20-minute joy, strength, and fun boost before I sit down for virtual meeting marathons,” says one Peloton member. 

If you want to chill out: Emma Lovewell 

Lovewell has quickly become one of my favorite instructors. She’s got excellent taste in music—her playlists are stacked with chill indie tunes—and knows how to structure a class. 

Emma Lovewell Peloton

“Emma is my all-around favorite instructor on the bike,” says one Reddit poster. “I love her music, she puts together great classes that are challenging but not impossible, and I connect with her chill yet motivating vibe.” 

But don’t think you won’t break a sweat in Lovewell’s classes: She may be chill, but shill still give you a “solid kick-butt workout,” says a Peloton member. 

If you want to embrace your inner emo kid: Kendall Toole

I’ve been taking a lot of Toole’s classes lately because her playlists get me amped-up and bring back all the high school feels. In a recent pop-punk ride, she blasted tunes from Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World, and Sum 41. 

“Kendall always kicks my butt, especially if it’s a metal ride,” says one Peloton member. Adds one Reddit poster: “In my opinion, she’s the most dynamic instructor out there. She does a fun but challenging pop-rock themed ride, and ass kicking HIIT, tabata, and climbs that put me on the floor!”

If you want a HIIT workout: Hannah Frankson

Peloton members say Frankson, who teaches out of Peloton’s London studio, is “upbeat” and “cool.” 

Her HIIT rides will challenge you in all the right ways. “She is sneakily hard on the 15- and 20-min HIITs, so I often combine a 20-min with a 10-min low impact,” says one Reddit poster. 

If you want a solid yoga workout: Denis Morton

Whether you take one of Morton’s cycling or yoga classes, one thing’s for certain: His calm presence will help you relax after a stressful day. One Peloton member says Morton is her choice when she needs “a reminder to be kind to myself.” 

Adds a Reddit poster: “Love Denis! His Beatles ride is a standout for me. And he’s also my go-to for yoga. Solid coaching, calm demeanor.” 

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