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Work Smart Office Chairs (Model#ECHEC1) Review

Before spending a huge amount for an office chair it is very important to know if it fits your need. When choosing an office chair, it is all about the support and variety of features it offers to let you stay comfortable. Some important features that are a must to have is the back support, seat comfort, arm support and tilt support. We are gonna focus on executive chairs, we asks what is an executive chair? An executive chairs are distinct in style and are ideal for single person offices. Its focus is mainly about the looks and overall comfort it provides. It usually has a lot of padding and in leather to add style. By understanding the review before you buy, you will not waste money and time to find the chair that will be the right fit for you.

Work Smart Executive Espresso Eco-Leather Big Mans Chair with Coated Padded Loop Arms and Cocoa Metal Base

Work smart executive espresso eco leather big mans chair with coatedd padded loop arms and cocoa metal base has a pneumatic seat height adjustment and degree swivel seat. Eco leather are leather that improves environmental performance. This is measured by the absence of restricted chemicals such as banned azo dyes, PCP, formaldehyde and an increasing list of specified brands. The chair quality is very sturdy with its thick padded arms and cocoa metal base. This chair is very customizable since it has a pivot tilt with tilt tension and tilt lock. It also allows you to tilt the chair back but not in a reclined position. The 5 doubled wheeled nylon casters are large so it glides easily over carpets or tiles.

This executive chair is built for big man since it can support upto pounds. The back and seat have a thick cushion which provides maximum support. It also has a headrest where you can just lounge around while watching a movie or when you are thinking. Since this chair is made for larger people, some people with short arms might find it a little low because the armrest aren&#;t adjustable. The piston that raises and lowers the chair is very solid. Keep in mind that even in the lowest setting short people might have a little discomfort unless you invest in a footrest.

This chair is very easy to assemble but having an extra pair of hands would help a lot. Estimated time to assemble around minutes. With its price, you are not going to get the finest leather but the stitching is very strong so its very durable and will hold up well.

This chair is already a fair deal as most office chairs nowadays are very expensive. If you are a big or tall person, I would suggest putting this in your list of considerations. It is very comfortable, functional and stylish. It is looks very professional and would look great for your executives.

If you want the best deal you should buy this on Amazon and here's why:

  1. All the reviews are like having hundreds of really good friends give you their personal experience with the chair, then taking all of that personal experience and giving it an easy to understand star rating. You know you're buying quality when there are hundreds of fans of the product.
  2. A friendly UPS driver will deliver it right to your door. No waiting in line, no hauling it in your car. No sore muscles or achy back the next day.
  3. Amazon has the best price 99% of the time. Amazon constantly watches competitor pricing and makes sure you get the best deal. They do a ton of business and take advantage of economies of scale, which means you get the savings!
  4. FREE shipping. Enough said.
  5. Your local office store has a limited selection. On top of that, most of the chairs they sell are their store brand, meaning you get fewer choices and are paying more for a lower quality chair that they make maximum profits on.
  6. Returns are easy. Amazon recently shipped a car, and they ship a ton of large items, all day, every day. If they can ship a car, rest assured, you will get your chair in perfect condition. BUT, if for any reason it comes damaged, it is super easy to return. Just print out a UPS label, slap it on the box and a friendly UPS driver will pick it up, free of charge. This is way easier than waiting in a return line at Office Depot and talking with a bored, angsty teenage sales clerk.
Product Details:
  •  Executive espresso eco leather big mans chair with cocoa metal base
  • Padded loop arms
  • Pivot tilt with tilt tension and tilt lock
  • Supports up to Pound

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This Mid Back Faux Leather Executive Chair is a brilliant combination of elegance and function. Expertly designed with pneumatic height adjustment, built-in lumbar support, and locking tilt control with adjustable tilt tension, this chair can be customized for individual comfort. Comes complete with padded nylon arm rests and a heavy duty nylon base with polished aluminum accents and dual wheel carpet casters. With zero compromise to aesthetics, this Black Faux leather upholstered chair is sure to make a statement in any environment!
  • Faux Leather Seat and Back with Built-in Lumber Support
  • One Touch Pneumatic Seat Height Adjustment
  • Locking Tilt Control with Adjustable Tilt Tension
  • Padded Nylon Arms with Polished Aluminum Accents
  • Heavy Duty Nylon Base with Polished Aluminum Accents and Dual Wheel Carpet Casters
  • Color: Black
  • Fabric: Black Faux Leather
  • Product Dimensions: 26" W x 31" D x 46" H
  • Seat Dimensions: 23" W x 21" D x 4" H
  • Back Dimensions: 21" W x 29" D x 5" H
  • Seat Height: " - 22"
  • Arms to Floor: 28" - "
  • Capacity: Lbs
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My Credo is: „work hard, work smart, and deliver!“

Charlotte Bänninger is Head Fixed Income and President of UBS Asset Management Switzerland AG. Fondsfrau Anke Dembowski talks to her about her career and why she enjoys working with women.

Charlotte, you can look back on a great career in asset management. What developments have you observed in terms of opportunities for women during this time?
I started my professional career in 1987 as a trainee at UBS (then SBG), around two months before Black Monday 1987. I was fresh from university at the time and had hardly any practical experience, but I was glad that there were other women in this training program. My first stage was on the stock exchange, followed by research, and finally I got into portfolio management. After my trainee program, I wanted to stay in portfolio management because that's where I liked it best. But my supervisor at that time at SBG had concerns about hiring a woman as a portfolio manager. That was in 1989, at that time there were no women in portfolio management at SBG. But when his superior asked him to hire "Fräulein Bänninger", it finally worked. Back then, the banking environment was much more masculine than it is today, but that never really bothered me. I had a good friend and work colleague in the rank of a director who ran the emerging markets desk. When she became a mother, she wanted to work 80%. That was absolutely not possible at that time, and so she started her own business.

And how did you go on?
I enjoyed my job, and when I later got into a management position for Switzerland, the first women worked with me. I thought that was great. I've been working with this colleague for 25 years now. Over time, more and more women came to us, and in my team in Zurich we were sometimes up to 50 percent women. Even today, the Head of Fixed Income Research, Head Investment Specialist, Head Euro Corporate Strategy and Head PM Quantitative are all women and are based in Zurich. I don't think there are many investment teams in Switzerland with such a high percentage of women. We also already have a number of women in senior positions at UBS, which is encouraged by the management.

How does this affect other women? For example, for those who want to apply to UBS?
It clearly encourages women to apply to us. You can see that there is a woman at the top and that the team is otherwise very diverse. That is a much smaller hurdle to feel comfortable than in a team that consists exclusively of 'middle aged white men'. And for me, too, it is very pleasant to work with a mixed team.

How is that?
Portfolio management is a very analytical, numbers-driven story. When there are more women on the team, there is more communication and the mood is simply better because it is more relaxed. Then it's easier to criticize or ask a teammate to do something differently.

Did it happen by chance that there are so many women on your team, or did you specifically work towards this?
It's not a coincidence. It is well known that mixed teams perform better simply because they have different ways of looking at the markets. I think it's great when we discuss things in a diversified manner and from many different perspectives.

Das Bewusstsein gibt es aber nicht nur bei mir im Team. Seit Ende 2019 ist Suni Harford President UBS Asset Management und auch für sie ist „Diversity & Inclusion“ ein wichtiges Thema. Und Aleksandar Ivanovic, Head Client Coverage und Chef Region Schweiz&EMEA UBS Asset Management, fördert dasselbe in einer Arbeitsgruppe für UBS Region Schweiz.

Of course, it is not always easy to find a woman for a vacant position. The Fondsfrauen did the “Fearless Girls” study, where we were also a sponsor. The study showed that women in German-speaking countries are not yet so open to studying finance. On the other hand, I have heard that in Spain, for example, it is quite natural that women study mathematics.

How does it look internationally?
We often discuss this with my peers in the US, London and Asia. It's not just about gender diversification, the cultural background also plays an important role. In the Zurich team we are 25 people from nine different nations. Different professional backgrounds are also important, we don't just need mathematicians, finance scientists and quants. Experience shows that employees who have successfully completed a four-year banking apprenticeship in Switzerland are extremely performance-oriented and successful. In addition, generational diversity is becoming more important as well, especially when fewer workers come onto the market. The experience of older employees is important and a company can benefit from it.

What is it like when employees have children? Can you then continue your career?
Yes, in our team four colleagues have children and that works very well. Now, I have to say, because it would have been difficult in the past. However, it turns out that women / mothers work very efficiently on a part-time basis. As long as the substitute is arranged and the employee is flexible and well organized at home, you can also work part-time in a portfolio management function. With my first employee in an 80% workload, nobody noticed that at the beginning. It also seems that the ladies are happy when they have a change of scenery and get away from home a few days a week. I have had very good experiences with employees who have children.

At UBS Asset Management you are in charge of the fixed income area and in this role you are responsible for assets under management of 270 billion Swiss Francs. How do you deal with this responsibility? Can you sleep peacefully at night?
Yes, I have a sound sleep. The only sleepless nights I had were during the financial crisis, when the financial markets went crazy and UBS was in a tense situation. In the meantime, our processes and IT systems have been improved. It is also helpful and important that I have managed portfolios myself for 20 years. So I know what it's about. I am also very well organized. I have dedicated regional heads - in America, Great Britain, Asia and Switzerland. I've been working with these colleagues for more than ten years. Our cooperation is based on clear responsibilities, experience, mutual respect and trust. We also have well-developed compliance, legal & risk teams at UBS, which ensure that independent checks & balances take place on an ongoing basis.

How do you manage such an international team?
As I said, I have regional managers as well as a Head Research and a Head Investment Specialists (both women, by the way). This is my management team. Here we discuss business activities, headcounts, IT, structures, etc. I also head the Fixed Income Investment Forum. Here the ten most experienced fixed income investment strategists discuss the general situation on the markets and determine the strategy. With this setup of regional heads and an investment committee, responsibilities are clearly defined. A well-composed team is so much more successful. In addition, mutual trust and respect are important, especially in order to accept criticism as a challenge and not as a complaint. I am happy when my people tell me, “This or that is not so good!” After all, you don't sit in a glass house and do your own thing. That's why I can sleep well, even in March and April 2020, when the markets went crazy.

How do you recover from work?
At the moment I'm mostly working from home. There is of course a great temptation to sit down at my desk at 8 a.m. and work until 7 a.m. What I now consistently do if I can: I go out for a quick walk for an hour and clear my head. That feels good! I can also relax very well at the weekend, for example I like to play golf. Then I'm outside in beautiful surroundings and concentrate on the ball for four hours – that feels good, too!

You lead a team of over 130 investment specialists. Can women be steered differently than men? Or do men have a problem when they have a female boss with you?
No, I got a management position for the first time 20 years ago. Back then there was no as good leadership training as it is now. I learned myself what works and what doesn't work. You can be fair and tough, that's not mutually exclusive. Of course, as a woman, you also have to be able to act and make unpleasant decisions. I'm not exactly sure, but I guess I'm able to convey such decisions better than a man, because I do it in a different way - more empathically. You also have to be able to empathize with the other person. I've learned that over time.

What is your employer, UBS Asset Management, doing in terms of diversity?
There's a lot there. For example, we have our graduate talent program. Our goal here is to bring in an equal proportion of female and male graduates, simply to have the pool of young professionals well filled. But it is also clear: meritocracy is paramount, as we cannot just hire women because they are women. I wouldn't sign anything else either. If I had two applicants and they were both equally well qualified, then I would take the woman. But if the man was better, I would take him. We also have a program called “Career Comeback”. The program is for specialists who want to get back into the working world after a break.

We thoroughly discuss the topic of “Diversity & Inclusion” among my peers, and we also have different project teams, depending on the topic. For example, we are discussing what we can do to make young women interested in finance. When they're at university, it's already too late. We came to the conclusion that awareness-raising work at the cantonal schools is important, i.e. shortly before the Matura or Abitur, before a decision is made as to which course to study. We have to get rid of the nightmares that produce films like “Wolf of Wall Street”. It's not like that at all anymore, and I think it wasn't quite like that even in the 80s.

What is the international situation like at UBS Asset Management?
The interesting thing is that when I come to my team's office in Hong Kong, I hardly see any men, mostly women. Or in our training program for university graduates. We have two women in Singapore and Shanghai and we have now employed them as junior portfolio managers and junior analysts, respectively. In America, unfortunately, we don't have that many women in portfolio management roles until now. What is also interesting: In the sustainability team, on the other hand, we have a lot of women.

You are also Vice President of AMAS (Asset Management Association Switzerland). What is the status of women in this association?
I am very pleased that the head of BlackRock Switzerland, Mirjam Staub-Bisang, is also on the board. So here we are two women on the board and there are also some women at the management level of the association. We are further ahead in Switzerland than in Germany, where the BVI has an all-male board.

You are on the Advisory Board of Fondsfrauen Switzerland. What does this job mean for you?
UBS und auch ich persönlich unterstützen die Fondsfrauen, weil wir wollen, dass Frauen auf die Finanzbranche und deren interessante Karrieremöglichkeiten aufmerksam werden. Wir wollen hier das Bewusstsein wecken und deutlich machen, dass Frauen auch in der Schweizer Finanzbranche wichtig sind. Frauen sollten zusammenfinden und Ideen austauschen. Ich finde es immer toll, dass bei den Anlässen der Fondsfrauen hier in Zürich rund 100 Damen zusammen kommen.

Can you give a few tips to women who are interested in a career in the asset management industry?
You should never copy the men, just stay yourself. Curiosity, willingness to go the extra mile and perseverance are important. A healthy dose of self-confidence also helps. My credo is: “work hard, work smart, and deliver!” - not just make demands, but also deliver. It doesn't always go up, it goes down in between. Younger employees in particular, whether women or men, are often used to things getting upwards, but you also have to learn to deal with setbacks to be successful.

Thank you for this great interview, Charlotte!

About Charlotte Bänninger
Charlotte Bänninger ist Global Head Fixed Income bei UBS Asset Management. In dieser Funktion verantwortet sie CHF 270 Milliarden verwaltetes Vermögen in globalen festverzinslichen Anlagen und Geldmarkt-Strategien. Sie führt ein Team von über 130 Investment Spezialisten. Sie ist zudem Vorsitzende des Fixed Income Investment Forums und Fixed Income Management Teams.

Charlotte was appointed President of UBS Asset Management Switzerland AG in 2020. In this position she chairs the Swiss executive board. She also continues to be Head of Investments, UBS Asset Management Switzerland AG. Furthermore, she is the Vice Chair of the board of the SFAMA (Swiss Association of Asset Management).

Before becoming Global Head Fixed Income, Charlotte held the position of Head Fixed Income Switzerland at UBS Asset Management from 2001 on. During this time, she was instrumental in building up the Swiss Franc bond portfolio with assets under management of over CHF 40 billion.

Charlotte began her professional career in 1987 at the former Swiss Bank Corporation (UBS) as a graduate trainee and was portfolio manager and department head until 2001.

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  • Sours:
    Office Star WorkSmart Professional Dual Function Ergonomic High Back Eco Leather Chair, Black
    WorkSmart Mesh Back Office Chair

    WorkSmart Woven Mesh Back Chair


    WorkSmart Woven Mesh Back Office Chair

    Work in comfort with the new WorkSmart screen back task chair by Office Star. Outfitted with a one touch pressurized Pneumatic seat height adjustment and available in a variety of colors, this seating solution makes the perfect addition to any home. Intelligently engineered with a pressure responsive Screen back and padded mesh seat, this chair wicks away moisture while keeping your back comfortably cradled. Boasting a degree swivel and padded T arms, this chair is perfect for home computer desk or checking emails at your office workstation. Couple all of these features with the heavy duty dual wheel carpet casters and you have a versatile task chair that is as affordable as it is comfortable.


    • Screen back and mesh seat
    • Locking tilt control w/adjustable tilt tension
    • Fixed designer arms
    • Heavy Duty Angled Nylon Base with Dual Wheel Carpet Casters

    SKU: EMN-3Categories: New Office Chairs, New Office Furniture, New Task Chairs

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    Office chair worksmart

    HY5009 Haiyue Büro Sperrholz Design Arbeit Smart Backless Zwei Sitz Sattel Sitz Stuhl, Twin Sattel Hocker

    Product Description

    1. PU upholstery

    2. Can be with very comfortable backrest 

    3. 40-45 high density moude foam

    4. Variable height control

    5. Tilting mechanism with chrome gas lift

    6. Chrome metal chair-base with heavy duty PU castors


    Product Pictures






    Pictures for Base, Castors, Gas Spring and Footrest 


    Specific general information


    Model NO.HY4008-1
    DescriptionMaterialupholsteryYIDA TEX
    foam40-45 high density moude foam
    MechanismRing hadle mechanism
    gas springChrome gas lift 8cm
    baseChrome base 600mm dia 
    castorHeavy duty PU castors
    ColorNormal black & brown
    Color swatches for othe colors as follows
    Packing CBM30.1cbm3
    MOQ50 PCS 
    WarrantyPUMore than two years
    LeatherMore than three years
    FabricMore than three years 
    StructureMore than three years
    Packing(CTN)1pc/ctn, export packing standard K&K(durable plastic bag inside,high quality carton outside).
    Loading 20'GP40'GP40'HQ
    Lead time for productionsample10-15 working days upon receipt of sample PO
    mass production20-25 working days upon receipt of official PO
    Terms of payment30% deposit and 70% after inspect the quality before loading
    Port of deliveryFOB Shenzhen any port
    Extra serviceBoth small and mixed oder are acceptable.
    OEM,ODM and trial order are also acceptable.


    Why choose us?


    1.   Directly manufacture by our factory with high quality at very competitive price;

    2.   Extra services acceptable such as OEM;

    3.   A wide range of products with attractive design, high quality and reasonable price;

    4.   All our products are based on BIFMA standard;

    5.   Each product with high quality because we strictly select good quality raw materials;

    6.   Professional manufacturer and exporter of office chair and bar chair with several years experience;

    7.   Export packing standard, protect cargos perfectly;

    8.   Timely delivery;

    9.   Professional sales team provides you best products and service;

    10. Eco-friendly raw material, excellent design with exquisite caving, taste of luxurious;

    11. Market Area: EU 50%, US 15% Africa 10%, Oceania 10% Middle East 5% Asian 5% other 5%;

    12. Every year, we will attend furniture fairs: China Guangzhou International Office Furniture Fair and China Shanghai International Office Furniture Expo.


    Upholstery Color Swatches




    TIPS---Seating Care & Maintenance


    Office chairs that are at the high point has some variants that are grouped on raw materials such as fabric, leather, plastic, and metal. There for each treatment type way different.
    Take care not to clean any moving parts, including the spindle and mechanism as this may affect the chairs performance. In order to maintain the fabric over the five year guarantee period, the fabric must be vacuumed on a regular basis. Regular dusting and vacuuming removes any loose particles and stops dirt from entering the weave and breaking down the fibres. When necessary, the upholstery should be gently wiped with a clean cloth, dampened with warm soapy water. Immediately dry with a clean and dry non-abrasive cloth. Do not use neat, strong or abrasive cleaning fluids or detergents, as these may affect the colour and finish of the fabric. Upholstery can be professionally dry-cleaned if required.
    Leather needs very little special care, but to get the most out of your investment, you should follow the guidelines below. Regular dusting should help keep the leather in perfect condition. When necessary, the upholstery should be gently wiped with a non-abrasive cloth, dampened with warm soapy water. Immediately dry with a clean and dry non-abrasive cloth. Always protect the product from direct sunlight, as this will otherwise accelerate the natural ongoing discolouration process. Dust should be removed by vacuuming and wiping with a slightly damp cloth, using a solution of warm water and mild soap. Do not use neat, strong or abrasive cleaning fluids or detergents, as these may affect the colour and finish of the hide. Avoid using any wax, cream or polish, as these will affect the feel of the leather.
    Metal is fairly resistant to damage from dirt. Regular dusting should help keep the surface free from dirt and help stop scratching. When necessary, surfaces should be gently wiped with a non-abrasive cloth, dampened with warm soapy water. 


    Chair certificates

    Our service



    • We have our own QC department in our factory to make sure that our products are all in very good quality before ship out to our customers.

    Quality Control:

    • Before the order to be confirmed, we will check the material and color of leather/fabric by sample which should be same as mass production.
    • We will inspect the different process of production from the beginning, and update the status of the order with our customer by sending photos. 
    • Each chair's quality will be checked carefully before packaging. 
    • Before shipment, customer could send one QC or point the third party to check the quality. We will try our best to help clients when problem occurred.

    Payment terms:

    • L/C at sight.
    • 30% deposit TT in advance, the balance before shipment.

    After Sales Service:

    • Shipment and sample quality tracking includes lifetime.
    • Any problem happening in our products will be solved in time.
    • We always offer relative technical support, quick response, all your inquiry will be replied within 24 hours

    Company information 


    Who we are?


    Haiyue Furniture is a Chinese company that manufactures high quality office chairs and barstools, dedicated to improving the workplace and homeplace environment. We have a very wide range of products with high quality and functionality, modern and innovative design. Our portfolio includes office seating: executive and managerial, task and operator, visitor and conference chairs and a wide range of mesh seating; stools: barstools, saddle stools and medical stools. We also offer a range of high quality plywood lounge chairs and dinning chairs.




    HAIYUE is committed to manufacturing and delivering quality office furniture efficiently, and in a professional and flexible environment. HAIYUE will also constantly endeavour to satisfy our customer’s needs, to meet their expectations of quality, reliability, service, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of our Quality Management System while striving to become a world-class organisation.

    We also provide custom make furniture services, such as tailor made for bar stool, home chair or children chair. Please contact us for further information. 


    Our Objectives


    1. Creativity & product innovation

    2. Continuous business growth

    3. Product branding

    4. Quality assurance

    5. Customer satisfaction

    6. Timely delivery

    At HAIYUE we strive to make our customer’s furniture buying experience a happy one so that when their new furniture arrives they only have great memories of the experience.

    From the time we get the opportunity to quote on a customer’s requirements, we follow a six-step, customer-care programme:

    • Listen to the voice of our customer to understand their requirements.
    • Offer them a range of chairs that meet these requirements in terms of style, quality and economy.
    • Offer realistic delivery times and meet them.
    • Keep our customer updated on the progress of their order
    • Always on hand to fix up any little problems that creep in.

    In addition:

    • We have an interactive, online website and pride ourselves on responding to any enquiries made on the day they are received and following up with our customer on any quotations made.
    • We have enthusiastic, professional and knowledgeable staff who enjoy the business they are involved in
    • We put the same effort into selling you one chair or to fulfill a multi-million Rand contract for a new or refurbished office.
    • We have many repeat clients who are testimony to the fact that we uphold our service ethos.
    • We are constantly striving to be your most reliable business parner. 
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