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Airsoft Parts 2pcs 40rd Long Mag Magazine for Tokyo Marui MA

Airsoft Parts 2pcs 40rd Long Mag Magazine for Tokyo Marui MA

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Tokyo Marui

Early Tokyo Marui airsoft lineup

Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd (株式会社東京マルイ, Kabushiki-gaisha Tōkyō Marui) is a Japanese manufacturer of airsoft guns and toy cars located in Adachi, Tokyo, and are famous for pioneering the design of battery-powered airsoft guns.[1] Their products are principally sold in Japan, but are also exported worldwide.

The company had its own center for airsoft sport called Tokyo Marui BB Sports Field which was operated during and [2] The guns have appeared in numerous movies and it has merchandising arrangements with many games[citation needed].

Automatic electric guns[edit]

Tokyo Marui was the first company to introduce airsoft guns powered solely by electric motorgearbox-driven spring-piston assembly in , which they called "automatic electric gun" (AEG). This compact air pump system was implemented in their first battery-powered automatic firing replica, the FAMAS F1. Other airsoft guns were then introduced. The 3-gear AEG design developed by Tokyo Marui is still in use today, and has been copied numerous times through the years by many other airsoft manufacturers[citation needed].

Tokyo Marui's airsoft replicas were made primarily from ABS plastic bodies, but also used metal parts where needed. Their more recent models, such as the Type 89 and AKM rifles have had full metal externals. The internal gearboxes of these guns are primarily powered by rechargeable batteries. A standard, unmodified Tokyo Marui gearbox will fire g airsoft pellets at to feet per second (73 to 91&#;m/s) — around to joules ( to &#;ft⋅lb) of muzzle energy – depending on the model. These gearboxes may be modified for higher performance with aftermarket parts, but Japanese law limits their power output to joules (&#;ft⋅lb).

Tokyo Marui makes the following AEGs:

  • M14 series
    • M14 SOCOM
    • M14 (fiber-type stock)
    • M14 (wood-type stock)
  • M16 & M4 series
    • Colt M16A1
    • Colt M16A1 Vietnam version
    • Colt M16A2
    • Colt M16 Golgo 13 (Limited edition)
    • Colt M Commando
    • Colt M4A1 R.I.S.
    • Colt M4A1 carbine New-type
    • Colt M4 SOPMOD (Electric Blow Back)
    • Colt M4 S-System
    • Colt M4 P.M.C
    • Colt M4A1 SOCOM Carbine (Electric Blow Back)
    • Colt M4 CQB-R Black (Electric Blow Back)
    • Colt M4 CQB-R Dark earth (Electric Blow Back)
    • H&K (Electric Blow Back)
    • H&K DEVGRU Custom (Electric Blow Back)
    • H&K Delta Custom (Electric Blow Back)
    • H&K C (Electric Blow Back)
    • H&K D (Electric Blow Back)
    • Knight's M4 SR
    • Colt M4A1
    • Colt M Tan (limited edition)
    • Colt XME2 (discontinued)
    • Colt CAR (discontinued)
    • Colt M Barnes[3] version (limited edition)
    • RECCE Rifle (Electric Blow Back)
  • MP5 and G36 series
    • H&K G36C
    • H&K G36K (Electric Blow-Back)
    • H&K MP5A5 High-Cycle
    • MP5-J
    • MP5-K
    • MP5-K High Cycle
    • MP5-K PDW
    • H&K MP5SD5
    • H&K MP5SD6
    • H&K MP5KA4 PDW
    • H&K MP5A4 High Grade
      The FAMAS F1was Tokyo Marui's first AEG.
    • H&K MP5A5 High Grade
    • H&K MP5 R.A.S.[4]
    • H&K MP5KA4
    • H&K MP5 Navy (Limited Edition)
  • P90 series
  • FAMAS & Steyr series
    • Steyr AUG Special Receiver
    • Steyr AUG Military-type (discontinued)
    • Steyr AUG High-Cycle
    • FA-MAS Special Version
    • FA-MAS F1 (First AEG ever made)
  • SIG series
  • AK series
    • AK
    • AKS
    • AK Spetsnaz (limited edition)
    • AK Beta Spetsnaz
    • AK High-Cycle
    • AKMN (Electric Blow Back)
    • AKSU (Electric Blow Back)
    • AK (Electric Blow Back)

AK Type 3 (Electric Blow Back)

Automatic electric pistols[edit]

Automatic electric pistols (AEP) run on V rechargeable batteries. These pistols and compact submachine guns are often more reliable than gas-powered replicas in cold weather. However, due to their lower voltage supplies and miniature gearboxes, they usually generate lower muzzle speeds (about - .5J per BB, 25–50&#;m/s for g BB) and slightly slower rates of fire than replicas using a full-sized gearbox system.

Tokyo Marui makes the following automatic electric pistols:

AEG Boys series[edit]

Tokyo Marui makes LPAEG replicas scaled down for use by children from the age of They are powered by 6 AA batteries and have lower power than their scale counterparts.

Electric blowback pistols[edit]

Tokyo Marui's electric blowback pistols (commonly referred to as EBBs) are powered by four AAA batteries and typically fire at &#;ft/s (49&#;m/s) with a &#;gram BB. Some models may be select fire, and most models have an additional grip safety that must be held in order for the pistol to fire, with the exception of the Combat Delta models that use the gun's usual grip safety. The pistols feature a very weak blowback, and the slide usually only moves a third of the distance that it would on a typical GBB or real firearm.

  • SIG Pro SP
  • Combat Delta (Colt Delta Elite 10mm)
  • Combat Delta Silver Model
  • M92F Military
  • M92F Silver Model
  • Desert Eagle AE
  • Desert Eagle AE Silver
  • KP85
  • Centimeter Master
  • Glock 18C
  • H&K P30
  • Ingram MAC (New)
  • Beretta M9A1
  • Beretta M9A1 Silver

Gas blowback pistols[edit]

Tokyo Marui Gas blowback pistols are designed to use HFCA refrigerant to fire BBs and also to blow back the slide, mimicking the recoil of automatic hand guns. Refrigerant is sold in canisters similar to small propane canisters used in portable gas range. Propane based "Green" gas can be used, but could damage the replica due to higher pressure it exerts to mostly plastic parts used in gas blowback replicas, but many replicas have proven safe to use with propane or green gas.

Desert Eagle Series:

  • Desert Eagle AE Non-Hard-Kick
  • Desert Eagle AE Hard-Kick
  • Desert Eagle AE 10"
  • Desert Eagle AE Chrome Stainless
  • Desert Eagle AE Biohazard 2 ( Limited Edition)
  • Desert Eagle AE Biohazard 2 10" Custom Ver. 98' Two-Tone (Limited Edition)
  • Desert Eagle AE Biohazard 2 10" Custom Ver. Chrome (Limited Edition)
  • Desert Eagle AE Hard-Kick Full Metal (Limited Edition)

Detonics Series:

  • Detonics Combat Master
  • Detonics Combat Master Enviro Hard Chrome
  • Detonics Combat Master Chrome Frame
  • Detonics Combat Master Chrome Slide

Glock Series:

  • Glock 17
  • Glock 17 Custom Dark Earth
  • Glock 17 Custom Foliage Green
  • Glock 18c
  • Glock 19
  • Glock 22
  • Glock 26
  • Glock 26 Advance (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Glock 34

Hi-Capa/ M Series:

  • Hi-Capa (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Hi-Capa Dual Stainless Custom (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Hi-Capa (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Hi-Capa Stainless (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Hi-Capa R-Series Silver (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Hi-Capa R-Series Black (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Hi-Capa Match Custom (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Hi-Capa D.O.R
  • Hi-Capa Xtreme (Fully Automatic) (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • M.E.U (Marine Expeditionary Unit)
  • MA1 Colt Government
  • Desert Warrior (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Foliage Warrior (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Night Warrior (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Strike Warrior (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • Series 70
  • Series 70 Nickel Plated version

Beretta M92 Series:

  • M9 Tactical Master (Tokyo Marui custom)
  • M92F Chrome Stainless
  • M92F Military Model
  • M92F Duo-Tone (Black slide with silver frame)
  • M92F Duo-Tone (Black frame with silver slide)
  • M92F Biohazard Samurai Edge Standard Model
  • M92F Biohazard Samurai Edge Jill Model (Limited Edition)
  • M92F Biohazard Samurai Edge Chris Model (Limited Edition)
  • M92F Biohazard Samurai Edge Barry Model C/S.E (Limited Edition)
  • M9A1
  • M9A1 silver version

SIG Sauer Series:

  • SIG Sauer P
  • SIG Sauer P Stainless
  • SIG Sauer P Silver Frame
  • SIG Sauer P Silver Slide
  • SIG Sauer PE2


Fixed slide gas pistols[edit]

Also known as "Non-Blowback" pistols.

  • AMT Hardballer
  • Centimeter Master
  • Desert Eagle
  • Mk23 SOCOM (High grade, Movable slide)
  • Steyr M-GB (Movable slide)
  • Wilson Super Grade

Gas revolvers[edit]

  • Colt Python inch (64&#;mm)
  • Colt Python inch (64&#;mm) Chrome Stainless
  • Colt Python 4-inch (&#;mm)
  • Colt Python 4-inch (&#;mm) Chrome Stainless
  • Colt Python 6-inch (&#;mm)
  • Colt Python 6-inch (&#;mm) Chrome Stainless
  • M19 Combat Magnum inch (64&#;mm) (Relaunched)
  • M19 Combat Magnum 4-inch (&#;mm) (Relaunched)
  • M19 Combat Magnum 6-inch (&#;mm) (Relaunched)
  • Smith & Wesson M66 inch (64&#;mm)
  • Smith & Wesson M66 4-inch (&#;mm)
  • Smith & Wesson M66 6-inch (&#;mm)

Gas Blowback Machine Guns[edit]

Recently, Tokyo Marui has delved into the world of Gas Blowback Machine Guns. These replicas work very similarly to Tokyo Marui's Gas Blowback Pistols, in that they use HFCA refrigerant to blowback the bolt assembly to mimic the recoil of an automatic rifle or sub-machine gun when shooting the BBs.

Tokyo Marui has made gas powered replicas of these machine guns:

  • Heckler & Koch MP7|MP7A1
  • Colt M4A1 MWS (Released in )
  • MTR16
  • Howa Type 89 (released in )
  • Walther MPL (Discontinued shell-ejecting gas blowback sub-machine gun.)
  • Heckler & Koch MP5A3 (Discontinued shell-ejecting gas blowback sub-machine gun.)

Bolt action air rifle[edit]

These are bolt-action "sniper" rifles. Before each shot is fired, the shooter has to pull the bolt, cock the piston and load a BB into the chamber. All three versions of the VSR share the same stock, same internals and same air chamber. The Pro-sniper version has a black stock, &#;mm long inner barrel and is the most accurate of the three versions. The Real Shock version has a metal weight in the piston to simulate recoil. Real Shock has a simulated wooden stock and the same &#;mm long inner barrel. However, due to the vibration caused by the heavier piston's impact, Real Shock is the least accurate of the three, albeit only by less than an inch difference at 20&#;m distance. G-spec is shortened version with a silencer attached. Inner barrel is &#;mm long, but has a slightly tighter bore. Due to short inner barrel its accuracy is close to Real Shock, but a couple mm more accurate. A needle-like contraption called air brake protrudes from the piston. The air brake plugs the cylinder before piston impacts, trapping a small amount of air between the piston and cylinder. This reduces impact vibration and adds to VSR series' unique accuracy.

  • VSR Pro-sniper version
  • VSR Pro-sniper version Tan
  • VSR Pro-hunter version
  • VSR Pro-hunter version Black
  • VSR Real Stock Version Wood
  • VSR G-Spec
  • VSR G-Spec OD
  • L96 AWS Black
  • L96 AWS OD
  • M40A5 Black
  • M40A5 OD

Air shotgun and air rifles[edit]

Tokyo Marui makes several replicas that are powered by compressing a spring. For the shotgun and grenade launcher models, each shot fires three BBs at a time.

Spring Pistols[edit]

The spring is compressed by racking the slide. Some have hop-up and some do not.

Gindan Pistols[edit]

Tokyo Marui makes a small series of semi-automatic guns that fire by compressing the spring and releasing it as the trigger is pulled. These are mostly marketed at children in various colors, but Tokyo Marui has released black and silver editions which come in more professional looking boxes. The barrels create a short range hop-up effect. Tokyo Marui only recommends that a special g silver projectile of theirs be used, and that it be loaded with a proprietary speedloader which holds 90 projectiles.

Radio controlled models[edit]

Tokyo Marui was also at the forefront of the developing radio control hobby in the mids with a line of high-quality 1/scale electric buggies, monster trucks and even an unusual NASCARWinston Cup stocker, all in kit form. This kit of Bill Elliott's CoorsMellingFord Thunderbird was built on a four-wheel drive buggy chassis; despite that full-scale NASCAR racers are rear-wheel drive. The body could be raised or lowered for either onroad or offroad use and two full sets of wheels and tires were included, pre-mounted sponge slick tires for onroad and knobby spiked rubber tires for offroad. The Big Bear Datsun, a 1/scale monster truck topped with a Datsun pickup truck body, powered by a Mabuchi RS motor and initially sold via mail order, was one of the best-selling radio controlled models of the period and contributed greatly to the hobby's growth.

Scale variations on the simple and strong Big Bear chassis included both regular and "Super Wheelie" versions of the Jeep CJ-7 Golden Eagle and Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser, each lacking the oversized wheels and tires of the Big Bear and equipped instead with more scale-looking Goodyear offroad tires. A proposed third version which would have been Marui's ninth release was that of a Mitsubishi Pajero, shelved due to licensing problems. Twelve models were released in all, numbered 1 through 13 since the aforementioned ninth model never made it to market.

Strong competition by the end of the decade, especially from Tamiya and Kyosho, caused Marui to pull out of the hobby-grade R/C market. They returned to the R/C market in with a still-popular line of ready-to-run, 1/scale military tanks (see below).

The company released and sold the following models:

  • Hunter 2WD entry-level sport buggy
  • Galaxy 2WD sport/mild competition buggy
  • Galaxy RS 2WD sport buggy
  • Shogun 4WD sport/mild competition buggy
  • Samurai 4WD competition buggy
  • Ninja 4WD competition buggy
  • Coors Melling Ford Thunderbird 4WD NASCAR stock car
  • Big Bear Datsun 2WD sport monster truck
  • CJ-7 Golden Eagle 2WD sport offroad, available in regular and "Super Wheelie"
  • Toyota Land Cruiser 2WD sport offroad, available in regular and "Super Wheelie"

Radio controlled battle tanks[edit]

Tokyo Marui has combined remote control and airsoft by making a series of 1/24 scale remote controlled tanks that fire BBs. By remote control, a user may move the tank forwards and backwards, turn in place, rotate the turret, elevate the barrel, and fire. The range is only 25 m for g BBs. The tanks run on eight AA batteries.[6]


Tokyo Marui has also in an attempt to compete with Tamiya manufactured scale model cars, Mini 4WD of their own RC cars as well as licensed by other companies including Kyosho and educational models. The early nineties recession would force the company to scale back production to airsoft guns. Tokyo Marui has since returned to the RC car market, albeit the lucrative mini RC market with its cars [7] and also since , builds remote driven Godzilla models. In , Tokyo Marui released Z- scale model trains under the Pro-Z title including fully developed rail dioramas with several different trainsets.[8] Recently, Tokyo Marui has entered the electric scooter market.[9]

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Tokyo Marui: Soft Air Gun All Line Up Catalog

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  5. Can am gear box

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(Airsoft) Unboxing the MP5A5 Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui

Tokyo Marui (TM) is a high-quality Japanese airsoft gun manufacturer and created the blueprint on which all modern AEGs (Airsoft Electric Guns) are based.

Tokyo Marui was the first company to introduce airsoft guns powered solely by the electric motor with a gearbox driven spring/piston combination in the early &#;s &#; TM called this the &#;automatic electric gun&#; (AEG), a name which has stuck ever since. This compact AEG system was implemented in their first electric powered automatic rifle.

Other airsoft guns were then introduced by TM following this blueprint. The 3-gear AEG design developed by TM is still in use today and has been copied numerous times through the years by nearly all other airsoft manufacturers, in fact, most airsoft guns available today were probably based on TM&#;s original designs.

Tokyo Marui is renowned as one of the best airsoft manufacturers in the world and constructs the highest high-quality airsoft weapons which are the envy of every other manufacturer. Generally, they are the first to market, everyone else then just has to play catch up or copy their designs.

As well as their awesome range of electric rifles, other popular guns in their range include the TM VSR sniper rifle, the MK23 Socom pistol and some very impressive gas and electric shotguns such as the TM Breacher and KSG.

Tokyo Marui Airsoft


Marui english tokyo website

This Japanese company does not need to be introduced to anyone from the airsoft world. They were and are the pioneers of the airsoft market, presenting new solutions and replicas of interesting rifles and pistols time and time again.

The newest replica made by TM is the HK45 pistol. The weapon has been created as an evolution of the HK USP model and both share many common features. The biggest external differences between the above-mentioned models are a standard picatin rail for mounting tactical lighting or laser sights and an ergonomic, profiled grip, both featured in the HK45 model.

The replica by TM is a pistol made in the AEP system - Airsoft Electric Pistol. The gun is powered by a V micro battery, placed in the space between the barrel and the pistol frame. The manufacturer ensures that the battery replacement is simple, without the need for adapters or additional plugs.

In addition, the replica has a full-auto firing mode. To change it we have to use the safety switch. Ammunition is fed from a magazine with a capacity of 30 BBs. The manufacturer has also announces the a dedicated adapter allowing the installation of a sound suppressor will be made available soon.


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