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Destiny Toaster: How to buy the Destiny Toaster with Destiny 2 toast emblem by Bungie

As far as harmless memes go, this one takes the cake. The gaming community&#;s penchant for toasters continues, with Bungie making a novelty toaster for Destiny fans. It&#;s part of a bargain that Bungie made with their fans during last year&#;s Gaming Community Expo (GCX). Bungie said that if fans can raise $, for charity, then maybe they can make a toaster. The community delivered, raising over $, for that. That&#;s why during this year&#;s GCX live stream, Bungie unveiled the Destiny Toaster for the first time. What&#;s more: Bungie will continue taking this little meme and give it back to charity. Ten percent of all profits from the sale of this novelty toaster will go to St. Jude’s Children&#;s Research Hospital, the same beneficiary of the $, charity call.

How to buy the Destiny Toaster

Fans can now pre-order the Destiny Toaster on Bungie&#;s Website. It costs and is expected to ship between December and January .

The toaster is a two-slice toaster that emblazons the Destiny logo on every toast you make. This makes every burnt toast or sandwich you make way cooler. The Toaster also comes with a free yellow sandwich holder, which also has the Destiny logo on it. For technical product specifications, the toaster runs on V, ~ Hz &#; W.

Since the toaster won&#;t ship until later this year or early next year, Bungie added a little bonus for each purchase. Immediately after making a purchase, you will receive an email with a code to retrieve an in-game emblem for Destiny 2 &#; &#;Burnt Edges.&#;

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The official Destiny toaster is real and you can order one now

In June , Bungie told Destiny 2 players that if they raised at least $, (the studio really likes the number seven) during its Gaming Community Expo livestream, it would maybe—maybe—make an official Destiny Toaster. The community responded, raising more than $, for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital during Bungie's block, and now the developer is holding up its end of the deal.

Behold the majesty of the official Destiny Toaster!

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This is a real toaster than you can really buy, and yes, it actually burns the Tricorn emblem into your bread. The sandwich holder seen in the images is included, and because this is Destiny 2, you'll also get the new toast-themed Burnt Edges emblem in the game. 

Lest you be wondering why players wanted a Destiny toaster in the first place, aside from the obvious answer that toast is delicious, it's actually a riff on a couple of in-jokes. One, Destiny players have long referred to "getting that bread" as shorthand for dropping a god roll set of perks on a loot drop. And two, Destiny 2 features an ugly-beautiful exotic fusion rifle called Jotunn that looks, well, a lot like a toaster.

The IRL Destiny 2 toaster is up for preorder now through the Bungie Store for $85, which is actually not a terrible price for a toaster. Granted, it's impossible to say how it compares to a nice Paderno or Lagostina unit, and it's only a two-slicer, but my immediate impression is that it's a pretty reasonable price for a novelty toaster with likely-limited mass market appeal. (Let's be honest, the average Walmart shopper probably doesn't want the Destiny logo scorched into every single sandwich they make.)

Another nice plus is that the toaster will continue Bungie's support of St Jude's: Ten percent of profits earned on the toaster will go to the hospital.

You might not realize this, but toasters are a surprisingly common aspect of PC gaming. Razer is making one of its own (which I bet will cost a hell of a lot more than 85 bucks), and it's at least theoretically possible to play Doom on a toaster. And just last year, Wes got bored and built a 36TB home server the size of a toaster oven.

Back to the matter at hand: The Destiny 2 toaster is available for preorder now but isn't expected to begin shipping until December, or possible January GCX , meanwhile, is live right now and runs until 1 pm PT/4 pm ET on June 20—you can jump into the stream below, which at time of typing has already passed the $m mark.

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How to get the Burnt Edges emblem - Destiny 2

Few things excite the Guardians of Destiny 2 as much as a slick looking emblem, especially if only a small percentage of players have it. That’s about to be the case with the Burnt Edges emblem. If you’d like to add this nifty looking cosmetic item to your inventory, here’s how you can get it.

Burnt Edges emblem

Burnt Edges Emblem Destiny 2

The Burnt Edges emblem is only available to Destiny 2 players that buy the Destiny Toaster. Yes, Bungie made a toaster, and you can buy it. If you’re willing to do that, the Burnt Edges emblem comes as a bonus item that will be unlocked in the game. The catch is the toaster is $ USD. Shipping on this item within the U.S. is $ for standard, and $ for expedited. If you’re in Canada, like myself, the shipping is $61 and there’s only one option. Suffice to say, under any circumstances, this is quite the price to pay for an emblem, especially if you don’t need a new toaster.

On the flip side, it must be noted that Bungie have pledged 10 percent of the profits from the Destiny Toaster to St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Bungie have a long history of supporting charities, so it is no surprise they are doing so with this offering. I’m not sure that bridges the gap to the point where players are cool to spend $ or more on an emblem, but it’s noteworthy.

After all that if you still want this emblem in your life, head to the Bungie Store and pre-order the toaster. You’ll get the emblem today, but the toaster won’t arrive until December , and potentially as late as January Those are only estimates, so further delays are possible.

Okay, so now that you know how to get the Burnt Edges emblem and have possibly bought a very pricy toaster, head to the Destiny 2 strategy guide for more help being the best Guardian you can be.

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All Season of the Splicer Emblems - Destiny 2 Season 14

Pre-Order Bungie&#;s &#;Destiny&#; Toaster and Get an Exclusive In-Game Emblem

The Destiny toaster, sandwich case, and in-game emblem.

Alright, is officially the year of gamer kitchens. Just days after the Xbox mini fridge reveal, Bungie is opening pre-orders for its Destiny toaster. The $85 toaster leaves Tricorn logos on your bread, and it comes with a free sandwich carrier and in-game Toast emblem.

Bungie first tossed around the idea of a Destiny toaster during a charity event for St. Jude Children&#;s Research Hospital. The company told gamers that it may sell a toaster if the charity event raised $,, and it ended at upwards of $k.

Destiny toasters will ship sometime between December and January While the $80 price tag may seem a bit high, this is a collectable item, and Bungie gives 10% of its toaster profits to St. Jude&#;s.

The exclusive in-game toaster emblem is available today, though. Bungie will email a redemption code for the emblem once you complete your pre-order.

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Destiny toaster 2 emblem

Bungie begins selling its official Destiny toaster

You can now buy a Destiny toaster to go with your future purchase of an Xbox Mini Fridge. Yes, we're getting another gaming-themed appliance and this one cranks up the zany dial to the max. As Bungie points out, the toaster actually toasts a Tricorn emblem onto your bread. Plus, it comes with a free container to house all your Destiny-themed sandwiches.

You can pre-order the toaster right now for $85 from the Bungie store and it will ship between this December and January, Fittingly, you'll also receive a free Destiny 2 in-game Burnt Edges emblem. As the toaster is a by-product of a charity event, 10 percent of your purchase proceeds will go to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. 

Back in June, the Destiny community raised more than $, for the pediatric treatment center, which specializes in cancer treatment and other life-threatening diseases. To help galvanize fans, Bungie offered to make a toaster if they hit a target of $, (the developer has a thing for the number seven). Because nothing fuels a hungry bunch of gamers like the promise of toasted bread.

While the basic two-slice toaster is no match for premium smart and steam-based toasters, it's clearly meant as a bit of fan service. Destiny players often say "let's get this bread" when venturing for loot and even refer to the Jötunn rifle as a Toaster.

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Burnt Edges - New Destiny 2 emblem - Destiny Toaster - Season Of The Splicer

Destiny Toaster

In June , the Destiny Community raised more than $, for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital® during Bungie’s livestream supporting Gaming Community Expo (GCX). During the livestream, Bungie announced that if we hit $,, we would look into offering an Official Destiny Toaster.

It’s almost time to get that bread.” ­– dmg04

  • 10% of Profits from sales of the Destiny Toaster will go to St. Jude’s Children's Research Hospital (R)
  • Free Sandwich Holder with Purchase!
  • Pre-orders will instantly receive a free Destiny 2 In-game emblem "Burnt Edges"

Product Spec:

  • US V,  ~ Hz - W
  • Two-Slice Toaster
  • Expected Ship Date: December January

Please Note: Digital items and physical items bundled with them are non-refundable.


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Destiny 2's long-awaited official toaster is disappointing

Hello again, it's me, the person who does not buy video games merch yet has strong opinions on it. This week, it's the official Destiny 2 toaster, an oft-requested actual bread-cooking device. The gun Jötunn is lovingly nicknamed 'the toaster' for its blocky shape and ability to pop out slices of fiery death, see, so for years fans and jokesters have asked Bungie for a real toaster which looks like it. But this official toaster does not look like Jötunn, and doesn't even look like a good toaster. Boooo.

During a charity livestream for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital last year, Bungie said they'd look into making a toaster if they raised $, (they do love their sevens). Well, fans donated over $k, so here we are. Last night Bungie announced that you can now pre-order the toaster. It costs $85 (£60) and 10% of profits from sales will go to St. Jude's. You also get a toasty in-game emblem to decorate your profile:

Destiny 2's Burnt Edges emblem, received when you buy the official toaster.

The black and gold plastic toaster is emblazoned with the hand logo of the Rasmussen family (co-founders of the Black Armory), just like the real Jötunn. But beyond that, no, this is a crappy plastic toaster which looks nothing like Jötunn. Added in January , the Exotic fusion rifle is a delightful cinderblock of a gun which heats up then spits a homing slice of burning death with a pleasing metallic noise. You even load it from the top. It quickly gained the nickname 'the toaster', and fans have semi-seriously clamoured for an actual real Jötunn toaster ever since.

Allow me to demonstrate making toast with the gun this toaster does not resemble:

Watch on YouTube

"We saw a bunch of pretty cool concept from players, but the realities of production/manufacturing would have made it nearly impossible to execute," a Bungie community manager explained on Reddit.

"This happens pretty often in game dev - fans share a fun concept from Photoshop or a 3D program, but it doesn't easily transfer to a game or product. Something that's felt to be simple because it takes three clicks in an image editor can end up taking months of time and massively inflated cost when actually developing a user interface, armor set, or in this case a toaster."

The Destiny logo toasted into bread by Destiny 2's long-awaited official toaster.

I understand a Jötunn toaster would be a huge task, maybe an unfeasible one, but $85 for a cheap-looking plastic toaster is a real disappointment. I've praised Bungie's Destiny merch before but I'm not feeling this. You'd mostly be buying it to get that toasty emblem, wouldn't you? Yeah, it's partially for charity, but 10% of the profits isn't much anyway.

I take toast seriously and $85 could get you a really nice toaster (with enough change for a donation to St. Jude's too), you know? We're not talking a plastic two-slicer, we're talking four slices, we're talking independent heat controls, we're talking stainless steel with a nice retro finish, we're talking bagel and defrost settings, we're talking room enough for even the broadest sourdough, the works. The kind of toaster you'd mark in the Argos catalogue by folding a page corner, waiting for you to flick back and gaze at it whenever you want to dream of treating yourself.

An American friend once gave me a Hello Kitty toaster which would scorch a feline face into toast. I was unaware of the voltage difference between countries and was horrified when it glowed brighter than the sun, burned out the element, and incinerated the bread. But I could just about make out Hello Kitty's face in the ashes.


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