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4 DIY & Handy Subreddits Worth Checking Out

By Joshua Lockhart


Confession time, real quick. I'm not a manly man I mean, I understand the whole nonsense about gender stereotypes and such, but I want you to think real hard and just bear with me for moment. Consider someone like Burt Reynolds or even maybe Jason Statham. Those are manly men, right? You can just tell. This is what I mean by "manly men", and I am definitely not one of them.

Confession time, real quick. I'm not a manly man I mean, I understand the whole nonsense about gender stereotypes and such, but I want you to think real hard and just bear with me for moment. Consider someone like Burt Reynolds or even maybe Jason Statham. Those are manly men, right? You can just tell. This is what I mean by "manly men", and I am definitely not one of them.

As you may know, these "manly men" tend to take charge and do projects themselves. They even sometimes have classy shortcuts for getting through life (something maybe as simple as taking a picture of their coat check receipt with their phone in case it gets lost at a fine restaurant). Unfortunately, I lack these skills. However, one day, I found Reddit, and it gave me hope that maybe some day I could acquire them!

Below, we have four subreddits that have everything to do with DIY and suave tips for life, and you really should start reading about them right now.


Are you looking for a few more do-it-yourself projects to take on? Also, are you interested in seeing what other DIY-ers are trying out? Reddit's r/DIY is a fantastic place to view, learn, and discuss these types of projects. As a note, you should be aware that a lot of these projects are incredibly unique, creative and interesting.

After browsing just today, I learned how to make a keg out of a watermelon, and I also saw how a guy and his grandfather created a wall clock out of a desktop's motherboard. These are the types of projects that hit r/DIY daily, so if you are interested, you should give it a shot.


Reddit's r/LifeProTips is a subreddit that is all about handling day-to-day mini-obstacles that happen in life. Furthermore, it also gives you some ideas on how to bypass some of the more complicated parts of living. For instance, one of the topics I saw today was on how to get away with sleeping two hours a night (nope – not kidding.) In addition to that, there was a nice little tip on how to keep salespersons in department stores from hassling you - just wear headphones while walking around.

These tips are pretty interesting, and personally, I'll probably be spending more time here.


Have you ever just wondered how people do things? I know that's a very broad and nearly silly question. However, I believe we can all answer it with an enthusiastic "yes!" Reddit's r/HowTo is home to many videos (and a few self posts) that offer how-to advice on activities that range from drawing the human body all the way to how to open a can without using a can opener. This subreddit is a useful tool when just wanting to learn how to do new things.


I can't count how many times I've broken something and not known how to fix it. Furthermore, it always seems to be something that everybody knows how to fix except me, and it's just a little too embarrassing to ask anyone. Reddit's r/FixIt is devoted to helping you with simple repair tasks that include how to fix a refrigerator, how to fix 3D glasses, and even how to fix a clogged pipe.

This subreddit is done a little differently in that users will often ask how to do something and commenters will come to the rescue.  However, I feel as though this is a site worth keeping bookmarked.


These subreddits are surefire ways to help you with your knowledge for real-world challenges and projects. However, that's not all of them.

What other subreddits do you know of that can help you with similar challenges or projects? How have these subreddits helped you?


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Although cities around the country are starting to see a decline in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, a lot of individuals are still at home waiting for work and businesses to reopen. That means during the past month, they’ve had a lot of spare time on their hands.

Rather than sit around and do nothing, some people decided to take advantage of the down time. As a result, they completed some pretty cool projects they probably wouldn’t have otherwise tackled. And thanks to them sharing on social media, we get to see the outcome of their creativity.

These 50 DIY projects are awesome. We hope you enjoy. Who knows, you might just feel inspired to start something yourself.

1. Awesome digital design

This guy took 10 layers of plywood and turned them into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The combination of laser cutting and brown stain resulted in this. What an amazing design that’ll look great anywhere.
Wow…this is fantastic. The individual who worked on this project must’ve spent a significant amount of time and energy to achieve such a transformation. The after photo looks incredible.
We have no clue how this person created such an amazing piece of art. It’s contemporary, interesting, and a real conversation piece. It looks as though the partial face is floating.
This finished quarantine art looks nothing like the rug projects from the s. The individual did an excellent job using beautiful colors and different lengths of yarn. For a farmhouse or country cottage, this would look fantastic.

5. Unbelievable transformation

Here’s another person who made good use of their quarantine time. While the before bathroom wasn’t horrible, the new one looks so fresh and modern. Great job.
Before, the side of this house was a mess. But with a little ingenuity and creativity, this homeowner turned the space into a private backyard oasis. Even the dog loves it.

7. Leftovers into a soft throw

For years, this person wanted to make this throw. But now with COVID, they had the time needed to dedicate to the project. And even better…they used leftover crocheting material.
If you wear reading glasses, you know how easy it is to misplace them. With an adorable DIY idea, this individual made bunk beds. Her husband will never lose his glasses again. Great solution.
Fresh paint, new cabinets, and a few other changes really brighten this bathroom. Now, it looks so clean and new. It’ll probably help increase the property value as well.
Even without any landscaping experience, the homeowner pulled this off. The curb appeal of this house just increased dramatically. It’s now the envy of the neighborhood and for good reason.
Suncatchers look great in any home but one like this is exceptional. Whether this person decides to keep it or give it to someone as a gift, they certainly went all out. They might’ve been in quarantine but that didn’t stop them from finishing a project like this.

A perfect way to relax

What do you get when you connect pool noodles, zip ties, and string? An easy do-it-yourself float. For those with a swimming pool, this is an excellent idea that’ll make time in the water even more fun.
This individual was tired of their old nightstand so they built a new one. According to the person, it was super easy to make and it looks incredible. It’s rustic and charming at the same time.
Instead of just having a screened-in porch that was seldom used, this homeowner came up with the idea of turning the space into a greenhouse. Now they have everything needed to grow plants right outside the door.

Great exercise and entertainment

Especially for anyone with kids who’ve become bored out of their minds, they might want to consider doing what this person did. They built a climbing wall inside their home. How genius.
Instead of keeping old school uniforms packed away in boxes, this individual used them to make decorative throw pillows. Unless someone knew, they’d never guess where the material came from. These look great.
Wanting a different look inside their home, this person took the time while at home to give an old chair a much-needed facelift. Now, it has a unique character and personality.

Front porch relaxation

This individual had a mattress that wasn’t in use. So, they opted to move it to the front porch, dress it up a bit, and create a perfect spot for napping or reading a good book. We love it.

A wall with a new look

During this person’s time at home, they decided it was time to do something about the plain white wall along the staircase. So, they came up with this solution. It makes the space far more interesting.

Another wall transformation

This person went in an entirely different direction by adding angled wood planks to an otherwise boring wall. While it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, it’s definitely eye-catching.
This is the kind of patio that makes people feel welcomed. The posts strung with lights gives the space a cozy feel…perfect for hanging out with family. Once the quarantine lifts, it’ll become a favorite spot for friends, too.

Apartment living at its finest

Just because someone lives in an apartment doesn’t mean they can’t make upgrades during the quarantine. Here’s proof. A dull space was turned into something the renter can enjoy for years to come.

What an accomplishment

With limited living and storage space, this person got creative by building a lift-top coffee table. Buying this piece of furniture would easily run hundreds of dollars. But with time and determination, they saved money and ended up with this.
Remember, having humans at home all the time can be stressful for animals. The change is new and often confusing to them. But with a finished project like this, the kitty has plenty of places to hide and play.
We’re not quite sure how this person achieved this but it’s mind-blowing. Perhaps they’re into graphic arts. Regardless, the new wall is a stunning piece of art. This is truly amazing.
This quarantine project just goes to show that you don’t need a lot of space to change the look and feel of an outdoor area. Now, they have an awesome place to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or a cocktail at night.

The swankiest bar ever

With a lot of time on their hands, not only did this person build an incredible bar in their garage but they also enhanced it with blue lighting. Once the quarantine lifts, we bet their first party will be a huge success.

An impracticable solution

Hey, we didn’t say that all quarantine projects made sense. This one is kind of quirky but kudos to this guy for thinking of something fun to do with his time. Now, he has a one-of-a-kind social distancing serving spoon.
Sometimes, successful quarantine projects are simple but sweet. This is a great example. Whether this person hangs this in the front of their home or on their backyard patio, it adds a touch of class.
As you know, when the pandemic hit, everyone started hoarding toilet paper. This person wanted to do something fun yet in line with the times. So, they came up with this bathroom décor that’s also functional. Awesome job.
For years, people have used pennies to create table tops and floors. But this is probably one of the most impressive of all. Yes, those are all shiny pennies but the design is over-the-top amazing. That’s just gorgeous.
For people who love to garden, this is a fantastic option. Instead of bending over to weed, water, and harvest, this person can stand thanks to their DIY raised gardening box.
This type of project doesn’t require any know-how. With a few materials, this person created a beautiful bench to enjoy while outdoors. And it’ll last a long time while maintaining its visual appeal.

Thinking outside the box

This person loved the idea of using solar lights but didn’t want to just stick them in the ground. So, they attached them along the fence. They’re all perfectly lined up and at dusk, the entire yard illuminates.
It’s amazing what a new coat of paint will do. Tired of how the bedroom looked, this person used their quarantine time to give the bedroom a complete makeover. Now, it’s vibrant and beautiful.
This individual admitted they’d never done anything like this before but opted to start a woodworking project. Using the armrest of the sofa, they integrated a wireless charger and USB pass-through to make it easier to manage their mobile devices.

Ideal for outdoor living

For a mere $60, this person built a fire pit to enjoy now and well after the pandemic ends. They can sit around the fire or cook food…whichever floats their boat.
Being under quarantine means not leaving the house except for essentials. But what’s a mom supposed to do when her daughter wants a new doll? Well, she takes scraps and remnants of material and makes one. She may have found a new calling.
At first glance or perhaps even second or third, you’d never know what this was. While at home, this person took an old fondue pot and turned it into a table top solar fountain to enjoy during the day and a fire pit at night.
Amazing. First, this homeowner screened in the back porch. Second, they added everything needed to make this a stunning Southwest themed space. It’s incredibly unique and beautiful.
In this case, kids designed and made chalk art. But some parents gave their children wood and paint and allowed them to create a more permanent masterpiece.
While under quarantine, one individual got tired of their unsightly air conditioning unit. So, they did something about it by building this beautiful wood box to hide it. This simple project changed the appearance of their entire house.
Talk about hiding things. This is another DIY project that someone completed while in quarantine. While it looks like nothing more than a beautiful flower pot, it also hides the green garden hose. That’s awesome.
Although this person had a vast amount of free time, they didn’t have much experience in the construction area. Even so, they were able to complete this fantastic transformation. The difference is breathtaking.

Perfect indoors or outdoors

Wanting to do something to lift his girlfriend’s spirits during the quarantine, this guy built her a fabulous plant stand. It’s incredibly well made and would look great inside or outside. She must’ve been thrilled.
As a surprise for his son, this dad made him a unique shelve ensemble. He admits the project was super simple. Just by looking at it, you can tell it was a labor of love.

A water feature unlike any other

Loving the sound of running water, this person used a small aluminum basin, a submersible water pump, a cable gland, a large empty drum, a faux hand pump, and some paint and primer to make this awesome water feature.
The partially finished bathroom had been that way for quite some time. But because of the quarantine, this homeowner finally had the chance to complete it. The outcome was better than expected.
Not only does this person love Halloween but they’re also an x-ray technician. So, while in lockdown, they came up with a perfect project. It doesn’t get any better than this.
For those who don’t feel inspired during the quarantine, perhaps this will help. This person did a tremendous amount of work while stuck at home but the results were worth it. What an amazing transformation.

Although cities around the country are starting to see a decline in the number of confirmed coronavirus cases, a lot of individuals are still at home waiting for work and businesses to reopen. That means during the past month, they’ve had a lot of spare time on their hands.

Rather than sit around and do nothing, some people decided to take advantage of the down time. As a result, they completed some pretty cool projects they probably wouldn’t have otherwise tackled. And thanks to them sharing on social media, we get to see the outcome of their creativity.

These 50 DIY projects are awesome. We hope you enjoy. Who knows, you might just feel inspired to start something yourself.

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10 Subreddits Every Fixer Should Know

Photo by Carlos Gomez of Flickr.

Here at the iFixit offices, most of us Reddit… hard. And while the “front page of the internet” is great for aww-some animal gifs, it&#;s a good resource for other (productive) things, too. There are around 70 million users on Reddit every month, and they can teach you how to make, build, hack, and fix just about anything—you just have to know which subreddits to look in.

Here’s a list of subs that’ll help make you more awesome:

r/DIY: Your go-to source for awesome DIY projects by Redditors. A general catch-all category, posts in this sub include everything from woodworking to boat building.

Repair image from Reddit

r/TechSupportGore: An amusing collection of IT projects gone wrong and general computer-related carnage. We’ve found that learning from other people’s failures is a great way to prevent making mistakes of your own.

r/TechSupportMacGyver: The antithesis to r/techsupportgore, r/techsupportmacgyver is full of innovative hardware fixes and hacks. Prepare to be amazed at what people can do with the right combination of paper clips, chewing gum, solder, and skill.

Tech repair image from reddit

r/JustRolledIntoTheShop: It’s like r/techsupportgore, but for cars. Our cars take a lot of abuse, and the mechanics of Reddit document the worst cases here. As with r/techsupportgore, it’s a vivid lesson in what not to do as a car owner.

r/MechanicAdvice: Want to keep yourself off the pages of r/justrolledintotheshop? Get advice from real mechanics who want to help you navigate the wonderful world of car repair, boat repair, tractor repair, and more.

r/Somethingimade: Did you make something really cool? Great, post it here—and while you’re there, ogle other people’s submissions. This sub is a hotbed of hand-crafted goodness—everything from art to homemade jewelry, custom playhouses to sewing projects.

Image from something made subreddit

r/Fixit: Need to fix something, but don’t know how? Ask the people of r/fixit. Describe the problem or submit a picture of what’s broken, and they will do their best to help you repair it. (Shameless plug here: We do the same thing on iFixit. It’s called Answers—check it out.)

r/LifeProTips: Want to impress people at a party with your incredible life skills? This sub, filled with uncommon solutions to common problems, is a great way to master all of life’s little foibles.

Image of a hack from Reddit

r/TechSupport: The wonderful IT guys here will help you diagnose and fix any computer problem you’re having. They even have a livechat for problems that need urgent help, like say your computer just caught fire.

r/BuildaPC: If you’re thinking of building a PC, you’re in the middle of building a PC, or you are reading this post from your own sweet build, you should probably head over to r/buildapc. These are your people.

Reddit has thousands of active subs, so we probably missed a couple of worthy candidates in our list. Know of a subreddit that should be included? Tell us about it in the comments.

What simple change in your life gave great results? r/AskReddit - Reddit Jar

30 Reddit Users Who Completed Awesome DIY Projects During The Quarantine

Being stuck in quarantine is a great opportunity to pick up a project you never managed to find the time for. You could try your hand at painting, woodworking, and even landscaping if you&#;re feeling brave enough &#; the possibilities are endless! And just in case you don&#;t know where to start or just need a little inspiration, today we have a collection of people&#;s quarantine projects that will help put you on the right track.

People on Reddit are sharing the awesome DIY projects they&#;ve finished during the quarantine, and you&#;ll be surprised with what you can accomplish with a little time and the right motivation. Check them out in the gallery below!

#1 My COVID project. Yard and paint

Image source: AustynCunningham

&#;Not including the fence my total cost for yard and repainting was under $1,&#; so not actually that much money for the difference it made&#;

#2 My quarantine project. Digital design, laser cut into 10 layers of plywood, stained brown. No name

Image source: 4MC

&#;This is 10 separate 3mm thick pieces of plywood. All the depth you see are cuts in the individual sheets. No engraving. I use a mm x mm red and black Chinese laser and feed the material through the machine on the wider axis. So the finished piece is more like mm x mm.&#;

#3 My Covid home project

Image source: Peninsula-Snow

#4 Quarantine Project #2 : A Bunk Bed for My Son’s GLASSES

Image source: Rock23L

&#;I started thinking about making a shelf for my husbands glasses and tiny bunk beds popped in my head and I was like “Yes!”&#;

#5 Covid DIY project

Image source: ben_aj_84

&#;I put a whole bunch of road base underneath it, about kg worth in the end, which will help with drainage. The longest part was getting the ground cleared and somewhat even.&#;

#6 My quarantine project! I am a xray technologist by day and made a mascot for my department to add some fun during these stressful times!

Image source: izumii14

&#;Pattern by Crafty Deb Designs.&#;

#7 We don&#;t have space for a dining table in our apartmant, so I have made a walnut lift-top table. (inspiration from Make Something YouTube channel)

Image source: Kukaac

&#;This is where I got the inspiration.

However, I have done it a bit differently, using cross-joints at the corners and sized it to match my previous table, as I&#;ve found that the right size. I did not use any plans since it&#;s quite straight forward to cut it.

I tried to find the pivot locally, however, I could not find anything at a reasonable price here in Europe, so I ended up buying from China.&#;

#8 Craig is loving his quarantine cat castle. Especially now that it includes open patios at perfect heights for swatting at human heads

Image source: mnhaverland

&#;I think just trial and error. Don’t cut out too many doorways (that compromises the structural integrity). Make sure it’s against a wall. Make sure it has a strong base- the bottom boxes on ours are extra sturdy. Edit: Maybe even try it on a corner for more wall support. You can thumb tack the upper boxes into the wall.&#;

#9 Made a miniature Simpsons ’polly pocket’ thing!

Image source: ilovesheep

&#;I made if from Palight! It’s like a thin, dense foam&#;

#10 Actually managed to finish one of many quarantine projects lol

Image source: elh10

&#;I did a stitch called a French knot it’s easy to do although takes up a lot of thread! The green used up 5 skiens of thread!! And this is a small hoop. Originally was going to do it on a bigger one then I realised I would keep having to order more and more thread until I could finish it!&#;

#11 My covid project

Image source: BigDingDingDan

&#;Honestly if I didn&#;t have 5 weeks off and hired a painter it would of been another story. [It cost] probably around dollars with zero labor&#;

#12 Second quarantine project, mountain shelves for my son&#;s big boy room using simple pine board. Almost embarrassingly simply compared to the master pieces on this sub, but I&#;m proud of how it came out, especially the white cap

Image source: Highlander

&#;1/4&#; ply for the front caps cut with a jig saw and then a cheap foam brush for painting the sides. Found it easiest to mark the distance down each side to paint after cutting out the ply caps and then use the foam brush to &#;push&#; the paint and make a crisp straight line with the end of the brush. Turned out better then when I tried to paint a straight line by hand while moving the brush side to side.&#;

#13 Before and after of my marathon of a backyard project

Image source: TheWeetodd

&#;The number of steps involved is insane. Digging trenches for irrigation, leveling the base layer of bricks, running a drainage line, backfilling the wall, laying landscape fabric over the top, planting, irritating, etc.)

When I started it seemed like something I could totally knock out in a few weekends, and then I learned that I am either a very slow worker, or there was WAYYYYYY more work to do things right than I anticipated.&#;

#14 My covid project&#;

Image source: vexorgd

There was an old fiberglass insert before. I bought this as a distressed property, there was black mold in the basement. I removed all the drywall, insulation, electrical (because of rat damage), couple walls and had the black mold remediated long before lockdown.Used materials left over from other projects, so [the budget] is hard to tell, $ maybe?

#15 First quarantine project complete. A plant holder for my girlfriend

Image source: hippopowerbeast

&#;It actually has adjustable feet on the bottom for uneven surfaces. I didn’t want to add wheels since it would be holding ceramic pots.&#;

#16 My covid project. Tons of free time and minimal experience

Image source: FantasyFlyer3

#17 First quarantine project finished. {Pattern: Autumn mandala rainbow by NoussaCreation on Etsy}

Image source: cgsf

&#;This is only my third cross stitch ever. I had to frog sections a few times because my count was off, but I still had fun. It had very little back stitching, and that&#;s the only part I&#;m not happy with. My back stitching could really use some work.&#;

#18 Our quarantine project was screening in and decorating the back porch. Having this to look forward to gets me through my insane work days!

Image source: scarigold

#19 We completely reset our bedroom for our quarantine project

Image source: shazkitten

&#;The wall that the bed is on now has the entrance to the master bath along its left (in the picture) side, so the bed is centered along that wall, and it perfectly holds the queen-sized bed and nightstands. Having it against the other wall really under-utilized the space. Now we have a far bigger area of the room available, and the bed doesn’t feel like it’s floating in this massive, under-utilized space.&#;

#20 My Covid and first ever woodworking project. Sofa armrest with integrated wireless charger and usb pass through

Image source: HumanSkunk87

&#;My first ever woodworking project since school&#; integrated wireless charging and controller/remote holder. Usb passes through to a hub off the back of the sofa. I was fed up with trailing cables and not something stable to put a beer on in the evenings! Stained ebony and multiple coats of wax.

Designed in Microsoft word and made with basic tools.

Made a number of mistakes and lessons learnt, but did all this from my apartment lounge over the course of a week sawdust EVERYWHERE!!

I do have a number of photos that I took in making it that I can link to if anyone is interested.&#;

#21 I got bored and decided to paint my room&#;

Image source: Cr1K

&#;It was my first time. Just search in YouTube “3D painting walls” there [are] a lot of designs!&#;

#22 My quarantine project

Image source: sawcebox

&#;[The structure] is probably pre-fab, it was here when we moved in and looked pretty crappy, but we painted it to freshen it up. I remember having something like this in my backyard growing up too. If I had to date it, it’s probably been here since the late 80s or early 90s&#;

#23 Zero waste quarantine project: I made a baby doll for my daughter out of clothing scraps, remnants, and thrifted yarn. Stuffing is an old cotton apron I shredded

Image source: marigoldsfavorite

&#;I literally just sat and snipped tiny pieces of apron apart with fabric scissors, it was very tedious. It did come out kind of lumpy, it&#;s hard to tell in the picture. I added some leftover yarn inside her body cavity to make that part a little more squishy.&#;

#24 Covid Confinement Project : Triforce Penny Floor

Image source: Nei_Nei

&#;There was lots of planning into this; over a year actually. I just never knew when I would find the time to get this done. The confinement order here in Quebec gave me the time I needed to get it done.&#;

#25 Covid project- bathroom makeover. I did the painting and we hired out for the bathtub work

Image source: azrunner88

#26 Moved into a new apartment before quarantine started, gave us some time to upgrade our side yard! We built all the planters ourselves and are really excited to try gardening for the first time

Image source: OWLstandingbadger

&#;We got [artificial lawn] from Home Depot. It&#;s one that&#;s formulated for pets. We got a cheaper one first and didn&#;t like how it looked so lifeless and fake, this one was a little under $ but we love it. Comfy and looks lush!&#;

#27 Front yard COVID project, before and after

Image source: vikramjatt11

&#;Some pictures of the project and everything that was completed.

These are all my first landscaping projects and I am very happy with the imperfections in them. I purchased a saw, screw gun, proper digging shovel, etc. for these projects. Please let me know if there is something I can do to improve anything.

Need to finish up the porch but it has been raining the past few days.With some leftover wood, I also created two trellis for the flowering vines in my garden (one by my mailbox and one in picture one at the very right). I need to put those in today, will post pictures of those tonight.&#;

#28 First Quarantine Project

Image source: kayleighbird

&#;I actually just cut around the edges very carefully with sharp embroidery scissors after finishing and put it in the frame!

Pattern: Head of a Young Boy from HipsterStitchInc on Etsy&#;

#29 My quarantine project completed

Image source: tiredbutstillalive

&#;This took me roughly 20 hours&#;

#30 Quarantine project number ?? Been wanting to make this for years and finally had time. Mostly scrap ends left over from other projects. This is how I avoid actual adult responsibilities and keep my sanity

Image source: wild_serenity

Link to the pattern used.

Aušrys Uptas

One day, this guy just kind of figured - "I spend most of my time on the internet anyway, why not turn it into a profession?" - and he did! Now he not only gets to browse the latest cat videos and fresh memes every day but also shares them with people all over the world, making sure they stay up to date with everything that&#;s trending on the web. Some things that always pique his interest are old technologies, literature and all sorts of odd vintage goodness. So if you find something that&#;s too bizarre not to share, make sure to hit him up!


Diy home reddit

15 Brilliant DIY Home Projects You Could Start Right Now

While taking on an ambitious DIY project can be daunting, there's nothing like the feeling of accomplishment that comes with building something with your bare hands. And frankly, if those camera-ready HGTV hosts can do it, what's stopping you?

To make it easier to dip your toe in the water, we scoured thousands of user-submitted DIY projects on Reddit to find 15 worthy of your time, from small-scale kitchen jobs to digging out an in-ground pool and grotto in your backyard.

Hey Bob Vila, eat your heart out.

1. Backyard pool and grotto

Skill level: Ty Pennington
As long as you’re willing to part with some serious backyard square footage, this insane pool and grotto setup will most certainly improve your summers. You’ll need to convince a few buddies to help you out, though, since it involves some serious excavation, plumbing, and laying a bunch of boulder-shaped concrete. [See more]

2. Treehouse

Skill level: A Swiss Family
Who says treehouses are just for kids? This lofted rope ladder-accessible masterpiece is basically a studio apartment (sans plumbing) with its own trap door escape. To safely secure the whole thing at such heights safely, you’ll need to drill some seriously long and girthy bolts into the tree, and it's up to you how complicated to get with the interior amenities. Though be warned, just to make it habitable you’re facing at least days of work. [See more]

Thrillist TV

3. Multi-tap kegerator

Skill level: Al Borland
By extending the height of any standard freezer chest, you can create a bar's worth of beer taps in your garage. Once you've lifted the top on a wooden frame and add a few tap heads, fill the basin with your kegs of choice, add a gas manifold for the CO2, and you're sipping pretty in no time. [See more]

4. Truck bed camper

Skill level: MacGyver
Whether you’re a frequent road-tripper or have reason to believe you’ll be evicted sometime soon, building a mini cabin in the bed of your truck is a wise move. The whole process will take you a while and requires some serious expertise (framing, insulating, electrical work), but just keep reminding yourself how worth it it would be to have a nap pod with you wherever you go. [See more]

5. Backyard man cave cabin

Skill level: Ron Swanson
Screw tool storage, your backyard shed is far better suited to be a wood-paneled paradise for to unplug in after a long day. To achieve the rustic hunting cabin vibes, you’ll need to cover the walls and floors with knotty wood, and find some old stones to assemble that faux fireplace. [See more]

6. Foosball table

Skill level: Tim "The Toolman" Taylor
No need to drop a few hundred bucks on a foos table, because making one yourself is actually fairly simple (and cheap!). All you need is some wood, steel rods, handles, and a set of the counterbalanced players. [See more]

7. Sunken fire pit

Skill level: your mom
Create a more permanent backyard pow-wow setup by digging out a two-foot hole, lining it with stacked and mortared fire bricks and filling it with gravel. Light 'er up and finish it off with an optional mesh top or a grilling grate. [See more]

8. Cherry and concrete dining table

Skill level: Norm Abram
As much a piece of art as it is furnture, this beauty of a table is made by setting two slabs of cherry wood in a concrete form, and mounting it once it sets to a set of legs. [See more]

9. Faux firewood fireplace cover

Skill level: Your little cousin
A classier alternative to staring at the rubble of ashes in your fireplace (and a great way to block out cold drafts), you could finish one of these faux log stack in an afternoon. You’ll need to forage for a few round logs still covered in bark, slice 'em up into 2-inch thick pucks, and stain each on one side. Then, use wood glue to secure them to a fireplace-sized sheet of plywood you’ve painted black. [See more]

L-shaped workstation

Skill level: Bob the Builder
It looks straight out of the Restoration Hardware catalog, but this sprawling desk does not have the price tag to match. It's fashioned from a couple of lacquered butcher blocks and a simple steel pipe frame. [See more]

Hidden TV

Skill level: Your super
A prominently displayed flatscreen can really ruin the vibe in your otherwise sophisticated living room. There's an easy fix, though. Pick up a piece of art large enough to cover the size of your screen (something you'd be comfortable cutting in half), slice it down the center, and affix each side to a sliding panel bracketed to the wall your TV's mounted to. [See more]

Magnetic knife board

Skill level: St. Joseph
Keep your cutlery out of the way and off the counter with this incredibly simple wall-mountable knife rack. Find a nice slab of wood, drill a polka-dot pattern of hole in the back, and fill each one with a strong cylindrical magnet. [See more]

Standing desk

Skill level: Boy scout
You could spend thousands on one of the readymade life-saving workstations, or you could create a customized one with character. All you need is a wooden tabletop, some steel pipe, and a set of tools. If you feel like getting fancy, maybe even add some hidden LEDs. [See more]

Outdoor pizza oven

Skill level: Papa John
Take your homemade pizza game to the next level with your own backyard brick oven. Create a solid stone platform a few feet off the ground and use a wooden frame to lay an arch of bricks around, leaving a small chimney and inner lip for a grill grate to sit. [See more]

Tripod table lamp

Skill level: IKEA furniture assembler
Yet another piece of furniture you could easily spend a fortune on, this mid-century modern-style light fixture is incredibly simple to put together. All you need is basic lamp hardware, a narrow plank of wood long enough to be cut into thirds, and a lampshade. [See more]

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. He has seen every episode of Home Improvement more than once.

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