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What's that? The smell of pumpkin spice latte? Autumn's here. It's official. And if we hadn't gathered that from Starbucks' new drinks menu, then the weather's definitely been throwing us some major hints. This means a change of wardrobe: knitwear, ankle boots and lots of layers. And, of course, the onset of autumn hair trends: lash-skimming fringes, caramel lowlights and, likewise, lots of layers.

Stuck for where to take your hair next? We have just the thing.

We asked leading hair stylist, Dionne Smith, to share the most popular styles. She reckons there's five key cuts to watch out for this season, with something for everyone. There's rebellious crops. Iconic throwbacks made modern. And a couple of classics that have been flipped and dusted down for 2020. The 60s and 70s reference is huge with heavy, thick hair and plenty of playfulness – whether in long shags (we're still talking about the hair), Bardot fringes or Meg Ryan-inspired crops.

The Shag

"The biggest trend for autumn is an updated version of the 70s shag haircut. This hairstyle works on long hair and short hair making it a versatile restyle," says Dionne. "The multi-layered haircut is trendy and not only looks effortlessly glamorous, but is also easy to maintain. A mixture of a feathered cut around the face and lots of choppy layers adds volume, and to keep the style looking great day-to-day, you simply need a salt spray to add texture."

Bold Fringes

"From side-fringes to heavier blunt bangs – autumn is fringe season and a quick way to bring a haircut bang-on-trend. The most popular fringe trend will look to 1960s stars like Brigitte Bardot, with a lightly cut, wispy fringe that won’t overwhelm any face shape," says Dionne.

A face-framing fringe is this year's must-have beauty accessory – here are our fave styles

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Blunt Bob

"Summer saw a rise in grown-out bobs or lobs, but autumn is all about the sharp, blunt bob which hits at the jawline. Shorter styles, in general, will take centre stage with precision cutting. As well as one-length blunt bobs, we will see angular and asymmetrical bobs, which gives face-framing length for rounder face shapes."

Pixie Crop

"Bold and voluminous pixie cuts are the ultimate low maintenance cut that everyone's asking for this Autumn," Dionne says. "Take the plunge and look to the retro icons like Mia Farrow for this but keep it modern with choppy layers to add volume."

The cropped pixie cut is the shortcut to instant cheekbones (and it's just had a makeover thanks to Ri-Ri)

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Classic Collarbone Cut

"Classic and face-framing for everyone, the collarbone cut is the ultimate style for those not wanting to go too short this season. The key to this cut is the simplicity. Stick with blunt ends and a few layers if you require more volume," says Dionne. "This is a classic take on the sharp bob, without losing the length. Good for those who are not quite ready to go jaw-length styles."

For all your autumn hair inspiration, check out our edit below...


Believe it or not, 2020 was a big year for haircuts — COVID-19 be damned. We witnessed countless folks, including, but limited to, Bella Hadid, use salon closures as an excuse to play hairstylist, giving themselves bangs, layers, and buzz cuts from their homes. “An external change can be a simple and easy way to signify a transition that is internally more complex and harder to articulate otherwise,” therapist Nikki Nachum explained to Allure. “A new haircut becomes almost like an announcement to both yourself and the outer world that something is changing in your life.”

Now that businesses are opened back up, Nachum's explanation has taken on a whole new meaning. People are sprinting right back to their beloved stylists for both touch-ups and full-blown transformations to signal this new phase of their lives as they re-enter the world. 

Due to the standstill the world was under for nearly a year, several haircut trends from last year poured into 2021, like mullets, shaved heads, and bobs. And now that summer is full force, new haircut trends have officially emerged, such as '90s layers and curly shags. We asked hairstylists across the country to share the summer haircut trends their clients have been requesting the most lately. 

While scrolling through this list, keep in mind what features on your face you want to enhance — instead of your face shape, says hairstylist Wes Sharpton, who works out of New York City's Hairstory Studio. The latter just leads to body shaming, he believes. "You and your stylist can create a game plan to make sure these things are framed in the right way," he adds. "We need to make it a positive experience and celebrate you, which is the most important thing at the end of the day."

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The 6 Biggest Hairstyle Trends to Wear This Spring

At long last, spring is finally upon us. But if you haven't felt that inexplicable urge to kick off the season fresh, whether it's by online shopping for a new wardrobe, or switching up your hairstyle with one of 2020's biggest hair trends, we're here to get you inspired.

Celebs recently blessed us with a ton of hair ideas that look amazing on every hair type, and a bunch of different lengths, so we've compiled a list of the styles that are about to be everywhere.

Whether you're looking to take your go-to high ponytail to the next level or feeling the early '00s nostalgia of an updo with two face-framing tendrils, this season's most popular looks will check off all the boxes.

Below, the six biggest hairstyle trends of spring 2020, along with key tips on how to achieve each look.

1. The High Pony

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends for Spring 2020
Credit: Getty Images/Instagram

High ponytails will never not be in style, because there's about a million ways to wear one — whether your hair is blown out like Rihanna's or you have you have in knotless braids like Laura Harrier. It's all in the tiny details that make the classic pony feel like it's a style you've never seen before.


Rihanna's stylist, Yusef, added a few cornrows that fed into the singer's ponytail and ran Suave Professionals Natural Hair Define & Shine Gel Serum through the tail for extra shine. For Harrier's braided pony, celebrity-favorite Justine Marjan brushed and laid the actress' baby hairs.

2. A Bob with a Deep Side Part

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends for Spring 2020

It's a new decade, but the bob is not going anywhere any time soon. If you're still into your shoulder-length cut, but want to make more spicy, it's as simple as changing your part. (Yes, really.) Deep side parts were all over the red carpet during the 2020 award season.


While Kerry Washington's stylist Takisha Sturdivant-Drew took a Paul Mitchell flat iron to her bob to give it a sleek and sexy vibe, Zoey Deutch went with a '60s flip out. If you're stressed about your style holding up, Gregory Russell coated the Politician star's hair with Dove's Style + Care Compressed Micro Mist Extra Hold Hairspray to set it in place.

3. Put a Pearl On It

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends for Spring 2020
Credit: Getty Images/Instagram

Instead of clutching your pearls, put them in your hair. The glossy white beads look great on an accessory like a hair clip or pin, but they're straight up gorgeous when placed onto your actual hair.


Add a string-like line of pearls along your part like Lucy Boynton, or scatter them all over your box braids like what celebrity stylist Lacy Redway did to Tessa Thompson's plaits. OK, but how do you get the pearls you bought at Michaels to stick onto your hair? Boynton's stylist Jenny Cho used Gorilla Gel from the drugstore.

4. The Flip In

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends for Spring 2020

Voluminous hair transcends decades, but flicking out the ends of your blowout is a look that defined the '60s. The hair flip goes both ways, and thanks to celebs like Sophie Turner and Jennifer Lopez, turning your ends inwards is another retro style that's trending this spring.


For a smooth, frizz-free finish, J.Lo's go-to hairstylist and Color Wow global creative director Chris Appleton is a fan of the brand's Dream Coat Supernatural Spray. The heat-activated treatment seals in moisture and tightens the hair strands to protect against humidity.

VIDEO: The 5 Haircut Trends That Will Dominate 2020

5. Double Tendrils

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends for Spring 2020
Credit: Getty Images/Instagram

Whether or not you're going to prom this spring, your updo is nothing without two face-framing tendrils. You can do chunky pieces as seen on Dua Lipa, or a opt for a few wispy curls like Emma Watson. How you accessorize your bun is entirely up to you.


At the 2020 Grammy Awards, Lipa's early '00s-inspired updo was so shiny, her hair was like the equivalent of glass skin. Chris Appleton sprayed a boar bristle brush with Color Wow's Pop & Lock Crystallite Shellac and ran it through her hair for that extra glossy finish.

6. Beachy Waves

The Biggest Hairstyle Trends for Spring 2020

Beachy waves are the ice coffee of spring hairstyles. As soon as it's warm enough, you're going to want to switch from curling your hair to adding loose bends.


The best part of this classic spring hairstyle is that it's actually pretty effortless to achieve. Instead of using a curling iron, try waving your hair in an S shape using a flat iron with beveled edges like ghd's Platinum+ Styler. Just don't be too fussy when you're doing it — your waves are supposed to look undone.

Summer Into Fall 2020 Hairstyle Ideas - New Trending Hairstyle Compilation

Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean the fun is over. With fall rolling around, it's the perfect opportunity to try out a brand new hairstyle. Whether you've already booked your appointment at the hair salon, or you're feeling adventurous and you're going to cut it yourself, here are the most popular styles this season. And if you’ve been holding off on a big chop for that blunt-cut bob or a drastic hair color change, we have all the hairstyle inspo you need to take the plunge.

You’re about to have the most exciting fall yet, thanks to risk-taking moves with your hair. The best fall hair trends for 2020 include (but are certainly not limited to) barrettes, center parts, curtain bangs, and low ponytails. Big and bouncy, or sleek and straight, there’s something to fit any hair type and personal preference. Whether you want a permanent hairstyle change or simply want to refresh your current look, celebrities and models have already done it for us. Take a look at these trending haircuts — you may just find your new look!


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15+ Newest Haircut Ideas and Haircut Trends 2021 - Bob Hairstyle For Every Girls - Pretty Hair

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