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10+ Best Craft Storage [Review 2021]

10+ best craft storage

Any home will be cozy if there are thought out places to store your possessions. Typically, the word “organizer” for many people is associated with office supplies. But in fact, this is almost any device that allows you to neatly store various items including clothing, materials, and tools for a hobby.

It took a few days for product overview and analysis of the customer opinions. This allowed us to compose a list of the top products for craft storage of the best brands. Read on and you will find out what organizers are and how to fit them into your daily life and lifestyle.

Top Storage for Craft Supplies

ArtBin 6934AB Art & Craft Organizer

ArtBin 6934AB

If you are an artist and have a great collection of markers such as Copic, Sharpie, ZIG Kuretake, Prismacolor then such a satchel will be a great solution to store them. It consists of 1 general tray and also has 2 dividers. Thanks to this allocation, you can put circa 64 tools in it. You can also put a pencil, pen or brush in one of the compartments.

This organizer can be stored upright on the table or in a drawer. This will improve the organization of your creative tools. After all, the mess could distract from the creative process, couldn`t it?


  • This organizer keeps tools upright
  • You can see the number and color of the marker
  • The container is very capacious


  • Not suitable for tools longer than 6 inches

Everything Mary Portable Travel Craft Bag

Everything Mary

Mary Deluxe is something more than a carrying bag. It is like a little magical portal for craftsmen. This is the best portable case for your creative supplies which has one huge compartment as well as many pockets.

This case is designed not only for convenient safekeeping of things, but it also provides comfort and safety when traveling. It has an attractive and laconic design and is made of high-quality polyester.

Details are as important as beautiful design. Pay attention to the front pockets with durable zippers, as well as a convenient handle and a shoulder strap. Mary Deluxe is compatible with standard IRIS boxes. Spacious inside bins accommodate everything you need. Such case will be the best gift for a scrapbooking connoisseur.


  • The case is also suitable for carrying papers, documents, and gadgets
  • It is very roomy
  • You can take it with you on a trip


  • Perhaps the size of the case is not suitable for everyone

MINGHU 3-Tier Plastic Craft Storage Box


Each house has many small items and accessories. And very often they are lost. That is why they need to be stored in convenient organizers such as MINGHU.

This is a 3-tier box-organizer with 10 separate storage sections. You will definitely like these 30 adjustable compartments. To store non-standard items, you can remove any partition. Thus, you can put there sewing affiliation, accessories, small and large beads, Lego or little toys, cosmetics, medicines and much more.

MINGHU is made of durable, food-grade and transparent plastic, and also supplied with a handle for transportation.


  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • Excellent organization
  • Sections can be transformed


  • In the case of fall, the plastic will likely crack
  • A high price

American Crafts Storage Rack for Paper

American Crafts

Are you tired of searching for the necessary papers or documents on the desktop and shelves? Put everything in its place. This metal desktop storage paper stand is designed to solve these problems. You can organize your documents, cardboard, magazines or scrapbooking paper into 6 levels measuring 12 x 12 inches. This rack can be conveniently stored on a table or chest of drawers.


  • Laconic and restrained style
  • It serves its purpose
  • Easy to put together


  • You cannot place a large or heavy object
Do you want to create your own interesting and unusual design for stickers, glass or mugs? Then you will be interested to know about the Cricut Explore Air 2 machine.

Blulu Plastic Storage with Clear Bottles


Blulu storage containers set will be an indispensable choice for those who engage in beadwork, diamond painting, create jewelry and fashion accessories, as well as engage in nail service and other creativity. The set consists of a transparent box and 30 small plastic jars. They are also transparent, and you don’t even have to open the lid to see what’s inside.


  • It’s easy to see what inside the jar
  • It’s convenient to work with
  • Suitable for crafting
  • Made of a hard and durable material


  • Jars are a bit rough around the edges

CraftMates® Lockables™ Extra Large Storage Case

CraftMates Lockables

CraftMates Lockables is an excellent solution for organizing and conveniently storing small materials for creativity. This case looks like a folder or book and fastens with a durable zipper. When CraftMates is closed, you can store it on any shelf or in a drawer, and also transport it. The elegant purple case made of faux suede. The case consists of 8 transparent plastic organizers, which has 56 mate locking compartments. Do not worry that your creative materials might fall, it locks properly.


  • You can store pills, nail accessories or crafting materials
  • It has an interesting design and color
  • Compartments with lids that close firmly

IRIS USA Extra Large Photo & Craft Keeper


If you are tired of simple photo albums, take a look at such original photo storage as IRIS USA. It is perfect for small craft tools, stamps for crafting, stickers, drawings, jewelry, fishing equipment and much more. You will definitely love this case and 16 safe transparent cases that are 4 x 6 inches. Rounded ends are safe for kids. This will fit perfectly into the interior of your office, workshop or children’s room.

Due to the strong cast handle, you can easily move the case.


  • It can be a creative gift
  • It is also used by gardeners to store seeds
  • The cases prevent photodamage

ArtBin 6893AG Three Tray Art Supply Box

Artbin 6893AG

Just look at the folding design of this supply box. You will always have quick and convenient access to personal things. Most often, it is used by painters and designers to store the necessary accessories for creativity, such as brushes, tubes of acrylic and oil paint, pencils, markers, rubber stamps and glues, and etc.

Ideal for artists on the street. Thanks to the solid handle and a reliable latch this box is comfortable in transportation. The universal and thoughtful design allows you to conveniently distribute large and small objects. For example, little objects can be on the upper tier, and larger ones on the lower tiers.

Also, gardeners, fishermen, seamstresses, and other craftsmen can use this ArtBin art box.


  • Has a reliable lockable latch
  • The 3 upper trays have removable partitions
  • Very convenient organization of personal belongings


  • Plastic is a bit flexible

Top Craft Storage in 2020 (Unavailable Now)

(L x W x H)
We R Memory KeepersWe R Memory KeepersTrolley bag with wheels19 x 11 x 19.8 inches
LifeSmartLifeSmartStackable storage container10.5 x 6.7 x 14.5 inches
Creative OptionsCreative Options
Organizer, storage box17.2 x 16 x 5.2 inches

We R Memory Keepers 360 Crafter’s Trolley Bag

We R Memory Keepers

Spacious, mobile, comfortable, multi-functional and stylish – it’s all about We R Memory Keepers. The design and structure of the bag are very thought out. This is great for the hutch of your crafting materials as well as personal items.

With dozens of multi-sized pockets, there’s quite a lot of space to store crafting supplies and personal items. They are also removable and have durable zippers. Thanks to this, you can quickly and easily get what you need. The built-in accordion pockets are a good organization solution.

Refined and charming design will inspire you to new creativity. The built-in accordion pockets help store paper by theme, color or project type, and the latched pockets help to see what’s inside the bag while cropping.

These are the first crafter’s bags with a telescoping handle and top-of-the-line 360 wheels making it easier to take them on the trip.


  • Has a very beautiful appearance
  • Plenty of pockets
  • Zippers are very durable
  • You can take it with you anywhere


  • It’s a bit expensive
  • The velcro on removable pockets can deteriorate and stop clinging

LifeSmart Stackable Arts and Crafts Containers


LifeSmart is not only convenient and handsome but also durable.

This stackable container is fairly lightweight and has 6 tiers with compartments 10 cells each. Just imagine how many different things you can hide in 60 adjustable slots, measuring 1.75 x 3.25 x 2 inches. The lid is tightly closed and guarantees safe storage, and the durable handle is very convenient for transportation.

Many buyers recommend this particular model for storing jewelry and fashion accessories, LOL Surprise dolls, Lego Classic, Littlest Pet Shop, Shopkins, Hot Wheels, cosmetics, creative materials, diamond mosaics arts, and many other gizmos. You will be surprised at the strength and endurance of the structure.


  • Transparent plastic
  • The organizer is available in beautiful colors
  • If remove the partitions in the cells, you can store stationery

Creative Options Scrapbooking Storage Box

Creative Options storage case

This creative snapware organizer will become a small stylish assistant for every master or craftsman. The ProLatch locking system allows you to safely store your tools, personal items, creativity kits, or household items. It is available in 3 colors: white, purple and pink. This molded and durable case can be used anywhere: in the kitchen, workroom, playroom or office.


  • It is suitable for storing photos
  • The case is made of durable plastic
  • The lid can tightly close


  • Due to the thickened walls, the internal dimensions are smaller

Other Craft Storage Worthy of Your Attention

How to Choose Best Craft Storage?

Keeping and organizing your personal items and craft supplies can sometimes be a headache. If you have nowhere to put your creative tools in, then it’s time to buy a storage system.

However, before buying, you must consider the following nuances:

  • Find a place where you will keep a cache of your craft. It is great if you have a separate room or several free drawers and shelves. However, sometimes you need to arrange a grand cleaning of the house with the allocation of free space.
  • Decide what exactly you are targeting to store. The size of the stuff will depend on the size of the units.
  • Attentively check the sizes of the organizers, boxes and the slots in the product description. Measure your craft supplies if necessary.
  • Select the type of a locking system.

Keep in mind, that it’s necessary to pay attention to how the storage item fits into the overall interior design, so the rooms look cohesive. Now you’re all set to go and get the best craft storage possible.


Questions and answers

So, you are tired of the sloppy store of your craft tools and materials. Surely you have a lot of questions about how to keep your things in their proper places. Read on and you will find the necessary answers and inspiration.

What Is a Craft Storage Organizer?

A craft storage organizer is an important element that helps the successful sorting and organization of your crafts and is also the key to the successful completion of your projects. This is a great solution for storing and saving spaces in the home 🏠 as well as your time. There are many varieties of keepers design. It can be soft textile organizers, solid plastic or wooden boxes, folding or monolithic. It all depends on your needs.

If you are a professional craftsman or designer, then it will be useful for you to read the review about the best die cut machines.

How to Organize a Craft Room with Storage?

You can buy a new organizer 🗃️, or you can make it from available materials. Some of the below-mentioned ideas may be interesting for you:

  • Use free space in tables, cabinets, commodes with drawers, or on shelves and place boxes of different sizes and types there. If you want a stylish decision, use straw or textile baskets.
  • You can buy or sew a case with many pockets and hang it on the back of the door.
  • Do not forget about the walls, this is also a great decision. For example, you can make a pegboard wall. You can design it with a mounted perforated board by painting in an interesting color and attaching a variety of shelves and organizers.
  • There are a lot of interesting and creative solutions for storing goods for needlework in boxes, containers, cubes, jars, small pails.
  • Do not forget to label for better identification.

Organizing a personal stash or craft space can be quite a challenge. However, let’s perceive this as an interesting game where you can show your creativity.

Where Can You Buy Best Craft Storage?

Do you feel inspired by this article? You can buy organizers for crafting in big offline and online stores 🏪 in the USA, such as Amazon, IKEA, eBay, Walmart, and others.

Take a look at the Michaels or Joann sites. You might be in luck and find the right product for sale and a pleasant discount.


First of all, you should define two things for yourself: how much workspace do you need, and how much money you can spend. It does not have to be something extraordinary and occupy the entire room. It may just be a well-organized place where you can create your own little universe for creativity. However, if you are not ready for costs, there is a cheap alternative to expensive purchases. You can always reconstruct old or unnecessary furniture.

When you design your craft space don’t forget to be creative and to have fun.



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6pk Plastic Storage Containers With Dividers Lids Craft Organizer Desk Organizer

6pk Plastic Storage Containers With Dividers Lids Craft Organizer Desk Organizer

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25 Craft Room Storage and Organization Ideas

Whether you have a dedicated craft room or simply clear off the kitchen table when you feel inspired, your art supplies and tools have to go somewhere. But craft storage often means messy, haphazard clutter with a couple of paint spills to boot. We've rounded up the best products to organize the most common pain points in craft storage, from endless washi tape rolls to leftover paint. Take a look at these solutions below and get your creative space organized.

Smart Art Bins

The problem with one big caddy is that art supplies have a tendency to get jumbled into a tumbleweed of fabric scraps, half-used hot glue gun sticks, mystery glitter from 10,000 projects ago and a jar of liquid gold gilding that's probably turned over and spilled everywhere. Sound familiar? You need a bin with purpose and lots of dividers such as this ribbon holder from The Container Store or this box with long sections designed for paintbrushes. Dividers keep items from floating around, and, mess aside, it's a safer way to store sharp items such as craft knives and scissors. This stackable bin from The Container Store comes with see-through drawers perfect for storing stamps, sewing pins and other tiny items that can get lost. My favorite craft storage is actually a product meant for the pantry: a tea caddy. Clear, cheap tea caddies such as this one from Bed Bath & Beyond are a great size for storing all kinds of craft supplies. And they look almost identical to more expensive craft bins!

Drawer Inserts + Organizers

Just like with a bin, there's a tendency to cram a bunch of mismatched stuff into a drawer, but drawers are a great way to organize your craft supplies by art medium or project type. These office drawer inserts are meant for staplers and highlighters, but this set of seven clear inserts would be perfect for a calligraphy-themed supply drawer or another craft that uses lots of different materials in different sizes. And this marker and pen insert just makes my Virgo heart happy. Technically, it's made for official ArtBin boxes, but you could also use it as a drawer insert. I just love that every pen has its own little dedicated slot, spaced out in a perfectly even grid. I also find that bathroom drawer organizers work really well for craft supplies. This eye shadow palette organizer (under $10!) is perfect for sorting stencils, stickers or other items in small booklets such as gold leafing.

Mobile Craft Carts

If you don't have a dedicated craft room, these three-tier carts from The Container Store are a great way to create a pop-up craft space anywhere in your home. They can easily roll into a closet or under a desk when not in use and there are so many ways to customize it. The cart comes in a handful of colors, but I just love this sage green. There are also several lids you can buy that work as a mini work surface, from this chic lightwood topper to this reversible lid with storage inserts. There's also a pegboard you can outfit to the side of the cart with tons of accessories, from hooks to floating bins. A cart like this takes up the same amount of space as an XL plastic tub, but this way you get to see all of your supplies on display and they're always easily within reach.

Paper Solutions

Paper causes so much clutter, and it's definitely a material you don't want to bend or crinkle. Whether you're scrapbooking and have a hoard of decorative paper or storing paper for sketching and painting, these shallow, stackable bins on Amazon are perfect for organizing paper by color, size and texture. They're great for storing felt or foam sheets for kid crafts, too. For something smaller, this plastic bin from Amazon is a great buy. It's part filing cabinet, part storage bin and will keep materials safe from any paint spills. And if you're working with vintage paper, sorting magazine cut-outs for decoupage or using any other delicate, flimsy paper, this 12-drawer unit on wheels from The Container Store is a great way to keep materials organized and within reach but safely tucked away from being creased.

Paint Storage

Paint of any kind should always be stored in a cool, dry place with temps above freezing. If you have a shed or other outdoor space for crafting, just make sure to bring in your paints for winter. And for storing paint inside, you want to make sure it's spill-proof, whether you're working with tubes of acrylic or gallons of chalkboard paint. This spinning rack from Michaels is great for acrylic, oil and other fine art paints because it displays each tube just like a store! You can easily find the color you're looking for. OXO Pop containers are also great for storing paint. The infamous lids keep it airtight which prevents the paint from drying out. Upcycled baby food jars are perfect for storing tiny amounts of leftover paint from past projects, but if you don't have those handy, these plastic ones from The Container Store do just the trick, too. They also work wonders with corraling Perler beads and other tiny materials.

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