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Enjoy board games and mini-games on the TV, play familiar tabletop games using the Wii U GamePad Controller, or transform your living room into a game show floor. No matter what kind of party you're throwing, Wii Party™ U offers something for everyone. Bundled with a Wii Remote Plus controller and stand at a suggested retail price of $49.99.


  • Everyone at the party competes with his or her own Mii characters in a medley of party games.
  • Experience new ways to play with others using the Wii U GamePad. For example, in "Lost-and-Found Square," imagine you are the person holding the GamePad and you are lost in a playground. Your goal is to describe your surroundings based on what you see on the GamePad in order to help the other players find your location.
  • Post your impressions of game sessions to Miiverse™. You can rate your performance by adding a one- to five-star ranking after the match is over.
  • When you want to leave the TV behind, you can choose to play exclusively on the Wii U GamePad with an array of 15 tabletop games, ranging from foosball to baseball, for two-player competitive and cooperative play.
  • In addition to the main games that everyone can play together, there are 80 minigames that can be played on your own. These include Tabletop Minigames that can be played with the Wii U GamePad only.

Release date:
Oct 25, 2013

up to 4 players



Nd CUBE CO., Ltd.

ESRB Rating:

*MSRP: Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price. Actual price may vary. See retailer for details.

*If eligible for a Just for You offer, the final price reflects the combined Sale and Just for You offers. The Just for You offer is discounted from the sale price.

Sours: https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/wii-party-u-wii-u/
Neighborhood Games

Neighborhood Games

January 12, 2009
Play 24 unique twists on classic neighborhood games including Football, Golf, Tennis, Ladder Golf, Lawn Darts, Horseshoes, Bocce, and more. Fine tuned controls. Enjoy intuitive controls for a pick up and play experience for the whole family-use the Wii Remote to throw the football, shoot the basketball, toss the horseshoe and roll the bocce ball just to name a few. Conquer the neighborhood! Play by yourself or challenge your friends and family. Taunt your opponents! From the sidelines, break their concentration and giving yourself the advantage. Become part of the neighborhood! Create your own fully customizable, playable characters with endless combinations. [THQ]
Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree

Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree

December 19, 2008
Every year, the people of Redneck County gather to compete in the great Redneck Jamboree! Come join them, and test your redneck skills in 12 hilarious events to gain more bottle caps then any of the four families participating to become the greatest family of the county for a year. Not only will you get bragging rights, but you'll also get the privilege to move in "The Big Trailer" where fabulous redneck luxuries await. Saddle up, partner, it's going to be a bumpy ride. [Zoo Games]
Family Party: 30 Great Games

Family Party: 30 Great Games

December 2, 2008
Fun for kids of all ages, Family Party: 30 Great Games lets up to 4 players participate in wide variety of fun and addictive party games. It features everything from track and field, to playground games, to shooting games. Customized for the Wii Remote, it showcases the variety of gameplay and madcap action possible on the Wii.
Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party

Rayman Raving Rabbids: TV Party

November 18, 2008
First they invaded the world and, now your TV. The Rabbids have taken over almost every channel you can imagine, from music to movies – even TV ads. Help the Rabbids destroy all our daily viewing and drive Rayman crazy. In Story Mode, play through a week of television, with each day bringing new wacky challenges of skill and insane movements in a compilation of mini-games. With up to eight players in turn-based mode and four players simultaneously, get ready for you and all your friends to go insane. Unique use of the Wii Balance Board: Play loads of exciting new games with the new Wii Balance Board and experience the first game in the world that you can play with your rear end. New wacky games. 65+ brand-new games that spoof popular culture, from TV series to TV classics, not to mention insane ads. Play co-op or battle your friends simultaneously with up to four players, or go crazy with up to eight players in party mode. You can even sabotage your friends while they are playing. Unique use of the Wii Remote. Discover new and innovative ways to play with eight types of gameplay, including shaking, precision, dexterity and balance. Shake that Rabbid. Use the Wii Remote and Wii Balance Board to dance and wiggle your booty. Customize your bunny. Pimp your bunny out, take his photo and send it to your friends online. [Ubisoft]
Game Party 2

Game Party 2

October 6, 2008
[Also known as "More Game Party" in the UK/EU] With 11 games in all, Game Party 2 for the Nintendo Wii includes fun to play games that will provide hours of enjoyment with friends and family. Game Party 2 features new games like Bean Bags, Horseshoes, Lawn Darts, Puck Bowling and more. Each game, including classics like Skill Ball, Darts and Hoop Shoot has exciting new features like four player mode, customizable characters and tournament play, making Game Party 2 the ultimate party game for all ages and skill levels. [Midway]
Wonder World Amusement Park

Wonder World Amusement Park

July 8, 2008
All of the fun and thrills of your favorite amusement parks and carnivals are now available in your living room. In Wonder World Amusement Park, you can take your customized character through a fully 3D park with five themed zones and hop on five heart-pounding interactive rides. Play through a huge variety of mini-games as you win outfits and prizes for your unique character. Step right up and test your skills in a fun filled experience for the whole family. [Majesco]
Bomberman Land

Bomberman Land

January 29, 2008
Bomberman Land brings together 3 exciting game modes into one. The series introduces a bevy of mini-games, where most can be played in multiplayer mode. The PSP system version features 50 mini-games, the Wii features 50, and the DS has 40 unique mini-games. In addition, the Bomberman Land series features a robust single-player Story Mode, where players can explore a fantasy land and solve quests and puzzles with the ultimate goal of restoring peace and tranquility to the beleaguered Bomberman world. Best of all, the game includes the Battle Pack Mode, the classic multiplayer Bomberman experience that gamers know and love. The PSP system and the DS versions both allow gamers to share one game cartridge and network with friends to create the ultimate party game. [Hudson Soft]
Furu Furu Park

Furu Furu Park

January 17, 2008
Furu Furu Park is a collection of 30 arcade-style games that take advantage of the Wii Remote’s range of motion to engage and entertain players of all skill levels and ages. Arkanoid: an arcade classic pitting paddle and ball against a wall of blocks; Pinch Hitter: step up to the plate and take a few swings with the Wii Remote; Bubble Bobble: hold the Wii Remote like an NES controller to burst all of the bubbles in this retro arcade puzzler; Safe Cracker: Memorize the combination then enter the code by tilting your Wii Remote left and right to crack the safe; Sonic Blastman 20XX: Clutch your Wii Remote and punch at the screen to destroy asteroids heading for earth; Super Karate: Execute offensive and defensive maneuvers with your Wii Remote to defeat your opponent. Players can also face off against a friend in three multiplayer modes: Free Battle, Panel Attack and Love Challenge where players will have to compete to win female affection. [Majesco]
Game Party

Game Party

November 27, 2007
Game Party for the Wii is a collection of classic skill games from around the world, from American sports venues to European gathering spots. Using the Wii’s unique control interface, you can play classics such as darts; modern favorites such as table hockey and hoop shoot, or participate in multiplayer trivia contests. More than a half dozen games are available. [Midway]
Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

Rayman Raving Rabbids 2

November 15, 2007
After invading the world of Rayman, the insane Rabbids have a new objective: THE INVASION OF PLANET EARTH! Setting their home base at a shopping mall, the Rabbids try to study human behavior and mimic everything humans do in funny, illogical ways. As part of their training, the Rabbids must carry out several missions around the globe to prepare themselves for world domination. Rayman will attempt to infiltrate the Rabbids, disguised as one of them, in a mission to foil their crazy plans and save Earth. Game features include: 60 brand-new games that spoof popular culture and are even wackier than those featured in the first Rayman Raving Rabbids. Unique use of the Wii Remote – Discover new, innovative ways to play, with eight types of gameplay, including shaking, precision, dexterity and balance. Travel around the world - Take Rayman on a world tour to defend Earth from the Rabbids invasion. Travel to five different regions such as the USA, Europe and Asia, where players will challenge the Rabbids in the local environments. Customize Rayman and the Rabbids - Use more than 110 items (skins, hats, accessories and clothes) to dress Rayman and create your own Rabbids. Unleash your creativity with over 540K customization combinations. Multiplayer experience – Play co-op or battle up to three friends in all the games unlocked in the single-player campaign. [Ubisoft]
Carnival Games

Carnival Games

August 28, 2007
Carnival Games feature 25 popular games from classic carnivals, including Clown Splash, Milk Can Toss, Nerves of Steel, Lucky Cups, Hoops, Day at the Races and Dunk Tank. Players can win over 250 upgradeable prizes ranging from a goldfish to giant stuffed animals. Character-customizing items like a pirate's wardrobe and a Viking helmet are also there to be won. The game features a fortune teller who reveals a player's fate for a price. The moment you step into Carnival Games you can almost smell the funnel cakes as you are greeted by the barker and the sights and sounds of a classic carnival. The game was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the capabilities of the Wii Remote, so the flick of your wrist in Alley Ball makes the difference between scoring an impressive 100 points and a lowly 10 points. The ability to pound the Wii Remote like a sledgehammer with the right mix of power and finesse in Test of Strength determines whether you are a Contender or a Grandma.
Mario Party 8

Mario Party 8

May 29, 2007
Play with motion control! Row your way down a river, punch a statue to pieces, steer race cars and mopeds, and handle a balancing pole while walking a tightrope. Play with the pointer. Drag and drop decorations onto cakes, shoot Boos in haunted house, quickly choose your answer in a game show. Mash those Wii Remote buttons. Jump and pummel your way through a football brawl, hop and run across an obstacle course of spinning platforms. Mario Party 8 includes six brand-new boards, dozens of minigames and many new modes. In a franchise first, you can collect special power-ups and transform your character into a boulder that smashes rivals or a coin-sucking vampire. Mario Party 8 includes "extra-large" minigames like Star Carnival Bowling and Table Menace. [Nintendo]
Tamagotchi Party On!

Tamagotchi Party On!

May 29, 2007
This 3D party game based on the Tamagotchi franchise promises tons of fun as up-to-four players can go head-to-head in the most comical and cute campaign race to become the most popular Tamagotchi on Tamagotchi Planet. Tamagotchi Party On! is a seamless blend of both party game and board game as players swing, shake, and turn their Wii controllers in order to control their favorite Tamagotchi. Swing your Wii controllers and turn the whole planet into your playing board. Tamagotchi Party On! allows players to choose their favorite virtual pet and engage in a hilarious campaign to become the next president of Tamagotchi Planet. Earn your popularity by going up against three friends or solo in over 15 unique and totally addictive mini-games including shaking hands, finding lost children, and testing your public speaking skills. In order to succeed at each of these mini games, players have to swing, shake, point, turn and twist their Wii controllers in order to increase their popularity. Gamers can also use Gotchi points that they earn along the way to level up their characters and customize their very own campaign headquarters. With over six different towns to win over and tons of popularity points to be earned in a number of fun and quirky mini-games, Tamagotchi Party On! brings out the fun in politics without all the mudslinging! Be happy! Be popular! Be president! [Namco Bandai Games]
Wii Play

Wii Play

February 12, 2007
In Wii Play, the star of the game is you. Create your own personal Mii character with the Wii console's built-in Mii Channel and then play as yourself in this compilation of nine simple, fun games like target shooting, table tennis and fishing. Wii Play comes bundled with a free Wii Remote, so a friend can instantly join in the action in any of the included games. You can play at home or save your Mii on your Wii Remote and play with it on a friend's console, or use any of the six ready-made guest characters. Wii Play's nine different games are the perfect introduction to what the Wii Remote can do: Shooting Range - A modern version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt. Shoot the targets on the screen simply by aiming your Wii Remote. Find Mii - Can you spot a face in the crowd? Use your Wii Remote to point out the correct Mii characters as quickly as you can. Table Tennis - How long can you ping pong? Use your Wii Remote like a paddle to bat the ball and try to beat the computer or human opponent. Pose Mii - Twist the Wii Remote to rotate the Mii characters and quickly slot them into the correct positions as they fall down the screen. Laser Hockey - Tilt and turn the Wii Remote to bash the puck into the opponent's goal, in this high-speed arcade-style game. Billiards - In this version of Nine Ball, aim the Wii Remote at the screen to line up your shot, then pull back and push forward to strike the ball. Fishing - Move the Wii Remote like a rod: dip the hook in the water, wait for the fish to bite (the controller will rumble) and pull back hard to land it. Charge - Take the bull by the horns! Steer your wild steer by holding the Wii Remote sideways, as if gripping reins, and topple scarecrows to score points. Tanks - Take control of a tank with the Wii Remote; aim the cannon, bounce shells off walls, and blast your opponent to bits. [Nintendo Europe]
WarioWare: Smooth Moves

WarioWare: Smooth Moves

January 15, 2007
Wario and his pals learn fun, wacky moves after discovering a strange book and a mystical device called the Form Baton. Familiar characters from the WarioWare universe will return to this installment and some new ones will appear. Players must clear fast-paced sets of microgames, changing the way they hold the Wii Remote each time. As they do, they'll unlock more microgames and souvenirs. The WarioWare team took an idea so wacky, it could only be made with the latest technology ... the Wii Remote. WarioWare is back with a whole new set of moves. When Wario stumbles upon a strange device called a Form Baton, he and his friends use it to learn new moves that are as fun as they are wacky. With hundreds of microgames, this game is just as wild as you'd expect from the name WarioWare, but the game play has been revolutionized. Under Wario's tutelage, and with the help of the Wii Remote, players will swing, spin and squat their way to victory. With about 200 lightning-quick microgames and controls that range from scribbling to flailing, WarioWare: Smooth Moves takes interactive gaming to a whole new level. All players need is a Wii Remote and their best moves to be the champ. [Nintendo]
Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz

November 14, 2006
The single-player puzzle levels in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz have been designed to challenge gamers' skills like never before. For the first time in the Super Monkey Ball franchise, AiAi and his friends have the ability to jump when players flick the Nintendo Wii controller in an upward motion. The ability to jump has given game designers another dimension in which to expand the Super Monkey Ball gameplay experience and allows gamers a whole new way to interact with the franchise; this time in true three-dimensional fashion. The Party Games return with more variety than ever. An abundance of new Party Games have been designed to take advantage of the Wii controller in a multitude of ways. Gamers find themselves competing in a traditional game of ring toss, or even smacking pesky moles in a game of "Whack-a-Mole." [Sega]
Sours: https://www.metacritic.com/browse/games/genre/date/party/wii
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Wii Party is a party game developed by NDcube and Nintendo and published by Nintendo in 2010 for the Wii. It is a game that features gameplay that often needs more than two players. A sequel, Wii Party U, was released for the Wii U on October 25, 2013. Wii Party is often compared with the Mario Party series, mainly because it heavily borrows gameplay elements from those games. Wii Party is also the first game in the Wii series (Wii Sports/Wii Play/Wii Music etc.) that Shigeru Miyamoto didn't produce. The game was released in Japan on July 8, 2010, in North America on October 3, 2010, in Australia on October 7, 2010, and in Europe on October 8, 2010.


Wii Party has 4 different playable modes. House Party Games, Party Games, Pair Games, & Minigame Modes.

House Party Games:

Party Games:

Pair Games:

Minigame Modes:

In Wii Party, there are a variety of minigames that you usually play after every turn or every couple turns depending on what Party or Pair game you are playing. There are four types of minigames in Wii Party. 4-Player, 1 Vs 3 and 1 Vs 1 that usually activate on special spaces and Pair that only appear in Pair Games and can not be played in Party Games. Minigame Modes allow the player to play all four types of Minigames depending on what mode you choose as well as Challenge Minigames that can only be played by choosing Challenge Mode. The host of Wii Party is Party Phil who occasionally commentates on what is happening as well as telling players how to play the mode they choose if they want to.


Wii Party received mixed or average reviews according to Metacritic[1] with a score of 68. The highest critic score was from Play.tm who gave it an 89/100 with the lowest coming from Metro GameCentral who gave it 30/100.

However, it was generally well-received by audiences, and has an audience score of 7.8.


  • When you play with a Mii that has lipstick, its lipstick is always red, which happens to some of the CPUMiis as well (although the lipstick doesn't change when you pick a Mii that already has red lipstick).
  • In the Japanese version of the game, a robotic girl voice will explain the minigame's controls and instructions.
    • A male voice will say 3 (san), 2 (ni), 1 (ichi), before it says スタート! (Sutāto!) ("Start" in Japanese) as well.
  • The location you start at in Globe Trot is based off of the region you’re in, for example, if you’re playing in North America you start in the USA, if you’re playing in Europe you start in Germany, etc.
  • There is something exclusive only to the Japanese version of Wii Party: A House Party game called Quick Draw.
  • In some of the game's official artwork, Miis are depicted wearing outfits that correspond with their favorite color, as opposed to in-game, where a player Mii's outfit color will always correspond with their player color (Player 1 = Blue, Player 2 = Red, Player 3 = Green, and Player 4 = Yellow).
  • In the channel intro, Andy, Guest E,Takumi,Abby,Nick, Maria, Saburo, Rachel,Chris, and Keiko all appear.


Sours: https://wiisports.fandom.com/wiki/Wii_Party
Wii Party Series - All Funny Minigames - JinnaGaming

Wii Party

Wii Party is a party game developed by Nintendo for the Wii gaming console. The game is an evolution in the party game genre, in which along with standard Wii party game action beloved by gamers, players use the Wii Remote in new ways that encourage player interaction in the physical gameplay space, affecting in-game action. The game features more than 70 party games, broken into multiple game categories, 1-4 player game support and new and fun ways to integrate Miis into your gameplay.

Wii Party game logo
Example of Wii Party innovative use of the Wii Remote

Utilize the Wii Remote in a whole new way with family and friends.
View larger.

An Electronic Game Board for the Whole Family

Most video games require players to focus their attention on a screen, but now Nintendo brings the action into the living room with Wii Party, a game that changes the way people interact with other players.

Wii Party is a family-friendly party game featuring 13 different party game modes and 70+ mini-games. Individual games are diverse in design, incorporate importable or system generated Miis, and fall into several different categories. These include: Party Games supporting 1-4 players that in some cases utilize an in-game game board, navigated with the use of Miis and dice rolls; Pair Games, supporting up to two players in co-op play; and House Party Games, which support 2-4 live players and utilize the Wii Remote to create differing dynamics between players.

Key Game Features

  • Some of the 13 different party game modes take the fun out of the TV and into the living room. Players have to interact with one another in the real world to get the results they want in the game. Examples of House Party gameplay include:
    • A take off on "Spoons", in which players place their Wii Remotes on a table. Each one emits a different animal noise. Players win the round by being the first to grab the controller that is making the sound of the animal shown on the TV.
    • Players use Wii Remote controllers to play Hide and Go Seek, where one player asks the other players to leave the room and then hides all of the controllers around the living room. When the other players return, they have to find them.
  • Wii Party features multiplayer variety. Some of the party game modes are cooperative, such as "Balance Boat." Others are competitive, such as "Board Game Island."
  • In Board Game Island mode, players help their Mii characters compete in more than 70 different mini-games:
    • Mii characters ride a rollercoaster while players try to shoot down floating balloons containing gifts.
    • Players use their Wii Remote controllers to help Mii characters navigate a virtual game of tag.
  • For multiplayer modes, additional Wii Remote controllers are required and are sold separately.

Additional Screenshots

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Wii-Party/dp/B003O6DZSQ

Party wii

Wii Party

2010 party video game published by Nintendo

2010 video game

Wii Party[a] is a party video game developed and published by Nintendo for the Wiivideo game console.[4] The game heavily borrows game play elements from the Mario Party series, another Nintendo franchise. It is also the first game in the Wii series that Shigeru Miyamoto did not produce.[5] The game was released in Japan on July 8, 2010,[2] in North America on October 3, 2010, in Australia on October 7, 2010, and in Europe on October 8, 2010. Wii Party was revealed by Satoru Iwata in a Financial Results Briefing on May 7, 2010.[6] It received somewhat mixed to positive reviews from critics and sold 9.35 million copies worldwide as of September 2019. A sequel, Wii Party U, was released for the Wii U on October 25, 2013.


Friendly Face-Off, one of the minigames in Wii Party,in which players race to complete puzzles of their Miis' faces.

Wii Party features nine different game modes divided between three categories: Party Games, House Party Games, and Pair Games. Most of the game modes integrate use of Wii Party's 80 minigames. The game also offers additional modes that make exclusive use of the minigames.

Party Games[edit]

Party Games are games in which up to four players compete against one another.

Board Game Island
A player rolls dice and proceeds the indicated number of steps (Miis are used as players' game pieces). The player who reaches the top of the island first wins.
Globe Trot
Players turn over numbered cards and move the indicated number of spaces. Players win coins in minigames that can be used to purchase vehicle cards to help them advance, or at airports and seaports to travel long distances. When players reach a hot spot, they can purchase a souvenir photo for 10 coins. After 10 rounds, overtime begins and the first player to reach a hot spot and take a souvenir photo ends the game, winning a bonus photo. The player who has collected the most souvenir photos at that point wins, ties are broken by number of coins.
Swap Meet (known as Mii of a Kind in the PAL versions)
Players take turns choosing a Mii from the middle to swap out with a Mii from their area. Players who collect three Miis with outfits of the same color in two different rows win points. Various bonuses are based on how Miis are matched. The player who has the most points after a set number of rounds is the winner.
Players take turns spinning a wheel to earn medals. Depending on where the wheel stops, players can win medals, lose medals, or add medals to the bank. Players can also win medals saved up in the bank by winning minigames. After ten rounds, overtime begins, and the game ends after ten rounds or until any player wins a Bank Battle. The player with the most medals wins.
Players check off Miis on their bingo cards that match Mii balls that drop from a large bingo machine. If a minigame ball drops from the bingo machine, players play a minigame and the winner checks off a Mii of their choice. The first player to complete a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row gets a bingo and is the winner.

Pair Games[edit]

Pair Games are designed for two players and are either cooperative or competitive.

Friend Connection
The players answer five questions before playing a cooperative minigame to test if they are a good pair or a bad pair. They get a better score if their answers to the questions are identical, and if they do well in the minigame.
Balance Boat
Players work together to balance twenty Miis on the sails of a ship without tipping the ship over.
Players match up Miis wearing shirts of the same color into pairs to score points. The color of the Mii shirts are hidden until chosen. If players fail to match up a pair, they lose their turn. Players occasionally play duel minigames against each other to win a second turn. The player with the most points at the end of the game is the winner.

House Party[edit]

House Party Games are activities that focus on the players' environments, with most of them prohibiting the use of the Wii Remote's wrist strap due to the unique ways the controller is being manipulated. One of the games, Quick Draw, is exclusive to the Japanese version.

Animal Tracker
This game involves lining up Wii Remotes so all players can reach them. An animal comes up on screen and makes a sound, in which each Wii Remote will make an animal sound but only one of them will mimic the animal sound on the tv screen. Whoever grabs the correct Wii Remote scores a point. First to 3 points wins.
Hide and Hunt
One player hides all Wii Remotes that will be used. Everyone else has a time limit to search for all of them. Every 10 seconds, each Wii Remote will make an animal sound to make locating them easier.
Time Bomb
Only one Wii Remote is used regardless of number of players. Players gently pass it while holding the button shown on the screen. If the Wii Remote is shaken too much or the wrong button is pressed, the bomb will explode.
Word Bomb
Only one Wii Remote is used regardless of number of players. Players pass it like it’s a bomb after saying a word that matches the given category. Whoever is holding the bomb when it explodes loses.

Buddy Quiz: This game is the only one in the house category that requires 3-4 players. After choosing a player to act as the "Buddy", the other players attempt to predict the Buddy's answers to various questions about themself and get points for predicting correctly.

Minigame modes[edit]

Free Play
Players play any of the minigames provided.
Two or four players face off in minigames to determine who will win the most minigames.
This mode features minigames that get progressively harder for players.
This is a one player minigame quest in which the player challenges five, ten or fifty minigames, to reach the rocket and attempts to last as long as they can.
Spot the Sneak (known as Rule Reversal in the PAL version)
A player is arbitrarily assigned to be the sneak in each minigame. The sneak is given help from the game to cheat in each minigame (such as zombies chasing everyone else besides them) but must attempt to avoid being caught using the advantage. After each round, players vote for who they suspect the sneak is, and the sneak isn’t penalized regardless of who they pick. Correctly guess and that player steals 10 to 20 points from the sneak. Incorrectly guess and the sneak steals 10 to 20 points from that player.


After the development of Mario Party 8, several of Hudson Soft's key designers left to work for Nintendo subsidiary NDcube.[7]Wii Party was first revealed to the public by Satoru Iwata during a presentation to investors at E3 2010 on May 7, 2010.[6] In an Iwata Asks interview, NDcube said that "One of the attractions of Mario Party is that you can play with your favorite character", but they "thought that using Mii characters would strengthen the impression that you yourself are playing together with your friends." Iwata also hoped "people will play Wii Party for years to come as the new standard in party game software."[5]



Wii Party received mixed reviews from critics, with an average Metacritic score of 68/100.[9]GameSpot awarded Wii Party a score of 8 out of 10, praising the wide variety of minigames and modes. GameSpot also added that the game's multiplayer mode "is a blast," and believe that Wii Party is "faster and better" than Mario Party.[13] Nintendo World Report also gave the game an 8/10, citing that "A common complaint about Mario Party is that it has too many things that slow gameplay down to a near halt, such as multiple traps on one game board and waiting for the player to finish his or her turn. Wii Party avoids this by speeding up gameplay".[17]IGN gave the game a 7/10, criticizing the graphics as bright and colorful, but "not exactly pretty", but praising Nintendo for doing a good job of allowing players to follow instructions to get through objectives.[15]GameTrailers gave the game a 7.9, saying "Aside from a few dud modes and some minor control issues, there isn't a whole lot to fault."[14]

Phil Kollar of Game Informer stated in a negative review that "Wii Party's 80-plus minigames share the same uneven quality I've come to expect from Mario Party, which makes sense given that many of them are iterations of games from that series. The metagames are even worse. Whereas Mario Party gave players multiple boards to play through, Wii Party features multiple game types, each less exciting than the last."[12]


In its first week of release in Japan, Wii Party sold 230,000 units and was the country's best-selling game that week.[18] As of October 5, 2010, Wii Party has sold 1,350,791 units in Japan.[19] The game has sold 9.35 million copies worldwide as of September 2020.[20]


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Wii Party (Nintendo Wii, 2010)

Product Information

  • After the Wii-ification of sports, fitness, and music games in Wii Sports, Wii Fit, and Wii Music, respectively, Nintendo aims to apply its unique brand of family friendly multiplayer gaming to the party genre in Wii Party. There are more than a dozen different game modes, and over 80 mini-games broken down into "House Party" mode, "Party Games" mode, and "Pair Games" mode.

    The "House Party" mode is designed to encourage non-traditional uses of the Wii Remote, such as asking gamers to put their controllers on a table and grab the first one that makes a specific noise, or proposing a game of hide and seek in which one player stashes the Wii Remotes around the living room for the rest of the party to find.

    The "Party Games" mode is slightly more traditional, offering up to four gamers the chance to take on Bingo or a variety of board games, while "Pair Games" mode specializes in two-player co-op or competitive action. The mini-games run the gamut, from horse racing and chopping down trees, to riding roller coasters and playing tag, and of course the entire game supports custom "Mii" characters.

Product Identifiers

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Product Key Features

  • Release Year


  • Genre

    Action/Adventure, Adventure, Action/Adventure

  • Platform

    Nintendo Wii

  • Game Name

    Wii Party

Additional Product Features

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  • ESRB Descriptor

    Mild Cartoon Violence

  • Game Name Special Features

    More than 80 party-themed mini-games and over a dozen game modes Join up to three friends for co-op and competitive multiplayer action Get in on the action with custom "Mii" characters

  • Location


Sours: https://www.ebay.com/p/92968370

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