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Total Drama Island Challenge (editing) updated: 10/21

This challenge is currently INCOMPLETE and being EDITED. The reason I decided to post this instead of saving it as a draft is because I haven&#;t made a challenge quite like this before and I&#;d like some feedback, suggestions, etc. Please comment any ideas you have, or if you tried out one of the challenges and it isn&#;t possible, let me know.

* Updates/Changelog *

  • 10/ Changed Owen&#;s traits because foodie and glutton conflict.
  • 10/ For restaurants, set the traits as a private dwelling, disallow new customers and form a group with all contestants before ordering food.
  • 10/ I&#;ve built and uploaded the main cabins, the lunch cabin and the skill lot.
  • 10/ Changed the challenge duration from weekly to every other day.
  • 10/ Changed the way contestants are eliminated.
  • 10/ Confirmed that Challenge #1 is obtainable.
  • 10/ Confirmed that Challenge #2 is obtainable.
  • 10/ Added a restaurant/kitchen section.
  • 10/ Confirmed that Challenge #3 is obtainable.
  • 10/ Changed the painting challenge.

* Introduction

So, before Cartoon Network went to the dogs, it actually had some pretty good cartoons (unbelievable, I know). One of those shows was Total Drama Island (TDI), which I loved more than I probably should have lol Did you know it was originally from Canada? I didn&#;t realize this until I started doing the research for this challenge. Guess that explains why it&#;s so much better than the American cartoons xD

* The Story

If you don&#;t know what TDI is about, it takes twenty-two teenage contestants and puts them on a camp-style island where they are put into two teams, the Killer Bass and the Screaming Gophers. They must compete to stay on the island by winning challenges and ultimately winning the grand prize of $,! It&#;s meant to be a parody of shows such as Fear Factor and other survival shows and, in my opinion, it&#;s the best damn elimination show ever made!

* Ways to Play

There are a couple different ways you can tackle this challenge! They are:

  • Option 1 / Create one household of 8 contestants, 4 per team.
  • Option 2 / Create two households of 8 contestants, 8 per team.
  • Option 3 / Collab with a friend or fellow YouTuber (more info below).

Once you&#;ve chosen which option you&#;d like to take, you can proceed on down!

* Setting Up

This challenge requires a little bit of setup to be played properly. First, you must choose where your challenge will take place! I recommend:

  1. The museum lot in Brindleton Bay _ if you choose this, bulldoze the museum and change the lot type to residential. Bulldoze all other lots in Brindleton Bay.
  2. The island in Windenburg _ if you choose this, bulldoze all lots on the island and choose which plot you want to use as the cabin.
  3. Newcrest _ I suggest this one if you don&#;t have the above packs because it&#;s already empty!

Naturally, you can choose any world you want, but whichever world you choose should be bulldozed. Once that&#;s done, you can build or download two small cabins (or you can just have seperate sides of one medium cabin) which will be placed on the same lot &#; you can choose to separate by teams or by gender (as the show does). If you&#;re doing the rotational/collab options, only make one cabin unless you want to separate by gender. After that, create two small outhouses (one for boys and one for girls) with one or two showers, two toilet stalls, and two sinks. All items should be the cheapest possible as the camp in the show is rundown and grody.

After that, choose the lot closest to the cabins and build a cabin/camp-style lunchroom (aka Restaurant). It should use the cheapest/lowest quality ingredients and serve hamburgers, hot dogs, water, etc. If you don&#;t have Get to Work, just make a kitchen instead &#; but keep the door locked until lunchtime!

Finally, build a challenge/skill room on another lot. Keep it empty to begin with, as the interior will change depending on that week&#;s challenge. You can also build multiple if you want! Make sure you make this a public lot or the contestants can&#;t use it.

I have taken the liberty to create the above items, which can be downloaded from my gallery (AnnoyingTiger) or search the hashtag #tdichallenge. You&#;re free to edit and change them as needed/wanted, which may be needed since I don&#;t have all of the packs. I made sure not to use any CC in the builds.

*The Restaurant/Kitchen

Once the challenge begins, choose a lunchtime. The contestants can only eat once a day, so I recommend choosing a time midday &#; I chose 1pm. This may change depending on the challenge you choose for that day, I suggest feeding them before doing a long challenge such as the dance off!

When you first begin the challenge, click on someone and have them buy the Restaurant. Once you arrive, pause the game and set up the menu, hire some people, etc. Bring everyone over to the lot and open the restaurant, quickly disallowing new customers &#; this will stop random NPCs from coming to eat.

I encountered the problem of the contestants automatically going for the kitchen of the restaurant &#; but I also have a fridge and stove so they may not do this if you don&#;t have these items. What I do is keep them away from the door until the chef gets inside and then lock it.

Instead of having each contestant get a table and order food, click on one sim and form a group with the rest of the household. This way, when you ask for a table and order food, it applies to the whole house!

If you don&#;t have Get to Work &#; build a basic kitchen with the lowest possible appliances. Every day, hire a caterer for the group, making sure to lock the door once the caterer enters the kitchen. You can click and drag the food out of the kitchen for the contestants!

The reason for this is so that, during the cooking challenge, all members start evenly. If you want to allow them to do their own cooking, you can and just skip the cooking challenge OR you can manually drop their cooking down to 0 before beginning the challenge. This is also necessary if you have a firepit from Outdoor Retreat as cooking marshmallows raises the skill!

* The Contestants

On TDI, the contestants are all teenagers, but you don&#;t have to follow this if you don&#;t want &#; unless you have a mod for it, the issue with going to school can get quite annoying, and there&#;s no school on the island! With this in mind, your contestants can be any age you want, even elders! I&#;ve listed the contestants from the show and their traits below &#; if you&#;d like, you can use a random number generator to choose your contestants. If that doesn&#;t interest you or you have a certain plot in mind, feel free to use whatever traits you want or use a trait generator for pure randomness!

I tried really hard to keep the traits matching their personalities, but they may be off &#; it&#;s been a while since I watched the show and there are many traits that are lacking! And yes, I know Good was repeated so many times, but a lot of the contestants truly are good people.

  1. Owen _ Good, Cheerful, Glutton
  2. Gwen _ Creative, Gloomy, Art Lover
  3. Heather _ Evil, Snob, Mean
  4. Duncan _ Romantic, Self-Assured, Childish
  5. Leshawna _ Good, Family-Oriented, Outgoing
  6. Geoff _ Outgoing, Bro, Good
  7. DJ _ Squeamish, Good, Family-Oriented
  8. Lindsay _ Childish, Good, Clumsy
  9. Bridgette _ Vegetarian, Cat/Dog Lover, Good
  10. Trent _ Music Lover, Genius, Clumsy
  11. Izzy _ Active, Erratic, Kleptomaniac
  12. Harold _ Geek, Slob, Unflirty
  13. Courtney _ Self-Assured, Bookworm, Perfectionist
  14. Sadie _ Romantic, Goofball, Cheerful
  15. Beth _ Unflirty, Neat, Good
  16. Cody _ Genius, Nerd, Romantic
  17. Katie _ Romantic, Goofball, Cheerful
  18. Tyler _ Clumsy, Active, Bro
  19. Justin _ Self-Assured, Snob, Materialistic
  20. Noah _ Lazy, Genius, Mean
  21. Eva _ Hot-Headed, Active, Ambitious
  22. Ezekiel _ Unflirty, Childish, Loner

* Challenge Information

Challenges are to be performed every other day and a player will be eliminated after every 2 challenges. For example: Challenge 1 is done on Mon, Jim is up for elimination. Let them do what they want on Tue. Challenge 2 is done on Wed, Sarah is up for elimination. Flip a coin to decide which member is going home. EXCEPTION: If both sims are from the same team, the most recent member up for elimination automatically goes home.

When your sims first arrive at camp, allow them to spend their Sunday getting to know one another and doing whatever they want. The first challenge will begin Monday.

Before Monday begins, use a random number generator to choose one of the challenges listed below, or if you&#;d like, you can choose them at random or do them in order. Whoever is the farthest from the challenge goal is marked as a possible elimination target. For example:

  • Team A loses, Smith is the farthest from the goal.
  • Team A loses again, Jane is the farthest from the goal.
  • Jane automatically goes home.


  • Team A loses, Smith is the farthest from the goal.
  • Team B loses next week, Jim is the farthest from the goal.
  • Flip a coin to determine who goes home.

* Challenge List

  1. Make all contestants go fishing for five to eight hours. Add up the fish &#; the team with the highest number wins, and the member on the losing team with the least amount of fish is up for elimination. [TESTED✔]
  2. Make all contestants have a dance off. The last person standing wins it for their team, the first person to stop dancing on the losing team is up for elimination. [TESTED✔]
  3. Have each contestant paint a medium painting. The member whose painting sells for the most wins it for their team. The member whose painting sells for the least from the losing team is up for elimination. [TESTED✔]
  4. Open the kitchen and have every member create a pufferfish dish &#; the team with that has the most high-quality dishes wins. Choose the lowest quality from the losing team and make them eat their dish &#; if they die, they are eliminated, if they live, they can stay.
  5. Skill week! Check the skill levels of each contestant and add up the numbers &#; the team with the highest number wins. The member from the losing team with the lowest total skill points is eliminated.
  6. Have each member write a book. The team with the highest quality book wins &#; choose the member with the lowest quality book from the losing team to be eliminated.
  7. Take the contestants out to a club/bar and let them hang out for eight hours. The team that meets the most people, excluding other contestants, wins. The member with the fewest connections on the losing team is up for elimination.
  8. Bring a puppy/kitten into the household and lock the door so they can&#;t escape (Monday), the team with the highest friendship with the animal wins (Friday). The member on the losing team with the lowest friendship to the animal is up for elimination.
  9. Lock the contestants in one room and add a bunch of flirty lamps, paintings or the gold date reward. The member who has the highest romance level wins it for their team, while the member with the lowest romance level is up for elimination.
  10. Lock the contestants into the skill room with a bunch of instruments for eight hours. The team with the highest overall instrument skill levels wins. Choose the member of the losing team with the lowest skill.
  11. Place down one garden pot surrounded by a fence and gate for every contestant. Lock the gate for everyone but the respective contestant and then instruct them all to plant a lemon. The member that successfully grows a lemon tree wins it for their team. The worse plant from the losing team is up for elimination.
  12. Bring the contestants to an offsite location where a bunch of toddlers have been moved in. Lock a contestant in a room with one toddler. Whoever builds the best relationship within eight hours wins it for their team. The worse relationship on the losing team is eliminated.

In the event of a tie, you can flip a coin or let your readers/watchers decide. You can also choose the member with the least relationship to the winner/team captain.

* Rules/Guidelines

  1. Autonomy should be set to full and on for the selected sim.
  2. Aging should be turned off, lifespan set to normal.
  3. If you play this challenge with a fellow simmer or friend, I urge you to be honest and respectful with one another.
  4. I&#;m bad at explaining things, so feel free to change/alter any of the information about this challenge!
  5. The lunch cabin can only be visited ONCE per day! Form a group with all contestants and have one order.
  6. You can not control the sims unless you&#;re claiming a bed, ordering food or setting them up for a challenge.

* The Teams

It doesn&#;t matter which team you decide to put your sims on as long as there is an even number on each team. Once you have your teams organized, don&#;t forget to designate the team captain &#; if the captain is up for elimination, they get the power to flip a coin for a chance to stay!

Like this:




Total Drama World Tour

This article is about the third season. For the entire series, see Total Drama.

Season of television series

Total Drama World Tour (often shortened as TDWT) is the third season of the Total Drama franchise that began with Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. The series extension was commissioned by Teletoon from the producers, Fresh TV, Inc.[1] The season's elements and plot structure is largely based on The Amazing Race, with the semi-final episode being a direct parody of the reality series.

In this season, fifteen returning contestants and two new contestants are taken on a trip around the world, and compete in cultural themed challenges of countries they visit. An added twist in this season is that they are required to break spontaneously into song, or else be immediately eliminated. The original cast from this and past seasons do not compete in the next season, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, as there is a new cast. However, nine of these original contestants each have a cameo in the next season, while seven of them return to compete again in the fifth season, Total Drama All-Stars.[2]

A spin-off series based on this season, The Ridonculous Race, premiered in September


As with the previous seasons, fifteen returning contestants and two new ones (Alejandro and Sierra, later three with the addition of Blaineley) partake in an elimination-based competition for the grand prize of C$1,,, led by series host Chris McLean (Christian Potenza).

In this season, contestants are taken around the world throughout international based challenges and are required to break into song whenever Chris rings a special chime, or face instant elimination. There are 30 songs in total, and every episode takes place in a different location.

As the contestants are eliminated, they take the "Drop of Shame"[3] by parachuting out of the plane in which the elimination ceremonies take place. When eliminated, they lose the chance at the million dollars (though such an elimination may not be permanent) and are forced to be sent home.[3]

The winner of Total Drama World Tour is Alejandro in Canada, while Heather is the runner-up. However, in the American version and iTunes version, Heather is the winner. Beth, Eva, Geoff, Justin, Katie, Sadie, and Trent do not return to compete; instead, they appear on the aftermath special, sitting in the peanut gallery and on the last episode while cheering for the finalists, Alejandro and Heather.

However, as stated multiple times in following seasons, there was never any clear winner, as the money was thrown into a volcano by Ezekiel, making the money burn into ashes. This is the second season (first being Total Drama Island) in the series where no contestant wins anything.

This season's entire plot structure and elements is expanded into a related series called Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race which aired in This series also takes place around the world and also features eighteen competitors (teams) like Total Drama World Tour, however whereas World Tour was still organized like Survivor, The Ridonculous Race was based on The Amazing Race.[4]


Main article: List of Total Drama World Tour episodes

Total Drama World Tour is a Canadian animated television series which premiered on June 10, at &#;p.m. EST on Teletoon and it premiered on June 21, at &#;p.m. EST on Cartoon Network. It aired on ABC3 at &#;a.m. in Australia.

Season Episodes Country Network First air date Last air date
3 26[5]Australia ABC3July 28, September 1,
Canada TeletoonJune 10, April 24,
United States Cartoon NetworkJune 21, November 15,


Character Voice actor Description
Chris McLeanChristian PotenzaChris returns as the host of the series.
Chef HatchetClé BennettHatchet returns as the cook and co-host of the series.
BlaineleyCarla CollinsBlaineley is the co-host of the Total Drama Aftermath segment of the show. She has waist-length blonde hair and blue eyes, and typically wears a red dress. She is obsessed with gossip and fame, and wants more than anything to obtain a "juicy" story and attempts to delve into topics that could potentially cause a scandal. Prior to World Tour, she co-hosted the show Celebrity Manhunt with Josh as featured on the Total Drama Action special. On Aftermath, she demonstrates she is conceited, mean, and willing to do whatever it takes to remain in the spotlight, which led her to clash with the other two co-hosts, Bridgette and Geoff. When she takes it too far by kidnapping Bridgette and sending her to Siberia, Geoff gets his revenge by making Blaineley a contestant in World Tour.


The contestant pool consists of 15 characters from the previous Total Drama seasons, and 2 new characters, Alejandro and Sierra. Midway through the season, Blaineley was brought on to compete, bringing the total number of contestants to 18, but was quickly eliminated.

Contestant Original Team Switched Team Additional
Merge Status Finish
N/A 1st Ejected Original Elimination
Returned to game'[a]
N/A 2nd Quit Original Elimination
Returned to game[b]
The Homeschooled Guy
N/A Team Victory3rd Voted Out 18th place
The Dweeb
Team VictoryTeam Victory4th Left 17th place[c]
The Surfer Girl
Team VictoryTeam Victory5th Voted Out 16th place
The Sister With 'Tude
Team VictoryTeam Victory6th Voted Out 15th place
The Dumb Princess
Team VictoryTeam Victory7th Eliminated 14th place[d]
The Psycho Hose Beast
Team AmazonTeam Chris[e]8th Medically Evacuated 13th place[f]
The Brickhouse With a Heart
Team VictoryTeam Victory9th Eliminated 12th place[g]
The Schemer
Team ChrisTeam ChrisTeam Chris10th Voted Out 11th place
The Jock
Team ChrisTeam ChrisTeam Chris11th Voted Out 10th place
The Loner
Team AmazonTeam AmazonTeam Amazon12th Eliminated 9th place[h]
The Party Guy
Team ChrisTeam ChrisTeam ChrisMerge13th Voted Out 8th place
Celebrity Manhunt Host
14th/15th Voted Out 7th/6th place[i]
The Type A
Team AmazonTeam AmazonTeam Amazon
The Delinquent
N/A Team Chris16th Voted Out 5th place
The Obsessive Uber-Fan
Team ChrisTeam Amazon[j]Team Amazon17th Disqualified 4th place[k]
The Geek
Team AmazonTeam AmazonTeam Amazon18th Eliminated 3rd place[l]
The Arch Villain
Team ChrisTeam ChrisTeam ChrisWinner/Runner-up
The Queen Bee
Team AmazonTeam AmazonTeam Amazon
Contestant Voice actor Nickname Description
AlejandroMarco GrazziniThe Arch Villain Alejandro serves as the main antagonist of this season. He is one of the two newcomers to the series. On the surface, he appears to be a polite, dashing, charming gentleman, but underneath he is dark and twisted. He is known to use his charm and exceptional persuasion to advance him further in the game and is responsible for the eliminations of the majority of the contestants. Alejandro is very proud of his Hispanic heritage and has been shown to possess a large quantity of skills ranging from hypnotism to speaking several languages, thanks to his highly successful family. He has secret romantic feelings for Heather.
BridgetteKristin FairlieThe Surfer Girl Bridgette is a calm, compassionate surfer girl who had co-hosted the Aftermath sessions in Total Drama Action with her boyfriend Geoff. Her relationship with Geoff is briefly strained in World Tour due to being manipulated by Alejandro into cheating on him, but they eventually make up and become a couple again. Due to her early elimination in World Tour, she becomes a co-host of Aftermath once again, but her presence is challenged by one of the new co-hosts, Blaineley.
CodyPeter OldringThe Geek Cody is a tech-savvy geek, who sees himself as a ladies' man instead of a nerd. He has a large crush on Gwen and thinks he has a better shot with her after she broke up with Trent, but ends up on the receiving end of a major fixation when his biggest fangirl, Sierra, joins his team and won't leave his side.
CourtneyEmilie-Claire BarlowThe Type A Courtney is a perfectionist who desires to be best at everything, and sees herself as a born leader. Her desire for success often clashes with her own principles and can come off as being quite bossy and critical, which leads her to be disliked by many contestants. In World Tour, her relationship with Duncan was ruined when he chose Gwen over her, causing her to obsess over getting revenge on the two.
DJClé BennettThe Brickhouse With Heart DJ is a very soft-spoken and sensitive guy who is compassionate and kind to those around him despite his intimidating size. During World Tour, DJ is seemingly cursed by a broken dog statue in Egypt which causes him to accidentally hurt any nearby animal much to his sorrow.
DuncanDrew NelsonThe Delinquent Duncan is a crafty juvenile delinquent who knows many tactics from his time spent in juvenile detention centers. In the first episode, he quits the show after getting sick of Courtney and Gwen arguing and the new rule where the contestants have to sing. Despite his exit, Chris sent a team out to find him to return to the show due to his popularity, and he is eventually returned and forced to compete thanks to Courtney and Gwen. His shaky relationship with Courtney finally come to an end when he kissed Gwen, forming an intense love triangle between the three.
EzekielPeter OldringThe Home Schooled Guy Ezekiel serve as the secondary antagonist of this season, He is a naïve country boy who was homeschooled at his farm. His lack of interaction with other kids has left him with incredibly poor social skills. After being eliminated first on Total Drama Island, Ezekiel enters the third season boasting with confidence that he'll win much to the annoyance of everyone. Despite his intentions, he ends up being voted off first once again, but manages to grab hold of the wings and hide on the plane cargo to secretly stay in the competition. Over time, this has a drastic effect on his humanity and sanity, greatly altering his physical appearance into a green, clawed, bald, crazy, and deformed creature who is no longer capable of speaking and attacks anybody he considers a threat.
GwenMegan FahlenbockThe Goth Gwen is a goth girl whose interests lie in art and astronomy. After her break-up with Trent the previous season, Gwen starts showing romantic feelings towards Duncan, leading to a large conflict between her and Courtney.
HaroldBrian FroudThe Dweeb Harold is a skinny, awkward-looking guy who takes pride in his knowledge, resourcefulness, and "Mad Skills" in subjects like filming and beatboxing. He has a large crush on Leshawna and continually tries to impress her.
HeatherRachel WilsonQueen Bee Heather serves as the main villain protagonist in this season, She is competes with her sights solely on the prize money and not on making friends, using others to her advantage and only being kind when she may ultimately be benefited. In World Tour, she finds her true rival in the form of Alejandro, who throws her off her game because of her hidden romantic feelings towards him. Despite this, Heather remains a strong enough competitor to make it to the Finale to compete against Alejandro.
IzzyKatie CrownThe Psycho Hose Beast Izzy is seen as one of the show's craziest contestants. She is fun but hard to handle and to the other contestants, more trouble than she is worth. Izzy has extraordinary athletic and fighting abilities, and also sticks herself to the wild environment. She is forced to withdraw early in the season due to a head injury causing her to become highly intelligent, which also led her to break up with Owen. In one of the Aftermaths, another head injury turned Izzy back to her former self.
LeshawnaNovie Edwards The Sister With 'Tude Leshawna is loyal and sassy, yet also can be affectionate and caring. If shown respect, she will reciprocate it indefinitely. Leshawna tells it like it is, and has no fear whatsoever of calling people out on their mistakes. However, she is not one to be messed with, and will not hold back on someone who has wronged her.
LindsayStephanie Anne MillsThe Dumb Princess Lindsay is described as being beautiful, but not vain. While Lindsay is one of the prettiest competitors on the show and is spoilt silly by her father, she is kind hearted and is able to make friends with almost everyone. However her lack of intelligence often leads to her downfall. In World Tour, she has a difficult time remembering her boyfriend, Tyler, despite Tyler competing on this season with her.
NoahCarter HaydenThe Schemer Noah comes off as being sarcastic, cynical, and lazy to most. He is extremely intelligent, but finds physical activity as laughable as the ridiculous antics of some of his peers. His attitude has a tendency to repel friendships although he finds his best ally in Owen.
OwenScott McCordThe Party Guy Owen is a huggable, upbeat, fun-loving, friendly, passionate, and optimistic competitor, who is basically in Total Drama to have fun more than win the grand prize. Owen's three biggest loves are eating, having a good time and passing a large amount of gas. Among his peers, he is arguably the most popular contestant of all time for his cheerful ways, optimistic viewpoints no matter what the situation is, and ability to see the best in other people. He annoys Alejandro by continuously calling him "Al" (Which Alejandro hates because his older brother calls him that), and becomes wary of his activities after Noah is eliminated.
SierraAnnick ObonsawinThe Obsessive Uber-Fan Sierra is the show's biggest fan and blogger and one of the two newcomers to World Tour. She is a parody of real life Total Drama fans. She is obsessed with every member of the cast, especially Cody whom she has an obsessive crush on.
TylerPeter OldringThe Jock Tyler is a sports fan who loves anything physical. Unfortunately, he is extremely uncoordinated and dim, constantly putting himself and others at risk with his clumsiness. In World Tour, Tyler is desperate for his girlfriend Lindsay to remember him.

Challenge History[edit]

EpisodeReward Immunity Voted out
1N/A Ezekiel
2Team AmazonTeam AmazonEzekiel
Team Chris
3Team AmazonTeam AmazonHarold
Team Chris
4Team ChrisTeam ChrisBridgette
Team Amazon
5Team AmazonN/A None
7Team AmazonTeam AmazonLeshawna
Team Chris
8Team VictoryN/A None
9Team AmazonTeam AmazonLindsay
Team Chris
10Team VictoryN/A None
Team Chris
11Team AmazonTeam Chris Izzy
Team Amazon DJ
13Team AmazonNoah
14Team AmazonN/A None
15Team AmazonTyler
16Team ChrisGwen
17Team ChrisN/A None
18Blaineley Aftermath
Alejandro Duncan
N/A None
23Sierra Sierra
25N/A HeatherNone
26N/A AlejandroCody
Winner/Runner-up Alejandro

Elimination Table[edit]

Team Status: Team Phase Individual Phase
Orig. Primary Additional Member Merge
Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 10 11 13 14 15 16 17 19 20 21 22 23 25 26
Eliminated: Ezekiel Harold Bridgette N/A Leshawna N/A Lindsay N/A Noah N/A Tyler Gwen N/A Owen Duncan N/A Sierra N/A Cody
Blaineley Not in Game



This section needs expansion. You can help by adding to it. (July )

The season began production in when Fresh TV Inc. told Teletoon to order new Total Drama episodes for an upcoming third season.[1] This season was to be called Total Drama: The Musical when it first entered production. Keith Oliver and Chad Hicks directed this new season while two new voice actors, Marco Grazzini and Annick Obonsawin had to be hired if they wanted to voice the two new characters, Alejandro and Sierra. The season's title was later changed to the current title, Total Drama World Tour in upon the airing of Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special due to the singing no longer being the main focus for this season.

Episode finale variations[edit]

The show's producers create two alternate endings for the final episode, such that the winner seen in one country's broadcasts is the runner-up in other countries (and vice versa) where the show airs. Heather was shown as the first winner when Australia aired the season for the first time worldwide.[citation needed] Heather was also depicted as the winner in airings from Bulgaria, Brazil, France, Israel, Italy, Latin America, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Spain (including Catalonia), and in the United States.[citation needed] Canada then aired Alejandro as the winner, which was later aired in Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Russia, South Africa, and in Sweden.[citation needed]


Awards and accolades[edit]

Total Drama World Tour won numerous awards in , from such outlets as the ToonZone Awards and the KidScreen Awards. At the ToonZone Awards, it won "Best Foreign Series," "Best Music Score on a TV Series," and "Best Voice Actress" for Annick Obonsawin. It was additionally nominated for "Best Original Song" for Oh My Izzy (sung by Scott McCord and Megan Fahlenbock), and "Best Voice Actor" for Carter Hayden.[6] In the KidScreen Awards, the season won "Best Animated Series," "Best Voice Talent," and "Best Tweens/Teens Program."[7]

Critical reception[edit]

Despite the many accolades and the enormous critical acclaim, some events of this season were severely criticized, such as the under-use of characters who had smaller roles in the preceding seasons, and the overuse of characters who had already won a preceding season or, at the very least, made it far into them. Other aspects of the season that had a negative reception were Ezekiel being turned into a feral monster, the constant losing streak of Team Victory and the love triangle between Duncan, Courtney and Gwen. The love triangle was eventually addressed in a video with the show's creators on Christian Potenza's YouTube channel, revealing that the breaking up of Duncan and Courtney was actually a network request, rather than a decision on the creator's part.[8]Total Drama World Tour currently holds a on Metacritic, which indicates "generally favorable reviews."[9]


DVD releases[edit]

Australia is the only country that released Total Drama World Tour on home video, which was released on a Region 4 DVD. The first part of the season was released in a Collection 1 DVD on April 3, [10] while the second half of the season was released in a Collection 2 DVD on August 7, [11]

Online website[edit]

Teletoon hosted a Total Drama World Tour based website starting in called Total Drama Online where people could play games and earn badges to win prizes, but was only available in Canada.[12] The site was then replaced with universal games available to everyone in , but removed all special features from the site.[citation needed]

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  1. ^Ezekiel annoyed Chris to the point where he was thrown off the plane and declared eliminated.
  2. ^Duncan refused to follow Chris' orders to sing and quit the game.
  3. ^DJ had the most votes, but Harold left the competition in order to restore his "honor" to his teammates after being self-absorbed in the last challenge.
  4. ^Due to Lindsay and DJ being the only two members left on Team Victory, they had to go into a tiebreaker. The challenge, judged by Heather, Owen, and Chris, was to pick a contestant to wear an outfit made by them and walk down the runaway. DJ won the challenge, and Lindsay was eliminated.
  5. ^This contestant was originally on Team Amazon, but was switched over to Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot.
  6. ^During a crash landing in Jamaica, Izzy dragged both her and Owen out of the plane, and were eventually crushed by it. Owen was able to recover and stay in the competition. However, Izzy was taken by the military due to her newfound intelligence after the crash fixed a clog in her brain.
  7. ^Due to DJ being the last member of Team Victory, he was automatically eliminated upon his team's loss.
  8. ^Gwen and Courtney tied for the most votes, so they went into a tiebreaker challenge. The challenge was to see who could feed a koala bear eucalyptus first. Gwen lost the challenge due to her being allergic to eucalyptus.
  9. ^The voting tied between Courtney and Blaineley, so Chris decided to eliminate both because of budget issues.
  10. ^This contestant was originally on Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot, but was switched over to Team Amazon.
  11. ^Alejandro had the most votes, but Sierra accidentally blew up the plane with the lit firecrackers on Cody's cake, causing Chris to disqualify her despite the fact she had won immunity.
  12. ^After Alejandro and Cody tied for second place in the last challenge, they had to go into a tiebreaker. The challenge, chosen by Heather, was the "Traditional Hawaiian Fire Dance of Death". The first person to knock their opponent off the platform won the challenge. Alejandro knocked Cody off the platform, thus eliminating him from the competition.


External links[edit]

  1. Wallpaper for iphone xr
  2. Chart of pacific ocean
  3. Logitech headset
  4. Windows not detecting wifi adapter

AnnoyingTiger x2



I originally had this posted on my old blog which I no longer use, so I wanted to update it as I moved it here. Now, if you haven’t heard of Total Drama Island, it’s an older cartoon that aired on Cartoon Network.

The cartoon took 22 teenagers and put them on an island, splitting them into two teams and making them do various wacky challenges to win a grand prize of $, It was meant to be a parody of shows such as fear factor and other survival style shows.

There are a couple different ways to tackle this challenge. Choose whichever suits you the best!

  1. Create a single household with 8 sims, 4 per team.
  2. Create two separate households, 8 per team.
  3. Collab with a friend, each of you having your own team of 8.


First, choose which world you’d like to use. I recommend the island of Windenburg, the island of Brindleton Bay or Newcrest. Whatever you choose, make sure you bulldoze all the lots.

Next, you’re gonna build or purchase a cabin. It can be a single cabin for both teams or two separate cabins for each team. It’s completely up to you. Money cheats are also allowed, but only the cheapest items should be bought. It’s supposed to be run-down and grody, remember? You can also have one single outhouse or two, one for each gender.

I recommend only buying the following:

  • The cheapest inflatable bed – one for each sim.
  • A bookcase.
  • A toilet and/or bush.
  • A cheap shower.
  • Picnic table.
  • Skill objects such as an easel, chess table, game table, horseshoes, etc.
  • Firepit/Bonfire (I highly recommend keeping this away from other objects because it WILL catch them on fire and cause a big mess. Especially if you have wooden chairs around it.)

The lot traits can be anything but I highly recommend choosing “Private Dwelling” as it’s meant to be an island away from other sims. I also chose grody and creepy crawlies, but as I said, you can choose anything!

Feeding Your Sims

When I first started my playthrough, I had a restaurant on a separate lot that they would go to once a day, but that proved to be more of a pain that it was worth. While you CAN choose this route if you want, there’s a much easier method, but it does require a mod.

I used the MCCC mod to change the household size to 9 sims, then I built a small room with a kitchen, bed, bathroom, etc. I added the grill from the restaurant and hired a caterer then added her to the family. She stays locked in that room and cooks breakfast and 8am and dinner at 8pm. I just drag the food onto the picnic table and have one of the sims call to meal.

If you prefer the first option, here are some tips:

  • You’ll have to lock the door to the kitchen as soon the chef is inside or the sims will head for the kitchen and cook for themselves. You don’t want that.
  • It’s easiest to form a group with all the contestants so you can have one sim order food for the whole group.
  • As soon as you open for the first time, I suggest clicking on the waiter stand and disallowing new customers so random sims don’t appear.

The Contestants

Your contestants should all be young adults, but feel free to try with adults or with elders (this may prove to be a pain during some of the challenges). Below, I’ve created a list of each of the contestants from the show itself, but you don’t have to use these. If you want to, that’s fine, if not, feel free to use whatever traits and aspirations you want! If you want so random to the challenge, you can always use a number generator to choose the contestants at random. If you choose a character but don’t have one of the traits, just sub it for a different one.
  1. Owen: good, cheerful, glutton
  2. Gwen: creative, gloomy, art lover
  3. Heather: evil, snob, mean
  4. Duncan: romantic, self-assured, childish
  5. Leshawna: good, family-oriented, outgoing
  6. Geoff: outgoing, bro, good
  7. DJ: squeamish, good, family-oriented
  8. Lindsay: childish, good, clumsy
  9. Bridgette: vegetarian, cat/dog lover, good
  10. Trent: music lover, genius, clumsy
  11. Izzy: active, erratic, kleptomaniac
  12. Harold: geek, slob, un-flirty
  13. Courtney: self-assured, bookworm, perfectionist
  14. Sadie: romantic, goofball, cheerful
  15. Beth: un-flirty, neat, good
  16. Cody: genius, nerd, romantic
  17. Katie: romantic, goofball, cheerful
  18. Tyler: clumsy, active, bro
  19. Justin: self-assured, snob, materialistic
  20. Noah: lazy, genius, mean
  21. Eva: hot-headed, active, ambitious
  22. Ezekiel: un-flirty, childish, loner


Challenges are to be performed every other day. Let them rest and settle in on Sunday, and then begin a challenge on Monday. A sim will be eliminated after every 2 challenges.

The sim that does the worst job from the losing team is up for elimination. Once you have two sims up for elimination, flip a coin to determine who goes home.

If the same team lost twice in a row, the most recent sim for elimination goes home.

You can use your own challenges or choose from the list below. Not all of them have been tested yet so the results may be unpredictable.

List of Challenges

  1. Everyone goes fishing for however much time you choose. The team with the highest value of fish wins.
  2. Have a dance off! The last sim dancing wins it for their team.
  3. All of the sims must paint for however long you choose. Add up the totals for each team to determine the winner. (This is easily done by creating a club and setting paint as the only activity.)
  4. Have every sim wish for skills from the wishing well. The team with the best result wins.
  5. Have each sim cook the same gourmet dish. The best quality wins it for their team.
  6. Skill check. Add up the total amount of all the sims current skills, the highest total wins.
  7. Bring an animal into the home. Whichever team has the highest relationship with it by the end of the day wins.
  8. Have all sims locked in a room with instruments. Whichever team gets the highest skill level across all instruments wins. (Easily done with clubs).
  9. All sims write a children’s book. The highest overall quality wins.
  10. Have each team compete in a chess tournament. The winner from each team faces off to determine which team wins.

In the event of a tie, you can always flip a coin to let fate decide.


  • Autonomy full, aging turned off.
  • You may not control the sims except for – claiming beds, calling to meal, going to challenge lot.
  • Sims cannot leave the lot unless they are going to the lunch room or challenge lot.
  • Ignore phone calls/texts.
  • If a sim falls ill/poisoned, etc. you may buy medicine/antidote. It’ll look bad for the show if someone dies! Alternatively, you can kick them off the island as they are too sick to continue.
  • Have fun!

Final Thoughts

I hope this updated information is a little easier to understand and more informative! This challenge is a lot of fun to play, so I’m looking forward to reaching/watching the playthroughs if you guys decide to tackle this challenge. If you have any thoughts or concerns, feel free to let me know. Suggestions for challenges are highly encouraged as I’ve run out of ideas lol

Dag dag~


Like this:



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Total Drama Island Season 1 Challenges: Gruesome to Most Gruesome
TOTAL DRAMA ISLAND REVIEW: The Season that Started it all is Still Fantastic

carologletree10 September

NOTE: This is only a review for "Total Drama Island", the first season of "Total Drama." Since TDI doesn't have it's own IMDB page like some of the subsequent seasons do, the only way to review it is on the IMDB page for the "Total Drama" franchise in general.

I have such fond memories of "Total Drama Island." The summer of was one of the best times in my life, and this show is one of the reasons for it. It kept me hooked all the way through and really left an impression on me. Revisiting it, it still is a great show to watch.

Created as a parody of shows such as Survivor and Fear Factor, Total Drama Island focuses on 22 teenagers arriving to Camp Wawanakwa to compete on a reality television show. The contestants are divided into two teams and must compete in challenges every three days. While the winning team earns invincibility, the losing team has to vote off one of their own players. Whoever is voted off must walk the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers and leave the island. The teams eventually dissolve and the elimination process continues until the last contestant standing wins a grand prize of $,

One thing that makes TDI so good is its extremely likable cast of characters. They all have their own individual personalities and they all feel relatable in some way, like people you would meet in high school. My favorites are Trent, Gwen, Duncan, Leshawna, Cody, Bridgette, Geoff, and Owen (not just because he shares my name).

The interactions between the characters are usually quite engaging and the many storylines built up between them are played out well. We would see most of them again in later seasons, but a lot of them started going downhill and ended up getting derailed in some way. They were all at their most likable in this season.

The first season, I feel, did the best job of utilizing its cast of characters. With only a few exceptions, I feel that everyone was eliminated at just the right time.

The challenges are a lot of fun as well. A lot of them are very creative and are filled with memorable moments. With an ongoing narrative filled with all kinds of interesting stuff happening every episode, it makes you not want to miss a single one.

The show can also be quite hilarious at times and the animation, while rather basic (as to be expected from Teletoon), fits the show quite well.

This season does have a few problems, such as some toilet humor here and there and a few unfair eliminations, but they are all rather minor in the grand scheme of things.

"Total Drama Island" has a special place in my heart, and it still holds up extremely well. Too bad the sequels aren't anywhere near as good (although the spin-off "The Ridonculous Race" was pretty awesome). You should check this show out if you haven't already.


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TOTAL DRAMA ACTION REVIEW: The Second Season is a Huge Disappointment

carologletree12 September

Warning: Spoilers

NOTE: This is only a review for "Total Drama Action", the second season of "Total Drama." Since TDA doesn't have it's own IMDB page like some of the subsequent seasons do, the only way to review it is on the IMDB page for the "Total Drama" franchise in general.

"Total Drama Island" was such a success and it got people pumped for the follow-up season, "Total Drama Action." I'm glad to know that I'm far from the only one who was immensely disappointed by this season. It had problems that ranged from questionable writing decisions, character derailments, and being generally forgettable.

Total Drama Action takes place on an abandoned film lot somewhere in Toronto, Ontario. It follows the same format as Total Drama Island, with fifteen contestants from last season participating in movie-themed challenges on separate teams. After being voted off, contestants must take the Walk of Shame and travel to the Total Drama Aftermath show via the Lame-o-sine. This process continues until one player wins $1,,

One of the biggest problems with this season is the directions that many of the characters were taken in. The first one was Bridgette and Geoff being the first ones eliminated because they literally did nothing but make out the entire challenge. It was pretty sad and just not funny. Next was Trent's derailment. He was becoming creepily obsessive with Gwen after they had been put on separate teams and when she started getting along with Duncan. In a desperate attempt to keep her, he started throwing challenges for his team. This lead to Trent and Gwen breaking up and Trent's early elimination. Trent was my favorite character from the first season, and what happened to him here really angered me.

Another rather annoying thing was Courtney, who was inserted into the competition in episode She was mostly tolerable in the first season, but she was insufferable in this season. She was nothing but a spoiled brat who always whined and wanted her way and no longer cared about anything but the competition.

Aside from the annoying character derailments, a lot of the rest of this just feels like a bare-bones rehash of the first season. That's a real shame, because movies being the theme of the challenges had a lot of potential and gave the challenges more variety. Sadly, a lot of the challenges were pretty forgettable.

This season wasn't terrible, though, as there were some things I liked in it. While some of the challenges were forgettable, there were some really fun ones, too. Storyline highlights include DJ standing up to Chef Hatchet and proving that he was a real man, Leshawna and Heather becoming friends, Beth showing a lot of guts throughout the season and making it to the final two, and Duncan being the winner.

This season also introduces "Total Drama Aftermath," which is pretty fun.

Like I said, this season isn't terrible, it's just very mediocre and massively disappointing after the wonderful first season. Recommended only to "Total Drama" fans, but don't expect too much from it.


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Super funny

chloebetts3 August

This show is so funny but I can't believe I was allowed to watch this as a kid. There were a lot of things that I didn't remember about the show but I'm really glad I rematched it.

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Ok I'm 29 and I just discovered this show

brandonbray March

And being a fan of survivor, big brother, and amazing race I'm really into this. It makes me giggle. And it's got stuff for the kids and then dirty jokes for the adults. Super underrated. Can't wait to see what happens lol

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A great comedy show with 22 campers going around the world

mervclan4 January

I mostly like this show its one of the best comedy shows on TV.

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Very good for its run

isaiahralda6 March

While Total Drama Island isn't my favorite season of total drama, I really like the season for what it was. I was immediately hooked on this show when watching it at 7 years old. The suspense is pretty good as I never knew where it was going. The characters are pretty mixed, but leans more towards mostly good characters. The comedy is really good with some suggestive jokes as well. As the show progressed, I still kept watching.

Now, some seasons afterwards like Action, All-Stars, and Pahkitew range from dull or very bad. However, it didn't stop me from rewatching Island. While I do prefer World Tour, I still like this season and enjoy the great moments. I recommend starting here if you're a new TD fan. Island is really good at the time, and it's still great now.

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A Genius Parody Of Reality TV!

littlemankazoo11 August

What happens when you mix 22 campers, a crummy summer camp, and all the cheesy drama from a reality show? THE BEST FREAKING PARODY EVER! Honestly, the show is cute in it's own way, it's characters are quite likable (Besides Heather), and it builds upon itself to offer innuendo, while using humor children understand. Oh my god, a cartoon that is appealing for both kids AND ADULTS?! It's hard to come by cartoons like this.

Meaning, it's hard to come by cartoons that parody it's based material, makes the stereotypes convincing and in character, and offer entertainment and humor for both young and old! 9/10! Incredible!

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The Funniest I've seen on TV

julcltr21 March

I remember watching 6Teen when a preview of this came on, and from the moment it said "from the creators of 6Teen", I was instantly captivated. I loved 6Teen, and I couldn't wait to see it. I was expecting to see something that had plenty of danger, but I didn't expect to have the funny in it too, especially with the third episode. There are a few fart jokes here and there, but, who cares? Every time someone did something wacky, I would laugh until it hurts. I also liked the way the characters were designed (no, seriously, they also have really good taste in clothes). I especially liked Gwen, who does have better taste than Heather by the way. Oh, and Owen, what's not to love about him? Anyway, if you just watch one episode, you'll be on the floor laughing. I guarantee it.

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BobbeCole3 April

Total Drama Island started out great. It had good flow and good memories. I thought it was awesome. Total Drama Action was better because of how they were able to make use of their writing skills. I thought it would be better after Season 2, but I was wrong. Season 3 was sh*t because singing was their main focus, it was like watching a stupid kids show, seriously the change of writers ruined it. Season 4 improved from Season 3's failure, but was still crap due to how short it was, and how the jokes used were one's that were dead and done. I hope for the best that Season 5 turns out to be as good as the first two seasons.

Season 1: /10

Season 2: /10

Season 3: /10

Season 4: /10

Season 5: TBD

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Lazy TV

bairdt January

Come on guys! A "parody" of reality TV? Reality TV is already a parody of itself and this is simply a lazy, lack of creativity.

I'd suggest looking about (and it won't take long if this is your standard) for something someone has put more than half a minute of thought into.

This is to TV what those little plastic packing peanuts are to shipped goods - a whole lot of nothing.

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Total Drama Seasons Ranked

damiontatum28 February

Warning: Spoilers

#6- All Stars #5. Pakitew Island #4. Revenge of The Island #3. Total Drama Action #2. Total Drama World Tour #1. Total Drama Island

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Funny and Amazing 😃😝

damiontatum16 April

Warning: Spoilers

This show is AMAZING. With Relatable Characters and Full of Funny and Memorable Moments, This Series NEVER disappointed me in any way.

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Island, Action, World Tour and All Stars

ournameis_legion21 January

Warning: Spoilers

The ones I mentioned on the title are the ones that I personally think is great. The original cast is so well made and it was a shame to see all stars be the last seasons with only half of the original cast.

World tour is by far the best Maybe skip seasons 4 and 6 because the characters are not very interesting. All stars was good to ok. I liked how Gwen and Courtney made up but Duncan still stayed split up Overall the best cartoon show ever. P.S characters like Eva and Noah should get more screen time

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review for total drama island

destoroyah September

Warning: Spoilers

I gave this show ten stars for a reason, to me, this show is great! It's full of twists, and believe me, It is worth watching, at least the creators of this show try to make it interesting! It's not like Johnny Test, with "J T" it's always "been there done that" and if that offends anyone,it's the truth. Total Drama Island is hilarious, granted, it does have its moments, but hey,at least it's something different! The way I look at it, there's nothing really wrong with this show. I'll definitely buy the first season when it comes out on DVD if it hasn't already! Overall, I enjoyed the show because it didn't leave me with that sense of wishing my time back. Everybody is entitled to their opinion, but I recommend this show if you're looking for something different to watch.

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Total Drama Island 1,2,3

Kodmetlow May

Drama island is a nice fun and funny series in general 1 was good but I can't say for season 2 and 3. Characters break down in the next season and the script often begins to repeat.

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Good overall, some bad seasons

JalilSN18 June

Total Drama is my second favorite cartoon Canada (Second to Ed Edd n Eddy). However, Not every season is great. Here is a ranking of every season:

TDI - /10 TDA - /10 TDWT - /10 TDROTI - /10 TDAS - /10 TDPI - /10 TDRR - /10 Total Dramarama - /

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A pleasant Surprise

Admiral_DongSmoker_III6 November

The introduction of an impressive array of stereotypical characters began this animated reality television show, the most brilliant and unexpected oxymoron I encountered as of late. There's a way to relate almost any of the characters to someone you've met at one point in your life. Each character is memorable in their own way, if only because of the brilliant stereotyping, or the sheer wackiness of some.

On the "reality" half, there is very little real about it, and yet, it actually feels real in ways. At times, it's a biting satire of many of the absurd reality TV programs aired in the past few years. At others, the relations and rivalries between characters feel very realistic. The only problem, really, is that some of the humor feels weak and forced. On the other hand, some of it works really well.

If only this show didn't spawn so much awful fan-fiction

7/10, for a great concept and intelligent writing, if weak in the humor department at times.

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Season 1!!!!

CamdenGregware6 May

Total Drama's first season "Total Drama Island" was very good. Great humor, fun characters, and a very interesting premise. The show was definitely something different and fresh, and the suspense of waiting to see who will go home at the end of each episode was awesome! Give season 1 a watch, everything after that is basically the same exact thing, but everything slightly drops in quality. Seasons 2 and 3 aren't bad, but they dont reach the quality of the first season. I didnt bother to watch any season after 3, because at that point it just felt like i was watching reruns of the same show over and over again. Total Drama was good, but the writers failed to keep it fresh.

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One Of the "Total" Great Shows Ever! But..

azrex22 August

Look Im Saying This Show Is Still Great. But There's a couple Problems With The show. The Animation Was good so far Until Season 6 went down. What Was On my Nerves On all of the Seasons is The Language, Kissing and other Stuff, It Gets on my nerves!. Also They Really need to Bring back the Old Players Back In the show! Like Season 3, Season 4, and Season 6! So I got Pretty worried of the other Characters if they were coming back! Did they die? Did they Drowned, Did they Burn in the sun? I don't know! I really Don't know! So Please Bring Back Some Of the Characters From Your Last seasons! So I hope it still keeps going!! :D :D :D

1 out of 4 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.


First season worthy of a watch, the rest can be a hit or miss

Lmma February

Total Drama Island - 9/10 Had good potential; characters were interesting, character development was even better. The challenges were intriguing to watch. The show is so hilariously bad it's good.

Total Drama Action - /10 Not a bad season but no refreshing ideas or characters. Same old jokes and the aftermath shows got somewhat annoying as episode fillers.

Total Drama World Tour - /10 I know many like this season, but I couldn't get past the 6th episode (The aftermath show). It was yet another repetition from the previous seasons. Nothing new asides from the dreadful musical numbers in every episode and two new characters. Not a lot of "drama" from what I was watching. The show has clearly ran out of ideas and has become officially unwatchable. Couldn't bare to watch the following seasons.

Give the first season a try and perhaps the second and you may enjoy this show. But the third just wasn't for me.

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I like this.

peanutbutter September

I like this show a lot. Opinions on every season: Island: Good (BORING but very funny at times and best winner of the series) Action: Terrible (EVEN MORE BORING, not very funny and worst final 2 of the series) World Tour: Amazing (I loved this season but I wish I could actually root for someone in the final 2) Revenge: Meh (It's alright. Decent cast, perfect winner.) All-Stars: Meh (Very overhated, the big issue I had was that I didn't laugh like at all in the first ten episodes but the last 3 were hilarious to me.) Pahkitew Island: Amazing (Underrated, funniest cast, best eliminations, and amazing winner.) Ridonculous Race: Amazing (Pretty much an even better World Tour with no songs and an amazing winner.) Dramarama: Meh (Not the worst thing ever but from what I've seen so far, not very funny.) Ranking: #8: Action #7: Dramarama #6: Revenge #5: All-stars #4: Island #3: World Tour #2: Ridonculous Race #1: Pahkitew Island

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This has been done better on other shows

Devilsdance October

The idea of skewering reality shows has already been done (and to much better effect) just check out Life's A Zoo or some episodes of Robot Chicken (they have done a much better job on Life's A Zoo of "taking the wind out of the sails" of "reality" TV shows).

The things that I hate about this show are the animation and the writing, none of the "jokes" are that funny all of the characters are just stereotypes the animation is poorly drawn and the color palate they chose to use with all of it's bright pastel colors and shading hurts the eyes after awhile.

This show must have been conceived by Teletoon (the Canadian version of Cartoon Network)to fill the mandatory Cancon requirements that state a certain portion of what they broadcast has to be Canadian produced, everything about this show and it's sister show total drama action just scream at the viewer "This was done on the cheap and nasty and we don't care".

12 out of 35 found this helpful. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote.

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Challenge total ideas drama

Total Drama IslandchallengesEpisodeChallengeNot So Happy Campers - Part 2Jump off a one thousand-foot cliff into a shark-infested lake; Pull crates back to camp (winning team gets carts); Build a hot tub from materials found in the crates. The Big SleepStay awake the longest in the "Awake-A-Thon" after running twenty-kilometers and eating a huge meal. DodgebrawlA best-of-five dodgeball game. Not Quite FamousA three-on-three talent show contest. The Sucky OutdoorsGo into the forest, stay out there overnight, then race back to the campgrounds in the morning. Phobia FactorFace your worst fear, specific to each camper. Up the CreekRow a canoe to Boney Island, portage across the island, start a bonfire, and canoe back to camp. Paintball Deer HunterHunt the other team dressed as deers with paintball guns, or if one is a deer, avoid being hit by them.
Total Drama not being kid friendly for 6 minutes

An artist from Kazakhstan named Nora decided to test her drawing skills by making the characters from the TV show Total Drama Island more realistic and human-like. She took the simple and kinda strangely drawn characters from the show and made them look amazing. The artist has a very unique and beautiful art style and does a lot of fanart of popular cartoons, movies, and video games!

Total Drama Island is a cartoon series that started in in which 20 animated participants competed to win , dollars. They had to go through all kinds of weird, funny, and very difficult challenges while living together in a not-so-cozy campsite. Every character in the series was based on a stereotype like 'The Sweet Girl,' 'The Geek,' and the 'The Loner.' The show was quite popular and is even currently on Netflix if you want to check it out!

More info: Instagram

This post may include affiliate links.

We got an interview from Nora and she told us about what inspired her to create art and if she does this for a living: "I'm inspired by the art other people create. I'm a freelancer, but I like to think it's more of a hobby." Nora creates digital art but sometimes dabbles in more classical ways of creating—like ink drawing.

"I have loved drawing since childhood, but learned to do it well only at the age of At 15, I went to art school and studied there for less than a year," shared Nora when asked when she got into art and if she studied anywhere to get better at what she does.

Nora tells us more about herself: "Well, I love animals and nature in general, and my favorite genre of movies and video games is horror. I generally like everything creepy. I always wished to become an artist when I grew up. This is really very important to me—drawing helped me during a difficult period when I was a teenager. I have other hobbies, but drawing takes up the largest part of my life, after sleeping and eating."

The artist shared why she decided to recreate the characters from Total Drama Island: "As a child, I loved this show very much, and recently I remembered it and rewatched it again. All the characters are very unique and look like real people, so it seemed interesting to me."She also told us which character is her favorite and which one she didn't like as much: "Duncan has always been my favorite, I think he is very cool. And least of all I like Ezekiel, I don't like him so much, I didn't even bother to draw him."

Nora describes her style as simple and complex at the same time. When asked if she has any plans to recreate characters from other shows, she said: "I like a lot of shows, anime, cartoons, and video games (old cartoons from Nickelodeon, games of the Resident Evil series and so on) and would like to draw many characters from there."

What do you think? Have you watched the show? Do you remember these characters? Tell us in the comments and don't forget to upvote your favorite ones! If you want to see something similar here on Bored Panda, click here for realistic Spongebob Squarepants characters or here for creepy realistic versions of pop culture characters.


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Yes, the nipple is good, busty, asks, it is nice to insert it into it. At this moment, the second boy, to whom Nelka was licking the scrotum, got up from the toilet and, as I understood from Nelka's movements, made her stand up, spread her.

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