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The 9 Best PS4 Party Games of

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Jackbox Party Pack 7 (view at PlayStation) is the ultimate way to liven up a party thanks to its wealth of social games and some neat ways of being able to remotely play. However, if you want something a little more sedate, there's always the traditional pleasures of Monopoly Plus (view at PlayStation), which is sure to lead to a few lighthearted arguments. 

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How many players can play at the same time on a PS4?
It usually depends on the number of players supported by the game. In terms of local couch multiplayer, you can connect up to four wireless PS4 controllers to the system, which is the maximum that most games allow for. Many party games, though, include more creative ways to account for a large group of players, such as smartphone controls, sharing controllers, and the unique non-screen Expert roles in Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes. And with online play, some games support modes that involve much more than four players.

How do you play PS4 games online?

Almost any online multiplayer mode on a PS4 game requires a PlayStation Plus membership to play. There are often free one-month trials available, but after that, you will need to sign up for a monthly ($), quarterly (), or yearly ($) subscription. The exception is with certain free-to-play games like Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone that can be played without a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Can PS4 games be played on the PS5?

If you’re a lucky owner of a PS5, you will be able to play almost any PS4 game on your new system. There are only a limited number of titles that are not backwards compatible with the PS5, so just double-check that list for the game in question. PS4 games may also see a performance boost on the powerful next-gen console. PS3, PS2, and PS1 games, unfortunately, are not compatible with the PS5 (unless they have been remastered for the PS4).

What to Look For in a PS4 Party Game


It's important to pick a party game genre that suits your entire group of friends or family. A hack and slashing game might be ideal for those who regularly play games, but something more traditional like a board game might be better for relatives who have never played a video game before. 

Difficulty Curve

No one wants to be challenged too much when playing a party game, especially if there's alcohol involved. Pick a game that's simple to learn without being too basic. Alternatively, a game where skill is denoted by something like dance ability or simply experimentation means that everyone stands a good chance of success.


Are you looking for a game that can be played solely on the sofa, or do you need to be able to play it remotely with friends around the country or even the world? Check which multiplayer options are available for your game before you buy it, in case you're limited with how you can all play along. 


4 Trivia Games You Can Enjoy With Your Family On PS4

Video games are not always the "violent" kind. It's not all shooting down enemies like in CS:GO or cutting them down in Diablo. There are other types of games that you can enjoy with the whole family. A good example of this is trivia games. Today we look at the different trivia games you can play with your family on the PlayStation 4.

That's You

This video game lets you get personal in an audacious way with up to five of your family members or friends. It lets you find out what it is you really think about each other. Using your TV, PS4, and even a smartphone or tablet, you can answer more than 1, funny questions. Topics can span from your time in school to favorite pastimes. You get to answer questions like which friend was the most recently sick in the street or which family member is going to survive the longest when in the wild. You can even learn which among you and your friends is the worst chef and snap selfies to use for photo challenges. The better you know your opponents, the more points you get to pick up.

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Knowledge is Power

This is a game that is packed not only with trivia, but also tricks and tactics. You get to combine a smart device, TV, and PS4 in order to experience a new kind of quiz game play. You can hand out crazy power plays in order to slow down your opponents and force them to tap through ice or rub away any gunk before they can answer. The game allows two to six players to enter the pyramid of knowledge and battle their way to the top. In Knowledge is Power you run from room to room and explore a world with thematically linked questions. You can vote for topics that you excel in while avoiding those you dread.

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The Jackbox Party Pack

If you're looking for the ultimate collection of party games then this is the one for you. Indeed, this is the best entertainment piece for your next game night. Everyone can join using their mobile device and there's no need for any controllers. When we say everyone, we mean that you can play this with as many as of your friends, if you have that many. Just connect your console to the internet and then connect to

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America's Greatest Game Shows

This video game lets you play two of America's classics: Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. You can play solo, online, or offline with up to two friends. For Jeopardy, you get the chance to choose between three game modes: Career, Family, and Quick.

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That Trivia Game

Play against the computer or up to 3 of your friends in That Trivia Game!

Featuring over 1, up-to-date questions to test your knowledge of 20 different categories for hours of fun for the whole family! With 24 character combinations and four challenging rounds per game, That Trivia Game is more exciting each time you play!

Available exclusively on the PlayStation®4 system.

Video output in Full HD p requires p native display.

p HD Video Output

This item is being licensed or sublicensed to you by Sony Computer Entertainment America and is subject to the Network Terms of Service and User Agreement, this item’s use restrictions and other applicable terms located at If you do not wish to accept all these terms, do not download this item. One-time license fee for play on purchasing account’s designated, primary PS4™ system and other PS4 systems when signed in with purchasing account.

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Top 10 Best Party Games On PS4

Top 15 Best PS4 Trivia Games

Video games are a necessity these days for the younger generations. Not only the younger generations but also the working-class people rely on it. Some play video games as a stress buster while others play to relax from their busy scheduled lives. The selection of genre varies from person to person. Some like action-adventure games while some others like racing. Trivia is one of such genres. A trivia is a quiz in which the players are asked questions on unimportant subjects just for fun. This is one of the most liked video game genres, which acts as a stress buster and testifies our knowledge. The intelligent and wise ones always prefer a trivia game. The people who like to work on their knowledge increment in their leisure belong to such categories. Here are some of the all-time favorite PlayStation 4 Trivia games.

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1.Wheel of fortune (): 

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

Developed by GameTek, Rare, Frima studio, and Ubisoft Chengdu and published by GameTek and Ubisoft, &#;Wheel of fortune&#; is ranked as one of the best trivia games in the world so far. The name wheel of fortune is given about the &#;s greatest trivia American quiz show. This game was launched on the PlayStation 4 platform on November 7, , and was highly appreciated by the critics. In this game, one has to use the wheel of fortune and win exciting prizes given by the game, such as an amazing vacation.

2.That&#;s you ():

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The popular game of the genre trivia &#;That&#;s you&#; was developed and published by Wish Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment, respectively. The game was highly ranked and reviewed by critics and well-to-do game makers and sold millions of copies just after its release. It was released on July 4, The party game revolves around the protagonist who&#;s given a social situation and is testified to know how well they know their partner.

3.Knowledge is power ():

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The multiplayer trivia videogame &#;Knowledge is power&#; was developed and published by Wish Studios and Sony Interactive Entertainment. This party game was launched on October 24, The game was highly appreciated and praised by the critics. In this game, four to six players play together on a faster finger game, and the one whose movement is the fastest is given a chance to answer first.

4.It&#;s Quiz time ():

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The quiz trivia game &#;Its quiz time&#; was developed and published by Snap finger click and vision games publishing, respectively. The game was launched on November 21, , and was awarded for its outstanding gameplay. The game requires Dualshock 4 console for playing it. To play this multiplayer game, all the gamers must join under the same WiFi network and join the server. The game puts on general questions on the quiz, and the player or the team has to answer them.

5. Trivial pursuit lives ():

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The trivia game &#;Trivial pursuit live&#; was developed and published by longtail studios in collaboration with Ubisoft and Ubisoft Chengdu respectively. The game was highly appreciated by the critics and is known as one of the most award-winning games to date. It was launched on February 17, , and is also known to be a part of the series &#;Trivial pursuit&#;. 

6.Scrabble ():

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The strategic game &#;scrabble&#; was developed and published by stainless games in collaboration with Arc developments and a group of publishers including Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Hasbro interactive, U.S. Gold, Leisure genius and Blaise Jean- Pierre. This game can we played both over the single-player as well as the multiplayer mode and was launched in the year The puzzle game can also be termed as a word game that was too hyped after it was launched, to an extent it still prevails in the market.

7.Mixups by POWGI 

 PS4 Trivia Games

The puzzle word game of trivia genre &#;Mixups by POWGI&#; is one the most hyped game in the market existing right now. The game was developed and published by Lightwood Consultancy Limited and collaboration of Lightwood Consultancy Limited and Puzzle on word games Inc. It was initially released on February 12, , and can be considered as one of the amazing stress busters. The player in the game has to pick up letters from the word box having random letters and form a word on the given desk. 

8.Crossovers by POWGI 

Best PS4 Trivia Games

One more from the POWGI series that has been hyped up, &#;Crossovers by POWGI&#; which was developed as well as published by Lightwood Consultancy Limited. This word puzzle was launched on April 17 , just after the release of the game &#;Mixups by POWGI&#;. In this game, the player has to find the missing letter or a set of missing letters from a crossover of words. The game has surplus hints as well as jokes to keep up the mood. It also has a fixed reward for solving each set of words. 

9.Spellspire ():

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The trivia game &#;Spellspire&#; is a mixture of two genres from the categories of games, i.e., Trivia and action role-playing. This game was developed and published by 10tons Ltd. It was released on 23 may, and termed as a game one of its kind. In this game, the player has to form words from given hints and use a magic spell from the wand given in the game—the bigger the word, the deadliest the blast. 

Drawful 2 ()

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The trivia game &#;Drawful 2&#; is the sequel of its first game &#;Drawful&#; which was developed and published by Jackbox Games. The party game was launched on June 21 It is a single as well as a multiplayer game in which one has to draw a figure or any structure, and the other player has to guess what it was with multiple choice question answers. This game was considered to be one of the best stress busters so far and has a different fan base. 

Wordhunters (): 

Best PS4 Trivia Games

The party trivia game &#;Wordhunters&#; was developed and published by Thumbfood limited and a collaboration of Thumbfood and wired productions. The game was launched on November 14, , and was highly appreciated by the critics along with the well to do game makers. This single-player game can also be categorized under word games and been the favourite stress buster for most of us. 


 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The trivia game &#;DOBUTSU SHOGI WORLD&#; was developed and published by Silver star Japan. The game was initially released on June 27 This game is a type of virtual Japanese board game named Shogi and guarantees to master you on it with three simple steps. Being irritatingly obtuse to play, it is also called Japanese chess. 

Fifty words by POWGI 

 Best PS4 Trivia Games

The third trivia game by POWGI, &#;Fifty words by POWGI&#; was developed and published by Lightwood Consultancy Limited. It was launched on September 3, , and can be called one of the best stress busters. In this game, the player has to find 50 meaningful words from a series of intertwined words and paint them with vibrant colours. It has no such list of particular words to find. 

Battle Trivia Knockout ():

Best PS4 Trivia Games

The name &#;Battle trivia knockout&#; says a lot about the game. It was developed and published by Happy dance games. The game was launched on September 22, In this game, one has to solve and answer the question on given trivia to avoid a knockout and continue to stick on the game. It is an indie game that gained a lot of hype and popularity just after its release by the critics and has been ranked as one of the best games so far by excited game makers.

Word Wheel by POWGI 

Best PS4 Trivia Games

Last but not least, and yet again from the POWGI series that has taken over the market completely when it comes to Trivia games. &#;The Word Wheel by POWGI&#; was developed and published by Lightwood Consultancy Limited. It was released on June 4, , and is one of the best stress busters. In this game, the player has to roll the giant wheel on the screen to get a random letter to produce a set of words beginning from the same. This puzzle game can be played both over the single-player and multiplayer modes. This game is also one of the most exciting trivia games so far and was highly appreciated by the critics.

Summing up 

Trivia games can be of two types. One of them is when the player has to use a lot of brain and IQ. Such type of trivia games has intellectual benefits and can also help one to increase their IQ. The second type, also called the party trivia games, is mostly played for entertainment in family and friends&#; gatherings. This type of game acts as outstanding stress busters. It varies from person to person on which category of the trivia games they select.



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8 PS4 Party Games Worth Squeezing Up On The Sofa For

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