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2015 GolfPH Holiday Gift Guide

2015 GolfPH Holiday Gift Guide

What to give the golfer that has everything?

No Kidding…

That’s what we were wondering when we came out with our first GolfPH Holiday Gift Guide last year.

[Click Here for the 2014 GolfPH Holiday Gift Guide]

It was actually one of our most popular posts. So popular, that we’ve decided to come out with another version for this year.

We figured, Christmas is fast approaching and your opportunities to pick the perfect gift for your loved one are getting slim. Don’t procrastinate this season and make sure you choose something they will really love from this list. It is the time to give and the time to receive, so… make sure you pick something in there for yourself as well.


The Glove Caddie (495 PHP)

The Glove Caddie

The Gift That Makes You A Pro

Take your glove off when you putt and putt like the pros.

With the Glove Caddie, winner of the ‘Best New Product’ Award at the 2013 PGA Golf Merchandise Show, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your glove. Licensed by the PGA, the Glove Caddie is a small compact tool that you can attach to your belt or pants that sticks to your glove with velcro. It is also a good tool to use to air out your glove and give it room to breathe.

At only 500php, it is a must have for your typical golfer. You can find the Glove Caddie at Bravo Golf, Pacsports, Pin High Golf at Villamor and Army Golf, and at the Callaway Golf store in Alabang.

1 Hr Club Fitting Session w/ Jake Ong  (1,000 PHP)

1 Hr Club Fitting Session w/ Jake Ong  (1,000 PHP)

The Gift For Everyone

When it comes to the game of golf, everyone is looking for an immediate way to get better. It doesn’t matter what level in the game you are at. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you play. The goal will always still be the same and that is, to get a better score.

The #1 thing that will help your game RIGHT AWAY is to get “Club Fitted.”

This Christmas, do yourself a favor and get clubs that are meant for you. Quit making your life so difficult. Golf wasn’t meant to be that stressful. If you feel like helping a friend or loved one out too, get him/her the gift that keeps on giving everyday out on the course.

Get custom fitted by Jake Ong of Custom Clubmakers, one of the best in the country for only 1000PHP.

For more information, please email us back at [email protected].

Electronic Golf Putting Cup (949 PHP)

Electronic Golf Putting Cup (949 PHP)

The “Absolutely Necessary” Gift

The Electronic Golf Putting Cup is our absolutely necessary gift for any golfer. It gives the beginner of the avid golfer a break wherever you are. Whether you are playing at home or in the office, there is no easier way to keep your putts on track than with this device. You can use it anywhere, anytime. It is so conveniently small that it can fit in a briefcase or an overnight bag or even your back pocket (if you have big pants pockets :))!  Sounds great right? You gotta have one!

Pashion Potty Putter Golf Set (1,031 PHP)

Pashion Potty Putter Golf Set (1,031 PHP)

Best “Gag” Golf Gift

The average man spends over 1 Hour a week on the toilet. For some people it’s even longer. Are you looking for a perfect gift for the man of the hour? Good news! We found it!

The Potty Putter makes a great gift item for that special someone who doesn’t mind spending a little bit more time on their throne. Most of us spend our time doing something unproductive on our phones, but why not make use of this time to improve your short game.

Here’s how it works. Set up the green nicely against the base of your toilet bowl. Sit down. Grab the putter. Line up your shot and try to make it in the hole. Very simple. Very easy to use and it looks much better in a bachelor pad bathroom than your typical toilet seat cover set. This is one of the greatest gag gifts to give to the golfer in your life.

The Original ’10 Year’ Glenmorangie (1,700 PHP)

The Original ’10 Year’ Glenmorangie (1,700 PHP)

The “Classy Practical” Gift

If you are looking for a classy, yet practical gift to give your Father in law, Boss, colleague, or pretty much any golfer… you can never go wrong with a fine bottle of scotch. The box and bottle are worth of creating a display in the office or home. It is a gift for people to celebrate with and share amazing stories while sharing a drink together. Perfect for bringing families and friends together this holiday season!

My personal recommendation, which also happens to be the best selling single malt in Scotland for the past 30 years is the original 10 year Glenmorangie. If you are also feeling a bit more generous, you can also get the Glenmorangie 12 yr (Quinta Ruban) , which I am sure they will love.

You can find most Glenmorangie products at your nearest Rustans or maybe some of the other supermarkets.

Certified UNHS Golf Handicap (37% off) 

Certified UNHS Golf Handicap (37% off)

The “Useful” Gift

Your handicap score is a great way for you to track your score, keep yourself accountable and look at your progress from previous years. It is also absolutely necessary as many international or official tournaments here in the Philippines require you to submit your “Handicap Score” when entering.

Most people don’t really understand or know how to calculate their own score, so why not let the UNHS do it for you?

At 37% it’s totally worth it. Get it today before the price goes up.

10 Pcs Joke Nude Lady Golf Tees (416 PHP)

10 Pcs Joke Nude Lady Golf Tees (416 PHP)

The Gift that “Laughs”

Get the gift that will be the laugh of the night.

These shapely golf tees aren’t just attractive tees. The manufacturers of these beauties thought of everything. You can use multipurpose tees as a ball marker and a divot tool! Once you pop these out on the course, you will surely attract a lot of looks and share a few great jokes with your golf buddies. They are stronger than the wooden tees and can take quite the spanking.

Wait until you surprise your friends the next time you tee-up. I am pretty sure they’ve never played with a tee like this and you’ll definitely grab their attention.

Backyard Golf Practice Hole Cup (566 PHP)

Backyard Golf Practice Hole Cup (566 PHP)

The “Green” Gift

Practice makes Perfect! For most of us, practicing means loading up your clubs, getting into your car and sitting in endless minutes in the car as you drive to the nearest driving range with a putting area. For most of us, our short game is the bane of our entire existence on the course. Your short game usually is the determining factor between a par or a double bogey. A putting return device in the office over carpet just doesn’t cut it.

To be able to achieve success in your short game, you need to practice as much as you can in the most realistic setting, which usually means on grass. Take your passion to your backyard or garden. Stop wasting that green area outside and install your own putting green that your friends will envy.

This Backyard Golf Practice Hole Cup will allow you to play and practice in the likeness of your own home. It is also unique and makes an excellent holiday gift for any golfer.

3 Golf Lessons from a US PGA Pro – Over 50% Off (3500 PHP)

3 Golf Lessons from a US PGA Pro – Over 50% Off (3500 PHP)

The “Invaluable” Gift

For the month of December only, Daniel Sais from Esquire Golf Management will be giving over 50% off his 3 Lesson Packages. Each package comes with 3 – 1 Hr individual lessons in the Metro Manila area. You can schedule these private lessons anytime throughout the year that works for you and start your 2016 year out right. It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned golfer looking to make a small tweak in your game or a beginner looking to start with direction on how to hold the club.

Daniel Sais is a certified US PGA Instructor. He is now based in the Philippines and currently works with several Local professional and amateur golfers. Experience what it’s like training like a pro. Get a 3 Lesson Package today for only 3500PHP.

To sign up, please call Dan at 0917 562 1134. Or you can email your inquiries to [email protected].

Portable Travel Indoor Golf Putting Kit (1,408 PHP)

Portable Travel Indoor Golf Putting Kit (1,408 PHP)

The “Travel Essential” Gift

I once used this to putt at an airport. No joke. It was actually a pretty good time killer for my layover and it definitely drew a lot of looks. It is portable, unique and easy to set up. It also makes for a great present when you’ve run out of options for anyone you know that golfs. The quality of the set is great and like we have said many times before, “practice makes perfect!”

This portable travel indoor putting set is a no brainer for the typical jet setter/road warrior. It’s light, portable, easy to use and will keep your game sharp no matter you are. Leave it in your briefcase, trunk of your car or carry on luggage. You won’t regret it.

Stay and Play Christmas Vacation in Baguio for 4 

Stay and Play Christmas Vacation in Baguio for 4

The “Family” Gift

When’s the last time you’ve given your family a gift that they will remember 5 years later? Do something different this Christmas. Take your family out of the city and have a real Chilly Christmas experience in the City of Pines. With our special package, there will be plenty of things for the kids to do while you golf at the famous Camp John Hay and Baguio Golf and Country Club.

For more information, please email us at [email protected]

Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker (2,100 PHP)

Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker (2,100 PHP)

The “Everyday Essential” Gift

If you are anything like me, you enjoy sipping on a fine cup of craft coffee.

Said by many as the best way to make coffee, the Aerobie Aeropress Coffee Maker is a great fit to the golfer lifestyle because it lets you enjoy great coffee whether we are at the office or at home in less the just a few minutes! The great thing is you can make it anywhere as long as you have access to hot water. No electricity required and your cup will be filled with the aroma of a fine brew in minutes. Many people who travel for work take this with them because the hotel 3-in-1 coffee pack just doesn’t cut it.

I have one myself and I’ll tell you this. It makes good coffee great!

Garmin Approach G8 Black (18,869 PHP)

Garmin Approach G8 Black (18,869 PHP)

The “Caddie Buster” Gift

Don’t trust those caddies. Not all of them at least.

With the Garmin Approach, you will know the exact distance to the green no matter where you are in the course. It is really accurate and detects your exact location through GPS. It even has most of the Philippine golf courses. You can use it anywhere in the world and it will give you that extra advantage on the course in knowing exactly where to hit your ball. Sometimes you just can’t see the green from where you are, so why guess?

This is definitely a golf gift worth considering even for yourself.

The GolfPH Discount Card – 25% off (see plans)

The GolfPH Discount Card – 25% off (see plans)

The Gift That Lasts All Year

Of course… it doesn’t make sense if we don’t promote our favorite Discount Golf Card in the Philippines. With this card, you’ll have discounts and playing access at over 43 golf courses in the Philippines. It’s also specially priced at 25% off with a free talking golf ball worth 550PHP. Shipping is included and you will get it within 3 business days. Usually it’s faster, but we want to beat your expectations. Give the gift that lasts all year. Save money on becoming a shareholder and play at most courses in the country without paying monthly dues.

If you aren’t already a member, become one today because the price will be going up after the holidays.

Titleist Golf Valuables Pouch (715 PHP)

Titleist Golf Valuables Pouch (715 PHP)

The Golfers “Man Purse” Gift

Are you like me and carry too much stuff on the course? Phone, wallets, range finder, extra balls, selfie stick… etc. Do you often lose things within all the pockets of your golf bag? Have you ever left something in the cup holder of your golf cart and didn’t realize it until you drove all the way back to Manila?

Save yourself some time and stress by putting everything in one place. Don’t worry about losing anything anymore and get yourself one of these very cool durable pouches. The Titleist Golf Valuables Pouch is the perfect pouch to bring with you on the course. It has enough space to keep your gear in tip top shape and comes in a variety of colors to match your style.

1 Week of Golf and Fun in Thailand ($1286 per person)

1 Week of Golf and Fun in Thailand ($1286 per person)

The “Exotic” Gift

With it’s world-class golf, friendly culture, delicious food and affordable rates, Thailand has emerged as the number one golf destination in Asia (#2 in the world).

This June, we have been invited to join one of the biggest amateur golf tournaments in the country. The 3rd Centara World Masters Golf Championship will be held on June 12-18, 2016 at Hua Hin, Thailand. Experience world class golf resorts with all the trappings of a major professional golf event through this tournament. You will also experience more than just the golf because you will have the opportunity to discover great food and enjoy the entertainment or historical sites that Thailand has to offer!

This tournament boasts US$30,000 worth of golf prizes and you get the chance to win the lucky prize draws for luxury golfing holidays including an all-expense paid roundtrip to the Centara World Masters.

For more inquiries, kindly send an email to [email protected]

HONMA BERES IS-03 Irons (15% OFF)

HONMA BERES IS-03 Irons (15% OFF)

Time to upgrade your irons? Check out one of Honma‘s newest irons, the Beres IS-03 which is their #1 selling iron set.

These forged irons were designed in a way to provide average players with much more trajectory and forgiveness when they hit the ball. It’s newly designed head and weight distribution allows mid-high handicappers get a better feel when they play which would lead to getting better contact.

The clubs also look pretty elegant and unique in luxurious gold.

Right now these clubs are on sale for 15% off at Empire Golf & Sports Shop in the Erechem Bldg. Legaspi Village, Makati, and SM Aura from December 1-31, 2015. Hurry and get a set today.

Wi-Fi Camera Quadcopter Drone (3,599 PHP)

Wi-Fi Camera Quadcopter Drone (3,599 PHP)

The “Techy Cool” Gift

Drones are one of the hottest things to have launched in the public toy market since last year. When you heard the word, you thought “wow that’s so cool,” but automatically associated it with something that wasn’t practical to buy because it was just not affordable. The great news is that today there are so many awesome and affordable models like this Wi-Fi Quadcopter Drone out on the market. It boasts features that earlier models launched don’t have and at lower prices. Imagine taking aerial video footage of you and your buddies on the golf course.

This is the best gift for the techy golfer.

Well there you have it. 17 items that you can’t go wrong with.

I hope you enjoyed our post and could actually use one of our ideas. If you did, feel free to give us a comment or a like us on facebook. We also appreciate any feedback or suggestions for future articles.

If you have any questions regarding any of the gifts either click directly on the link or email us at [email protected].

For more ideas, check out last years 2014 guide here.

On behalf of the GolfPH Team, we would like to thank you guys for another great year and wish you all a Merry Christmas.

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Top Golf Gifts for Christmas 2016!

For anyone who loves the game of golf, a golf-related Christmas present is an easy option! Check out these golf gifts for the golf lover (male or female) on your Christmas list this year!

  • Personalised golfing items. How cool is this?! You can design your own golf ball personalisation for that special someone or having a golf set engraved. Even a personalised golf towel! The options here are endless… golf cufflinks, personalised golf markers .. you name it, it can be personalised!
  • Ok so this may seem really silly … but chocolate shaped golf balls! These are super duper cute and such a different idea I couldn’t resist adding to the list. Milk Chocolate GOLF BALLS from Lindt
  • Of course golf wear can be seriously cool. Thinking tartan merino wool jerseys. Pressed chino shorts and of course the gloves.
  • If you want to up the stakes, these alligator head covers are an eye catcher. Costly … but oh so trendy …
  • This would be the surprise golf gift – perfect for him or her. These Trigger Point performance kits help to ease tension and unlock soft tissue so you can work better on your swing.

golf gifts

  • A hybrid golf towel has two surfaces – one smooth and one coarse so you can clean your clubs, balls and grip.
  • A glass of wine is always part of Christmas celebrations, and with this golf gift pack from Dan Murphy’s, you can go no wrong! Comes complete with golf tee’s – a lovely gift to give and receive.

There are of course many other golfing gift ideas, but these are the best of the best – our handpicked that will suit a range of budgets. You could always give them a Gift Cards from our Thornleigh Golf Centre and we can help kit out the golfer on your Christmas list.

Happy golfing and happy golf gift giving!!

Best golf christmas stocking 2021

2015 Most Wanted Holiday Gift Guide

Let’s face it, the average holiday gift guide sucks. It’s not that we don’t need a little help. Good ideas are always appreciated, but the reality is most gift guides don’t offer you truly great gifts, instead they’re often just an indicator of which companies have the best PR.

Maybe there are some gifts worth giving…maybe not. Why should you take the chance?

This year we decided to do something different. Rather than make room for anything and everything that hit our inbox with the subject line of Holiday Gift Ideas, we decided to offer you a Holiday Guide full of gift ideas that we actually believe in.

What’s here is nothing less than the best products we tested in 2015.

With prices that range for less than $20 to just a hair under $800, our guide has that proverbial something for everyone, or at least every golfer on your list.

Carbon Ringo Putter (Blade)

A new name on the putter scene, Carbon’s Ringo out-performed 28 other blade putters to earn Most Wanted honors and a spot on this list.

PUMA Performance Formation Glove

PUMA styling in a tour-quality cabretta glove for half the cost of some so-called premium offerings. Yes please.

TaylorMade Tour Preferred Glove

Our top choice in the Tour Glove category, the supple TaylorMade Tour Preferred offers everything better players want from their glove.

SkyPro Digital Swing Analyzer

Offering an intuitive app and feature set that provides enough information to be useful, yet not overwhelming, SkyPro is our top choice among Swing Analyzers.

Datrek Go Lite Stand Bag

Fully loaded with 14 full-length dividers, the Datrek Go Lite weights less than 6 pounds and costs less than 150 bucks.

Cobra FLY-Z Driver

Despite a series of price drops, our Most Wanted Driver is as good as it ever was (and that’s really good). Available for well under $200, it’s also the best bargain on our list.

PING Ketsch Heavy Putter (Mallet)

Following in the footsteps of the original Ketsch, the Cadence Ketsch Heavy is a can’t miss, or should we say doesn’t miss, mallet.

PING Pioneer ii Cart Bag

With 15 full length dividers, more than ample storage, and an insulated drink pouch that can swallow a 12-pack, the PING Pioneer II may be the perfect cart bag.

BagBoy Tri-Swivel ii Push Cart

The Cadillac of push carts, the BagBoy Tri-Swivel II has a front wheel that swivels when you want it to, and locks straight when you don’t.

Arccos GPS Round Tracker & Game Analysis

You can’t buy a better game, so why not buy Arccos, a detailed round tracking tool, that will arm you with the knowledge needed to build one.

Garmin Approach G8 GPS

The right-sized, and easy-to-read G8 is loaded with features and still has enough battery life to last all day, and then some.

Garmin Approach S6 Watch

The most feature-rich GPS watch in golf, the S6 does everything you’d want a golf GPS watch to do…and plenty more.

Leupold 4i2 Rangefinder

Laser fast (sorry), crystal clear, bright optics, and interchangeable face plates, the GX-4i2 is a flagship rangefinder that makes for a flagship gift (even if it’s for yourself).

TaylorMade RSI 1 Irons

After a dominant performance in our test, we believe TaylorMade’s RSi 1 is the best game-improvement iron on the market. Why not give the best?

Support Unbiased Testing.

Our job is your game.

DID YOU KNOW: If only 1% of MyGolfSpy readers donated $25, we would be able to become completely independent in 12-months. With every donation, you create change.

Would you be willing to help by giving a donation? Every dollar will help. Make a donation to support our independent and expert golf equipment research. A PayPal account is not required in order to donate.


2015 top golf gifts

2015 Golf Gift Guide

Kiehl's Ultimate Refuel Skincare Kit

The mix of classic Kiehl's men's products includes body scrub soap, moisturizer, face wash, shave cream and facial scrub. / $46

Nike Aeroloft Vest

The front provides lightweight warmth with laser-cut perforations to keep from getting overheated. The back has fleece to protect from cold wind. / $170

Oakley Sliver Sunglasses

These frames have PRIZM lens that fine-tune vision for specific sports and environments. Three-point fit steadies lenses for precise alignment. / $200

AG Green Label V-Neck Sweater

Brighten a golfer’s gray winter with this lightweight, cashmere-wool sweater. / $268

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Arccos Performance Tracker

This round-tracking/GPS system can map every shot just like the PGA Tour’s Shot Tracker, and golfers can share their rounds, blow by blow. It also tracks skill level in every aspect of the game. / $300

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

MPG Inherent Quilted Jacket

Has a wind- and water-resistant body made with moisture-wicking material, and a zip-off hood. / $140

Lexington Collection Fusion Power Razor

Offers closeness and comfort in your shave by utilizing flexball technology to pivot over the contours of your face and battery-powered pulsations to improve razor glide. Fits with all Gillette Fusion blades. / $175

Birdie Box/Graeme McDowell edition

G-Mac gift set is comprised of items choose by McDowell, including G-Mac by Kartel golf polo, Srixon golf balls, bluetooth headphones and glass flute from McDowell's Golf Beer brewing company. / $80 (silver set), $150 (gold set)

Bose SoundLink II Headphones

Wireless technology makes it possible to listen to music or take a phone call on the practice range without getting hogtied by cords. The battery goes 15 hours before needing a charge. / $280

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Bushnell Neo Ghost GPS Rangefinder

This pocket-sized device comes preloaded with more than 30,000 courses and provides measurements to the front, center and back distances of the green along with up to four hazard/layup distances per hole. Can be worn on the golfer’s body or easily attached to a bag. / $130

Carveon Scorecard Holder And Bag Tag

Matching leather items are made to order in Ireland and can be personalized. Rory McIlroy uses the company’s yardage-book cover. / $110

Golfers BBQ Set

Three-piece stainless-steel utensil set with soft, insulated handles that look like golf grips. / $28


These gripcap sensors transmit all sorts of data (GPS yardages, swing speed, face angle, tempo, full-swing animations) to a smartphone so golfers can analyze every swing they make. / $500

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

B. Draddy Boxers

Ultra-soft Peruvian cotton shorts with a touch of stretch offer great feel and luxury fit. / $39

GoPro Hero 4 Cameras

Waterproof cameras captures professional quality video and photos. Each have built-in wireless and bluetooth capability and an ultra-wide field of view. / $300 (Session), $400 (Silver), $500 (Black)

DST Golf Compressor Training Club

The training club, used by several PGA Tour and European Tour pros, has a curved shaft that replicates the shape of a normal shaft under its maximum load at impact, forcing golfers into an optimal impact position where the hands lead the club face until after the ball has been struck. / $100 (8-iron or wedge)

Galvin Green Apex Jacket

The ultimate in rainwear protection, this Gore-Tex, full-zip jacket is water-repellent and breathable. / $560

Apple TV

The latest iteration includes a voice-activated "Suri" remote control to help search for TV shows, movies and more, plus expanded access to apps and video games. / $150

Gyde Supply Co. Calor Vest

The ultimate in temperature control. The water-resistant, windproof vest has four battery-powered heating elements that spread out warmth evenly, can reach 135 degrees and lasts for eight hours. / $300

Parrot Rolling Spider MiniDrone

Drives and flies almost anywhere to give you never-before-seen perspectives using its built in mini-camera. Can be operated via bluetooth from your smart phone. / $100

Hanger Project Travel Shoe Tree

The lightweight trees make it easy to dry out shoes while helping keep their proper form to get more life out of them. Won't weight down your luggage on golf trips. / $35

Harry's Daily Face Wash

The cream exfoliates your skin and leaves it feeling cool, fresh and clean. / $7

EA Sports Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Video Game

Earn your spot on the PGA Tour and play in some of the world's biggest tournaments on some of its best courses. Compete as or against several of the tour's most popular players, including McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Rickie Fowler and more. / $60

Hillflint College Sweater

The former Kickstarter project now makes retro sweaters in crewneck, V-neck and shawl-collared models for 65 colleges and universities. / $85-$89 (cotton), $95-$150 (merino)

Golf Pride MCC and MCC Plus 4 Grips

The hybrid grips have different materials on the top and bottom: a soft rubber for the lower hand to improve feel and a brushed cotton cord on the upper hand to increase stability during the swing. / $10 per grip

Tag Heuer Connected Watch

The digital smart watch is built on the latest release of Android Wear with up to 4,000 available apps at the Google Play store. (It is also iOS compatible.) Forget all the various things you can do with it; just the choice of face options you can pick from will blow you away. / $1,500

Izod ¼-Zip Pullover

A wind-resistant layer takes the sting out of a blustery round, and lightweight construction makes it easy to store in your golf bag. / $60

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Company dates back to 1796, offering a distinct flavored bourbon inspired by a family recipe.

Johnnie-O Coastal Vest

Heathered fleece vest with satin lining, two-way front zipper and welt pockets with zippers. Full jacket also available. / $85

Kentwool Men’s Tour Profile Golf Socks

Walking golfer? The company offers a blister-free guarantee because of extra-strong fibers in the heel and sole. / $20 per pair

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Kjus Women's Puffer Jacket

Kjus makes world-class outerwear for both ski and golf. Lightweight fabric with YKK zippers will insulate and keep you warm. / $375

OptiShot2 Golf Simulator

Compact-sized simulator connects to your home computer, requiring no elaborate setup. Compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems. Users can play several of the world's top courses and can compete against other golfers live online. / $500

The Story Of Golf In Fifty Holes

Tony Dear's book is a breezy but educational overview of the history of golf through the prism of 50 different holes that each have contributed to the game as we know it. Appropriate for casual golfers and enthusiasts alike. / $30

Puma ¼-Zip Windshirt

This is the ideal layering item as it’s lightweight and will be an excellent buffer. The key to staying warm is the use of layers rather than bulk. Added plus is the bold green color. / $70

Basil Hayden's + Quoddy Drinking Shoe Gift Set

The two brands combine for a unique gift package that includes a pair of custom-made leather moccasin-style shoes, four rocks glasses wrapped in leather and a leather gift box. / $400

Ralph Lauren Belts

Inject a little life into your golf outfit with a multistriped, cotton D-ring belt. / $75

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House Of Fleming Card Holder; Smathers & Branson Bi-Fold Wallet

The opportunist always carries business cards, so why not in a premium leather case. And the novelty of the Old Course in needle point makes for a unique billfold. / $195 / $115

Montblanc M Fountain Pen

Marc Newson, an industrial designer who works with Apple and helped develop the iWatch, designed this pen, which emphasizes a clean, sleek look and incorporates magnets to snap the cap and barrel. / $400

Scotty Cameron Headcover

If you’re someone who likes one-of-a-kind items, these headcovers made from alligator and multicolored fabric are for you. / $580

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Stance Socks

Mesh vents keep your feet comfortable. Available in low, quarter and crew length. / $12-$20 per pair

Stolen Riches Shoelaces

A variety of lengths and colors can charge up any footwear, especially your old golf shoes. / $17.50 per set

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Swingbyte 2

Its motion-capture technology provides a 3-D swing profile and club measurements. It can even be synced with video. A teaching feature analyzes what’s wrong and how to fix it. / $169

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Travis Mathew Cooler Backpack

It’s a personal beverage cart. The sealed cooler lining can hold a case of your favorite IPA, plus ice. It also has dry compartments, so grab the pretzels, too. / $70

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Thomas Pink Buffalo Plaid Necktie

Thomas Pink is famous for not only making beautiful shirts but also wonderful neckties. This festive fabric is perfect for the holidays. / $135


Tour players aren’t the only ones who want leader board updates, so this app offers a live-scoring function for any tournament or competition. No more guessing how many shots a team is leading by in a charity scramble. The app also offers course yardages via GPS technology. / $9 (annually)

Photo By: Jeffrey Westbrook

Aer Gym/Work Dufflepack

The San Francisco-based design company's Dufflepack (hybrid duffle bag – backpack) solves the issue of keeping gym clothes and shoes from literally reeking havoc on the rest of the work/life stuff we tote around from day to day. The bag’s ventilated shoe pouch stows your sneaks in a designated pocket and the multi-entry compartment system keeps your clothes separate, but equally accessible. / $150

Lightning Rabbit Phone Cables

These could be some of the raddest Secret Santa gifts on the market this season. They’re cheap, work with any modern smart phone and come in all sorts of cool color and fabric-covered cords. / $10

Links To St. Andrews: Love Letters To The Home Of Golf

The coffee-table book from Pinwheel Press is a perfect gift for anyone who has a soft spot for the Home of Golf. It contains dozens of commentaries from some of the game's greats (Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson and Gary Player) while also featuring some aficionados you’re not familiar with who help reveal how the Old Course appeals to the greatest and the least of golfers. It also has a collection of vintage artwork, photos and illustrations. / $150

Maui Jim Stillwater Sunglasses

Available in antique pewter or gold frames, the glasses have a classic round design but uniquely fold up into a small carry case. / $329

Peyote Bird Blue Turquoise Bracelet

The mewlery (man-jewlery) movement has ebbed and flowed over the last few years, but has finally settled in a super subtle and sophisticated moment. This Peyote Bird turquoise bracelet has enough interest and color to elevate a minimal look but is clean and thin enough that you won't be anywhere near Johnny Depp status with this piece. / $210

Ralph Lauren RLX Cool Wool Jacket

Mixed material outerwear makes for some of the most innovative and interesting transitional pieces for fall. The merino knit sleeves and nylon chest panel create a cool balance between classic and contemporary.
Ralph Lauren-RLX / $225

Uniqlo Black Cashmere Crew Neck Sweater

Uniqlo cashmere knitwear has now made our gift guide three years running and that’s simply because you just can’t beat well-made, well-priced luxury wardrobe staples. A basic black cashmere sweater is one of those menswear must haves that’s up there with a navy blazer and a crisp white oxford shirt. / $100

Foundwell Vintage Silver Plated Golf Club Stirrers

Looking for that C-Level gift that you're boss won't be able to find just anywhere, vintage is always a great way to go? Mr. Porter, the .com destination for men's luxury everything, always has a great edit of cool vintage pieces this time of year. This set of 6 Golf Club Cocktail Stirrers from renowned 19th century American flatwear producer, Alvin Manufacturing Company, could make for the perfect addition to a well-established bar. / $595

The Hillside Indigo Bandanas

A good bandana is one of those utility pieces that every man should have somewhere in his arsenal. The Hillside is a small, Brooklyn-based company that specializes in interesting textile development from all over the globe. / $25-$40

Le Labo Vintage Tin Can Candle

Le Labo's Santal 26 candle has rich, smoky and leathery notes - perfect for even the manliest of mancaves. The vintage-inspired tin-can casing makes it look almost as good as it smells, too. / $60

Sonic Editions Prints

Sonic Editions offers stunning, limited-edition prints of musicians and Hollywood icons fit for a music mogul's office. Whether you're searching for prints for your new pad, or just a great gift for a music junkie, scanning the archives on the Sonic Edition web shop is a must. / $130-$400

Marble I Pad Case

These sick marble skins from Uniqfind will literally make your tech devices look like they’ve been carved from stone. In black or white marble, these cases are some of the most stylish tech accessories on the market. / $25

This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit

If all my technology is so “smart,” how come I can’t make it from apartment to the office without everything ending up in a jumbled rat’s nest at the bottom of my bag? The folks at This is Ground came up with a pretty simple, not to mention, handsome solution; the Tech Dopp Kit keeps all of your gear and requisite plug-ins neatly stowed in individual compartments within a full-zip leather case. / $200

Feather Totes with 3M’s Reflective Uppers

Nocturnal Workshop, founded in 2013 after a friend of the founder was struck by a car while riding his bike at night, is a small clothing-and-accessories brand that details all its gear with 3M reflective accents. As strange as that sounds, these looks are a long way away from your local crossing guard. The Feather Totes are the prefect size and shape, and make for a cool, casual carry all. / $40

W and P Designs The Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Sure your seat sucks, you’ve seen all the movies and you lost the armrest wrestle. But now you can tend your personal bar and create 2 delicious cocktails on any flight! All you need to do is add the booze. / $24

Vintage-Edition Table Scrabble

If you absolutely must play Scrabble on a regular-size table, this vintage edition from home furnishings mecca Restoration Hardware is about as beautiful a board game as we’ve ever seen. / $200

Eyeloc Head Gear is revolutionary eyewear designed as a training aid to help keep a player’s head still and eyes locked on the ball.$59.95

The Gift of Golf Digest

Share your love of the game by treating your golf partner to one year of Golf Digest—expert tips and techniques, the latest equipment and interviews with today’s top golfers all bundled into one package.Give Today / $15

The Best Golf Gifts of 2021

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